185th Knowledge Seekers Workshop – August 17, 2017

The Keshe Foundation, an independent, non-profit,
non-religious, space-based organization founded by nuclear engineer Mehran Tavakoli Keshe is introducing to humanity the Science of the Universe, Plasma Science Keshe Foundation develops universal knowledge
and space technologies that provide solutions
to major global problems, revolutionizing Agriculture, Health, Energy,
Transportation, Materials, and more. The application
of Plasma Science in the form of specially developed Plasma reactors
and other devices, will give humanity the real freedom
to travel in deep space. Plasma Science exists
throughout the whole Universe. It is here and it belongs to you. Our knowledge, research and development
regarding the Plasma structure has progressed to the point of enabling
everyone to participate in the process. Become a creator and understand
the work of the Universe for the good of humankind on this planet,
as well as in space! The use of MaGravs, Nanomaterials,
GANS, Liquid Plasma, Field Plasma and other Plasma technologies have come as a new dawn
for humanity to progress and work in harmony with the Universe. Conventional technology
applications are wasteful, damaging and cause pollution
to the planet and all living beings. Plasma Science provides solutions
and improves existing methods and use of resources in all aspects
that touch the lives of all beings. Plasma is defined by the foundation
as an entire content of Fields which accumulate
and create matter and it is NOT defined
by its physical characteristics like ionization or temperature. Also, with Plasma science, we understand how we can convert
matter back to the Fields. Quoting from Mr Keshe, “MaGrav stands for Magnetic-Gravitational,
which means Plasma absorbs or gives. And every Plasma has the both,
it has give and it has take… And when they can’t find the balance
they distance themselves until they find the balance
they can give to the others that they can receive what
they want to receive and give further.” Certain atoms and molecules release and
absorb Magnetic or Gravitational Fields. Released Fields are available
to be absorbed by other objects. The Keshe Foundation has developed a way
to gather these free flowing Fields from the environment within
a resourceful and beneficial new state of transitional matter
which M.T. Keshe named GANS. The first step
of the process of the formation of various basic types of GANS,
is Nano-coating metals. This is carried out
either chemically by etching (steam coating with Sodium Hydroxide) or thermally by heating
(Fire Coating by gas burner). During either coating process, gaps between the outermost
layers of atoms are created. The residual coating is often
referred to as nano-coating, defined by the structured layers
of Nanomaterial, which build up during
the creation process of the coating. Nano-coated metal in interaction
with other various metal plates, in a salt water solution,
creates MaGrav Fields. These Fields then attract available
elements to form a specific GANS, which collects and settles
at the bottom of the container. This GANS is formed from independent
energized molecules (like little suns) that can be used
in various applications. (RC) Welcome everyone to the
185th Knowledge Seekers Workshop for Thursday, August 17, 2017 this is a production of the
Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute and as always in the last
184 Knowledge Seekers Workshops, we’ll be with Mr Keshe
of the Keshe Foundation. … Mr Keshe are you ready
to begin today’s workshop? (MK) Yes, good morning,
good day to you as usual whenever, wherever you listen to these…
series of Knowledge Seekers As usual we try to bring
the knowledge a step further as part of the Spaceship program
and as part of One Nation One Planet as you are aware the Earth Council, the Universe Council
and the Core teem are busy in the background to setup,
what we call the ‘Charter’ for One Nation, One Planet, One Race. This will take some times
they’re working on it and we try to hear from them every week,
what is the position, what is their Wishes and as part of the being
Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute we gave birth
to this organization. So, we are responsible, all of us as part
of Keshe Foundation worldwide to see this new born Peace, Unified organization to take foot. To start developing, to start seeing what we can do,
through the Knowledge we have to support it,
do expand this Planet and through it, allow us to
open into Space in a Peaceful manner. We try to give a space to
the Universal Council and Earth Council if they have anything to announce
or what they see, every week and if they are present
and they wish to have a representation or discuss anything,
they have the priority and then we carry on teachings
and the rest of our usual program Is there anything from any members of the
Earth Council, Universal Council who would like to discuss
or bring to our attention this morning? Is any of the members
or anybody been appointed to bring any knowledge
to us of your work? That we can know what are
the Wishes of the… any of the Councils. (MR) Hello this is Mosfeq speaking (MK) Good morning. (MR) Good morning. Can you hear me well enough ? (MK) Yes!
Please go ahead. (MR) … So, … I would like
to bring up a… (MK) Could you please introduce yourself.
Who you are and from which Council ? (MR) I am Mosfeq… Mosfeq Rashid and
I am from the Universal Council I represent Bengali language … which is spoken mostly
in the Indian subcontinent. So, … as Mr Keshe was saying,
(MK) Go ahead please. that we are working on the charter
and the road map, for time to come. And, in this area we are Wishing how, we would see
the World to be, in the coming days. The reason I’m speaking,
is that… to give you a hint of
where we’re heading and… and join us together
with your own Wish and through your own field,
introduce it to the community of people,
by talking, by your own field, remotely,
however it may be. So that, people become aware
of where we are going and how they can join together and help us help all… help of us
to achieve this. Of course …it will take time to propagate,
but it may happen very quickly as the field grow rapidly,
as we all join together. Now … we of course signed
the Peace Treaty recently and one of the item obviously,
is Peace and Peace is a big word
and in away we have to … look at more details to it,
add more details to it, like how we disarm our military and
reposition them in a constructive manner. Similar, those who are abusing others,
other Human beings. And, it’s very prominent
in the part of the World I am, you can see it all around and how we can do to elevate both the abusers
and those who are being abused and suffered
over all these time. So I think, here everybody’s Wish
come together and count to make this happen and this is
a prerequisite to everything else we do, we have to have Peace. Is absolutely important
that we achieve it Now in addition to Peace,
of course and… we have to have to meet …
basic needs of people. Yes we have the technology
but we have to create the means of propagating this technology
to the people who are in need. And, this will take everybody’s
cooperation, Wishing cooperation and those who don’t know,
by having the wish available will propagate the idea,
across people everywhere. Because, there are many good people,
I… we see it see them all over time. They may not know about us, but they will
be ready to accept this new opportunity. So the basic needs of having
enough to eat, at the beginning and, a place to stay. There are many people
that do not have a place to stay and and medical care, so that they…
they are at Peace within themselves. And once we achieve that … we go to a period where people have, not only enough,
of the… what they need but they can enjoy their life,
traveling doing… doing beneficial things
to others, other Human beings, other beings in this Planet and the Planet itself. So… Which bring us
to the point, the point of helping the Planet,
which has seen its time of abuse in its own way. So, we try… we
Wish to correct that and we have the means,
technical and otherwise, good intention and so forth. So, once we kind of,
lay down these basic things… Yes, obviously we have
to go into a little bit … more in detail into what other
local Wishes will be, at the local level and actual implementation. But, this is Peace
and basic good conduct and that conduct, is the beginning of what we are calling
‘Universal conduct’. So that, we can conduct properly,
not only amongst ourselves, but amongst others we’re… who’re…. with whom we
are going to meet very soon and the Space opens up. But, my Wish is that everybody
participate in this Wish of making this journey from Peace,
to Space. Thank you. Is it alright if I say this in Bengali? (MK) Yes please go ahead, as a member of
Universal Council it’s your privilege. (MJ) So, this won’t be an little
translation but I will go ahead anyway. (Message spoken in Bengali until 25:53:63) … That’s all I have to say,
thank you very much. (MK) Thank you indeed. Is there anything from the Earth Council,
any member from the Earth Council present? Okay, thank you very much. It seems that there is nothing
from the Earth Council for this week. Thank you very much
for all your work. There is a lot of meeting going on
in the background between the Earth Council, Universal Council and
three members of the Core Teams, and the Councils meet on Mondays and
Fridays as it’s been agreed between their own management team
or the team that they run. It has to be said
why we bring this up. In a coming time the members of the
Council each will have it’s own operating … what we call officers
around the World in a way of, according
to the language you’re spoken. The Earth Council members will receive
their own operating Continental offices, where they can listen
and understand and be supportive of the needs
of each Continent and the language. The structure is on the move, will take us
a few months to put it in position, and this structure literally takes over the
whole running of the operation, to see the need of the Nations and
the need of the languages in different part of the … Continents
as they have responsibility for. Gradually the members of the Council
become a full-time job for each member as they wish to be,
and in that way they promote Peace, and in a way bring their Wishes
to be reality, in supporting Humanity
to stay a Peaceful race, not only for this Planet,
and beyond. The process of the teaching and education
and knowledge is going a step further and as we see the knowledge
is spreading quite rapidly. One of the achievements, which has
been reported in the past week through the organizations
which operate and… more or less, are in a very advanced
stages of this development and Science and Technology, is that
we have been informed by those who are in operational system
with the MaGrav systems or what we call …
‘GANS Plasma Units’, or what they call … the another word for
a Plasma Technology, Keshe Foundation MaGrav Technology
has been chosen, that they use the same Technology, it’s the
Technology of the Keshe Foundation and they are developing it in the name
of the ‘Quantum Energy’, using the GANS Technology. They have achieved in the past week,
reported last Friday, … what we call,
‘Satellite condition flight system’. … this is a zero-time zero-position … more details of this will be released
in the coming time. We have seen people with different
aspects of the work with generators, and power Plasma Units are
breaking through the industry This is beautiful a news. I congratulate both teams,
both groups, which are working. It has to be said, we have entered a new…
see our Wishes to be Peaceful, it’s taking hold in different directions,
as we have seen in the past week. The Chinese leadership and the
American leadership have joined in … it has to be said, that the Technology
for those who understand it at the very advanced level,
is a major breakthrough. In the recent meetings with
officials and scientist… we understand a number of
scientific groups in the World are working and have understood
the process of control through thoughts for Spaceship systems. There a number of the Nations,
who are and have started this process and they see enlightenment, through the knowledge
which we disperse. In this path, as now we have seen the
major breakthroughs in Space Technology, which could not even been thought of
some two or three months ago, we tried to teach at that… as…
(RC) Hello? (MK) Sorry about this…
Can you hear me? (RC) Yes we can now. Yes we can…
(MK) We try to establish a backup unit. When one falls out
we carry with the other one. The… The process is as now,
we see massive development in, especially very advanced
levels of science. For scientists who use
and are using this technology, very rapidly and
understood it fully, that we need to ca… in a way,
to enlighten them further, that they can
understand the process. Recent meeting as,
as what I call, recent as last week. We in… in talking with scientists,
those who understand the technology, they ask and they say, with…
this is the part which need to be enlarged, this part needs to be explained more,
“control of the flight systems, through … what we call ‘thoughts’
and ‘Emotion’ and the ‘Soul of the Man’.” Because they haven’t with this point,
they need… they see the need for it. As you know, a number
of Nations have achieved … different type of developments
in the Space Technology and have start using it
in different ways. We see… [connection issues] (RC) Hello Mr Keshe? I think the line
is dropped out? I’m sure he’ll…
he’ll be back shortly. We have… we have a double system
that he’s trying to on to … bring the connection through…
from the mobile situation. [connection issues] Hello Mr Keshe,
are you there? … he’s apparently still having
some connection issues, just … bear with us … a minute
or two here, while we reconnect. Hello Mr Keshe,
are you there yet? Apparently we’re still having
some connection issues. Please be patient,
I’m sure we’ll reconnect shortly. (MK) Hello, can you hear me? (RC) Hello Mr Keshe, yes I was just going to check in there…
(MK) Yes, I back. Yeah it’s okay. So, what were… what…
what has been said, we might have some
of these difficulties today. We iterate we try to rectify it, in next
couple of weeks as the things settle down. So, what we see NASA has
moved into the plasma technology, propulsion for their rocket technology,
but in a way, the next step for them is to join the other World leaders, who have
now broken into Plasma Technology, through MaGrav Science
and Technology. These things, as we see it,
will consolidate between a number of Nations
in the coming months. As with this new Technology and, what we
call, ‘Zero-time Flight’ Plasma system. This enforces the renegotiation for,
what we call, the ‘World Peace’ and ‘Peace Treaty’,
as this makes it essential, in a way, for governments to step down
from their present position. Which means,
in so many ways, governments have to
renegotiate their way for Peace. The flight time now comes to very, very,
very limited window, between, what we see now…
you can go from, let’s say, from Moscow to Washington
in less than ten minutes, fifteen minutes. These are what we said,
when we met with the officials of American government,
years ago. When they asked me in
the official meeting, “How you managed to capture”,
this and that? We explained to them,
in a very simple way, that we cross the Nations without
having them knowing what we are doing. This is the advancement
of technology. Now we see two, three Nations
have achieved and are on the path
to achieve this technology. The true… with the true essence of
what is developed and what is available. Therefore, you will hear our teaching …
primarily from now on, will go into a very
advanced stage. Because, we have to teach to support
the Nations who have reached that point. Many people might sound to you …
slightly too advanced, but this is how your Nations
have developed. We are responding
to the scientific demand, because we have opened a channel, that
many scientific worlds, now understand. In the coming time, we’ll explain more
as we come into arrangement and agreements, in so many ways,
how to disperse this knowledge. But, as it has
been announced, in the past, more or less,
six days, since last Friday, that, what we call, …
MaGrav systems flight, through satellite, has been achieved,
has been done. Now, we have to understand,
this is going to take rapid steps, in being released or used
at least by number of Nations, for advantage and to their
advantage from technology. There is one agreement which we
have made with the governments, that we give three to six months delay lapse
of any joint achievement disclosure. Which means,
from now on, whatever we develop with these Nations
who we work with, no technology will be released
between three to six months. This is the agreement we have. Dignations will
take a priority time and then the knowledge, with agreement,
will be dispersed in a way, it’ll be shared. This has to be this way,
as they are investing huge amounts of … effort,
into this kind of development. What is important for all of us
to understand, is that they are… the process of change and the
process of understanding the change, the process of the
work of the Plasma, through, what we call, the Soul of the Man
and Emotion, has become part of the need
for the present Space Technology. Because, the present electronic systems
can not handle, as we explained before. One of the reasons for these kind
of operation and understanding is that us as Totality
can follow the procedure. This is one of the
most important parts. That we can, our scientists
can follow the procedure, to be able to be successful
in launch, in control and at the same time,
in reverse operation to return back. It is easy, very easy
with these systems, as we have taught before,
to enter a … departure The biggest problem
is returning back. How do we return?
How do we access things? How do we manage to be able to produce
and be able to submit such a process? It is for all of us to understand
this process, important. It is absolutely vital that
we understand this process fully. As we all know, production
of the materials was easy for us. We achieved it in a very [echo]. We achieved it
in a very easy way. We achieved it
in a drastically easy way. Because, many of us as Knowledge Seekers
were not aware, that how, as… as part of us… our knowledge is,
we don’t understand how easy this was and how important this was,
that we achieve rapid development. We had to achieve
rapid development. Those in the scientific world,
which work around the Foundation understood and grasped the concept
and played the whole structure to achieve, what we call,
‘lift’ and ‘motion’. But, when we want to return back,
it’s a different ball game. Launch, creation of the Magnetic-Gravitational Field
to create separation, we have seen in number of cases was reported,
people loosing balls from their system. But now, we have to bring it to
understand what it is, how it is? How, it has to be treated as one step
before actually you take off. Before you become in the Spaceman,
you have to understand, you have to plan your whole system
in organization of the Space travel. This goes back to the agencies which
are advanced and move into Space travel. In your systems, when
you achieved zero-gravity in a way of repulsion
through the mass. You have calculated a slight,
and you have to calculate, a slight deviation from
a central system mass, Field Gravitational more
than Field Magnetical. What this means, you have to add
to your system a process of limitation, at least to begin with. You decide limitation 100,000 ,
200,000 , 1,000,000 kilometers. Then what you do, you set
your Gravitational-Magnetic Field to the calculation of that point
in Space from distance of the Earth. Because, your MaGrav system
is set at 1,000,000 kilometers Gravitational-Magnetic Field calculation,
somewhere between 1 million to 1,1 million and O.9 million kilometers
you will find your satellite positioning. Then you have… (CR) Hello Mr Keshe?
Whoops… (MK) No I’m here.
Back on the backup system. So, what you
have to do, you have to reverse gap
Gravitational-Magnetic Field Plasma to the position where
you launched it. Which means you will get your system back
within a few seconds. Then… or you have to adjust your system,
that at a given position, let’s say at 1 million kilometers,
you can achieve a balance till, through your thoughts
you can recall back through the positioning of the … entity,
where you launched the system. This is important for the Space scientists
who are working on this fields and they understand the process. Most of the scientists,
most of the problem from now on will be the loss of
the launch system. This is the loss of,
what you call, your ‘satellite’, your ‘Space system’
and everything else. So, it is important that
those who work in this field understand at least initially to start with
the positioning Magnetic-Gravitational Fields, your governments
have this data. The data, position of
the Gravitational-Magnetic Field at certain distances
from the Earth it’s… already has been calculated
in previous research. You lock your Field-Strength in the balance
between Gravitational and Magnetic Fields to the central Gravitational system of
the system, to the ground-zero base and to the distance point,
Gravitational system. At that point, as you are the controller,
as you are the person who have initiated the flight
through the operation of the thought, you can reverse process
from Magnetic to Gravitational, to balance back
at the point of departure. The process is through your thoughts,
you reverse, you have to train
your line of thoughts in what Field you have
accessed the energy transfer and to what Field you
withdraw energy transfer in a Gravitational-Magnetic
Field-Strength energy, not energy as power
you understand. The remote, what we call,
‘line of thought control’ is a major breakthrough
for these scientists. A number of Eastern scientists
have already been working and understand exactly
what I’m explaining. In this process before your flight,
try to understand, to focus on Space time, Space launch,
Space Gravitational-Magnetic Field, irrespective of Gravitational Field
of the inertia of the land or
the position you work on. What this means? You add into Gravitational
through the Field-Strength, no… not using GANS
or any liquid GANS. The process is very simple. You have to be able
to reverse the line of thoughts, in the line of Emotion to the line of
the transition and transportation and reverse back. This process was understood by
Iranian Space group, who captured
the American drone. Now you have understand how advanced
the Technology already is applicable. Now we understand, a number
of Nations have developed and are developing
the next step. We give them full support
and the training and a full knowledge
of the control of the Space. Then, with it comes the expansion
of the size of the Spacecraft. The expansion of the size,
is entirely dependent on the operator. You can expand in two ways. You add a second operator
in the same line of thought, which means he can increase the size
of the Spaceship, to double the size. You can add a third
or the fourth operator, which means, you can
expand beyond dimension. This for those who understand, is by
increasing the limitation of the boundary through the operation
of the increase of the Gravitational-Magnetic Fields
of the top reactor. The top reactor
now dictates the size, where the bottom three star-formation
hold onto the position of the whole Totality that the structure integrity
stays intact. What this means? It means, the number of rotary reactors
on the boundary of the Spaceship has to be changed in strength,
through the line of the thought by the secondary
operator reactors. They do not interfere
with the central line, but they expand in the matter of the
dimension, increasing the height. At the same time,
the fourth and the third operators, decide to to control the volume
of the expansion of the ring. For those scientists
who work in these fields, now it means coordination
and training of the officers, who through the operation of
the what we call, the ‘Soul’, have one aim. expansion of the knowledge
and a Peaceful manner of operation. In a way, we train a number of people, who
think, live and work under the same ethos. In this way, you can expand
and numbers increases. those of you who work in the
Space Technology of the governmental level, understand every ten meters
in expansion in the new structure allows after a certain limit,
to order of magnitude, increase in number of passengers
and the payload, mass amount by volume. To control the system from
the internal Gravitational Field, the main operator
stays in position. They receive, the energy they receive,
the information, these kind of operators
you have to train that they will never relapse into
what we call, a ‘state of sleep’. Because, they receive the Totality
of the energy they need through the operation
of the system themselves. In fact, no cellular body cells
consumes any energy, that they need regeneration,
that even need to rest. Because, they receive the energy
as they consume, as the whole operation
is running. So, in the operation of
the controllers you develop, These people, these controllers,
stay on position, more or less, all the time. Because, you’ll understand in Space,
there is no 24 hour cycle. It’s the habit of the
Man on this Planet. We don’t have a Sunday,
we don’t have a Saturday, we don’t go on prayer Friday …
lunchtime to a Mosque. The total operation stands,
in a way, on a continuous basis. When Man accepts,
or a person accepts, or entity accepts to be in charge as a controller,
is a controller for life. This is how it operates. Unless, they hand over. The third, the fourth, or as you increase
the number of the operators, to increase the volume
of the Spaceship. You can increase to multi thousand,
million people transportation. The other system, which is important,
to be understood by those who now operate under restriction
of limitation, of the return of the craft, is to convert in,
at certain point, Space-time from the Earth
into Gravitational-Magnetic Field of the medium of the Space. Which means, the physicality
becomes irrelevant and the Soul of the entity
becomes part of the craft. In this position, the number of
passengers transportation, is limitless. Because now the physicality is beyond the
condition of the Fields of the Solar System. You have to understand, for those
who take to the next step. Now you create a condition of the
Universal Plasma Gravitational-Magnetic Field. Which means, does not obey,
by the rules of the Planet Earth. You create a condition,
which as a Soul-Strength has the strength of the source
of the origin, which is Earth. But in a physical condition, dimension,
has no tangibility in deep Space, unless the Soul decides
to manifest itself in that dimension. If you go back to some of
my teachings in the very past time. I always said, and I’ve seen it recently
in some of the papers coming up, is that, “one atom of hydrogen,
can cover the span of a Solar System.” Now you understand the meaning of. According to number of the Souls
which the space or a system is said to carry,
the number of, what you call, ‘passengers’, will dictate the volume
and the numbers. The more you work on understanding
of the system for travel in deep Space, the more you can decide, or the space
of the numbers of the Souls dictates the number
which a system can carry, which goes to the satisfaction
and happiness or what we call, ‘acceptance’
of all the Souls within. So, one Spaceship can carry one Soul
or as many as one can imagine in a Galaxy. This is the beauty of non-dimensional
physical entity dimension travel into Space. We enter a new era in Totality of
the understanding of the Space travel, Which means, our physical body beyond
the dimension of the space of the Earth dictated by the environment of
the Gravitational-Magnetic Field of the Universal condition strength. Which means, we do not need
to carry Physicality, even though we
have the feeling, even though we have the understanding
of our presence, till the point of manifestation. Those who choose to carry a physical body
during the travel in any dimensions, they find a very slow way to travel,
compared to what you can travel beyond speed of imagination of the Man
at this moment of time. So, physicality in space of a craft
is the limitation of the speed, as limitation of the
numbers you can carry. When you travel through
the strength of the Soul of the Man, through the limitation of
the delivery, there is no speed. Because, then you
decide the speed of travel. Those organizations who’ve been testing
in past few weeks on this manner, understand exactly what I’ve been teaching
in past ten minutes and where you’ve got to stop, and where
you have to understand to develop. You need to add a fourth core,
is essential for your connection and your development to the…
go a step further, to add the fourth core
into your system. Three-core system was good and is good,
but when you go into the Space dimension a fourth reactor core
has to come into operation. If you want to go beyond the Galaxy,
beyond Galaxy speed of travel, then you have
to add a fifth core. But you have to understand what
you put in these two cores. Those of you who have managed
to achieve three-core operation, now you have to develop
the fourth-core operation. The fourth-core operation allows you
the dimension of Emotion. You have to understand the reason,
what you are doing this for. In your flight system, if you do not add
the fourth-core dimension, the Emotion will
not be accounted for. Then you have to decide,
what you load in the fourth core. Dimension of the Space
of the strength of the reactor, it depends entirely on sincerity of
the Soul which dictates the fourth core. This is why if you go back to some
of my teachings in the past, I said, “We trust to give our Souls to a
captain, where we know it’ll be correctly, in a way, nurtured and looked after
and trusted to be given to.” The Space technology on the level
of the Emotion and the Soul is totally different
than getting into a craft. In a way you become as part of it,
because the energy you have put into it, the energy of the Soul of the Man,
becomes part of the operation of the balance of the existence of
the Man in deep Space. To those Space agencies which
have moved into what we call, ‘MaGrav Plasma Technology in Space travel’,
which have been taught by us, to them in past month, and now
they have tested it, our point is one way. Try to get your satellite back,
but you should have planned it, as I explained, before you depart. You always have to create
a point of reference from the point, that you can always manifest yourself and
dictate back to the position of the travel, or dictate the position
of arrival prior to departure. That at that point you set up
a new zero-point departure. Those of you who have managed to
achieve quantum flight in the past few days, you understand
exactly what you have to do, to bring the operation
of the control under observation. I know you are listening. This is part, which you
should decided before departure. Before you tested, we hope you
have managed to recapture or re-land, But, a zero-time travel,
which you achieved, is a great achievement. We congratulate you. But you have to understand
the next step in the process, as I explained,
word by word. I know in your team, you not listen
the way the others do, you understand the
essence of the teaching. This is a gift to you,
to go to the next step. I’ll teach you publicly that the others
understand what you have to do, that they do when
they achieve your position. In your process you should structure,
always consider a fifth reactor core. That, I will teach you in the future.
Why you need it? Because, in that fifth reactor core,
in a way allow you back, to take the shape
of the environment you have, that you cannot lose much,
but gain position of… in a way, return back to
the origin of what you created. It is important that you understand, the
reversal process through the fifth reactor. The speed positioning of a fifth core,
not the fifth reactor. It essentially allows you, to dictate
the direction of the motion, landing, conversion, creation of understanding
of the Emotion, and repositioning at the point
of the space of arrival. Where, you always allow yourself
a departure in a rapid way, through the operation
of the strength of the Soul, of the… what you call,
your ‘controller’. In your system, in the last week
you have two flaws. In a coming time,
I teach you more, how to do it. You should have listened in our teaching,
when we were teaching you, or your… people who was with us,
that you misunderstood one step. You should be able to manifest it,
to be shown. Going back to
the normal teaching. For those of you who
understand the process, of operation of the reactors,
it is important from this stage, to realize that the control
of the speed of Gravitational and Magnetical,
conversion of one to another, will become the cornerstones
of the Man’s flight in Space. Of creation of the energy. Of production of material. Of reversal of materials. Of being able to cover
a vast environment through your Wish, through he operation of the reactors,
which are, in so many ways, being given, and have to be allowed
to create transportation in the dimension
of the strength of the Fields. The teaching as I said, from now on,
goes to a level that not many people, except the elite in the world of science,
will understand and they’re operating out. We have to be able
to allow them to move faster, that, in time they create
a much wider, what I call, ‘horizon’, for the others
to understand. The process of the production
of the Fields, through non-material
condition and dimension, becomes the cornerstone
of the flight system, of feeding system. What this means,
in Space we go back, to understanding of
the operation of the Human body. Where, as we said, “Human bodies receives 80% of its energy
through the environment and converts it.” We know the process,
because we live through it. In that process, we have to understand the
operation and the strength of the Fields, which we need to create Matter-State
out of the field of the Universe, in our body, and at the same time,
be able to release the energies, which in the Matter-State
of our body are not used. In a way, once we learn this process,
then, what I call, ‘systems’, like bigger intestine, systems
like kidneys, are not needed. Our body has been doing this
from the time when it became operational, on its own system, in the womb
of the mother, but we never understood. Now it’s time to understand
the Totality of the operation. Which means what we say,
“you need, you absorb.” It has to become dictated by us,
and not what the environment provides. Which means,
if we get to this point, the other twenty percent
of what we eat as food, what we consume as air,
becomes irrelevant. Because now we have created,
we have understood, eighty percent operation of our own body,
which we are not aware of, and it allows us to absorb energy
from the environment of the atmosphere
of the Planet. And, if not available through the strength
of understanding, what we thought
much earlier on, going to the more central point of the
Fields of the Plasma of the Soul of the Man, to reach to…
beyond Solar System, to absorb energies, which
is needed for our survival, from the boundaries of the Galaxy. Because the spectrum
of the energies we need to live, exist in all corner of the Universe. This is how we will not eat,
we do not need to eat. This is how if you understood,
systems can be developed, that by running these systems,
we can make Man not to feel hungry, but we see all the Totality
of the energy it needs, to function as a being
in a normal condition on this Planet. The new system as we have discussed
with governments will be released, that in the point of disasters,
the whole group, the whole area, can be feed through the systems
for what they need, delivery of the medicine, delivery of
the technology, of the shelter. Now that we have moved into, what we call,
the ‘advanced stage’ of the Field-Plasma, these things become much easier,
to be able to develop. Becomes much easier to be able to deliver,
and it has made it easier for us, to be able to teach
the elite scientists of the Nations. Is for them to filter the knowledge
as they learn, within three to six months
back into the public domain. You have to extend
your knowledge to the point, that, now with what you have tested,
with the MaGravs systems, with seeing the energy, with feeling
the Fields of the energy of your system, that now… every Man should be able to call
upon the strength of the Fields, which he or she needs, to be able to keep
the Soul at a point of satisfaction. Now, you might have
understood the clue? The point of satisfaction
and the need of the Soul of the Man, becomes the absorber
of the energy from the Universe, for it to feed
the Physicality of the Man. This is one of the ways to survive,
one of the ways to be able to absorb. In a way, you make your Soul,
in a way of demand by depletion of giving, that it receives what it needs to be able
to nourish the Physicality of the Man, at the point of the inception
of the Physicality. At the point where it needs
and wants to manifest itself, or receive energy that it can keep itself
as a manifestation of God. which is the presence,
the Physical existence of the Man and the point
of his observation. Which means,
that any time you exist, is the wish of your Soul
to be visible to the others. So, the Soul of the Man dictates
the presence of the existence of the Man, the confirmation of the presence,
at the time and the point and the position. When the Soul decides that the in…
what we call, the ‘manifestation’ of the Physicality
in the dimension is not needed, this is what the Man calls the,
‘death of the body’ of the Man. When the Soul reaches point of maturity,
in its presence, or by accident, reaches a point that
it can call back on the energies to separate from
the Physicality which reaches the point
of self-sustaining maturity, that’s the time when the body becomes
separated from the point of his Soul. Then this Soul
has the freedom to manifest itself in the any dimension of the Creation,
across the Universe, and it’s not necessarily restricted
to the Physicality boundary of this Planet. To understand this, then you understand,
no Man needs to have worries about the food, sustenance, about the shelter, existence,
and about energy, in a way of transformation
and transportation from one to another. It is important for us to understand,
then, if you understand this, we’ll find out, as was said by
a member of the Universal Council, no one can abuse the other,
as you can receive what you need, the way you need it, that it brings
satisfaction to the Soul of the Man. Extension of the knowledge from now on,
to many of you, will sound like riddle. But those who are advancing rapidly,
understand and understood most of what is said and what they were
missing, to develop in their technology. In Spaceship systems, development of
non-tangible Space system that they become tangible
at the point of manifestation, and the desire of the captain,
or the Man who’s in charge of, will become a very common feature
in the operation of the transportation, and sheltering and any other things
which a Man desires. This is the breakthrough, and now,
as we have been asked by the governments, can we go to that next step?
The answer is yes. It’ll be taught very rapidly. And transportation through Emotion,
the essence of understanding and thoughts, soon becomes, as I said,
“like a bread and butter on every table.” Any questions? (AB) Good morning Mr Keshe.
(MK) Good morning Azarjan. (AB) … Mr Keshe I don’t have a question
about traveling, but I missed two workshop,
I have a question about Soul. Can I ask those questions? (MK) Yes, have you
found yours yet? (AB) … Mine is still there,
it hasn’t gone anywhere. … The question I have, if you remember
you talk about … when we are born, we decided on everything,
then I was thinking the other day, … when we decided we had a limitation,
because our limitation was … …Our parents and our grandparents
and all our generation, because I couldn’t, we couldn’t
move beyond what was available, I couldn’t become a
African woman or a African man, because that wasn’t,
was in, was in my ancestor. Now accessing our Soul, I don’t
have that limitation, am I right? (MK) Yes.
(AB) So why is that? (MK) Because, now
you decide the limitation. In a way, as you
go into Space, and you manifest yourself,
according to the time and position and the space you want
to manifest yourself. The freedom of the time of the Soul,
will give you the same freedom on this Planet. Now you know how to operate. We will see many beautiful people on
this Planet, because they all
want to be beautiful. Beauty contest
will have many winners. (AB) Okay, so now when we appro…
When we get to the Peace, the whole Planet become Peaceful,
like we join the Universal Community, what’s gonna happen
to Planet Earth, we no longer gonna be
a nursery for Humanity? How…
(MK) You still are nursery, maybe worse nursery
than before? (AB) Why? (MK) Go back to the
word of the creator, “I made Man that he may bear children
that they may love me.” Which means the more we find we can love,
the more we want to create, that the man love more people,
to be loved. The problem is not that we will
not be many, it’ll be … We will… The whole process is
a learning process as we grow, that we … First of all, time limitation of
50-100-200 years, 300 years, for physical living in the dimension
of a strength of the Soul, will become a normal reality. But you have to understand that even
500 or a 1000, in Space is zero-time. It’s too short. (AB) And also …
you know, I was thinking. So, our nursery
the Planet Earth as a nursery, is gonna go from kindergarten nursery
to University nursery, once we become Peaceful and join
the Universal Community, am I correct? Become more advanced?
(MK) In so many way, in so many ways, we do, by the time wasting,
in a way. We become more advanced
because we realize a lot of things which we considered to be essentials,
the basics, will not be there. Because we
satisfied that already. (AB) Okay. And then, you know the…
When you talk about Emotion, you talk about the Emotion of the
Physicality and the Emotion of the Soul. When I think about the Emotion,
I… I… I feel … I can talk about joy, love,
anger, sadness, those are Emotion. So, how can we differentiate
between the Emotion of the Soul and Emotion
of the Physicality? And then I know,
many times you talked about filtering, and filtering of Emotion,
I still don’t understand this filtering, can you explain in a way
as if I’m 5 years old so I can understand it? (MK) Let me think when I was 5 years
how I felt the Emotion and I’ll tell you,
then you understand. You carry the Emotion through your Soul,
because, go back to the understanding of the original definition
of two Plasma. The positioning of the Earth at where it is now,
in comparison to the Sun, even though the ratio
is huge difference in mass, or Field-Strength,
internal Field-Strength, has given Earth such a position as,
where we are now, this Solar system. Now, when you have
the Emotion of the Soul, the strength of the Fields of the Matter-State,
GANS-State of the brain, creates a balanced position
like a second star, to your Emotion in the Soul
at the same strength. But of the weaker volume. Then in that point, where
the balance becomes and finds position, that let’s say become the strength of joy. With the anger it’s more, let’s say
Gravitational than Magnetical, but the Magnetical is the same
as the one you had first. So, now the position changes,
but the feeling stays the same. But in this time, I need more to receive
to be have the feeling I was showing before. But otherwise I’m still showing
the same strength. So, the position of, let’s say anger
in your physicality becomes the smaller of the two systems Plasma
that they need to feed each other, and at that point in your brain, the filter
of the Fields from the center to there, has become the Field-strength you need,
or filtering you need, to gain such a Emotion
at that point in the brain. This can be explained,
in a way that, for example… certain Field-Strength
in a brain… leads to creation of migraine. And if the two in balance,
cannot find their position… then you’ll find everytime,
the same feeling has been created, in a given time
leads to migraine. So… we understand the same Emotion of feeling,
creates all the time, the same migraine. Sometime, people say the food
is the cause of migraine. But in fact, if you think of it,
the Field-Strength which, released by the food
which you consume, if it’s at the strength of depletion of
the Emotion, then you get a migraine. If you do something which
creates this third position, in comparison to the two position
which gives you normal condition, that it depletes what we call the
‘satellite’ in the physical part of the body,
brain of the man… then, you get
a migraine too. But, for somebody to explain this
and for someone to understand, it’s a different ball game. They prefer to take tablets, they
prefer to do everything else, but they don’t want to understand
the reason for it. Because once they understand the
reason, there’ll be no migraine. The cause, the creation of migraine
is the Man himself who does not understand the position
of the strength in sharing the Field. Would Man have
a migraine in Space? Most probably yes, if he follows the same
structure of comprehension as on this Planet Because the origin of the Soul,
from Earth carries the Essence of Creation of the
Amino Acid which led to it’s creation. That’s how we know this Planet
is from Earth. Or this Planet and that Planet,
are from the same area or same person. It becomes very easy to read. (AB) … Mr Keshe, also you said …
about the strength of the Soul, “Try to understand
the strength of your Soul.” So, how can I, how do I know
what is the strength of my Soul? In what level it is and how can I
understand it? Do I understand it? What are the signs? How can I measure it? (MK) By test and trial
you will see. Stand in front of the mirror. If you understand the
process and can carry it out, you can change
the color of your eye by the desire of the beauty of World
and how you going inter… interact with. I know number
of people who do this. You can change the color
of the spot on your skin. Many people don’t realise,
but they do it. (AB) So that’s how you measure
the strength of your Soul? (MK) It’s a good exercise,
to start to understand. (AB) Okay. (MK) It’s… you got to start somewhere,
it’s no use me… It’s like what I told you in
past half an hour. It’s a riddle to many people, but as more
and more people develop the Space Technology the way we say. The the more craft are
built the more test are done then they see what the neighbors doing
then see what… neighbors has two of them. Or the neighbor has three of them,
then they start understanding. Not many of us needs the method
of transportation as we choose today or even walking. If you could understand it’s the Soul
of us which can create the positioning. No Man will walk
from one place to another. (AB) Actually, I’m trying to see if
I can travel with my Soul. So that way is easier to visit my parents
on Sunday, go to Iran and come back. (MK) Oh, why not? If you work, don’t work
in a physical dimension initially work on a strength of the
Emotion and then see if they felt it, then you know
you can reach them. And then next time you go in
a deeper way to strength the feeling. And when you speak with them next time
don’t mention. Have you, did you check that,
did you see that? If they know, you have not achieved
anything, you will not achieve it. But if you come to understand,
through their talk, that they had the Emotion
which you thought of, you tick the box. Next time, is to move them
from there to there. You call your parents
they’re in Teheran says, “Oh I wish they were in Isfahan”
or whatever, in the way that they could take
pleasure in what they wanted. And if the Soul agrees and the
strength is done and you call them next in. Not necessarily gone to Isfahan, but they
have had the satisfaction of as being there. Then you feel it,
then you start building it up. Then you can be anywhere,
you don’t need to be in Teheran you can be with them anywhere as
your Soul presents give their pleasure of the physical existence
and manifestation. Try to become detached from
your Physicality, then you understand. Not in the way
to go and kill yourself but in a way to understand
that the Soul of the Man is free. But, now we know it’s within the space
of the Brain of the Man, it’s taking home. Leave a line of connection,
that’s the tip. (AB) Thank you Mr Keshe
that was a good tip. (MK) I hope so. I hope we can teach more and
more people in advanced way of knowledge of the Soul. (AB) … the next time I have a lunch with
my parents on Sunday, I’ll let you know. (MK) No problem. We’ll see you in
Teheran with Chelo Kebab, no problem. Any other question? (RC) There’s a couple of people … put
your hands up as attendees here. I know … I see got Ralf, I know Ralf,
we can bring him in. (RdF) Yes Good morning Mr Keshe.
(RC) Hello Ralf. (MK) Good morning. (RdF) I sent the …
presentation to Rick. I don’t think… Seems like he
didn’t get a chance to look at it. (RC) No I didn’t look at
it Ralf I send you a reply. We can’t use most of it
because it’s copyrighted material I send you reply and I itemized everything,
all the problems and issues and so on Yeah, pick up your email and
send it to the same address. (RdF) Okay. I guess
there was looking okay. (RC) Yeah, there’s a lot of issues there.
We can’t use the pictures, we can’t use all the references,
can’t use the website and so on. So you’ll have to change it
and put it into your own words or somehow, presented in a way or get
authorization from the authors and so on. (RdF) Okay I thought
about that. I was only … It’s one of the questions that I had. Okay … I have… I do have
a question though … Mr Keshe, I am not
clear about the … when we use the … reactors,
reactor cores to create a Spaceship. What happens when.. when it…
when … when a Spaceship is created or comes into a diff…
existence? What happens to the … the
physical parts, the reactors? For instance, the one we are, let’s take
the example that is… is in Arizona. … you know … if, if that comes into
existence with the platform and everything and all the reactors around it
they are sixteen reactors and so on? What happens to …
when a Spaceship is created what happens to the physical structure,
if it’s got reactors? I think… (RC) Are you still there Mr Keshe
or are you … having difficult
with the question? … Does anyone know if
Mr Keshe is still there? (MK) Yes, I’m still here,
I’m listening. (RC) Okay. Maybe you need to clarify
more for Mr Keshe, perhaps? (RdF) Hi Mr Keshe, you didn’t hear me.
I was… (MK) I heard you, but try to answer
your own question. (RdF) Laughing
(MK) Yeah! What was your question?
Repeat your question. (RdF) When we use the reactors
to create a Spaceship, like, like for example the one in Arizona,
or the whatever, … I was wondering what becomes
of the physical reactors themselves? Is there, are they still there, or is it…
because they are the… the Spaceship becomes, take on
a living form, it becomes… is responsive, it’s like a living thing, and response
to your Emotions and thoughts, right? I was wondering if the… well I don’t… Does the … the Spaceship
encompass the… those parts still? I don’t know how to put it… (RC) Well perhaps you can clarify again
or rephrase the question, and maybe that’ll help? (RdF) I don’t know? (MK) If you as Rick said, rephrase it
and try to understand it. In a way we try not to spoon feed,
we try to enlighten. Where do you see the problem? (RdF) It’s not as…
it’s not a problem, I just… I was just wondering,
what… what becomes the reactors? Are they still in
the Spaceship sump, or? (MK) They are,
they become… This is a very, very good question, but I’ll
respond to you in a different way. The container core Matter-State,
it is irrelevant. Is for Man to think and to see,
because, “there is a core, I put in there,
the Fields going to be in it.” If you go back to the full
understanding of the teachings, the Plasma carries his own strength
and his own dimension. Physical Matter-State
cannot contain no Plasma. This is what we have said before too,
that the whole structure of the Plasma, is only for satisfaction
of the Man’s understanding, that he’s got something,
somewhere. The containment of the Fields of a Plasma,
is dictated by its environment. That’s why, even today I said,
“you go to the forth and the fifth…” These plastic or metal cores you put,
is just what I call, ‘a gimmick’. Just because Man has to have something
to confirm he’s done something. (RdF) Okay, I didn’t,
I didn’t remember that you did … use a kinda… an analogy to us … where
you said … we use the … a scaffolding. For example … two…
(MK) Yeah? (RdF) Yeah, so you say it’s a
temporary thing, just a temporary thing, to create it … the Plasma
or the Fields, I guess. (MK) Yeah. Yes.
(RdF) And then that… and then that falls away,
or whatever? (MK) We got to learn,
the more we become wise, the wiser we become in the teaching,
especially like today, when we thought,
you’ll find out there is no way, to contain the GANSes or the Plasma
or the Field of the Plasma, or the Field of the GANSes,
by physical Matter containation, …containment of a plastic core
or a glass core. The Field Plasma Matter
at the Matter strength, is so low down the strength,
that the glass cannot contain it. So is the level of the brain of the Man,
when you understand there is no physical containment,
the only thing we think, we have a skull, is just because it has to feed
the production of the cells, that the filtering as you call it,
can be made and maintained, that the Emotion
can be felt in that point. The reason we have this skull, is just
to see how fast we can produce cells, that in that point can create such a
filtering Field-Strength of manifestation. No other reason. (RdF)That’s what I thought. (MK) Thank you very much. (RdF) Thank you Sir. (MK) Now you understand,
in the teaching, they said, “He goes into Souls …
and the ethics and the things.” Now you understand
that the Soul, the operation of
the ethics of the Soul, is the cornerstone
of the travel in Space. Now those who said,
“We support him,” scientists in NASA, “if it doesn’t go in theology”, or in …
“in talking about God.” Now, they understand exactly,
without it you cannot go into Space, because it’s your own Soul,
it’s the operation of the control. They can stay in that level,
and we see the NASA scientists, falling far behind in the Space race,
far behind, beyond imagination, of other Nations who are
highly involved in the Space travel, as in Plasma Technology,
we teach. Because, they still looking
for dimension of Physicality, so the speed of light becomes a dream,
that they never be enlighted. NASA is falling
in that trap very rapidly. They paid ten billions
to the Russians to find out how to land
on the land and not at the sea, this time they have to give
the whole their National assets, to be able to understand how to travel
without the system of control, the computer. This is how the space gap
in the knowledge is building up. And we sit with those who have
moved into dimension of out teaching. Understand, a glass,
plastic, ceramic ball, has no match for the strength
of the Field of the Plasma. If the Plasma of the Sun can pass
through millions of kilometers, and then pass through a dynamic
containment Field Plasma of the Earth, and it still reach us,
then we understand, how we had to show you,
the containment of a Plasma with a plastic. This is the way
you could understand. As you said, if you graduate rapidly
now you understand, the Field of the Plasma,
in the reactors you create, is controlled by the dimension
of the strength of the Soul of the Man, and by the Fields
which you enforce around it. So, there is no need for a core
and there is no need for a motor. But this is the way Man is physical, so we
teach the language the Man understands. But, a number of scientists
in the scientific world, have moved to the new dimension
and understands. So, we start teaching at that level,
that they graduate or they reach
a further point faster. Now that they have… they’ve broken into
the system, we teach the system. Containment of a Plasma,
is only by another Plasma and no others. And a condition to the strength by the
gradients from the point of contact, to the further point of the strength
of the Plasma containment, otherwise, you cannot hold. Brain of the Man is
made of GANSes. And that’s the only reason it can hold
the field of the Plasma to a certain limit. and when that passes that limit,
it becomes weaker, and then it becomes controller
of more Physicality. Look at the structure
of the brain of the Man. In the center, you have the Emotion
of the highest order, which Man has not even understood the
operation of central part of his brain, because, have not understood
the strength of the Plasma. As it loses its strength
and it goes further out, according to the shape and distance,
then it becomes partially Emotion. And then when it goes really further
to the fringes of the brain, which is near
the Physicality part, then, we say this part is connected
with the arm, with the leg and the rest, which is the physical strength,
dimension of the Plasma. If you understand this, you tell me
where are the layers, containers, for the Emotion for happiness,
for sadness, for physical matter? The embodiment of the fields of the
GANSes of the brain cell creates that layered filtering of the
strength to a lower level that allows to go from higher order Emotion
to lower order in Physicality, which is control of arm and
the hand and the rest of it. That’s why when the strength
of the Emotion is higher, that it cannot be understood, or be
accepted by the Soul, in release of it, sends, leads to a stroke and
all the physical disabilities. Once Man understands this,
then Man understands any disability
can be reversed! Because now, you create
a field from the outside, to the strength of the Physicality
to be able to change it. That’s why our helmets,
that’s why our processes, especially like we saw
with Naomi, works! We substitute from outside,
which is the less point of resistance to the dimension of the
acceptance of the Field Plasma that arouse
the physical correction. Now you understand how
the technology even works, maybe for those who are in the
world of medicine understand why we put system outside and filter from
inside, through the liquid and the water. We change the environment of the Plasma
of the body of the Man, not emptiness. (RdF) …One more thing Mr Keshe,
(MK) Yeah. (RdF) There’s a story
that I want to share… that sort of expresses the power of the…
the power of the Emotions, I read a story once which is… a true story, about
a man who … he was in a… container, you know, whatever, doing some work, and
these containers have a refrigerator unit, they get very cold, it’s for shipping,
keeping things cold during shipment, anyway he … he … he accidentally got
locked in, he locked himself into the trail… into the container and they
found him dead some… later, right? …And… the story is that … what they
found is that he … he died through fear, of freezing, but the unit was not on, it
was never on, but he was, he was frozen! And I thought that was
an interesting story to show the… how the Emotion
works on the Human body. (MK) I’m trying to find something for you,
I don’t know where I put it (RdF) What’s that?
(MK) To, by coincidence, to explain to you something very interesting.
I was on a flight, very recently, and I observed something
like a mosquito, I don’t know where it is,
where have I put it? Or it’s my other phone… And when …
the plane took off at a high altitude then the… the… the…
this mosquito froze! It was there stuck to the window,
but its between the layers of it. And then, I was too busy to carry on
to observe the rest of it and I was wondering how many times
this little animal has been defrosted and frozen and still
carried on with its Life. I have the picture of it, if I find it
somehow I’ll get it for you to see it. It’s between the outer layer and the
first layer of the window of a aircraft. And… what you say is that,
the animal learned and had no fear, he knew he can be
frosted and come back, and to us at this point, is very
abnormal to see such a thing. Let me see if I can find it. Yes, I’ve
got it! It’s on another, the mobile phone. How can I get this out?
Let me see how I can get this out to you and
then I show it to you. It’s amazing how this animal,
this little fly, converts back it’s alive and how it survives
in the two layers. Because the outer side,
it goes to minus 50, 60 degrees and it freezes and then when
it comes back on the Earth ground it starts moving around again.
(RdF) Hmm (MK) Let me, it’s just exactly what
you say, he has no fear of Life, or death I should say, so he
can operate in that level… …I have to find somebody
who I can transfer this to, that they can transfer it,
into another part. Just let me see how I can do it.
I tell you, give me two seconds… Where is it? Screen… go back…
Four. Okay, oh… I have to do it this way… I don’t understand it,
it doesn’t allow me sending. How can I send this thing? It allows me to go in…
(CdR) If you can try me. (MK) … I can try you anytime,
to send it but I don’t see the button of the send…
(CdR) Yes and then I can share screen. (MK) Yeah I’m in…
I’m in a different system. (CdR) Okay
(MK) Doesn’t allow me…. If you can talk
for a second… you… this is a marvel of Creation when
I saw this thing, and I videoed it… It’s amazing, this little animal
has no fear of death, it’s the Emotion
which creates it. I made a video of it, I don’t know
if you can even hear the video of it (RC) We can hear it right now.
(MK) It’s on a… on a… what you call, on a ten kilometer alti…height…
flight… Give me a minute, let me ask somebody
who knows if he can do it. Just one second, carry on speaking
for a second and then you see what you said about…
(RC) I could… I can relay a story about… if my mother was alive, she could relay
the story about when I was a child and put flies into the freezer part
of our refrigerator [chuckles] to conduct experiments
as a very young kid [chuckles] …to freeze flies to see if they would
come to life again after freezing, because I noticed there were some flies
in the early spring that would suddenly show up and they were already
quite well developed and so on, and I figured they must have
survived the whole winter and they must have been frozen during
that time and they would thaw themselves out on, you know, in the sunshine
and come back to Life. And sure enough, the … the frozen flies
would… it would take them a while to, you know, get their bearings and
so on, but they would be able to, at least walk
if not fly away. But my mother was totally perplexed, she…
she opened the freezer, one day [chuckles] and saw a few flies inside the freezer
and she just could not figure out how these flies got inside
the freezer [chuckles] and I had to disclose that
experiment at one point. She wasn’t all that happy about it but she
did understand my, my quest for science. Did that fill in enough time Mr Keshe?
[chuckles] (MK) Yes! Thank you very much.
It’s getting sent to me, in Zoom and … hopefully, how I cannot share it,
just one second. Sorry I have to reorganize it,
one second. (RC) All this for
a little mosquito! (HB) Hello Rick?
(RC) Hello. (HB) This is… this is Herbert
can I come in shortly, directly from the conference
in South Sudan for a greeting? (RC) Well, it might be a good time…
right now, but… we don’t want to or would want to interrupt
(HB) Mr Keshe… (RC) Mr Keshe’s mosquito.
(MK) Yes about the mosquito… Yes this girl Rick, sorry
about that, one second. (MK) Rick, it’s getting sent
to you on Zoom. (RC) Oh, okay. (MK) Okay? I sent it to somebody
and they’re sending it to you. … First of all, you…
Sorry about that . You said you have… you’re coming from
conference of South Sudan. (HB) Yes! Yes Mr Keshe.
Greetings. (MK) Yes. Greetings.
Thank you very much. I’ve seen the report.
It’s amazing what you’ve done. As I said, I didn’t know,
even people in South Sudan know about
the Keshe Foundation work. But what I read from you…
(HB) Yeah… I… I come…
(MK) Stop NGO’s and some governments
(HB) I come from… We are from
Keshe Foundation Austria here. (ML) Yes.
(HB) … I have contact since many years
to friends here in South Sudan. And … now I came here directly
to make a two day seminars. on … Plasma Technology
in Exchange for Peace. And the one professor would like
to give a greetings, please. (SP) Greetings from South Sudan.
especially from University of Juba. …We find Keshe Foundation
to be really interesting especially in area of Plasma,
and the Peace technology. We do find it very essential. (HB) Louder speaking…. Loud, lauter…
(PS) Eh? And the University really would like to see that we have Keshe Foundation
in the University of Juba, South Sudan. to help boost the
idea to the community. Because education is one
of the essential tools for Peace building and
bringing Peace in this country. So we’ll appreciate if really Keshe foundation
really can establish a center here. for training more students here, in this
area of Peace building and development, to relieve this country from
fighting and all the problems. As a result we are
giving you a special appeal to help the people
in South Sudan. the University of Juba,
send ideas across the country. (MK) Thank you very much. We will respond
accordingly from the Keshe Foundation. Interesting is that, Universities around
the World are responding for the scientist to understand
about this technology. … We’ll… we’ll consider it. we’ll take this back to
Foundation and to the Councils. and we’ll respond accordingly. I’m sure we will respond
accordingly very fast to you and to the request
of development. The Keshe Foundation worldwide
is committing several billion dollars
into Africa in a coming time. … Especially to change
the situation whereas… you talk about the South Sudan
the war and everything else. We will come back,
we’ll teach, we establish the factories
in Sudan in a coming time, and we are very
aware of this position. That we work through Universities,
and we have seen working through Universities,
scientific organization, is one of the best way to disperse
knowledge and we’ll respond to you. Thank you very much for your
understanding the technology. and we will respond accordingly. (HB) Yeah! Thank you very much.
We even have a representative from five different ministries here
in the conference. (MK) I’ve read your…
I read the link and I was surprised. I said to Caroline this morning,
“We have even reached South Sudan.” I consider Sudan as one of the
major operational organization And I’ve seen how Sudan,
especially Khartoum, has change through the
work of Chinese government. How they invested,
instead of robbing the Nation they invested in the Nation,
through the work they did. Through the oil exports
over years. I watched Sudan very closely, I understand the separation of
north and south, on the religious ground, and… which was a big mistake. But this is a way it was decided
by those who plan the future wars. But now that becoming One Nation,
we invest back into South Sudan, to bring it back to equal basis. Thank you very much for your work. Hopefully, when you’re back to home,
we meet. And then I’ll tell you the guidelines we
put on a support of the Sudan. (HB) Thank you very much. (MK) Thank you very much for all…
(HB) So, now we continue with our conf… (MK) Thank you, Indeed. Can you please establish
a core team that, we can correspond and work with…
through NGO’s and through ministries. And through them,
we’ll support and we deliver. We have earmarked… fixed financial support
development for each African nation. And as we are carrying on the first one in Ghana.
then we’ll transfer to other the same. Thank you very much, indeed.
Thanks for your all work. (RC) … Mr Keshe, I haven’t found
anything coming through in the Zoom. (MK) Okay, they are…
They can’t get it to me. They just told me,
that they can’t get it through. I have got it, let me download it
and then I’ll see if I can get it to you, in a very straightforward way. I’m coming to it just be… just wait for now,
forwarding to you. Because I received it back on
a different system. Let me see if I can do
something else with it? I might be able to do something
myself? (K2) Hello, Mr Keshe. This is Klaus2 from Austria.
(MK) Yes Yes, yes, just give me one second,
please. I have to see what I can take out,
it’s a video… I cannot show a video. This is nice, Okay, if we cannot
get it done, we’ll try it … for next week. Because, … I cannot find Rick Crammond’s. and I can not share it with you.
It’s a video you can see it. Just one second, please. If I send it to Stanley, maybe
they can do it. Stan should be able to… Stanley, has been sent it to you. If you
online, can you share a screen and show it? (SC) I will when it comes. (MK) It comes through,
it looks at through your… (SC) Not yet. I don’t see it yet. (MK) It’s on the Ella and Stanley account. (RdF) Mr Keshe. Isn’t that strange
that the animals and the insects have better control over
the emotions than Humans? (MK) In a way, yes.
I presume, yes they do. Because, … Emotion, especially in small
animals, is not the way we understand it. But the strength of the Soul is…
The… the what we call, the ‘pain’, the ‘fear’
… exists. The… the laughter and that kind
of thing does not exist. So, it’s more concentrated
on two or three Emotions. (RdF) This Man died from fear … that he
was going to freeze to death and he did. (MK) Yes, but you
have to understand, go back to the history of …
British Airways. Flights from British Airways from India
into London, Heathrow. Still happens, every now and then,
not as good… not as frequent as few years ago. A few years ago, when they
used to take off, jumbo jets, or big airliners from
different part of India. The people used to sell tickets
for the spacing car… in the carriage, where the wheel goes up.
And they used to get them in there. And every now and then, when the
wheel overheats or used to open up, a frozen body
used to fall out. And … this is a part of
the British aerospace history. You can go and find it yourself. Few years ago … a guy traveled
and actually landed alive. He wanted to reach England, his only Wish,
his Soul is … freedom to get to England. And then British court had to give
him the rights. The Judge said, “If you went through such a thing to get
here, you deserve the right to be here.” And he was given
a British passport. (RT) I think I heard about that? (MK) Oh yeah, it’s …. it’s very common
in the old… in the past, as more and more people becoming
wise to the air transport. That … a lot of things are carried
through air transport. A lot of… And, those who have survived it. … what do you call it …
they Wish … to be, or to reach a destination so the fear,
which is one of the first points of life, that we let go, … does not…
it raises its strength to Joy. And the Joy has a higher energy circulation
in the body, so it feeds more. It’s a giver. Fear, … is part of the strength
which takes, but the Joy which is a giver, it gives for itself
to the cycle of the Human body. So, you survive it with the Joy. And this is why we survive, …
some people survive when convert
their fear to Joy. And, it happens if your, if your mission
or your destiny or what you want to do, in… in Emotion is stronger than your
Physical condition, you achieve it. You can do it. (RdF) Yeah. (MK) It’s very much…
I can tell you first hand, because is not as such as a fear,
but as a understanding, is that … it happened
to me a few years ago, when I fell off horse
with all the broken bones. To me, I remember,
I still had to do things, so I just got up the floor
and I start walking. Because to me, …. the whol… the falling
and broken … I couldn’t feel any pain. I knew I have to do things,
and I was walking on the… on the bush. (RdF) Uh-hm. (MK) So fear, when the fear on … This is the problem when we go to Space,
in Space, that’s what I said if you go back
a few teachings ago. If Man realizes that,
in Space he doesn’t need, he stays alive,
he won’t wear that suit. He won’t strap himself to a rope,
to a satellite or to a… to a system. The fear of being lost in Space
is the cause of the death of the Man. But when you settle down and the fear goes,
“I’m still here, nothing happened,” Man will survive in Space,
we don’t need a suit. Don’t forget, our body is made of GANS,
and the GANS can not be false. (RdF) Hm. (MK) We can slowly motion for it,
but the body can not die. So, Man in Space will never die,
it’s impossibility to die. Of… Unless as you say the fear, the fear is,
that we all, we receive so much that we can not give,
in a way we become exploded, we become another Neutron exploding,
into Electron and a Proton. Absorption of the energy from our Physical part,
or what we call, ‘fear’, is the cause of our demise,
not the condition outside. If you been through the processes of
escaping from a country, or being under pressure
that you had to find a solution to survive, you become stronger, because of
the energy you absorb, now you can reflect to come out,
and then when it comes, it creates a new aura,
a new dimension. That’s why we become stronger,
through the conditions of the life we live. (RC) We have a couple of other people
waiting to ask questions if you have a chance Mr Keshe? (MK) No problems, I’m just managing
to send a video to Stanley. A little bit left to go now.
Carry on please. (MM) Hi Mr Keshe, can you hear me?
(MK) Yes. (MM) This is Miguel Moreno, for Mexico City.
(CdR) … Before… (MK) Yes
(MM) I want to thank you for your big effort, that you are doing
for have Peace in the Planet. And I want to thank you also for
all the support … Miss Carolina is giving, and … I want to share …
some … information Mr Keshe. Because I made a MaGrav,
and the Fields that gives the MaGrav, haves motion, so I want to show you
if you give me a chance to, to share? (MK) Yes please. (MM) I want to show you first,
… these photograph, because I have several kind of MaGravs,
and right here you can see, that you have a spectrum…
(MK) We don’t see your screen yet. we don’t see your pictures,
it’s not loading up. (RC) … We can see it
on this end Mr Keshe. (MM) You can see it? Okay.
(RC) Maybe just give it a minute, is it coming through yet? Any luck Mr Keshe?
Maybe … (MK) I can see it now, it’s there, I can see the picture.
(RC) Okay. (MM) Okay. Okay, so right here
in this picture … we have a, a spectrum, but we have two Fields also,
circle, circle Fields. And in this case … was no motion,
this was static, the… the Field. But in another cube that I made, …
the Fields are rotating, let me show you. (MK) Do you see these Fields
with your eye? (MM) No, just with the…
with the camera. (MK) One of the ways to do it is …
more or less we, if you can create … … moisture, on a glass,
then you see the shape of the freezing. This is one of the ways we see,
people are more and more, testing the Fields,
showing the Fields. In a way if you leave a glass
refrigeration type thing that you can create a slow crystals,
in a space, open space, then you see the…
the Field flows. … We see it now,
I’ve seen a few very … ingenious way of showing
the Fields in the environment. (MM) Yeah. I …
(MK) These Fields we feel it … and there is … sorry about that,
I can add too … Arizona is testing new
Field detections, or Fields … what do you call it, they can even feel
the emotion or the Field of their systems, the Space Systems
they are building there. (MM) Okay … I want to show you also
that I made a… … a prot … prototype to… to have Hydrogen with GANS
and with … tubes … Copper, Nano-coated Copper
… tubes. Right here you can see in the…
in the center I have Nano-coating …
Copper tubes, three different sizes. This is one. This is two.
This is three. And outside I put …
paper, Aluminum paper And I add … the … the liquid, that I have
for the Nano-coating. That is the, the, the, the results
for mix … caustic soda and…
Hydroxide of … Potassium. So, I put …
30% of the… of that liquid the, the blue liquid,
that I have for the Nano-coating. And I have the 70%
for the three different GANS. And I had the results to…
to receive a Hydrogen without … electricity,
for about three hours. Let me show you the aspect
of the fire, that is given. And (sigh),
let me show you. So right here … let me
check a little. So right as you can see that this …
[inaudible] that we have a… the production of the Hydrogen
(MK) The gases? (MM) The gases is correct. But, did you see, did you see the,
the color of the fire? (MK) Yes, yellow (MM) Yellow, that is correct.
So … I am very sure that it’s a… em, that this combination … is giving … the energy …
in smallest scale. The same that the Sun is giving for the color of the, of the… of the fire. So … you see … I had … three hours… … getting the Hydrogen and I … … I am thinking that the… the color of the flame is in that… [inaudible] in that colour, because I put in the … three different GANSes
(MK) Can you get the gas tester? Can you get the GANS tested? The… the Hydrogen tested? To confirm
(MM) I… I… I don’t have… I don’t have the tester,
but I can… I can get one, to confirm.
(MK) Nobody, give you somewhere to test it The pH it’s no problem. There’re different ways of
producing the GANS of the Hydrogen. Hydrogen production
is very easy, but trying to create
the Plasma of the Hydrogen that you can use it in Space travel,
is… it’s the key now. (MM) Yeah. (MK) As being able to hold it on… … that you can expand the Hydrogen
into Deuterium and Tritium, which becomes the cause of literally,
dynamic rotation of the Gravitational-Magnetic Field
of any entity, even the Sun. (MM) Okay.
(MK) In the Sun we don’t have Helium
or creation of fusion. The combination of the the Field-Plasma
in different strength of the Hydrogen, in respect to Tritium, Deuterium
and Hydrogen, Atomic Hydrogen. Creates that flow, which the
highest order becomes Gravitational, in respect to receive,
to become the highest giver. And then you’ll find a transition into a
dynamism of the Plasma of the Solar System. (MM) Okay.
So, for… for the last. I want to show you this a…
short video. Because I made a Tesla coil
and the reason… because I am showing you,
all this … stuff is because, I think that
all this stuff goes together. To… for the Plasma,
for the Plasma Technology. … I feel that in … some point,
we gonna mix all these … different energies … to have a… a more
… expansive Plasma production. … I make the… this… Tesla coil is working
with this MaGrav, but if… this is the first testing…
(Mk) Yeah (MM) This is the first testing …
I want to increase I … wanna increase the… energy.
Maybe, … ten times more, but … I need another bigger place,
because is dangerous to have more… more energy than this,
in my home. So I need a bigger place to…
to have … several kilowatts … and to see how… how I can…
(MK) If you… If you… Let me… Let me give you
a piece of advice. There are two options to do,
even to miniaturize the system. First of all is Nano-coating
transfer of energy, that you can go
into kilowatts and megawatts. You got to realise that …
with a… … Nano-coated wires, you
deal with a super-conductor. So, you don’t need a bigger structure
to be able to handle. Secondly, you can use, especially
if you’re using a Tesla system… You can use the Plasmatic Gravitational Field
of the Tesla system, to increase the power, without
actually changing anything in your system. If you understood it, you can literally, create
a Power Units … 30-40 kilowatts this way. And you don’t need the change the battery,
(MM) Yeah. you could miniaturize, because this is
literally, (inaudible) electricity production. You produce
more than you can handle this way. (MM) (laughter) Yeah, …. actually I have
all the information to… to have a several, several more… more energy,
but I need a bigger place. So, I gonna… I gonna ask a friends,
that they have a bigger … bigger places to make test…
some testing. But for… for security I gonna
made a Faraday’s cage … Faraday cage to concentrate
the energy. But I… I am thinking Mr Keshe,
that we can … we can … mix … I gonna do some different process. I want to mix the Tesla coil
… information that Tesla give us, or better way …
than … Tesla left … So, … I want
(MK) If… if you… (MM) I want… I want to mix it
with the MaGrav system to more…
(MK) Many people have done this. (MM) Okay.
(MK) Many people have done this and it leads to generation of
… power. But you have to understand,
which end of the Tesla system you work. But, understand the work of …
Meyl’s too. You’ll find out, you produce
much more energy than you expect. (MM) Okay. … with …
Konstantin… Konstantin Meyl right? (MK) Yeah, yeah. He’s a beautiful scientist
because he works on the reverse of it and as we say, Gravitational is much
stronger than the Magnetical. (MK) If you ..
(MM) Yeah. (MK) understand the work of Meyl’s
and put it in line, using the MaGrav system
and using a Tesla. Change the coils of Tesla
to a Nano-coated materials. Yeah? Then you will understand the work
will become very much nicer. (MM) Okay … There are …
they are a Mr in Spain, that is … That is … giving the triple …
I can’t remember… triple… Triple momentium Magnetic
or something like that? And… this guy … give the, or gave the … the patents of the technology
to the governments. Because he… he can… he can make…
with a small production of energy… He can made huge… any…
any kind of… of… of kilo … voltage with using just a small… a small
… a small amount of energy. … He… he’s … saying that … he …
he made … three, three different coils … inside of each one and he said that the…
has … Nano… Nano… Nano-coating process also, maybe…
it’s the same stuff that you are giving us…
to the Humanity. But it… the difference is… that this guy
is already working with the governments, because he …
he… he show … how he can make a very big amount
of electricity with … with his stuff. But this… I am thinking …
I am very sure on that maybe he… he was … a student all the stuff…
about the… the Plasma Technology also. (MK) A lot of people are mixing the
technologies and seeing huge results. This is how it should be. We support this kind of people… The… the point is as I said,
“The knowledge is a gift from God.” It should not be owned
or patented by anyone. But you got to realise as we always say
is that, these people make a breakthrough, understanding part of the Plasma Technology
in a very narrow mind, energy, narrow field of the technology. If you understand the Totality,
what we taught. Every, everything which touches the life of
the Man and the Universe is in the teaching. Some of us become
good in medicine. Some of us will become
in … energy, some in agriculture,
some in fishing, some in Space, some in …
decontamination. But, if you understand the essence
of what we taught over years. This technology touches everything
in the life of the Man across the Universe,
or any being. The knowledge disperse
is so comprehensive, that it takes thousands of years
for Man to understand fully, if they ever understand fully
the Totality of it. So, it’s nice to see different people
come up with different, what you call, … ‘developments’
and it’s encouraging to understand people have taken the shackles of limitation
off, they have to follow one pattern. They are mixing it, they are understand
the concept from one scientist, one group to another and
they reach … huge developments and this is the beauty of it. When I see people
developing these kind of… even for their governments or
they patent it to get something out of it. It shows the knowledge is well dispersed,
the knowledge is well understood. Thank you very much for your effort.
it’s very nice to see what you’ve done. (MM) Okay, … for… I want to…
to let you know also Mr Keshe, that I… when I was working with
the MaGrav and with the Tesla coil in some places the…
when I was recording… in some places the noi… the… the noise
or the sound is … entirely gone. (MK) Gone, yes we know that.
(MM) Yeah. … in other … and sometimes also, the …
the… the telephones was freezings, so the com… so the commands
are no responding. (RC) Yeah. We’re quite aware of that, that’s…
(MK) I can… (inaudible) this… (RC) We’ve done tests with that…
for a couple, three, four years ago.
(MK) We… I… I have… I have to tell you this,
you brought back some memories. When I was testing in Tehran,
in Sharif Tehran University, being independent in one, just a
research in the… very big building. I had, a few times where officials
used to knock on the door say, “Excuse me, whatever you are doing,
we cannot make no landline and no telephone calls. Can you stop the system please,
we want to communicate outside?” We are talking… a structure
50-60 meter diameter, maybe bigger. It’s a circular building and …
what we call it, a ‘spherical building’. And, I know it does this and
there is a technology to do it, we use it. And it’s the same with, when we were in
Northern Italy we had a system that when … the guy came and he walked across
the garden, he could feel the difference. Here there was a noise,
there there wasn’t any noise. So, this is understood. You create a Field that is in balance with
the Field of the noise of the ear of the Man. So, what you can hear and that space
becomes balanced, so you don’t hear anything. It’s the same as when we say, “it comes to
a point, that you cannot see the object.” “Then, it’s at the strength
of the vision of the Man.” The object is there but you can’t see it.
It’s a spectrum, that we do not see. … So, we can use it.
Thank you very much indeed. I see, it’s very nice for you…
(MM) Your welcome. (MK) to share knowledge with us and we
enjoy it and we can learn from each other. Thank you very much
for sharing your knowledge. I see the picture is on he screen
if you can open it or show it. This is the… the fly,
(RC) Yes. (MK) which I was explaining … It’s there, it freezes and then it defrosts,
has -50 degrees, and it’s a very tiny thing. The… the cold literally goes
through its body in one go. And then when you…
you land, it goes somewhere else. (loud video audio) It’s frozen, totally frozen. And, minutes before, it, it’s moving
in the window, it’s the outer edge, it’s not inside
that it get’s heated up. You see its… his legs and his …
what I call its ‘aerials’. We don’t see it anymore
with the lights of the horizon. It shows I’m not a very good cameraman,
but there we’ve seen it, it’s there. (RC) There is a link posted by Jay,
and I read into it and it mentions that mosquito’s are one of the types of bugs,
that can take repeated freezings, apparently, at very much below
freezing temperatures then, thaw out and continue
(MK) Yeah, this is minus 50 degrees, 60 degrees. and live for months
(MK) Yeah, he… that’s all. (RC) …afterwards.
(MK) Thank you very much. (chuckles) Thank you very much.
Thanks to Stanley. … Let me explain something,
as we said… before … that Keshe Foundation is expanding
in manufacturing worldwide. We started this cycle about two years ago
and we had to stop. Now, that we are receiving enough
… work that … allows us to start the manufacturing process. Those of you who
have received the email or you will receive a email,
or check your emails. If you applied for
becoming manufacturer. A meeting has been called
for 21st of this month, which is next Monday,
by Keshe Foundation. There’s 122 applications, 182 application of manufacturing. Please attend the Zoom which is organized.
We are from 42 different countries. We look in investing, our way,
we explain in this meeting. If any of you would like to expand or extend
into the manufacturing of Keshe Foundation, submit your forms. I don’t know if it can be cleared in such a short time. Security to be present. But as we said, the plan of the
Keshe Foundation, is one factory per Nation. Minimum one factory per Nation,
within next 12 to 18 months. In some countries,
we’ll invest in more than one factory, and as our team in the background
are working, everything will be prefabricated
in one center, and it’ll be sent in boxes
that when you open it, you are to standard anywhere in the World,
and you can go into operation. Beijing production, what you call it,
the totality of the whole manufacturing. Please, if you buy it from manufacturing,
now you go under umbrella of the Keshe manufacturing, we have
a hundred and eighty-two application manufacturing forms for forty-two nations.
If you want to be a new one, or you think we can do it,
we’ll look at all aspects. Keshe Foundation will invest the
totality of the finances, which means
you become part of. What we give is a certain amount of
shareholding, but we finance heavily. The budget, which is already we decided
probably going to investment per Nation, will become automatically the assets
of the Keshe Foundation, and then we’ll spent back to your country,
or be used to the development of the teaching of the
whole of Foundation work and civil society
in the Nation. Please, if you applied check your emails,
and be in the meeting of Monday, which is organized
by the Keshe Foundation. and Ghana is on the first steps,
we’re doing the trials and development there, that we get it… everything right,
and the process is for now on, as we said months ago,
is a container ship process. I’ve asked for this meeting,
because we are ready to go, that everything
will be pre-fabricated. You open a container
from the wall to power supply, to the GANS production system, and
depend on what we agree with you to do, in respect to the water, or energy
or Plasma systems, or Car Units, will be in that kit, will be
accommodated in the production partnership We use for speeding up, cargoes,
air cargoes will be used, that you don’t have to wait
months for receipt of it. Once we inform you,
is we are in the process of doing, it’ll take us about a couple of months
we’ll be in that position, that is prefabricated factories,
especially then we… The certification we receiving
from international organization, will be transferred
to that Nation, which means you don’t need
to spend time to certify. Which this is a …. as we are
the major shareholder we can transfer our certification across the World
members of the management of the FDA, and the standard boards around the world,
have agreed this is a fastest way. We, we are going to go,
we’ve spoken with a couple of them, and will process this way.
So our production… is going in a way we… we are planning
at the Keshe Foundation worldwide, to increase the factory production to some
six hundred units in the next two years. This is all… will be done prefabricated, so even
if you have a shed which can accommodate, the system, once the system arrives
is fully pre-packed system. All you need to do
is to put a raw material in it, and to start producing, you become one of
the Keshe Foundation organization worldwide. And from beginning to the end, will be
monitor by the Foundation worldwide. The Foundation will increase the
number of employment in the country. The only thing is, when it has to be ready
that we come in to take shareholders, … parts to finance
at the same time, and the training and everything else
which goes with it. At the beginning
will be spread slow, but after two-three months
hopefully we can smooth it up, that we can open at least one to two
factories a week around the World, in a very rapid way. Shall we call it the day,
we’ve been going for some times. (RC) Yes, close to three hours already,
Mr Keshe… (MK) Indeed…
Thank you very much for all the Keshe Foundation
supporters worldwide, I think many of you will
be pleasantly surprised. with what is coming
and what… how, the work of the Keshe Foundation
with governments are bearing fruit, your Wishes of Peace,
is bearing fruit. When I saw the message,
even Rick sent me a message this morning, that the…
would you like to say what it was, regarding the
American military forces? (RC) … Yes, there’s a news item,
that’s come out in the major news, … CNN news about the
top military leaders of the US. … They’ve… five of them…
of the US Joint Chiefs, are issuing a public, public condemnations
of the white supremacist groups in the wake of the
weekend’s racial unrest. So, the…
the headlines were, “US military leaders condemn
racism after the Charlottesville violence.” So, there’s been
this racial violence in the US, and the… president Trump
didn’t speak out fast enough to condemn the white supremacists,
the groups and so on, that are behind
some of the violent parts. And… So, the US military leaders
had to come out and actually, condemn the racism, to be sure
that they, you know, squelch it, before it
got out of hand, because they don’t want that
within their own ranks and they don’t want …
the racism that splits them up to much, and you know,
they are basically into Peace, the way Mr Keshe was talking about
in the last workshop. These military leaders they,
you know, realize what it’s like to have to live …
in a violent situation and they don’t necessarily want that
for themselves and their, and their, … the people
that are under them. So, that it’s interesting twist I thought.
(MK) The military have been there… Yeah. The military men are there
to support Peace. They are not there to create war,
it’s the politicians which create war. And as I’ve said in the …
meetings of recent past, once you send all these letters to the
ambassadors to sign a World Peace Treaty, we ask you to send a letter,
now it’s One Nation you can join, but send the Peace Treaty
to the head of armies, chief of a stab. Chief of military forces,
Joint Command Forces, and introduce them
to World Peace. The armies will grab it with the heart,
because this is what… they are there, to keep the Nations
and neighbors in Peace. Now, the next step for us
is to reach the military, men of military,
heads of military nations, in offering them
the same contract. Peace for exchange for comfort
for your soldiers, for your Nations. Don’t forget, many military,
head of militaries, do coup d’etat and they become
the head of their Nation. Maybe, in the coming time,
the militaries will force this agenda of Peace through
technology, and as we have spoken
with the few of them, it’s amazing how they are
in favor of this technology. They understand it,
because they say, “This brings Peace in my Nation,
and that’s what I’m here for.” “I’m not here to go to war,
is the politicians who ask me to go, and I don’t want- If I make a Peaceful
Nation, nobody want to go to war.” So please write, send the Peace message,
the Peace agreement, ‘Knowledge in exchange for Peace’,
World Peace Treaty to the heads of armies, to the highest ranking officers
and to the officers. They are greeted with arm, as I explained
in a meeting very recently. With open arm they’re greeted,
because they can see, but we have to be able to show it,
this has been my job for past few weeks. I engaged totally
in direct with the military, with the heads of military
in different countries, that we show the advantages
of the technologies. And it’s, is a …
it works very nicely because they see it… it brings prosperity
to a Nation, they don’t need to carry arms. This says.. I received a message,
it says… by Reuters, seven point in China, Chinese Sichuan, six points remote
part of the China, far North-West region of the Xinjiang,
that happened on the 9th of August 2017 … some people have died,
some 270-80 people have been injured, we were aware of this, we were
fully aware of the day it happened. The patterns of the earthquake,
these things are a normality, as we said and
still carry on saying this, the most of the earthquakes
we see on the World, the war and violence cause separation
of the Continent of South America. This will carry on,
and the process of the movement, of the dynamic crust of the Earth,
which is solid part, will continuously create
these kind of movement- There is no way anybody can stop.
You got to realize the Pangaea, or the islands or
what we call the ‘Continents’, are a floating ship,
on a Ocean of magma. Underneath it’s not
connected to anything, and as you understand if you’ve
been on a boat and you sat on the water, if you’re not rowing,
you have no control where it goes, and sometimes you bump it
to the boat next door, and you bump to the harbor
on the other side. And this is exactly what we are. We have to understand
the Totality of the facts, about what we
call this Planet, ‘Earth’, and what we call the ‘Continents’,
what we call the mass, ‘land’. These are floating boats
on the magma of the Planet. And the magma itself, is on the float,
on the Plasma of the Planet. This is the beauty of it. Nothing is fixed and attached. So, earthquakes and
all sorts of climate changes, is part of the process
of this dynamic system. But, the separation of the,
what we call … the American Continent,
Southern American Continent, is in a full swing,
it’s been for million of years. It’s the first time we explain
what it is and how it happens, We expected some big movement,
because there was a crust movement, and we saw it, we have past it but did
not reached the sizes which we expecting, for whatever reasons we explained. But the separation of the Continents
is not imminent it’s already taken place. In, in the coming time
it’ll be floating on it’s own. Thank you very much for today and
we’ll meet next week. We should have very much … huge …
advantage and scientific development. You will realize Keshe Foundation
has separated it’s own private section, to do with what we call
“My personal situations” in different things because now we have taken
a totally different position, through legal advise we have received. The people who as you know
with the court case, it still goes through, we are putting an appeal through on both cases
to do with the 1 Euro and the others. But it will never be spoken, the only thing
we speak to you in the teachings, is the science and what we achieve
and how we develop. We have opened other channels
that the Keshe Foundation and it’s work will be protected through
legal system, we brought in legal authorities, to protect us against
our appeal and everything else, we never discuss these things
in our teachings anymore because these are the matters
which will be decided in a very different way. The reason for it was very simple, … that … we got what we wanted,
from now on we do not disclose …what we’re going to do, till we achieve
what we have and we put those people, who are responsible for
misconduct into prison. We wanted a suspended,
we received it, and now we have been given a green light
to proceed with all the appeals, and sub… consequently in the next years,
two years, three years, six months, you hear one by one as we proceed,
to put one by one of them in prison. Being from the King to the man
who have only one Euro. Thank you very much indeed. (K2) Mr Keshe, this is
Klaus from Austria, is too late to present…
(MK) Yes. the scan today or
will it be better the next week? (MK) We’ll do it next week.
Please come in early next week, I would like you… to see,
because we need your knowledge. (K2) Okay, thank you. (MK) Thank you very much indeed,
thank you, bye bye. Thanks Rick,
thank you for today. And thanks everybody else for everything,
which you have done and you do. (??) Thank you. (MK) Would you like to
take us out with the music? As it’s become fashionable
in the Universal Councils. (RC) That would be a good idea. I’ll just make the announcement now
that this brings to the end the 185th Knowledge Seekers Workshop
for Thursday, August 17th, 2017, and as always, thank you everybody
for attending, and especially of course Mr Keshe for
being there once again. Okay we’ll have … … Flint play some of the… the fade out music here,
I guess…? (FM) Yes I’m ready. (RC) Great, go ahead Flint. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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