183rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop – Declaration of World Peace – Day 2 – Thursday, Aug 3, 2017

The Keshe Foundation, an independent, non-profit,
non-religious, space-based organization founded by nuclear engineer Mehran Tavakoli Keshe is introducing to humanity the Science of the Universe, Plasma Science Keshe Foundation develops universal knowledge
and space technologies that provide solutions
to major global problems, revolutionizing Agriculture, Health, Energy,
Transportation, Materials, and more. The application
of Plasma Science in the form of specially developed Plasma reactors
and other devices, will give humanity the real freedom
to travel in deep space. Plasma Science exists
throughout the whole Universe. It is here and it belongs to you. Our knowledge, research and development
regarding the Plasma structure has progressed to the point of enabling
everyone to participate in the process. Become a creator and understand
the work of the Universe for the good of humankind on this planet,
as well as in space! The use of MaGravs, Nanomaterials,
GANS, Liquid Plasma, Field Plasma and other Plasma technologies have come as a new dawn
for humanity to progress and work in harmony with the Universe. Conventional technology
applications are wasteful, damaging and cause pollution
to the planet and all living beings. Plasma Science provides solutions
and improves existing methods and use of resources in all aspects
that touch the lives of all beings. Plasma is defined by the foundation
as an entire content of fields which accumulate
and create matter and it is NOT defined
by its physical characteristics like ionization or temperature. Also, with Plasma science, we understand how we can convert
matter back to the fields. Quoting from Mr Keshe, “MaGrav stands for Magnetic-Gravitational,
which means Plasma absorbs or gives. And every Plasma has the both,
it has give and it has take… And when they can’t find the balance
they distance themselves until they find the balance
they can give to the others that they can receive what
they want to receive and give further.” Certain atoms and molecules release and
absorb Magnetic or Gravitational fields. Released fields are available
to be absorbed by other objects. The Keshe Foundation has developed a way
to gather these free flowing fields from the environment within
a resourceful and beneficial new state of transitional matter
which M.T. Keshe named GANS. The first step
of the process of the formation of various basic types of GANS,
is Nano-coating metals. This is carried out
either chemically by etching (steam coating with Sodium Hydroxide) or thermally by heating
(Fire Coating by gas burner). During either coating process, gaps between the outermost
layers of atoms are created. The residual coating is often
referred to as nano-coating, defined by the structured layers
of nano material, which build up during
the creation process of the coating. Nano-coated metal in interaction
with other various metal plates, in a salt water solution,
creates MaGrav fields. These fields then attract available
elements to form a specific GANS, which collects and settles
at the bottom of the container. This GANS is formed from independent
energized molecules (like little suns) that can be used
in various applications. The Keshe Foundation
is extending an Invitation to Medical Doctors of
any practice and specialty, to apply to the Foundation’s Private
Weekly Medical Teaching Workshop, this includes Medical Doctors,
Dentists, and Veterinarians. Scientists at the Keshe Foundation developed different types
of Plasma therapies, and cures, that utilize advanced
non-invasive Plasma technology. The Weekly Private
Medical Teaching Workshop educates Doctors to the
Plasma science behind the therapies, along with the functionality and operation
of revolutionary Plasma medical devices. The goal of the Private Teachings
is to add Plasma Health Knowledge to the profound knowledge
of Medical Doctors. The weekly class is broadcast live
over the Internet through a secure Private Channel, every Wednesday from 2 to 5 pm
Central European Time. Presently the class
is only offered in English, however you are free to bring
a translator to the class. If you can’t participate
in the live broadcast you can watch them later
at your convenience through a Private Internet portal. Every patient’s case
that is discussed in the Workshop will be kept anonymous and private. This includes catalogued
findings and data, gained from the analysis
of the patient’s health issues. Any Medical Doctor in the world
who wants to participate can do so, by sending an email to : [email protected] In your email, please state your
willingness to participate in the Medical Teaching Workshop. If you’re planning on bringing
a Translator to the Workshop, please state this in your email as well. After we receive your email, we will contact you with the instructions
on How to Apply to the Workshop. As a part of the Application process, applicants who apply, including any Translators
brought into the Workshop, will be required to sign the :
Keshe Foundation’s World Peace Treaty, which can be found
at the following web address: http://keshefoundation.org/worldpeacetreaty/WorldPeaceTreaty.pdf All Applicants will be required to
provide proof of their education, and ability to practice medicine, and will also be required to pass
an extensive security background check, before they are granted access
to the Teaching Workshop. Healthful Plasma Technology is here now. The use of which is increasing
exponentially on a day to day basis, on every continent. We encourage you to come and learn
about this revolutionary technology. Apply today! (RC) Okay, welcome everyone to the
183rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop of the
Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute. This is a special workshop the Declaration of
World Peace for Humanity and it’s Thursday, August 3rd 2017 and … this is the day after the
World Peace Day where we had … the signing of the World
Leaders into the Word Peace Treaty and … we’ll continue today the wrap up
some of that I believe. And I think we have Mr Keshe
ready to … begin today’s proceedings. (MK) Yes, good morning,
good day to you as usual wherever and whenever you
listen to these Knowledge Seekers. Today is a special day in so
many ways, for the first time Humanity
has signed himself to Peace. As of this morning
we’ve become ‘One Nation’. Which means there
are no borders, there are
no armies, there are
no wars and we do not need to incite
wars as we have no enemies. In so many ways, we have
extended the borders of this space we call Earth to the
boundaries of it’s atmosphere. In reality, now that we have
done with no imaginary line that we put walls
and barbwire’s on it. No we make the atmosphere
of this Planet it’s boundaries. There are no armies to fight. And as we have taught from the beginning
the Universal Community never fights. So this is again and imaginary border
which extends into the Universe. In so many days we have worked
to bring this matter to where it is now, to be successful
in building One Nation. By signing of
the World Peace Treaties of all the Nations on this Planet,
or sections of this Planet, as of today we become,
One Nation, One Planet and One Race. We have different
colours, tastes, smells and so many different ways of eating the
same food but we call it different names. Now it becomes the same. We love, we adore and we
enjoy each other in different ways. There is no reason, there is
no reason for hateism, there is no reason for
one to be than the other as we are all better than all of
us and we are all together as One. In so many ways, this has been the
dream of many, many of our forefathers to be able to bring Human Race
to sign at the same time for Peace. We’ve seen it yesterday
from every corner of this Planet, representatives of the languages
signed themselves into Peace. In so many ways, this is the beginning
of a Peaceful cycle for Humanity. And what we have seen in the
past whenever Peace has prevailed, the science, the technology, the comfort
of Mankind has taken off very rapidly. We know this will
change a lot of things. You got to realise that we
are working in the background in a massive way
to change conditions. And we see science in exchange
for Peace is paying dividend, is bringing us acceptance,
it brings in us understanding that we are and we have achieved
a new era in Human Race. As I’ve said before, “Many of
us are fed up with killing” and many of us we are fed up being
killed by so many different ways and tools just for somebody to
be the boss of somebody to be called a ‘King’ and
a ‘President’ or whatever. As I said, “We have
done with the Leadership and we have brought in
the Leadership of the Souls.” The members of the
Councils carry no voting right and as of today the new
governing body has taken place. In the next few month,
gradually, you will see the changes. I have called for a first World
Peace Conference in the next few weeks. Hopefully after my return
from Teheran we will hold the first International
One Nation Conference. We might see some of those who we call
it ‘the present leaders’ to be present. It takes organization to
bring such a thing in line and we don’t see any reason for it not to
happen before the end of this year. The reason for it
I’ll explain later on. This time when the Keshe Foundation
meets, meets as One Nation. And this takes
a lot of organization. We are looking to allow anything up to
10 – 20,000 people to this conference. Place and time will be
announced in coming time, in next few weeks
we will announce it. We have taken this position because
it’s time then to celebrate together when all the points have been covered and
the Foundation stands on its own ground. In a coming days, we will announce
hopefully the banking system and the start of operation of the
Blue Telephones in the coming weeks. We will announce the establishment
of One Nation Police Force. We will announce the first dates for
excursion into outer atmosphere through the Keshe Foundation Space Technology. We will announce in the coming days,
very shortly, a new headquarters for Keshe Foundation,
in addition to one in Africa, one in United State and the Asia
center of station will be announced. This brings us to one
center in each Continent. This allows us to work, in line with the
last center to come into operation that we have one center in each Continent,
to complete our position in South America. In the coming months,
we’ll announce the position of the Keshe Foundation Center
in South America, very soon. Becoming One Nation, we have
to be able to give facilities to the… Heads of Continents,
the members of the Earth Council both position and a place,
that they can operate. Keshe Foundation, before Christmas,
will announce position for each Continent as its headquarters as Head of the Nations
of the Head of Continents. We will announce in the coming weeks
as part of the One Nation, the establishment of Space Centers
beyond surface of Earth. The technology’s advanced,
and we will announce… somebody’s microphone
is open please… the establishment of the Centers in number
of places outside the surface of Earth. We are that advanced, we wait
till the One Nation is in position that we can deliver
the technology in full. The technology of the Space Launch
will go to China. All Space Programs,
Spaceship Programs of Keshe Foundation will be conducted out
of Chinese territory. This is a pleasure and a gift
to the Nations of China. All the Spaceship launching’s, with
the permission of Chinese government, with the support of Chinese scientists
will be done on this territory. This is needed as China
now is a nation of Peace and such a technology needs
to come through a hand of a nation which is Peaceful and has the
authority and power to exert its power on keeping
International Peace in operation. If we would have given this
technology to United State there would have been more
warmongering and the rest of it. We see the Chinese government as a
safe hand to deliver this technology to. Therefore, in the coming months, you will
witness the launch of the first Spaceships from territory of China. We have made agreements
and we will deliver accordingly. The advancement of Peace needs
people who are in power for Peace, not those who
have to create war. The technology delivery has to be correct,
that the Nations trust their leaders. In Keshe Foundation we have 100% trust
in the Chinese government authority on managing to bring Peace
through the implication, application of the Space and
the Spaceship Program. These are one of the
prerequisites to Peace. While the Keshe Foundation team
have been busy, organizing and delivering the process we saw yesterday,
which was delivered flawlessly, thanks to all the people
in the background, the members of the Earth Council,
the members of the Universal Council and the members of the Core Team,
worked so hard in the background to be so flawless
in the front. The Nations have signed
themselves to Peace and these are what we call,
‘the Peace dividend’. In a coming time, with the whole
organization on the manufacturing side, which will be headed by Armen,
will deliver the financial support for implication, application of the Peace,
through supporting the needy, the poor and to educate that
everyone receives the same education in the
new science and technology. It is important for us
to realize, as One Nation, on the flag of the Keshe Foundation, it
means we should be equal in every aspects. We should be able to deliver
the Totality in one go. According to what we need, what we have
and what we have to do to deliver. Peace will not come easy, even we have signed ourselves, through
Peace Treaty, to a new organization to accept the responsibility of the
Human race through governing through the Soul of the Man,
we can… we come to understand from now on, is to go out and
inform people what has happened. At this moments, as we understand,
the whole 196 nations and the rest of the territories have been signed
and double signed signature. Once we receive that confirmation
through the Universal Council the announcement of the completion
of the World Peace Treaty is completed and we call ourselves
as ‘One Nation’. What does this mean? As I promised you,
before, once we reach this point, we open the channels
to Universal Community. In developing the Spaceship Program,
the way it has to be done and it’ll be done in the coming
weeks and months. It’ll be the responsibility to
Chinese government to announce, in conjunction with the Keshe Foundation.
for opening of the channels. This is important for all of us
and this will take, step by step our work
towards one direction, that Space becomes
a natural place for all of us to live and be part of,
the same as we live on this Planet. There’s a need for a vast
amount of teaching. There’s a need for a vast
amount of understanding. There’s a need for knowing that this
knowledge does not belong to one race,
or one nation or one district. But all of us has
to participate in it. For that reason, in the
coming weeks we’ll announce the establishment of
the research center as, where anyone who
has and understands the work of the Spaceship Program in any aspects,
can come in and join and be part of it. Be it in your Continent
or somewhere else. Arrangements are getting made, that
these centers of excellence of teaching will be free available to all those who
can participate and add to the knowledge. The time we’ll take to deliver this
knowledge across this Planet, it depends on how, as the Knowledge Seekers
who we have taught, you go out to teach, and to what extent you are free in
teaching and you have no restriction in your thoughts and your
school of teaching to the others. The Keshe Foundation structure
works on the free basis of free knowledge, open to everyone at the same time
and this brings us into a new dimension. It has taken us thousands of years
to reach this point this point and from now on we’ll try to keep,
to hold and treasure Peace. I think we have seen enough
that for generations to come we have learnt from the mistakes
of the past, of our forefathers. There is not one guilty Man, there is not
one guilty Nation It’s just been the way it has been
and we have learnt from it and we matured to walk out of it. The governments will have a huge problem, Those who govern have a bigger problem
to implement this, unless they underwrite
everything in one go. This is gonna be the biggest problem,
when you speak about one Nation The Keshe Foundation
structure in the background, will launch massive amount of finances
into working of this system. In a way, we supplement
and we support the poorest, we’ll support the ones who have
the knowledge to support the structure and we support those
who are of the same ethos as us, who will lay down
arms and take up Peace. Number of governments
will have a problem with this. because it means as I’ve said in,
many times, unemployment. It is important, for us to understand, how
we work and how we structure ourselves., Sorry about that,
our little boy makes a lot of noise. This is important for us
to understand. That is, we have to
be able to change course. We have to be able to bring our fellow Man
to understand the Peace dividend which is the survival
of the next generations. Is more important than us earning
money out of killing the others or producing the materials
which kills the others. This is one of the biggest problems. We have seen and we will see,
huge opposition to this way of work. You see a lot of problem
with understanding of Peace. The Peace should not be sold
on what it’ll give you. The Peace should be sold on,
it’s for your Soul, it’s for yourself,
does not need selling. The Human race, has always reacted against,
if I get something, I will do something. Unfortunately, to have Peace a lot of us
have to give up a lot of things. and this is the biggest problem. A lot of Nations have to give up
earning money out of killing and with the name of defense,
name of armies, name of military, name of whatever
you would like to call it. Have operated these things
on a nationhood and nationalism. As we have no more Nationalism,
we shouldn’t have any war. And we should be aware of those who
were their own private benefit of their own pocket, whatever,
will incite these. One of the first regulations which
has to come into effect for the, what I call, ‘One Nation’. Those who incite war on this Planet, should be sent to a space outside
to understand what Peace means. Then allow them to come back,
this is not a exile, this is the way for them to see
how Peaceful the Universe is. And when they come back, they become
the ambassadors of Peace. In this process we will see many people
will abuse the process of Peace. One Nation and dividend, which opens
the Space, food, agriculture, health, energy, will be drastically
changing our behavior. As I said, to the nations we are
negotiating with the power generators,
which has never been seen, working on the basis of Universal energy,
will be a gift to Humanity for Peace. this how we will operate. As I’ve said before,
we trust the Chinese nation and the Chinese scientists will see this
in the first hand by themselves first. It is important for
all of us to understand that the Keshe Foundation
is committed to Peace and we negotiate and work with any Nation
which is Peaceful in nature and in their work. This is how we operate, this is how we
have operated and this is how it should be. I hope the time will come soon that
we do not need to negotiate for Peace. But, we use the knowledge and the
science to create a Peaceful environment. New technologies will be released. A vast amount of new technologies, will be
delivered to the Chinese government. that through, them they’ll be distributed
amongst the Nations. These technologies has to be done this way,
that Peace can be guaranteed. We have no trust in United State government
in any shape or form, in receiving new technology
and guaranteeing Peace. We have lost the trust
according to what we have seen. The same goes with a number
of European countries. We have no trust in
those kind of behaviors. We see two Nations and three, which are
literally collected together in one place . as guarantee and
change of the course. And simultaneously
we deliver knowledge to these three Nations
of Russia, India and China, to push for Peace across the continents
and across the Planet. These are part of what I call,
the ‘Peace Dividend’ for signing the
World Peace Treaty. Guaranteeing that with development
and delivery of new technologies, no Nation will be harmed
and ‘One Nation’ will work as it is to be. I have worked many years on
the Peace process with many governments and I have a very clear idea where we
have to sit to guarantee the Peace program. One of the first Nations which should be
encompassed, be disarmed is United State. There shall be no Peace as long
as this Nation carries a single arm. Disarmament of this Nation
for the ‘One Nation’ is important. This is not negotiation
but the technology’s available that stop every single gun
on this territory and beyond. No man should be able
to carry a gun to kill, does not matter from which
part of this Planet you come. And we do not see any other way to handle
the Peace process at this moment of time, except through silencing the guns and
the operation of those who are behind it, which mainly comes from
four or five Nations. And we will do, deliver new technologies
to the Nations which are Peaceful to make sure that these Nations
do not deliver anymore arms. The process is very simple. We create such a condition
across the Planet, that nobody wants to buy arms,
that’s how it’ll be done. The elevation of the Soul of the Man
is the best deterrent than fighting any war. This is, delivery of
the new technologies and most of you have seen a small,
very small part of this operation. Those of you who have seen
the operation for Alzheimer’s, those of you who have seen the operation
for Cancer, which is psychosomatic, you should have
understood by now, that the technology is there
to go beyond this level. Now we deliver
that technology. The beauty of it is that,
the Keshe Foundation members have the knowledge and the technology
to deliver across this Planet. Is not going to be
in one place at one time. Today, we have
to learn one thing. It’s the first time we, as ‘One Race’
have decided to be ‘One Nation’. I’ve said many times,
“I have never seen a bird which flies from Siberia to North Africa carrying
a passport, dangling behind his tail.” “And I have never seen a lion
going from one country to another, giving a passport
to cross the border.” “How Man has humiliated himself, that has
every Man to have a passport to cross.” Possession of a passport in the hand
of the Man is a humiliation of a race. Even lower that the animals. The abolishment of the passport, has to become,
has become ‘One Nation’ we have nothing to pass and we
have no ports to get on to go out. I wonder when we cross the Planet,
the people of the Universe will ask us, “Do you have a Earth passport?” “You cannot come in.” One of the main and most important points
with the ‘One Nation’ system has to be the abolishment
of the passport. A Man should be free and
with delivery of the new technology that you can place and work anywhere
on this Planet, guarantees this position. Passport, that was needed
when we were different Nation, ‘One Nation’ we do
not need passports. The guarantee of the Human right,
has to stay has part of the cornerstones
of the ‘One Nation’. It’s the duty of Human race to guarantee
the support of the race and the right to live free, unconditionally
across this Planet wherever Man chooses. We have to realise and learn
from the mistakes of the past. We robbed Africa to the bone
to build the streets and roads and lampposts on
the streets of Europe and what we call
the ‘advanced Nations’. The advancement of the Nation
has come on the back of robbing those who we kept down for to abuse, These processes with delivery
of new technology, will become obsolete. It is part of the ‘One Nation’ program
to make sure the Man in the jungles of Africa
lives the same comfort, peace of mind and
the pleasure of life as the Man on the apartments of New York
and the rest of the World. If one not be, one would reach to get
and becomes the cause of conflict. It has to be part of the work of the…
all the districts of this Planet as there are no more Nations,
to make sure everything is just and correct and given the right way that no Man
looks in the pocket of the other part, that they have this
and I don’t. This is how we ran the
Keshe Foundation, we open our patents equally
to all the Nations on this Planet. So, it has to be the same,
when the knowledge gained, when the knowledge understood,
has to become the benefit for all mankind
at the same time. Those who endeavor to benefit by it
and do things with it that’s their right. But the abolishment of
what we call, ‘intellectual right’ has to be the God-given right. Because of my Grand-
and Great Grandfathers or your Great Grandfathers in different
part of the World, our ancestors non of us would have existed. So, the intellect goes back where it came,
to the Totality of Human race. These are essential cornerstones
of freedom and Peace. This is why we have left
everything to everyone to make, this is the way
we live the same… we have done and this is
the way we will carry on doing. Freedom of information
and freedom of understanding, freedom of teaching and freedom
to be free to do all at the same time. The reason for this is
the knowledge Man has and uses now, and they think they are so advanced, in the opening of the Space becomes
so ridiculous with the knowledge which comes from outside
this Space that we laugh “what are we holding back for,
what are we patenting?” I have never seen a patent
anywhere in the Universe except it’s a pity,
of greedy of those who wanted to become more
greedy and do and kill for it. You’ve seen that
with the life of the Foundation. Killing for knowledge to benefit by it
through financial means has been the patterns
of government and the Kings. And those shall
be brought to justice. No Man can call himself
a ‘King’ or a ‘President’ and no man can be
any different than the other. And those who have done shall be
brought to justice, if they’ve done wrong. It is important that we share all our
knowledge equally across as we bring more, what I call, maybe to the Human race, ‘exotic knowledge from outside
the boundary of this Planet’. Any knowledge brought in
or delivered by those of the Universal Community
to the Human Race, has to become automatically accessible
and understood by all the Human race, according to their interest. Which means privilege to travel
in different positions to learn more as we have given you the
Spaceship technology freely, to do that. Does not mean that you bring and capture or try to hold the technology
to benefit one nation or one group alone. This is one of the cornerstones
of work of the Foundation. Any technology, any new
knowledge gained in Space, has to become the total assets
of the Nations simultaneously. One of the biggest problems for
Human race has been to Trust another race, this has to be accepted, that
all races in the Universe are the same and they come through the same operation
of the work of the same Plasmas. So, in the coming time,
when Man goes into Space he has to carry the ethos
of Peace and one Nationhood, across ‘One Race’, ‘One Nation’,
‘One Planet’ to ‘One Universe’. In the coming time,
with the support of some Nations, the opening for interaction with the
Universal Community will be established. This is important that the whole interaction
and opening of the Space does not become a game-show
for a lot of other people. In developing the Plasma Technology,
you create fields and dimensions that Man has never seen before
or has seen and not understood, With the creation of new dimensions
of new mixtures of the Plasma which will be open to the Man. Man will see a new horizon,
new sciences and new technologies, which will become and could become
the cause of more conflicts and this has to stop
from the beginning. The new technologies
and sciences which come and it’ll be delivered in
the coming weeks and months through the Keshe Foundation and then
opening of the Space has to be agreed and as we have
done as One Nation, to become tool of Peace
for the whole of Humanity. There are knowledge’s beyond
understanding of the Man at this point of time
in the Universe, that once the Man sees them
will create two ways: with pleasure to accept, or the fear
to create to control, this can not be allowed. In the coming time
as the Space Technology, Spaceship Program
opens up, and we’ll see is that the Human race will trust
it’s own structure, his own physical being,
his Soul to be given, to be trusted, to other beings,
which with it, increases the intellect of
the Man in interaction. These kind of knowledge
at this moment of time is not seen or understood
by Human race. This is one of the advantages of opening
Space through the Spaceship Program. This means we bring a mixture of the
science of Man and science
of Space together. And this can create all sorts of joys and
all sorts of expectation. This is as part
of ‘One Nation’ dividend which will come with the Space Technology
with the Spaceship Program has to be understood to be used
for the benefit of Mankind as Totality. By opening the ‘One Nation’
and in delivering more knowledge into the hand of the scientist,
the scientist will deliver and develop knowledge and technologies in conjunction
with those beyond boundaries of this Planet that will change the Totality
of the life style on this Planet. In so many ways buildings and structures
we know as of today will not exist. Building the way we do, constructing
the way we do, transportation that we use the line of communication
that we have is so obsolete, is so, in a way not backward,
but for us to be very advanced, in a way, is historical
to the Man of the Space, We used billions of years ago,
that in that evolution many of the Human race will be baffled
and might resist the change. This can not be. We have to educate
across this Planet all races, that it’s their choice to join and
be part of the free Space Knowledge. In Space there are no bricks
and in Space there are no metal gates. In Space we don’t
have computers and in Space we do not have
the visuality of the television. In Space we create
dimensions of Physicality, by the interaction of the
Totality of the Fields and through our own understanding
and control of our own Fields. Which means what
the Man has build scape into one dimension, not of
the one Space, will become irrelevant. This is part of
the One Nation progress. The aircraft industry
of today, will be, in a way, a museum part
in the coming months. As I said before, “Would you like to spend
twelve hours on a flight, or would you like to be underway
for twelve minutes.” These Space Technologies and
advancements in the Space development will come purely out
of the Nation of China. Initial investments and development
and delivery of knowledge to guarantee World Peace
has to come towards the strongest Nation present,
which is Peaceful. These Technologies will be delivered in a way that guarantees
Peace on this Planet, and guarantees the
advancement of the knowledge. As I’ve said, “We have no trust
in United State Government to use the Technology
for Peaceful application.” Where we have hundred percent trust in the
Chinese Government to see the development and delivery of new transportation
for Space, on the Earth level
and across this Planet. We will deliver these on one basis,
and that is: We have to understand further
the interaction of the Fields. We have to understand,
how the Fields have to change. Have to be delivered,
in one way or another, to lead to the
creation of Physicality, that the Totality gives us
and brings us Peace. As I’ve said before,
“those Nations who are striving to buy 747’s and Airbus 380,
please hold onto your wallet.” The new Spacecrafts, the new crafts
to travel across this Planet, will cost a few thousand dollars and they will be available
to Totality at the same time. But, it has to be understood
for those of you who have matured in the world of
Space and science, that the Technology at this level needs
a total understanding by all the Nations. We have looked at every aspects of
teaching the new Technology to One Nation, One Planet, One Race. One of the main problems which will be
solved through this Technology as One Nation is feeding of the Humanity. In the coming time we deliver Technologies
directly through the Chinese Government, that no Man, no child
will sleep hungry. Does not matter where
on this Planet you live. This is the only way
which we can bring progress in Totality at the same time through it, deliver
the knowledge which brings Man Peace. At the same time we will deliver,
through the same structure, systems, that guarantees the health
of every being on this Planet. Small diseases, like Diabetic,
Blood-pressure, Heart Attack, Brain Haemorrhage recovery from them,
if there is, will become a child’s play
with what will be delivered. It is part of, what I call,
‘Peace dividend’. This is part of what we call, ‘the pleasures
of being able to share the knowledge,’ and it has to be agreed and
it has to be done the way we see. As the ways of the past, has brought
nothing but misery and calamity for Man. I have made it very clear what is going
to come and what is going to be delivered. I don’t see any other way. This is as I said,
“We have brought the knowledge, we dictate the terms
and conditions.” “And us dictating the term and condition
is for the benefit of the Humanity that we all receive every benefit
from every angle and every way, from this new Technology. The word which has bothered me
for very, many years is ‘Third World Nation’ and what
they call themselves, the ‘First Nations’. Those who call themselves
the ‘First Nation’ have stolen so much from the Third World Nation,
that in fact, from moral point of view, the most advanced Nations
are at the bottom of the rank, when it comes to be, maybe, the other Third World Nation
and beyond in understanding and social structure
and what I call ‘Morality’. So, in this way we exchange
one for the other, and we bring that there is no First,
Second or Third Nation. We all become One Nation. It is our responsibility
to carry this through. It is us who have the knowledge. Many of you who’ve been around
the Keshe Foundation for so many time,
for so many years you suddenly find yourself,
as celebrities of knowledge. Those who understood and can teach
and it’s your responsibility to do so. Be it a housewife, be it a doctor,
be it the engineer. In the coming weeks we will release as I
said so many new Technologies and knowledge’s that has been and is part of
the knowledge of the Universal community. With this way
we achieve two things First of all gradually
we introduce Man to the knowledge which is beyond
this Planet and never been open to. and secondly we allow for the
Man to test himself in how much he can understand
the new understanding of the Technologies. As I’ve said, apartments stacking up twenty, thirty million people
in one place because there is a job, there is a water, there is a light as irrelevant. In the coming time the cities we have
chosen will become empty places. In a way what they call ‘prime states’
will not exist. By being able to produce materials
and being able to travel and transmute
in different positions, Cities the way we see, we have seen
become things of the past. The Human race will spread across this
Planet and beyond. There is a point that we have
no control over and in that process we have to make facilities,
that in that position we are there to make the difference,
like natural disasters. In these positions again
the new Technology can help. We cannot stop these process of
natural processes even in Space. But we can understand
how to overcome and how to support instantaneously
and not to wait. One of the biggest problems at this
moment of time for Human race is the contamination
in different shape and forms. With this new Technology, we should be
able to extract all and deliver all.>From Keshe Foundation Arizona and
Keshe Foundation China we will deliver new systems that
you can produce whatever you need at the point of need
with a full Technology. Keshe Foundation Arizona has been
spear-heading this and nobody saw it, And many times when I see
Jon showing things I say, “Jon, why don’t you see
where you’re going?” In this way,
we deliver systems very basic systems, that you can
produce whatever you need at any point on this Planet. Be it food, be it water,
be it material, be it energy. The Technology has been on the table
and many people have overlooked it. Now we bring it out
as part of the process. But, we bring a new version of it
in a deeper way, that from the same system you can
produce from Gold to water to any other material
you need, and this system should not cost more than
or less than 100 – 150 dollars. In a way we make you independent
from every need. In a way, this process
will change everything that the Man has
been fearing of. Even shelter. In so many ways, is the completion of
what we promised as a Oasis system. Initially will be delivered through the
Chinese organization of the Keshe Foundation, and through Arizona. In fact, part of the system is
already on the of… (technical interruption until 1:05:00) (FM) Hello Mr Keshe? I think we… I think we lost him here,
for just a little bit. (technical difficulties) (RC) Okay, well we’ll just wait a minute
or two here and I’m sure he’ll pop back in. (MK) Sorry about that,
we are back. In so many ways, we will find out
that there are easier ways to do this. I have taught it freely, but is not my
problem that you have not seen it. So, now we show it. The total structure of new Technology
to guarantee Peace and to guarantee the establishment of Peace
will be taught in total different way, in a coming time. As I said everything has been explained, you have not seen it you have
not understood it now it can be seen
and understood. As I’ve said …
(technical problem) we need to understand the Totality. In so many ways,
we have to understand the Totality. And in so many ways,
we have no choice. Part of the new development will come out
of what we call the Space Plasma Field part of the new understanding
will come as Field Plasma rays, part of this will come from the knowledge
of the interaction of the Gravitational-Magnetic Field
themselves. This is part of the Technology
which has never been understood. but we have explained,
in so many ways, about it. If you understand that every Field
has a Gravitational and a Magnetical it should have been
understood by now that these Fields are not separable
from each other. And in the motion of a Field,
from one position to another where there is a dynamic flow and
a counter balance flow between the Magnetical and
the Gravitation of the Field of the ray, itself is a source of Life,
it’s a source of energy and it’s a source for existence. Then as I said, one thing which has
never been understood and this is part of what I
explain today now, that those of you who
understood part of this now might see the light or
understand, be enlightened by it. We always explain a Plasma has a Gravitational
and Magnetical One thing that
you never considered if there is such a thing,
there has to be a flow of the energy in Magnetical and
Gravitational Field strength between the Gravitational and
a Magnetical and Man has never
tapped into this energy. Because he never understood,
he never could imagine. But in fact,
if you look everyday life
on this Planet works, operates through this
operation of the Fields. Look at the rains,
look at the clouds, look an the life
on this Planet. The interaction of the Gravitational Field of this Planet
with it’s Magnetical creates such a vast energy,
that forces the rotation of this Planet. The interaction between the Gravitational
and Magnetic Field of this Planet, is the cause of the motion of the clouds,
and the creation of conditions on this Planet. A Man has only learned a little bit
maybe to use the winds, and maybe to use
a little bit of this and that. The energy hidden
within the interaction of Gravitational and Magnetic Field
of a single entity, is equal to the energy
which is available in the Universe. And Man has never understood
this potential. In so many ways, as Man never understood,
the Field forces of the Gravity, he always considered
one thing or the other as a Field. Now the new opening and the science
will change everything as I’ve said by delivery of the new science,
is the interaction within the Field itself, Gravitational and Magnetical. One does not exist without the other,
at the same time the two exist to
support each other to exist. and Man has never tapped
into this line of energy, as up to this point,
has never considered such a flow. As I said,
the new technology, the new technology which we deliver
will tap into the Field itself, the Gravitational
and Magnetical Field itself. Good morning. It has to be understood that… Thank you very much. ..It has to be understood
that the Field flow between the Gravitational
and Magnetical is one of the most controllable hidden energies
in any process in the Universe. And Man has never, ever
considered such a energy. When you create Gravity, and when you create
Magnetical Field from the same entity, they have always
an interaction and interface. One is stronger
and one is weaker, and the flow from
the stronger to the weaker creates Field forces,
which creates the rotation of the Planet. Which creates the wind, which creates
the condition and the temperature
on this Planet. And it’s time to understand
that one can tap into this energy, and if one understands, then it
dictates the rotation of the Entity, which gives it the balance in it’s motion,
and then one does not need no motors, and no Nuclear reactors
to create energy and motion. The Field force balance between the two,
has to be understood from now on. And need to be tapped on to,
then you can choose which part of these Field forces
you decide to interact with. And that will give you whatever
you need from that point. Let me explain to you
something very simple, An onion is ground base, not much
of the Magnetical, but more of Gravitational. An apple is
more of the Gravitational, sorry, more of Magnetical,
and less of Gravitational. And only few meters changes,
one Field force to another, creation of
different entity, but in fact, they’re all both made of
interaction of Fields and nothing else. The development of the Field interaction,
systems which are Gravitational, Magnetical, interface systems, will become
part of the cornerstones of the development of energy and motion and materials,
in the upcoming time when the Man understands. Creation of materials, creation of gases,
creation of Fields, creation of motion, creation of creating new positions,
and speed and motion. Now even the ray’s will become
part of the game, and one can understand. The MaGrav Field strength
within the MaGrav itself becomes important. And this makes
development of the systems so easy, that one does not need
to look anywhere in the Universe. One will understand that can use
their own reactors as you have, to create such a condition. The technology
and the knowledge of interface between
the Gravitational and Magnetical, will create the new opportunities and sciences
that Man will understand in Totality. Then Space becomes
child’s play, where you can play within the structure
of the Fields directly inside. This is part of new understanding
and the teaching. In so many ways if you look at it,
we are talking about this, but if you look at it and understand it,
there is two of them running at the same time. And in this point and this point,
there is a potential Field strength difference. And if you tap at that point,
then vast amount of energy which is available, is beyond imagination
of the Man. And no one up to now has ever considered
the Field flow of the Entity within the Entity. Be it an Atom, be it a Plasma, a Neutron,
or whatever else you want to call it. Be it the Plasmatic Field of the Earth,
which is Gravitational and Magnetical. So if one learns then one can go from
the Magnetical of the Earth, into Gravitational, or at a point choose
and use the different strength in Fields, to create vast amount of energies
that can be used by Man. As I’ve said, “There is a lot to teach”.
“And Man has a Long way to go”. And as I’ve said,
“These are part of the Peace dividend”. Our Wish is Peace,
and the signing of Peace Treaty to make ‘One Nation’
of the Planet, now we can teach
more of the same. Some of you or Mankind
should have understood that the light on this Planet,
the illusive light on this Planet, the, what we see
as translucent lights on this Planet, comes from this interaction. Which means
the Earth lights itself through interaction of its own
Gravitational and Magnetic Field. The way that the lights from the Earth,
and the light from the Sun leads to a higher order,
as we call it the ‘daylight’, and the ‘night’, the same thing,
part of the illusive lights of the Universe comes from the interaction of its own
Gravitational Magnetic Field forces. And now Man can understand, and
use these Field forces to his advantage, and it takes no time
to develop these kind of technologies. This is the way the birds fly. On a footpath of the Field flow
which always stays constant, irrespective
of many other factors. Does not matter how old the bird is,
it flies directly to the point on a tree, from One continent to another. These interactive Field-Forces are
very weak but extremely powerful. And one does not need to do much
to be able to tap in one or the other but the collection
interaction of the two creates totally a new system that Man
can benefit by beyond his imagination. What else can I teach you if you’re not aware of your own operation
of your own Planet for millions of years that you can use the Fields you should
abuse the Fields of Gravity and Magnetical to create everything that you wanted. There is a lot to learn. And there is a lot to teach. But we have to be careful that
these teaching does not become to harm the others or what
is can use to harm the others. Any questions? (RC) Thank you Mr Keshe. I’ll remind the attendees that
they can put up their hand and we can promote you
into a panelist … (MK) I think you’re
talking to me. (RC) Pardon me. … okay so … they have a questions?
(MK) Anybody awake? (RC) Can you hear me Mr Keshe? (MK) Hello?
Yes I’m disconnected. (RC) Disconnected? Oh? (MK) Oh, my voice was
cut off. Sorry about that. (RC) … Okay. (ME) How do you expo… how do
you expose the Fields in such a way that people gradually learn to
benefit them without abusing them? (MK) This is partially,
we don’t need exposure to. This is partially used by our
brain to access the conditions. This process
is used by Man, on daily, every
second of our Lives. But, we are not aware of it,
we haven’t been aware of it. The process of the interaction between
the Gravitational and Magnetic Fields of the Planet is actually part
of the energy which our brain depends on,
his source of supply. As I said, “we absorb and we gain
so much energy from our environment.” When you climb a mountain
and you say the air is thinner you have to, for understand that
in that point you receive more from the Magnetical Fields of
the Planet than the Gravitational and in receiving it
it enlightens you. It reaches you, in a way,
more you are receiving than you’re giving
you keep in touch. This is one of the reasons for example,
as I said, we like to go into mountains because you are further away from
Gravitational which pulls energy from us and we receive more of the
Magnetical Field of the Planet. This is what we
call “we pray for you”. I pray for you, give
you some of my soul. It depends on how much I
pray for you, how much I give. You receive from what I give. So, when you go on a higher altitude
you receive more of the Magnetical Fields and that’s why you feel better. Because now, on you’re,
you have less attachment the more Gravitational Field-Strength,
stronger one of the Planet. Now maybe we understand
more why and how we feel this way. Now maybe you even understand
why different manner Man, Mankind in different altitudes and in
different positions on this Planet in respect to the height,
feel totally different than the others. Why do we feel, we see
the behavior of the seaman to be more or
less always the same. Because at that level
there is no height. So, the Field absorption is constant,
it creates the same kind of mentality. So, it’s for us to understand
it and it’s for us to create how much to would we like
to live and the way we live and which one more Mag… Magnetical. This way, this Gravitational
Magnetic Field of the Earth which affects the Emotion of the
Man according to the Field-Strength of the absorption, is in so
many ways, what we search for and we have to understand
how to tap into it. Many research has been done
or many ways has been seen observed in the
Universe which follows this. The more and the further
you become from Earth once you become the travelers of
the Space, the less you find attachment to the Planet and in so many ways,
the more you receive to be strong enough, that you
do not need the Planet to exist. The Gravitational Field of the
Planet in deep Space is weaker but the Magnetical Field of the Planet
is stronger compared to its counterpart. So, in the way, once you understand
the Plasma Technology it encourages you to travel deeper and you’ll
never miss to come home. Because you know you
always have a home base because the Field-Strength of the Earth
on its Gravitational becomes weaker, attachments become less,
detachment become stronger. Because this is one of
the features of this systems. Gravitational-Magnetic Field
of the Earth has a strong hold on the Emotion of the Man than the
Magnetical Field-Strength of the Planet. As I said, “We open a new
understanding with the One Nation” then you understand more what it
means to be part of the Man of Space. As I said,
“you miss nothing.” Any other question? (EK) Hi, this is Erik
from Denmark. If I may, I have some questions about the …
(MK) Please ask, you try not to answer. (EK) (laughing) Okay … I can tell that I am after month of,
of thinking about heating the house I have finally got success
and now in two houses … I have put up the GANS bags as
you probably heard in testimonials the … got a little bit of
heating affect, but not much. But after I brought ha… home some …
sub assemblies of a MaGrav from Togo and assembled it,
I got heat. And I actually got a lot of
heat because right now … … the, the wall temperature is 25
degrees here in the living room and outside temperature
is 15 degrees. (MK) How much?
(EK) And I haven’t… 15 degrees and I haven’t
heated the house for three month. and … in here the…
(MK) And how much is inside the house? (EK) Outside the house is 15 degrees. (MK) Inside? (EK) 25 on the wall and
the air temperature is 22. The walls are warmer. It can, it can
be a calibration question between the, the, the infrared pistol and
the, and a normal thermometer. But … I’m very happy about this,
because it seems that I finally got
some success with it. But … I have…
(MK) Could you share your success with us,
what you did? (EK) Yes of course I will.
I did exactly the same as Eva has told. Actually I use the GANSes Eva gave me,
more than half a year ago. And I have tried to
use these GANSes to make it work It’s basically … 4 plastic bags with …
approximately 60 ml of liquid Plasma (MK) Which one? (EK) Uh the …
(RC) Can we get this maybe drawn out or
otherwise… displayed because I think it will be important
to have a look at it for everybody. (EK) … Maybe yes, but it … let me just…
let me just explain, it’s very simple actually
(RC) Okay… (MK) Explain…
Okay explain please. (EK) You have four bags and you put
the four basic GANSes, one GANS in each bag. And when you have a bag then you add
with the 60 ml of… liquid Plasma, you add one drop from the
three other GANSes into each of them. So, every bag has all four GANSes
but, may… only three drops from
the three other GANSes. And then I have
hung them in the house according to the
Magnetic Field of the Earth, So that the … so that I have …
CH3 to the East, Zinc Oxide to the South, Copper Oxide to the west
and CO2 to the north. And … as I said before, I have assembled
the… the MaGrav, I got a heat effect. I could maybe get … three, four,
sometimes five degrees more inside the house
than outside the house, but it seems now that
it’s sufficiently powerful to… to give a very comfortable …
temperature inside the house. (MK) You are nearly ten degrees up? (EK) Yes! (MK) Okay. Can you explain to us
where you put the MaGrav system please? (EK) Yes … because of practical reasons
I have put… put it in one end of the house. And the funny thing about this,
is that the… the cellar floor, I have a two story house and it’s
on the upper story in the… in the … one end of the house,
North end of the house. And the cellar floor with tiles
at the other end of the house. When I measure it with the …
with a infrared gun, it is 23 degrees,
the floor. And when I measure
(MK) Have you put those… Have you put those GANSes all
in one floor, or two different floors? The bags…
(EK) I put it in every room. Every room of the house, except one.
(MK) Ah, you… (MK) So there are bags…
(transmission loss) (EK) Sorry …
you break out now (MK) Four bags in each room? (EK) Four bags in each room,
on both stories. (MK) Okay. Carry on please. (EK) Yes. And after I got this working,
I have another house in Sweden and I was thinking that …
when I come there it’s often quite cold. … So, I prepared some bags and
went to Sweden last weekend. And … I put up the…
but I hadn’t enough GANSes, I… I actually gave four bags to
my neighbor where their also… and … for him to hang up.
And … so I missed… I missed 12 bags in this house
and there’s no MaGrav there. And the funny thing,
or nice thing about it is that suddenly the heat
start working there also. I have a air temperature
of 21, 22 degrees in the house … maybe 1 degree lower than here in …
in the Danish house, and there is no MaGrav. And I wonder how can it be
that now I have been fighting to get heat in the Danish house,
for months and now when I got heat in
the Danish house with the MaGrav. And I go to Sweden, there’s no MaGrav
and it’s … it works there also. That is something I wonder about.
… Have you any explanation on that? (MK) Yes! (EK) Sounds good. (MK) You explain, then I explain.
You explained it yourself, you don’t need me. Let me tell you what it is.
Let me… The secret… the secret. What you have done is
exactly converting what those who did,
in the dynamic reactors. Where you put some of
the CH3 in the inner core and you put a little bit of it
in the outer core, and then you
start the process. Jon in Arizona did couple of these test
and he gave up, because he could not
make the connection. This is what you do in your
Star-Formation. For Jon, if you understand.
I hope you understood what is solved… What has happened is that because
you put one drop of the other three. Which means all the four bags have
a connection with each other. And in that connection,
they try to link up and with it they bring the Fields
from one bag to the other. The key is that CO2. Key… the CO2 is the transferrer of energy,
not so much anything else. Your CH3 is the one
which gives the heat. In one of your processes,
most probably, CH3 was not sufficient or it wasn’t
the right way or was not correct. Your others which you put in, Zinc Oxide,
is the Emotional feeling of the warmer. The Copper Oxide which you put in, interacts with the flow of the current
in the house on the Matter-State and most probably,
you have Copper wires everywhere. You introduced a MaGrav Unit, in a way you create a connection
with the Copper and Copper wire. If you go back to your
Danish house and look if you have something made of Copper
in the house somewhere. (EK) Lot of wires… (MK) Except wires, there is something,
most probably made of Copper. (EK) Yes…
(MK) That’s why you don’t need …. Pardon? (EK) Outside the… Outside the living room
is actually a big pot, you used in the old days when
you were slaughtering animals and had to prepare them and
to get off the hair. And… as I’m an electrical engineer
I have lots of Copper in my house. (MK) But is that made of Copper
in your other house? (EK) In the other house,
that is very ordinary … it is… The house is…
has been… (MK) In the other house
you have no MaGrav in? (EK) In the… Yeah! that’s
the Swedish house and, and that is completely ordinary
with no extra Copper. Actually, they have
saved a lot on it, because they had not been so rich,
the people that lived there. So, very little Copper wire there. (MK) Where in the Swedish house? (EK) In the Swedish house .
But, … the.. the quite… they have arranged the kitchen
and the bathroom very close to each other and for the water distribution,
they have used Copper tubes, so there is some Copper there. (MK) So what…
what it is in… in reality, in having one drop
of each element in the other, You have created
a flow between it. And what temperature you get
is the ratio difference between the Field-flow
and what comes… You literally have created, what I call,
‘Amino Acid Condition’ . And, it gives you the feeling,
because of the Zinc which is used. Because now the Field-Flow of the Zinc
trying to catch up weaker to the stronger. All the bags are trying to catch up
with whatever is the stronger than … … colder, what you call it, weaker,
and this friction creates heat, that’s why
the house is warm. (MK) This is what…
(EK) I have to say… I have to say that, credits to the idea
of putting one drop of the others, into the one specific GANS,
this credit goes to Eva. I didn’t… I didn’t.
(MK) Thank you very much. (MK) Thank you very much, but this
is how all the … what do you call it, the reactors which you are supposed to be
or lead, we do it in a bigger ratio, that we put some of the, how… 1/3 of
the one and 2/3 of the other, in the outer and we put 1/3 of the one
in the other one. So, this adding and mixing and keeping
a common denominator is the reason, that’s why you are having a heating
done in the house at 22 degrees. You’ll find out, if for
example, in the room, increase one of the bags
of 60 ml to 120 ml or 180 ml. And let us know the results, one out of
the 4 and I advise you for it to be CH3. See if you get a
increase in temperature. (EK) I guess so I will, because I would…
I would like to test a theory with you because I’ve been thinking a lot about
this and as I see the work of the Plasma, in order to create the heat, you’ll need
an interaction between a Static Field and a Dynamic Field to harvest some
energy, convert some energy and… (MK) That’s the old way. That’s
the old way. In a way, if you look at it through Plasma,
you’ll get much, much stronger Fields. And, you have created a balanced Field
like, if you… you don’t need that static because the interaction of the Field
… packages will give you that feeling. What I suggest to do is, put
the CH3 on a window and see, on where there is a window, and
change the position and see if you get a different temperature than
when the CH3 is not on the window. (EK) Yes I will do that and I will
report back in the Testimonials… (MK) Thank… Thank you very much
(EK) …the coming Monday.
(MK) Come back. Can you come back
and please explain to us. You’re using the Field gradient
of one material to the other, with a common denominator
of all 4 elements in each bag. Which is fantastic!
(EK) Yes. (MK)Thank you very much.
We do the same thing [inaudible] Thank you very much.
(EK) …I have another question, if I may? And… that is regarding
dynamic reactor. … As you probably know I visited
Paul in Togo for nearly a month. And, he… he is like a
wizard in health things. And… he, he took a reactor and
put it near me and let it run. And after 15 minutes, I felt very, very much
sleepy and had to go to sleep for 4 hours. And the day after he did it again and
then I felt a bit tired but not much. And the third day, it didn’t affect me,
at all, at least not something I noticed. How can it be that the interaction of the
Fields to the Human body works this way? I would expect that I either had a…
had… an effect or not, it… it seems like the body has changed in some
way to adapt to the field. Can you explain? (RC) …Hello Mr Keshe, we’re not hearing
you if you’re trying to speak. Yeah, we still don’t hear you Mr Keshe,
maybe you have your… microphone off or something
became disconnected? Oops… I think
Mr Keshe just dropped, so… we’ll have to wait a minute
for Mr Keshe to reconnect here. (EK) Okay. I don’t know
if I use up too much time but I… I actually had one thing
more I would… I would like to discuss and that is related to pollution
from combustion engines, because I think we can
reduce the pollution to… to better the air quality
in the big cities, if … if this could be
understood a bit more, and with the mechanism.
I have been thinking about this also. I don’t know if it’s okay.
(RC) Well that might be a good topic for Mr Keshe, I mean this is part of the
development of the Peaceful new Planet that we are working on. So, in that way
it seems like it is appropriate, I think we just have
to frame the questions in terms of the Peace
… the [inaudible] (MK) I’m back again.
Sorry about that. (EK) … How much did you
hear of my question? (MK) Not much I heard.
You started it and I got lost. (EK) Okay. I… I said that I visited Paul
in Togo for nearly a month and… (MK) You what? Huh
(EK) I… I’ve been visiting Paul in Togo for nearly a month, last month…
(MK) Yeah, mmhmmm. And… and as I said Paul is like a Wizard
in health applications… (MK) Yes
(EK) it’s quite amazing. And he looked at me,
and he put me near a reactor and spun it for
maybe 10 -15 minutes. and after about 15 minutes I felt very
sleepy and had to go to sleep for 4 hours. I was sleeping very hard. And the
next day, he gave me one more go and I felt a bit sleepy
but I didn’t go to sleep. And the third day it didn’t affect me.
But it gave me energy! And I wonder what happens there when…
when you are subject to these Fields? … It seems like the body reacts
and changes to the Field … according to the amount
of exposure to the Field. (MK) No.
(EK) Could you maybe (MK) The… we have explained this
before in teachings. Is that, you… you receive energies which, your body needs
or has been short of, in the first day, And when you receive that kind of energy,
then cells have to be adjusted, cells need to be…
it’s like a repair. We see this with…
people who use the system, initially, the first few days when…
because they use small dosages of it, they feel tired, they feel sleepy.
And they get worried, says, “I’m always tired,
I want to go to sleep” And I say, “This is the best news,
it means a lot of repair is done.” Because, if you look at you become
like a baby, you know the babies when they are born, they’re asleep
all the time, the reason they sleep is that the body is continuously
converting energy into Matter, and what is needed to grow. So, they need more of the sleep than
the wakeness, awakeness needs a lot of… energy because you have
to be alert with everything. When we sleep we store, we get rid of
that energy which used for, what we call, our ‘alertness’ and it gets used
for producing cells and repairing. So, in the first day when you felt so tired,
it means that system had the energy which you needed for repair,
and the body went into repair. So you don’t need to sleep,
need that repairs are done, you became like a baby,
new cells growing fast. Second day, was the same
because, there is… this system produce a specific bandwidth
strength of Gravitational and Magnetical So, that bandwidth for you was complete,
If you had a little bit more to be adjusted left over from the day before it was done
and the third day, you don’t need it because it’s done. If you, for example
would have changed the MaGrav systems or if you had a dynamic system and you
changed the liquid in it slightly different, You’d have wound most probably
through the same process. So, this is understanding,
we understand it fully and we understood it for over
ten or fifteen years. This shows that you had some,
what I call, maybe you call it in a modern language of
medicine, ‘deficiencies’, or I just meant, needed to be done in
strength, and it was done and that’s it. The second day, what was repaired
doesn’t need to be repaired anymore. So… the… the…
the fourth day, no third day, the process is, that four hours,
that four of sleep, which means,
you need the full cycle. So, it needed both emotion,
psychological and physical adjustment and you received
four of it. If you… the… the length of the sleep
we do, one, two, three or four hours, it shows us, which part of the sleep
was needed to be satisfied, to be able to carry on
with Physicality. Many of people sleep four hours,
which means energy’s continuously topped up,
you don’t need more. When people sleep four hours,
it means they receive more from their
environment than they need. It’s just a small physical adjustment
that we need. If you go down to 2 hours of sleep,
you repair only the physical. It means the Emotional,
and there’s, what I call, connection to their Soul
is fully satisfied. The pattern of the sleep dictates,
or shows the way the body operates. And a lot of people…
It’s never been understood fully. Those who get satisfaction from the…
their work, they’re satisfied. They are pleased with what they do.
They are happy with what it is, and they get a lot of Emotional relief
from their work, They sleep one cycle or work, because
Physicality doesn’t… gets repaired very fast. This shows, as we said
in our other teaching, that is the Emotion, it’s the Soul
which is the feeder of their Physicality. You need that time.
The first 2 hours is its physical repair. Then, the emotional or the Soul part
does not need, because it’s always active, it’s working.
It does… never gets tired. But if you go through the four cycle,
it means, after the physical repair, you still need the
emotional top-up. Now, it’s used for the physical
and now whatever is surplus energy is I need to top-up
on the Emotion side. And then you go through the second cycle,
which adjusts the second lot, which if we call it Magnetic side,
or the Gravitational side. One cycles in the Magnetical,
one side does Gravitational side of the strength of the body. That’s why we sleep
on two cycles. So, if you go to sleep
after the process for… was a full four hours,
as you said you did. … From the scientific point of view,
the way we look at it, you needed the both, the Emotional
and the physical repair. There was something there, which was
needed to be done for a given strength. You could have walked into it,
and it wasn’t what you needed. Says, “the system did nothing to me.” This is what we have to become,
more understanding of the position and the system, that we
are getting involved in. If you… if he would have changed
the dynamic and she would have changed the coils or a fluid,
you most probably, if you needed it, would go to sleep
another four hours. Is the spectrum, which we cover
in the strength, that it matters and it creates that. (EK) Thank you very much and I will also
need a lot of, more understanding. I will get some from Paul, you know,
I’m going to build the Health Unit. You probably saw
the drawing I made. So… thank you very much for
this information. I have one more question,
related to pollution. (MK) Yes? (EK) Because we have so much pollution
in the big cities from cars. And … I…
(MK) When you make a flying car there is no pollution. (EK) If we… What? (MK) If you make your flying cars,
then there is no pollution. (EK) I fully agree, but I’m not
sufficiently skilled yet to do that. And right at the moment, I… I…
my thought is, we have so many combustion cars. Many people cannot
afford to buy a new car immediately, even if the price is low, but they have
a car and if we could… add something to the car,
very cheaply, to reduce pollution, I see it as a good thing in …
as a temporary solution, until we get the
right transportation. You give us and this is why I…
I would like to ask this question. I can… I can add that,
the principle of the GANS bags. I… I made two bags …
three to one and I put in 80% CH3 and 20% CO2,
and I mounted it on the fuel line of the car when I drove to Sweden
to install the other bags. And… it was quite astonishing that
this Škoda Fabia car I drove, it was a mixture of ordinary road and highway,
and the consumption was only 5.7 liter per 100 kilometers, even if I,
I was up driving at 130 kilometers hour… I should not say that… but…
but I find it quite interesting that it’s possible to … to get more power and
lower consumptions in such a simple way. And… now to the thing,
the question itself, because Paul gave me a tip.
He said to me, “If you have a combustion engine, ans in
the plane of the top Gasket of the engine, between the silencer and top of the motor
where you have the combustion chamber, if you, in that plane, put a tube in front
of the cylinder and a the tube in
back of the cylinder and you put CO2 and one of them,
and you put CH3 or one of the other Hydrogen GANSes in there,
depending on how much power you want, put it in there, then you can also
get more power and reduce the mileage but… and I have decided that,
as a low priority for me, I will test this on my… on my mower…
this, to cut the grass, on this motor because if something goes out of control,
… it’s not that expensive to destroy it. And after that, I would like to put it
on my wonderful motor cycle … to… to increase the
performance of that. But … I’m… I’m concerned about,
how is the energy released. Is the energy of the Field released
because you have the spark in the motor, or because something happens with the
Fields when the gasoline burns in the motor? Maybe you could …
explain a bit about that? Because if we can do this
in a controlled way, we can design these tubes and…
and sell them to people for very low price. And then we can reduce pollution, and
reduce consumption of fuel, and every time you pull up
1 liter of fuel from Mother Earth, you pull up Mercury and
other poisons, so I don’t like that. Please explain. (MK) The… the system for automotive is,
the only way we can reduce pollution is by reducing consumption,
or reducing burning the fuel. So, you’ve got to realize, one of the points
with this technology is, you look at the material side,
you look at the matter side, but with introducing Plasma
into the system, like a motor car, you introduce
an alternative fuel. And if you look at it,
in reality, at the end of the day, at the end
of the process of the engine, combustion engine,
you create a Plasma. So, you realize more and more, that the
system works because you create a hybrid. Just because you don’t
put it in there, it doesn’t count. It does count, quite a lot.
Those people who have used this system even for the car, they say that
even the steering is lighter. Because then, the Plasma condition
affects the whole position. You change the posit…
If you use a CO2, if you use Copper Oxide, you find the
driving is not so comfortable. If you use a CH3 more as CO2,
you’ll find it more comfortable. Because of the
Gravitational-Magnetic Fields you released in the car,
you created in the car. It’s is people look
at … medical aspects and the … practical aspects of
this technology, totally on a Matter-State. When you add, even if you carry
a bag of CO2 in your car. Or a bag of CH3 in your car. you create a condition
of positioning. It’s not it’s just,
that the bag is there. Now you have created a different Field-force
of the whole car in respect to the Earth. The Earth doesn’t look
if it’s something, somewhere. The Earth looks at the … what you call
‘Gravitational-Magnetic Field Positioning’. So, there is a limit,
we looked at this years ago. How much GANS of CH3 we had to put in the car
before the car floats. It’s possible. It’s quite possible,
some of somebody one day will do it. If you put a bag of CO2 on the roof … … then you’ll find out, okay I’ll put a
maybe 20 Kilos of CH3 on my roof, it’s gonna be harder, then
you’ll find out most probably you fly. You can levitate with it,
this is the reality! If you put in the front and the back, you,
you find out the steering is much easier. These are the things
I used to teach years ago. That I… I just,
just don’t consider it anymore, but in fact we,
we looked at this scientifically, because the more mass ratio,
the more you have, the more interaction
has to be. And, try the CO2 and try CH3, and you see
how you position yourself, your steering, you think I have washed and carry
a 100 Liter of GANS on top of my car, I will do it if I don’t have to spend fuel
and expense money, I’ll carry 200 Kilos, and when I don’t have to spend
for fuel I don’t create any. But if you don’t want to carry
the CH3 on the roof of the car, the alternative is to create a concentration
of CH3 in a dynamic reactor. The position is that tube you look at,
or the other tube or you put something
somewhere, you have changed
the Field positioning of the car. This is what I keep on saying,
in this technology look at the Field, not the Matter, of
how much you put in there. And that’s all it is,
the fuel consumption is because you have reduced the
interaction with friction, so you use less. And then if you can
turn it around the car totally, that the Field flow of the Plasma
goes around the car, you can go, in the, in the, in Peru
and in some American structures of the Keshe Foundation
they achieve 60% reduction. Hasn’t arrived yet by the way. Oh by the way, while you said this
I have to inform to you something, please, this is something
we forgot to inform you. Do not send any part with any packages
which carries KF, or any name of KF or
Keshe Foundation through DHL. DHL has a instruction to destroy
all the Keshe Foundation materials through Belgium Government. We have just lost, as you said,
a unit, it’s taken 5-4 weeks, now to move from Austrian office
to Turkish office. And we lost our servers with it. These, this,
this car units which you are speaking to, was built in the Keshe Foundation Austria
to go to Keshe Foundation Turkey, and it’s taken over 4 weeks now,
has not arrived and they are, we had to get Police involved.
We threaten to bring the Police in. If you are a Keshe Foundation follower,
boycott DHL, DHL has a instruction of
from Belgium Government to destroy anything with
the Keshe Foundation. Do not use this system,
they are very … we have evidence,
we are going public with it, we would like DHL to answer us
why anything which is got a package of Keshe Foundation like
our severs, now our material, is getting disappeared
and damaged or whatever. These are not allegations,
we can deliver directly, 150,000 damages
to the servers by DHL. If you want we’ll putting, we’ll put it
on an interview as we did 2 years ago in.. Now another package again by 4 weeks,
they know where it is, they are not delivering it
to damage credibility. Don’t, do not use this company
whatsoever reason. They have in their system,
anything to do with the supporters of Keshe Foundation
they’ve kept the data. This is whatever they call it,
is not accusation, we can take them
and stand all the courts with them, anything with the Keshe Foundation
goes through because, as you said, these MaGrav units
which is made, was built in Austria, Have been, we have actually
threatened them with the Police, it moved from Austria to Germany,
now they’re blocking it in Germany. We never heard of,
they know exactly where it is. They did the same thing with our servers,
they destroyed it totally. This company is…
it’s actually criminal action what they are doing with the Keshe Foundation.
(RC) Hello? Are you still there Mr Keshe?
Or … (MK) Yes you can hear me?
(RC) Let’s have a look.. (MK) Hello?
(EK) I hear Mr Keshe. (MK) Can you hear me? (EK) Yes I hear you fine. (RC) I can’t hear you, I see your
microphone working but I can’t hear you. (EK) Yeah.
(MK) Oh you’re getting a bit old, after 60, 66, 16 hours of work yesterday.
Are you there? Hello?
Rick? (RC) Sorry about that..
(EK) But I hear you Mr Keshe (VV) Yeah I think
he’s working on it. (RC) Sorry about that,
it was at my end this time. Just a mike came out…
(MK) Okay. Okay, no problem. So, this is important to,
to understand. The system you use,
as I said if you didn’t hear, do not use DHL for anything
with the Keshe Foundation name, or supporters of Keshe Foundation,
because they make sure your materials does not arrive,
or totally damaged, becomes unusable. We can publish the number,
anybody can track it, we publish it, “DHL why’s it taken from Austria
to Turkey over 4 weeks to deliver?” And there, in that package
are car systems, and for this purpose. …We understand the Totality of the work,
you create a new MaGrav positioning, and that is the reason. Just sleep. (EK) Hello Mr Keshe I..
(MK) For.. Yes no problem. For, it’s, it creates
a new MaGrav positioning, when you put a bag in your car,
you have created a new condition, is not the bag,
it’s the Fields which the bag creates. (EK) Yes, yes I’m aware of that. (MK) If you tighten it to the chair,
or put something on it, you might get a better result because the bag
might just lift a little bit inside. (EK) Okay. So you are actually saying that
the, the roll resistant of the wheels is reduced because of the reduced weight?
Right? (MK) Yes correct 100%. (EK) But has that also reduced and
increased the braking distance if you need to break? (MK) … We did a test with the scientists
in Ghent University. … If you use a Nano-coated material,
on your brakes, it makes it worse, go faster, but if you use a Field as you are doing,
the positioning makes you less friction. This is one of the problems with,
with what do you call it, MaGrav positioning systems. You’ll find out even the cars next to you
behave differently too, as was tested in Philippine. If you can try, and load the car the roof,
put a roof rack and put water on it, of the GANS, or GANSes on it,
not necessarily the water of GANS, and see if you get
any performance difference, and you… “I’m prepared to carry
a hundred Kilo of it in my roof. And reduce my consumption by
40-50%.” And this is what actually happens, you can
carry a pure GANS, you reduce your… but it has to be,
you have to see, which GANS, what ratio
gives you better… the best result. (EK) Yes, in my… I don’t know
if I understood this right? … Returning to the tube in…
near the combustion chamber, because what I’m worried about
is the control of it. If the effect is static,
or static but constant, and, and I need to be able to …
to take throttle off so that it has idle. (MK) Its got nothing to do with the throttle,
it has nothing to do with the throttle, it’s the Field positioning
which create. I will not do … what’ll be,
what’ll be interesting on your lawnmower, it’ll be to see if the height
of the grass is different. With or without it, see if the grass
is shorter or longer as you cut. (EK) …Yeah but in… (MK) I’ve done many
of these experiments, it’s very funny when you do it
and then you see it. Okay. But still the,
the tube is very close. The tubes with GANS is very close…
(MK) Doesn’t matter. (EK) to the combustion chamber. (MK) Doesn’t matter,
the chamber doesn’t count. The two tubes create the Field
that cross them, this is what I tell you. You have to look at the field,
not what is the tube, where it is. (EK ) Yeah, it’s not… no
(MK) If you put the… (EK) the tube is be… off the container.
(MK) if you… let me tell you, let me. No, I’m gonna stop.
Can I just say something? Because we want to go to something else.
Today is not for these things. You put a bag of CO2
in the front of the car and a bag of CH3
in the back of the car and you tell me what’s the difference,
how car feels? You have to explain.
We’ve done a lot of these experiments and you see how much
your fuel consumption reduces. Going back on … Space teaching
on the Space Program, the… we just been told that
the World Peace Treaty is completely signed and is on
the website of The Keshe Foundation. They are loading it and you will see
the full 196 Nations and the Territories, documents is fully signed, and
is on the website of the Keshe Foundation, is coming up
or you might some places see some of it or all of it is there. So, in fact, we have become
One Nation, One Race. And it’s public information. Please load up these on the forum
of the Keshe Foundation [inaudible] happening and spread this out, that
the One Nation has been established. This is important for us… I’m just receiving it that
they are getting done they are waiting
for the Earth Council to confirm because the
confirmation of this has been…
it’s in the process to be done. And as the document
have fully been signed the… we are
officially becoming I’m getting information as I’m speaking
to you from the webmasters. They say all documents
are getting converted to the PDF, and then uploaded as they’re converted
all have been signed and as they are getting uploaded
you will see them one by one as they become PDF, that they
cannot be tampered by, or with. Um … the process, the reality is now
conversion of one mode of… …presentation is more or less
irrelevant as they’re all signed and they’re all completed
and… I congratulate the whole
of Keshe Foundation worldwide in establishing the first
One Nation, One Planet, One Race and that we can go to the next step. That is now,
the problem for all of us is the creation and establishment
of the process of governing. The process of governing
is more important than anything. Governing by all of us
not by some of us. Governing on a direct process
of correct conduct. Governing on the
basis of One Nation, equal, irrespective of color,
race and creed. Congratulations
to all of the Keshe Foundation. It’s time to celebrate. I don’t know what is in the background,
if there is anything to do. But in reality today, Thursday,
the 3rd of August, 2017 is a momentous time
and day for Humanity, because we have managed
to do what millions of years Human race has
been wishing for. It’s a very,
very interesting the combination of the number the combination of time
and the position and the way we have
managed to achieve this. It has not been difficult but in achieving
it, now we have to learn how to handle it. It cannot be
just we done and it’s gone. Now it has to go across the…
worldwide. And with it
we have to understand what responsibilities
we carry, as the citizens. What we have to do,
and what needs to be done. We have to be proud of what
we achieved, not ashamed of and we have to be able to go
out every day to push this through. We have… to understand… Just one second, please.
I’ve received a message from the Keshe Foundation webmasters.
The website going up. It says, “World Leaders response
to the World Peace Treaty”. In bracket underneath of it, should be
Keshe Foundation World Leaders not the World Leaders as they see,
Universal Council and Earth Council. This is needed to be done, otherwise they
think that the World Leaders have done they can’t say
“We haven’t signed anything”. Underneath of the World Leaders
response to the World Peace Treaty, you should open a bracket, Universal
Council and Earth Council, close it. Nations of Peace Lovers, 198
Nations of Warmongers, 0. This way connect the Universal Council
and the Earth Council to their websites. Or to where it explains what they are,
that people can understand. This is important for us
and in so many way… this is the website
which you come into. We have become One Nation,
the most important thing is, We call it, Nation of Peace Lovers 198,
Nation of Warmongers 0 and underneath
how would you say, “We have become One Nation
as at Peace we have no borders.” People have to understand
why they’re coming in, to put in. For the webmasters,
please correct it, if you can please, World leaders –
you put in the response underneath of it Earth Council, Universal Council, that
where they can go and see the explanation Nation of Peace Lovers 198,
Nation of Warmongers 0 beneath of it, “as of 3rd of August. 2017
we have become One Nation, One Planet, as there is no borders
and we are at Peace.” This is important,
that people understand this thing they will not understand
what it means to them. It says “Humanity signs itself for Peace”
they can see it and then they can check page by page. You can ask to support,
to convert Humanity to One Nation. This needs to be done very clearly
that people understand. I congratulate you,
we have received confirmation of 198 Nations have signed
and their territories. One Nation
signed itself to Peace. And that’s what the title it is…
that… have become,
as becoming One Nation, we need to understand
a lot of thing changes. We will issue, in the coming short time,
One Nation passports. Those of you who would like to be
part of the One Nation, One Planet, can request to carry
the passport of One Nation, which means
we just give you an… ID your place of residence, the location
you live and that’s all you need to carry. We have to understand
the simplicity of the process. Is not having a passport, is having
identity where I’m from, which Continent and on your passport or on your ID card
will explain the Continent. This is important for all of us. In so many ways, we can even
add the spoken language to it too. That we have, it’s a credit to be a Human,
it’s not a shame to be Human anymore. Because we have matured to become
peaceful, we have matured to understand we can solve all our problems
in a different way. In so many ways, “It’s time”
as I said before “to celebrate and understand
the reason for celebration”. That we have managed to do
something which Humanity for thousand of years
were dreaming of. The point will be those who carry the
One Nation passport need to confirm they do not carry arms,
they will never carry arms. This does not exclude police forces We know policing can be done
without the arms. We have seen this for long
time with British Police force, many of the police, British Police officers
do not carry arms. It is possible to do, in number of Nations
around the World is done. Any other comment, any comments from
the people who have been so active. What is your feeling about this,
that now you have achieve, and every week we come back here,
we carry on asking. What has been done? One part of this teachings from on
will be on how we achieved and what what we’ve done
to spread the knowledge of Peace. (K2) Hello Mr Keshe,
this is Klaus2 from Austria. You can hear me?
(MK) Yes, Mr Klaus2. (K2) Okay. Hello Rick, hello together.
(MK) Do you know where… he came across Klaus 2 name? Oh himself, he called himself? Okay, I’m sitting with
Klaus number 1, he’s next to me. (K2) Okay, greetings
to you Klaus. Hello. Caroline invite me
last week to present the new … scan, this is a computer expert
system from the Russian … Space Program, and you know I work 20-25
years ago with this … people, and we found a solution to … to show the, the GANS and the … changing of different
bio functional levels. And with this scan is very easy for
all of us to show how the GANS works and … at what level it works. I can this, in a short presentation
with 4-5 pictures I can present this. (MK) I am not gonna let you do that,
and I tell you the reason why. (K2) Okay. (MK) Please, I tell you this reason,
let me explain the reason why. First of all, I know what you do, and I
understand it fully what you’ve done. The reason for it is, make a proper
presentation of it, not with the one or two. We take this part
of what you show, because we are looking for these kind
of things for certification, and the new organizations
which are testing our equipment. What do they do? (K2) Mr Keshe can you speak
a little bit louder please. (MK) Yes. No problem.
It is better? (K2) Yes very good. (MK) Is the moving up my microphone,
he goes up and he comes down so I have to bring it down.
So what I ask you to do please. Don’t rush to do it, I know what you do
I have been waiting for this. Caroline told me when
she spoke with you. This is, one of the fundamental
processes we need, and if you can put
a measurement to it, and I give you half an hour
an hour next week to do it. But we need it to be presented as a paper,
that we can submit it to the authorities. Like FDA wants to know what are, how
do they measure, how is measured’ We are doing other, mm, what you call it
clinical tests around the World, the organizations wants to see
what it is. How can they measure? One of the major organizations
in the World for testing, which become partner
with our work now. They are asking for this thing
you are, your going to show. If you can make it even like a
PDF file that they can follow, it help us a lot,
and I prefer you, instead of showing a few pages,
or pictures. Can you make a proper PowerPoint
presentation of it for us, that we can use it? While we are learning, it becomes part
of the Blueprint of the work for us internationally.
If that is okay with you? (K2) Is okay. I prepare small ppp,
a PowerPoint presentation. … When Klaus comes back we can
discuss this and we can fix it for you, (MK) You can do it next week?
You can do it next week. (K2) Yes okay. What we see … this kind of
Quantum Resonance, Magnetic Analysis is not state of the art of the
scientific society, we know this for… (MK) Doesn’t matter,
but it shows that it gives a line of… (K2) Yes
(MK) what they have to follow. (K2) This is very easy to show and very easy, how to do… Okay.
(MK) Okay, I’m gonna ask you a question, I am gonna ask you question,
because this is something which we have to consider, and a scientist
like you, should be easy to explain. What we need to know is,
are we looking at the Magnetical Field, or are we looking at the Gravitational
Field Resonance, as you call it? Because up to now in the electric…
let me explain, what the reason I’m explain, because I was talking to a Man, who’s working
to help us for calibration and certification. All our measurements nowadays
is a current flow or voltage. Yeah? We only measure current
through one line, is the Magnetical. In this technology we have to able
to measure both side of the coin, Magnetical and Gravitational. (K2) Aha… Yes we see this, but the… the test is from the
bio-magnetic field from the quantum’s. (MK) yes
(K2) Interesting… (MK) Can you explain to us, in that,
when you call … bio-magnetic? (K2) Every cell have
it’s own spectrum, … it’s… When you look at the Stars
or a Planet… you can see…
(MK) I leave that to you for next week, I’m leave it. I’m just giving you
a guideline we need help with. (K2) Okay,
good thank you. (MK) We’ll see in that presentation,
it’s very important, I’ve been waiting for you to
come sometimes on, to explain to us. Thank you very much by the way,
last time, for your hospitality, we enjoyed
being with you. (K2) Okay, thank you. Have a good day.
(MK) Thank you very much indeed. All my best regard
to you and your wife. (K2) Thanks. (MK) Thank you very much. The process has to be understood,
this is part of the… and for us
to understand better. what we’re trying to stand…
to standardize, That now with our systems we have to be
mutual, both Magnetical and Gravitational. Where in a current,
only measure the current, but we don’t measure the
Eddie current simultaneously, and this is part of the problem
of the present science. Any other point? Anything to do with the Peace Program
and Peace Treaty? (DM) Mr Keshe it’s…
it’s Doug here from Australia. (MK) Yes Doug good morning, good afternoon
to you whatever time it is for you. (DM) It’s good evening here. Yeah.
(MK) Good evening. (DM) I was keeping score last night, all the 9 hours it took to complete
the signing of the documents, and if I can, just to show you that …
that I was busy keeping score, I’ve got a piece of paper here
with every single name of every country represented
by the languages and I ticked them. I wrote the names
when the document came up. And as they were signed I ticked them off
and I… I just wanted to show you, (MK) Please go ahead.
(DM) It’s quite impressive, can I do that? (MK) Yes Last night I was wishing
if the World leaders would a been so efficient.
to sign so many papers, so fast. (DM) Yes.
(MK) My hand was aching from signing and co-signing,
even though I didn’t do a lot. (DM) May I, If I can just … if I’m allowed
to just open my camera … (MK) (inaudible) if you can share a screen?
(RC) Yeah I’ll stop this share. (DM) Right… (RC) Can you start your video
there Doug? (DM) Yep! Just hang on. (MK) Can you hold it steady please,
because is moving too fast, hold it in one place
that we can focus on it. (DM) I’ll start at the…
at the top. (MK) Yeah. but it’s too fast. Have you ticked all the Nations now,
have we done according to your book ? (DM) … Iran I wasn’t sure about. (MK) Iran is done now.
Dr Parviz has signed on behalf of Iran. (MM) I… I will tick it off. (MK) No problem.
I have to inform you again, before I forget when
you said about Iran. We are in Iran between thirteen,
fourteen of September to… for two weeks. We’re trying to organize
a Conference in Teheran, if they allow us,
for the presentation of the science, and those of… Iranians who said they
are going back or might go back to Iran, or you have relatives in Iran,
who want to attend this, we’ll give you a more clear indication
in next couple of weeks. We’ll be in Isfahan for two, three days,
and back in Tehran for the rest of the time. So, if we announce and
we’ll announce the… what you call it, our travel to Iran in that time. It’s perfect. So we done
a good job according to you? (MM) Yes, I keep score, perfect. (MK) Thank you very much. (MM) Perfect score.
(MK) So, we become… Perfect score. Thank you very much indeed.
All documents we had to run the last one, very, literally to the last minute, we
couldn’t get hold if Alexz in Africa, but we managed to get him and we managed
to get it on time to sign all the documents. The… everything is done,
and in a way is thanks to Humanity. Now, is for us to put this
through, across the World. Is not… the job just started.
We have signed the papers, we’ve agreed to become one nation,
now we have to go and sell the knowledge. Because, this is the knowledge of Peace,
worth a lot. We can send a copy…
(RC) Mr Keshe, your microphone is… Thanks. (MK) Can you please send a copy to all the
ambassadors that you send a paper to sign. Send a letter to them,
“Thank you very much,” “the Peace Treaty has been signed,
you Nation has been committed to Peace.” (RC) excuse me Mr Keshe, could we get an
adjustment of the microphone again please? (MK) Yes. I go back again, what I said.
Yeah, I keep on moving microphone, because of other things here,
I said can you please now all of you, who sent all the letters to the
ambassadors and to the presidents, send a letter now to them, “Thank you very
much, for signing your Nation to Peace.” “The world leaders
have accepted the Peace.” They will create a lot of shock
in a lot of places, with the governments. We didn’t sign.
Who signed on our behalf? Then they find out,
they have to find out who. This is the beauty of it, because on the
top of Keshe Foundation say, “the world leaders
which have signed for Peace.” So, now you have to inform your ambassador
that, “our Nation has signed for Peace.” And then you put
your term and conditions. That our Nation would,
should not produce more no arms, and our gov…. Nation
will not take part in conflicts. And then you will see
how your embassy will sign. This time the president
and the prime minister will respond, because they don’t want to say,
“This is fake.” what we have. Because they have become obsolete,
in their manner and their operation. So, those of you who did a lot
of effort to sign and send it, now you have to sign a thank letter,
that is been signed. “Thank you very much
for you not attending.” “Because we needed you not to attend
that we could take control ourselves, of our destiny as ‘One Race’,
to become Peaceful.” It’s a very strange situation.
Two governments running at the same time. One waring and one in the Peace.
I think we’ll win this time? Yes Rick, anything else?
Any other comments? (LM) Mr Keshe?
Could I say something please? It’s Lisa. (MK) Yes, wold you like, we don’t?
Yes Lisa. Member of the Earth Council
from Australia. (LM) Yes, I just really like
to thank Mary, behind the scenes,
she’s been an absolute rock, and don’t think she slept for the
last three days, more than two hours, and … she told me, she’s actually
been dunking her head in a bucket of CO2 water
to keep herself, from going… (laughing) and she’s done an absolutely
miraculous job and I think from now on
her nickname will be ‘Mary the Rock Vu’. Because she’s been absolutely steady,
steadfast. (MK) Thank you very much.
I said her message of thanks this morning, both of you, you done a lot, and with you, with Wayne and
Mary Vu, this would have been impossible. Thank you very much
for your hard work. Is to the credit of your hard works,
with what you’ve done in the background, but we have achieved, we passed of
what I call the, ‘Threshold of Peace’, and as I said, now we have to produce a
letter for the Keshe Foundation Supporters, to send to the ambassadors
and to presidents. Thanking them for signing for their
Nation to be signed in the World Peace, and will be very strange,
in how they will respond. I … If we can send a copy to me,
I send a copy that will be received, by the prime minister of Australia,
directly, personally. I need that,
if somebody can do a letter for me, for prime minister of Australia,
this time we make sure he receives, and finding out, that he’s signed the Peace,
without actually been part of it. In this way, then on these pages will not
as I said, step by step of coming forward, our work has to be done and completed.
Is not to be done overnight or tomorrow. Especially one would be nice to be sent
to the president of Ghana, as they have already signed the Peace
in, in … what do you call it, in the presence of United Nation Officers,
in December of last year. So now, they receive that he signed
for World Peace, on his behalf. As Keshe Foundation didn’t
have enough problem in Ghana, now we add some more to it,
by signing on his behalf for the World Peace. And I’m sure they will enjoy it more.
They understand it’s part of it, and they respect it
and appreciate it. Any other comments? How do you feel
as a Keshe Foundation Worldwide, that you managed to achieve this,
to make ‘One Nation’ out of Humanity? (RC) I think Liberty as we know her,
would like to say something about that. She’s, she actually has
some pictures, that she… she draws of yesterdays
classes notes. She says, “they’re colorful and dynamic”
and perhaps we can show those. as an experience of that.
Would that be okay Mr Keshe? (MK) Why not? Why Not?
We celebrating, see how we got there. (RC) Okay, let’s see if we can…
(MK) Would you, would any members, of the Earth Council, Universal Council,
would like to say, now that you achieved?
You are the… the new, what I call, ‘heads of a nation with no voting right
but the support of the Wish’. Is the worse way to run a Planet.
You do everything for the Man, you have no right to say anything,
and you can’t take your vote where you want to go with it, but you can
Wish it and they carry out your Wish. Will be nice to hear from the member
of the two Councils. As a member of the European Council,
member of the Core Team, I cannot say much, because I continuously
speak. It has to come from them. This is beautiful. (LvD) This is actually them PM sorry,
I get the AM, AM on first. It is so exciting. Thank you Mr. Keshe,
thank you everybody, this was, is such an exciting day, and
yesterday was a wonderful build up for it. I’ll get the other one on. (MK) Please don’t forget,
to send the letter to the ambassadors. This is very, very important.
If the Universal Council or Earth Council, can drop a very simple letter,
thanking the world leader, for signing their Nations into Peace,
that people can send just a link to it. Just send a link of the Keshe Foundation
to them to see, that’s all you need to do. (LvD) It’s not working is it?
(RC) …Libby, no we’re seeing your screen, you’re whole desktop there actually
that’s better. You need to open it up first in a window,
and then share the window. (LvD) Yeah. Sorry.
I thought I sat it down. (RC) It’s such a little detail. (RC) Okay. I think you’re working
in the background there. (LvD) Didn’t I come through now? (RC) No, not yet, no. (LvD) Oh okay.
(RC) Maybe try re-sharing. (LvD) Okay. (RC) There y’are
something’s happening. (RC) There we go, lovely.
(LvD) So that one, I got to squeeze in then right at the end, he came in
and I got the back on that first page, because I started to
understand that we were doing it by continents
and then the languages, and who was presenting in it,
then it unfolded so sweetly. So, I just wanted to share my joy,
and thank you very much everybody. (RC) Yeah, if you could keep that
up for a couple of minutes here, maybe, that would be good.
(LvD) Sure, sure. I’ll mute. (RC) It’s actually is quite interesting,
(MK) We have… the way it flows…
go ahead. (MK) Could we have any say,
from the member of the Earth Council, or the Universal Council,
in respect to what you have achieved and what you think
it’ll be the next plan? (MV) Hello, this is Mary,
I just want to say few words, in regard … regarding
the event yesterday. Just wanted to say … thank you so much,
for all of the Knowledge Seekers intention, … the team on the back,
your vibration, your good spirit, your good attitude and wonderful support,
behind in… on the background. And I just want to … express
my best wish to all the Humanity, … for America, all the continents
and the whole Earth, and that’s all I want to say,
“Peace on Earth,” “and we choose to create Peace,
and we choose to create our destiny.” So thank you all, I’ve didn’t have a chance
to sit and enjoy the whole nine hours, so had to take time, some time,
this week or next week, to review. (MK) Recover.
(MV) Yes, to enjoy the feeling. (MK) Thank you very much
for your hard work, this would not been possible
without all the effort you put in. (MV) Oh, I couldn’t have done it
without the support of the KF team, they are amazing,
thank you. (MK) Thank you indeed. Any other comments from the Earth Council,
any member of the Earth Council would like to
tell us anything? I’ve got two of them
sitting next to me. Any of you two Caroline’s
would like to say anything? (CdR) Hello. Can you hear me Rick? Hello? (RC) Loud and clear.
Yes loud and clear Caroline. (CdR) Loud and clear, as usual.
Thank you very much Rick. Good afternoon or
good morning to everybody. I know it’s very quiet, because
people have not come to the position most probably to really, fully realize,
what a beautiful day we started today. And in the next, hopefully few minutes,
people will start viewing, and they will start going
and checking their own countries, if they are in the list,
if we have not missed them, if we have not overlooked
a single one, please. You have an open platform to our website,
you can inform us, you can let us know in the chats.
Please notify if we do have missed, if we have overlooked,
because, we want to make sure, everyone is walking in the path of Peace,
and we will make sure you are included, under our umbrella as One Nation,
One World, One Race, but Peaceful. I know you’re all been following
as much as you could, the Peace Treaty,
the Blueprint Peace Treaty. If you want to go and explain
and inform people, please give them
the links of the Blueprint. Ask them to go and listen to certain
parts which might be important for them to come to understand,
why the Blueprint is existing, how it’s been built,
how it’s been constructed and the whole purpose for it.
I think it would maybe, to create the first open path,
all of you who are teachers, if you could take parts,
which you think you can vibrate, or intensify the interest
of teachers. Give them a CD
for them to listen to it, and maybe the advice to bring it
to the school among the children, to inform them that they have become one,
we have become One Family, and maybe that they have to reconstruct
their teachings, about separation, division. Whatever our children have been taught,
can be adjusted, can be corrected, but we as adults,
with what we have achieved, and on the platform
we gonna start working on, we gonna have to take up
our responsibilities to carry it out. Each one of us will have to,
with what vibrates with your heart, which you are close to,
please go and inform people, “Do you know we have become One World,
in Peace, because it has been signed? And I can show you the proof of it”.
Maybe carry the copy of the link on paper, or send it out in emails,
or even post it out in your community hall, in your court rooms,
hand it out to people. And you know something I just path,
something just horrible just passed in my face,
and I just went in a shock. There has been, or there is a huge boat
arriving somewhere, I will not even mention names
or countries where they are arriving. They’re all black Africans,
which have crossed to find a better life. And they put the title on it, “Invaders,
the invaders have arrived”. I am ashamed to even see people,
using this kind of language. You in the West have so much,
you have more than enough to share. It doesn’t cost you anything to give
one of your extra shirts, your extra shoes, your extra jumpers,
your extra food, We, you,
whoever never stood still, we went in to their country
and did the same to them. Now they’re coming back to
your front door and now they are invaders? What were we, when we did it,
at that time, that moment. That’s why this creation of passports,
from at least just identifying that you know
where your roots are. That when you want to orientate
from where are you, but no more color difference,
taste difference, culture difference, that you can be picked out
like you are an invader. No, we are One Planet, with only,
and others living on this Planet. You become a Human,
you become a family of Peace, when you acknowledge
everyone is the same. Please embrace those people
when they come in, support them, help them. Then you become
a real Knowledge Seeker. Then you really carry that
World Peace Treaty in your heart. Because, then you will be
the first one to give. Through giving you elevate your Soul,
and by elevating your Soul, you’re elevating every single
Human being on this Planet, their Soul. We are all equal from yesterday’s signing,
completed this morning. We gonna have to
really carry this message out. We gonna have to plaster it
wherever we can, and be very proud of it. We gonna have to start making it,
to show what we signed, is truly, and was truly
our intent as well. Because if it just becomes
a paper on the wall, it won’t happen. The Keshe Foundation
is working very hard, to build up the structures
to support for you, to even equally balance
more and more Souls, in their physical form
to have a better life. The bank system, the technology,
the knowledge. Let’s say we have a thousand
Knowledge Seekers today present, I’ve seen sixty thousands
on Facebook. This morning a notice came in,
seventy-two thousands. If you haven’t read
and you haven’t noticed, you can not like it, you don’t put
your thumb up, that you liked it. So, let’s say we have
seventy thousand. Who liked it, has understood,
has agreed, has acknowledged, because when you put your thumb up,
it means, “I am present.” So, with your presence
and your acknowledgment, you have become a teacher
of the Keshe Foundation. You have become a teacher and an example,
how to carry this Peace forward. Pave it forward for your children,
pay it forward for your children, carry it forward for your children,
future generations. But, the beauty is when you carry it,
and you make your first step, taking this print from your computer,
and you hand it to the first person to share, that there is Peace, you have
elevated your Soul, at that point. So please people, don’t come only and share
in the Knowledge Seekers Workshops, we said Rick, didn’t we, a few days ago,
there will nobody without a job. Do you know how many people
have to be informed, about this whole process
that they can join, and they can have
Peace in their heart? By you reaching your first hand out
to elevate yourself and then them? I already reached seventy-two thousand,
just on one page. Please, materialize it
by behavior and by extending, by knowledge, by teaching
and supporting. Don’t be shy, don’t be scared. And if you want to be, and you are shy,
then work from behind your computer. They’re sufficient enough links
you can go and make them aware, that this is happening,
because when we send out, so simultaneously these letters
and the links where they can be found, and people gonna start checking,
double checking, that’s the first connection
they are making. They will have start realizing,
it is done. Now the structure only
has to start on feeling, in what platform,
which platform, how? But we gonna have our hands full, because we have
ten billion people to inform, minus whoever
is present today. And I thank you for showing the path,
for Humanity and supporting it, to make sure they receive
equality, Peace. And I don’t think, if even
a homeless person can share his sandwich, with another homeless person,
or his blanket, or his piece of carton, I think we can share
much more than that. Thank you everybody
for present, and I thank all the teams,
and all the Councils, the Earth Council
for really a great job. Thank you all. The Universal Council for their job,
in their level. Thank you. The Core Team, thank you very much,
for supporting us, as Souls in Totality, we have done and we have completed it.
I am a happy person today, and full of joy and I can kiss you all.
Thank you. Somebody else is coming? (CP) Hello everybody. I’d like to thank you all
for making this happen. Yesterday, there was
a Zoom meeting and there was another
Zoom meeting in the background. In this other Zoom meeting, which was called the support group,
which was initiated by Mosfeq, there were in Mary, Wayne,
Armen, Stanley, and many others, who helped to prepare
the signing of all the members. This meeting was going
as long as the official meeting, and everybody who needed help and support,
was in this support meeting. So we helped all together
to get the official meeting prepared, and all the different teams,
the Core Team, the Earth Council, the Universal Council,
was functioning very well together. Therefore, I’d like to say thank you,
thank you all for signing, thank you all for working together,
it was really great. Even if technical matters,
wanted to not function as well, somehow a solution was found,
somehow the microphone was open again, somehow the documents could open again,
somehow even Windows XP was able to open
these documents, etc, etc. (RC) It was pretty slow though. (CP) Yeah, that’s true. But it… it worked in the end,
and from all different parts of the World, the signatures came in.
It was really great, and only one or two
had to come back to the support group, to be briefed or debriefed again,
how to do it and which step has to be done, and finally it worked out
very well for all of us. And even in the last minute,
we managed to get Benjamin in, so that it was possible
that all the Universal Councils, could sign in one go, and we even managed
that Mr Keshe has signed, as an Earth Council, and I think
also Lisa managed to sign as well. And the rest was signed
the following hours afterwards, so that when the last midnight
on Earth was completed, I think the last midnight
on Earth was Los Angeles, that the whole World Peace Treaty,
from all the countries and all the continents, have been signed, this was a great job,
and this was World Peace in action. I thank you all for that.
Thank you very much. (MK) As… thank you very much. Any other member of the Councils
would like to say anything? We would like a member
which is very quiet. Would you like to say anything
form the animal world? He says yes, he’s likes it. I go back to one point, and we
most probably bring the day to close. You have seen in the past few months,
in the past few years, after Peace Conferences,
after Ambassadorial Meeting for Peace, change of Energy Unit for Peace
and everything else. It was my wish that Human race
one day will sign this treaty, that become the cornerstone
for the future Human race in their activities. And being inspired with Peace,
and bringing the Peace, I set out to achieve what has not
been achieved for thousands of years. and the reason I tell you this
is very simple, you have all put effort to it,
because my wish touch your Soul, became your wish, because it
was part of your wish, strengthen it to move,
and this is what we have to do. We don’t have to sell a Wish,
we don’t have to do anything, but Wish. And if our Wish is sincere, it becomes
the action for the whole Humanity. And it goes back to one point.
“My Wish is my command.” I Wished Peace for Humanity
for decades, and after some fifty years,
we see it for the first time on the paper. And it’s been your Wish and your command
and we have achieved. I remember when I was round about
eight, ten years old there was a place called Vietnam
and there was a lot of activities going around Vietnam in that time,
a lot of killing. And the news was nothing but how
many Americans killed how many and how many
them killed Americans. And I asked my father a single question,
many times, why are these people killing each other? What is wrong in this Vietnam? And in a short time I’ve with reading news
at that time, and a young age, I could not see
what’s the reason of all these conflict. I came to one conclusion, that these guys
have got half way across the World to do something which is got
nothing to do with them. And trying to interfere with another persons
Life and place and this should not be. And I considered the American as invaders. In a way trying to enforce something
which’s got nothing to do. And I could not understand
this aggression, till I came face to face with Americans
who came from Vietnam. Being as part of the tenant’s of the properties,
which was owned by the family. And I realized, invading, killing, is part
of their nature and does not fit mine. I came across the soldiers
who came directly from Vietnam, and they stayed in Iran for two,
three years afterwards till they could find
somewhere to put them. And I learned one thing. Somehow the blood of the Man
mixed in that Continent has come to think,
killing is the only way. And this is one thing
I could not agree with. And is one of the reasons
I refused for years to take the Keshe Foundation technology
to United State. Because I knew, it’ll be used,
as from my childhood I’ve seen the aggression and killing as part of the structure of children
as young as me, who were coming with
their family from Vietnam. And this is one thing I could never agree,
to transfer Technology to the Americans, It’s because I knew, then becomes
another and then another. And now you understand
why I see a problem, with the mixture, the blood has mixed in this Continent
that sees nothing but into murder. Strange enough we don’t see it
south of the border with the Mexicans, and north of the border
with Canadians. My belief as of how this have been correcting
with the understanding what I do, has to be the correct way
is by moving the technology in the hand of the safe leaders
is the only option, that we can change the condition
and bring Peace forward. It’s somehow the mixture of the mixture,
which has led to very bad mixture, and we have
to stop this process. And the only way to stop,
is to sign such a Peace agreement that we bring an alternative
and a new way to Peace, to agreement for Peace,
to concept of Peace. We have to understand
the time has come to forget the past, in a way, to forgive the past, but not
to forget the past that we can go ahead. We can change time. We can change
a lot of things from now on. You’ll see continuously we report on the
developments which we take towards Peace. We highlight it,
we bring it forward. One of the best way which I have shown,
and it could be was the yesterday paper written to the head of
Atomic Commission of Ghana. They chose a way of conflict
we thank them for a, for accommodating us that we could take the technology further. The same will be on the same pattern,
the same behavior, from now on, from
the Keshe Foundation. When we support, when we give,
when we encourage we go public with it and it’s your job to put it in
the front pages of the press. Send this massage that
the World Peace Treaty has been signed by the Keshe Foundation,
by the people around the World, who support the Ethos
of the Foundation, has been signed. And send the front page, where it says,
World leaders have signed for Peace to the newspapers,
especially to Ghanaian, especially to the people
of the press of the Ghana. And especially to
the American Presidential Office, especially to every
leader and Ambassador. Let them have a look and decide. Thank you very much for today.
Thank you very much for yesterday. Thank you very much for years of support
that has brought us to this position. As I said, “from now on we deliver
technologies which is not, has not been and now with the World Peace Treaty,
makes it possible for us to release to Keshe Foundation
supporters and the Nations, which support
the Ethos of our work.” As I opened to you today, you have just
seen, just a touch of what is to come. Thank you very much. Thanks for all the Keshe Foundation
supporters in the background. And if there is anybody else
who wants to speak, otherwise we finish for today
and we celebrate today. And we celebrate this day 2nd and
the 3rd of August every year from now on as a time when the
World Peace Treaty was signed. And we ask it from different Nationals
to make it a National Holiday, that people remember. And in time as we come into power
of the running the World of Earth, by not voting, but by serving
we’ll make it, as One. Thank you very much. (LM) Thank you for the
opportunity to serve Mr Keshe. (MK) It’s all of us
done all together what we done. (RC) Okay, thank
you so much Mr Keshe. Is there anybody else who would like to make
a last comment before we wrap up here? (EK) I’ll just say, thank you very
much to Mr Keshe for everything he has done
for this Planet. A very, very, long effort
with lots of trouble, and you stood
the distance Mr Keshe. I’m proud of you and I’m proud
of all that has contributed to get a better Planet.
Thank you. (AT) When I first started listening
the teachings years ago and … I felt like he’s related to me and I was,
I was asking, I was thinking that he looked like my uncle,
and then even with the… Pardon Sir? (MK) I said I hope it’s not
the mustache (laughing). (AT) That’s, that’s such a,
even the first days I was so stunned by your understanding and telling,
and you told in general. “Not, not every, everyone
has a mustache is your uncle”. And that, that wasn’t even an
issue or even, but you sensed it you, you have understood it … that had put me in that road
with every, every other bits as well but … oh, that’s just
why I wanted to say … Thank you so much Sir,
I don’t know what, what to give you more… from myself to you and to the others,
to the rest of them. It’s so overwhelming and so …
pins and needles and goosebumps every moment of it, thank you Sir. (MK) Thank you very much indeed. (RC) And what can I say but it’s been an
amazing experience up to this moment in time and as we move forward,
Mr Keshe this is Rick Crammond here, for those who may not know my
voice at this point [chuckles]. I don’t know who
that would be but … Thank you so much, because you’ve
given us the direction to get to here, and now we’re starting to find
our own direction and with some guidance, we can move forward into an amazing …
future the way I see it with, with so many opportunities,
are going to open up in the next short while, that we’ll be overwhelmed with…
with goodness happening on this Planet. And if any … anything else
than goodness shows up, it’ll be overwhelmed by the goodness
that’s going to take place, and as people bond together to
help each other to… to elevate ourselves on this Planet to move into a,
a new Peaceful way of doing things. And I see so many indications
around me on a daily basis, that … that I’m
very encouraged, so. Thank you Mr Keshe for leading us
into this … wonderful path. (MK) It’s a collective effort and hopefully
now we have to increase the effort, that by next week when we meet
want to know which ambassadors have received,
which presidents have received. And let’s see, what we
have to have, an agenda, what we’re offering,
in replacement of what they have. Somehow in the background
the Keshe Foundation especially the.. Universal Council and the Earth Council
have to come up with an agenda when a Nation tries to become Peaceful,
how we’re going to support them. How we’re going to
support their Nation. We have to set up an agenda,
very rapidly in the next coming days. As I’ve said, our work
has just started. It’s no use talking about the Peace,
when we cannot deliver. We have to study
the conditions of each Nation. We have to create teams
who understand the culture of the Nation and support that Nation through. When they come through,
“What can you do for us to become peaceful?” We have to have a program, we have to have
an agenda, we have to start structuring, that all the Nations have
one basic principle that we meet. We have to make
a compromise. We are prepared to invest
in your Country in exchange for Peace. I have reached agreement with one
of the leading Nations in the World, in the past few days. That we will and at this moment of time
it’s talk, we hope we can confirm it, that we extend
the Technology manufacturing to each Nation
in exchange for Peace. We will make any investment in
any Nation where Keshe Foundation, and we put a limit of between
10 to 20 million Dollar investment on the pre-requisite for investment is
the Nation to sign themselves for Peace. And we increase the investment
accordingly, to what we see. I was not to disclose
till we have everything in writing, but more or less in next few
weeks we have linked up, and we have made arrangement
that we link our massive investments to Peace
and agreement of Peace. We ask the Nations what they
need, that makes them Peaceful, and what we have to do to replace
the condition, that it becomes Peaceful. And, we chosen in a very easy way,
the Nations who are prepared to compromise their territories, armies,
to become armies of Peace. We finance, we invest,
and we encourage to join. This is part of the thing, which I
explained to you before we are heading for. I needed a mandate of this
World Peace Treaty to become One Nation, that I could built on it. And now I have the mandate
and now Keshe Foundation can work on it. As a member of the Earth Council
I work closely with the other five members to make sure that the guidance
is given to us by the Councils, before any decision is made. We have massive amount of finances
available to us, and we will use it in appropriate way,
as we said. “Technology for Peace.” We deliver the Technology,
we deliver the jobs, we deliver the security. And in exchange we ask the
Nations to sign themselves for Peace. We have twenty, thirty Nations
which are heading this ??? for us. It’s very easy for us
to start getting them to move. As I said, my wish was that no World leader
will sign before yesterday, and I’ve got my wish. Because, now everything
is in term of the Universal Council, everything will be
on the term of the Earth Council, everything will be
on the term of Peace. And this is important,
and we have achieved it. My team, immediate, close to me,
they are aware of these moves, they are aware of the investments,
they are aware of the motion which we have achieved
and in due course. Now that we have reached this mandate,
we have achieved it, as One Nation. As the head of Nation which is
the Universal Council and Earth Council we start investing
around the World. Both financially, teaching wise,
and economically, that we bring Peace on the condition exactly what we did,
if you remember in Rome. We still… I saw that picture
in one of the promotion videos this morning, where all the ambassadors were sitting
with the boxes of Power MaGrav Unit in front of them. We changed those to factories,
we changed those to jobs, we changed those to
health systems and security. We give Nations security
in exchange for people, for Peace, and this is what is
on the agenda. I’ll report as we achieve it, we invested
huge amount of our money in Ghana, and we’ll get Ghana to be one of those Nations
which have signed itself to Peace because they already
have agreed with United Nation, and is easy to get them
to move to the next one. As I said our next step is Togo,
next door to Ghana. And we have already spoken
with the heads of military, that we see it as a way,
investments for disarmament, and opening hopefully the borders
which in Ghana and Togo, will be the first step in Africa
for disarmament. I hope we can
achieve that one. Thank you very much for … (RC) … Mr Keshe I like to read you …
something in the chat from Alex who … he’s from Canada and he says …
I have 76 World Peace Treaties on the Peace wall in my store. This represents 0.05 % of
the population of my region. They say that 3 % is a revolution. So many are oblivious to this event. But when new people see the wall the look
of shock on their faces, is shocking. The hopeful uplifting as a result
is most gratifying, I am present. That’s kind of an indicator of the
grass root support that you have, as well as the top down support
that’s going on, so it’s coming from
both directions I think. (MK) We’ve been told the ex-American
president has signed it in his name but he is not acted it,
but we have not seen it as a act. We’ve been told a number of World leaders
have signed the Peace Treaty and will sign the Peace Treaty
in time to come. But, we have to establish
an independent Nation. Which means
the Governors can govern. There is a lot of problem with these kind
of processes you understand. It should, it should
have been clear. A lot of structure is set
to create war. A lot of structure is set
to create fear to create war. And with it then it creates
condition to create Arms. You got to understand
very simple process. They come, they create fear and then
with the fear comes a very beautiful thing, It’s called “A red box”. These people who come to create war,
they walk into the office of the ministers, prime ministers and president, with suitcases full of promises of cash
in their private accounts. All the military contracts carries
huge amount of payment for the World leaders. This is where it has to stop. What is important,
absolutely important, absolutely important is that,
as we push for Peace, all the bank accounts of the
war-making system companies has to be opened up. If the banks
become transparent, the bribery in the Arms
will stop a lot of things. A lot of the Arm manufacturing companies
pay huge amount of bribes to people, to the Presidents, to the
Prime Ministers, to the man on the door. Unless the Governments pay the bribe,
these contracts cannot be signed. One of the first things which we’ll push
for, as the Governments opened and pushed for the Swiss banks to open their
accounts, to see who has money where. It has to be the opening,
of the full transparency of the Arms making companies to see
who they have paid a bribe to. They would not like it,
but this is one of the first solutions. Gradually,
we’ll understand. There’s only a few number of Nations
who are in this way and they do it, and these are the people
who push for Arms. They pay huge amounts of bribe to
the World Leaders, to the Ministers, to their accessories, to the families, sister,
husband, wife, in different names
and whatever, to cover. The investigation into the bank accounts
of the Arm manufacturing companies has to become one of
the leading paramount points for all the works of
the Keshe Foundation. This is…
has to be. We ask and we search
and we have access to people who can open
the company accounts for us. And then we expose them in a way that,
there should be no bribes paid. If you are selling an Arm,
let us see what it is and who’s been paid? I created massive enemies in that way,
but in a way, we always succeed. The problem for Peace for us,
is: Who is to benefit by what, and who receives
the benefit for what? Those World Leaders who accept
the exchange of the Keshe Foundation investments to their Nation
against bribery of the Armed Forces or Arms selling, you’ll find
out very soon, will change. I met, when I was very young, an
organization known as Landro Group. Landro Group, Tanya Roland,
and the rest, took a very nice policy. Very… years and years ago,
when they were young people in Africa. And that was they
did not pay a bribe. They said to the African Chief
or a Head, that, “Oh, your son is coming to England,
we pay for his education, we pay for him to go to to private
school” and the rest of it. They didn’t pay a bribe cash, but
they put the children into private education and
private schools and boarding schools and when these
boys became… Ministers and gained position back in the country,
they ruled the country through them. Not much of those kind of
people work at the moment. I met Ms Tanya Roland there
and it’s very strange how I got to know. And when I explained to them
what I understood, they brought me into
their organization and work through Russia and the rest
to see more of it and in North Africa and
in West Africa. So, that kind of bribery,
now long is gone. There is some very few left.
But others at the moment is all the bank cash accounts and
transfers of monies into these accounts. Transparency for military providing
selling companies has to become approved. If the terrorist organization, bank in
different bank accounts in Switzerland, So, we have to be able
to have full transparency of the Arm producing
companies. Then, we’ll see the extent of who
actually sells arms and the reason. Ninety percent of the purchase
of Arm is the bribery received and there is no need
for it in the Nation. This is one of the main targets
of those who push for Peace. You have to understand
where the initial wars start. The initial war will start when
these people walk with suitcases and promise thousands
against contracts. This is one of the things. This is one
of the things that has to be done. Because, it becomes part of terrorism.
Government of Belgium bank accounts have to be checked directly. How much
money is paid in the Belgian banks? How much money paid
in German banks? How much money is paid
in American banks from the Arm manufacturing
companies, as bribe? And then this will
stop Arm selling altogether. As I said, sitting with many World
Leaders and Ministers over years, “I have come to understand
we don’t need it but the commission on it
is good, we sign it”. I know, and I’ve been across to
understand a lot of it. Any Nation who sells Arms, their bank
accounts has… should be frozen by international bank accounts till
the company assets are opened up. And we see how and where it’s gone
to, because the Balance Book shows huge, huge amount of
payments out, to World Leaders. This is the sweetener which sells Arms
and it takes not much to do. Let’s say from Monday morning
we push the Governments, we ask the Governments we go to the Press
that Arm manufacturing companies have to open
their books. Search the Internet. Look at the profit margin of the companies
and these are the Public Information. Start looking for the money
proliferation to the others. Then you find out, by exposing we stop half
of the Arm making who has received what. These are the avenues,
which Peace can become. We don’t fight, we just as we said,
“We expose”. I know for fact, 80% of the Belgian
Government Arm sales includes 20% bribery. All the companies who are
in the Arm or they call ‘Defense’, pay huge amount
of what I call… ‘sweeteners’. And these things
have to be exposed. This would create us Peace,
because… [Topoli barks] [Silence] This way we understand when
we expose most of the work, American companies
work on the same basis. As One Nation, it’s our responsibility to
show what the citizens and the companies
of the Nation are doing. It’s our job. The people in the background, who have
time, to start opening assessment and report it to the Nation,
as One Nation. Because we are One Nation, now what
happens in one part affects the other. So, what is paid in United State and
what is received in another country which received the Arm,
figures should balance. These are the way, the Civil Way,
to show how One Nation works. There are many ways,
Arm deliveries, can and have to stop. In other way,
as we praise and raise, the Soul of the citizens of
the Planet and the World Leaders, the same way we have to show where
the wrong is, that can be corrected. If you were in the press
conference of Accra last week and the videos of it there, we’ll
put it on the internet you will see, I took a coin which is 1/2 a Cedi out of
my pocket, and I show it to the Press, I said, “We haven’t even paid 1/2 Cedi
bribe to Atomic or any Minister and this is where the
problem is with us. because we don’t pay bribes,
we bring technology, we invest.” And that time the Press understood
exactly where the problem sits. Arm selling carries
huge amount of bribery. And now, the banks… If we were
after terrorists we have to find out who arms the terrorists,
who sells them in one commission. All the Arm manufacturing,
Defense technologies we will force to open
their bank accounts. Public figure, figures does not add,
it has to be understood. Very simple, we don’t fight,
we just expose. At the same time, we elevate
the Soul of their workers. This is the way to do it.
This is the way, it’s not one way. There are different ways to encourage the
governments from walking away from Arms. We offer all the Air Forces,
without fail, We offer all the air forces,
without fail, a chance to bring their air force officers,
their pilots into the rank of the Spaceship program,
to become part of the Space Program. This is one of the
exchanges we are doing with two or three Nations
we are talking to. Which means, they become
part of the Spaceship Program, they become Peaceful when they
understand and the work of it. It’s very simple, I will explain
and I have explained to them. Your systems, are sold to you,
is obsolete. Why do you want to buy a broken system
which you don’t need. Exposure of the Space Technology
in next few months, will change a lot of things in
the defense and in army, in anyway. Because, when’s you can deliver
thousands of people from on point of this Planet to another,
then there is no borders. What’s the use of arms? It’s taken a long time
to plan this out and now we have found
a solid partner to carry it out. Thank you very much.
If there is no other comment, we have celebrated our Peace agreement today,
it’s fantastic to what has been achieved. And, as we are humble people
you walk a way to implement it. Write to all the ambassadors and thank
them for signing the World Peace Treaty. That’s the first thing we need to do,
to raise their position to understand. And then they will understand gradually
who and where and what they have. Thank you very much. (RC) Okay, thank you Mr Keshe.
We’ll let you go now. (MK) Thank you very much. (RC) Okay, once again wonderful workshop. Many thanks and thanks
to everybody for attending. This is the 183rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop
for Thursday, August 3rd , 2017. And it’s a wonderful day for Humanity. (MK) Thank you.
(RC) Okay we’ll, we’ll end the … Livestream and we’ll meet again… When do we meet again Mr Keshe? (MK) Every Thursday, we’re back to
Thursday meetings, every Thursday meeting. Thank you indeed,
thank you very much. (RC) Okay great. (MK) Thank you bye bye. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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