167th Knowledge Seekers Workshop April 13, 2017

The Keshe Foundation, an independent, non-profit,
non-religious, space-based organization founded by nuclear engineer Mehran Tavakoli Keshe is introducing to humanity the Science of the Universe, Plasma Science Keshe Foundation develops universal knowledge
and space technologies that provide solutions
to major global problems, revolutionizing Agriculture, Health, Energy,
Transportation, Materials, and more. The application
of Plasma Science in the form of specially developed Plasma reactors
and other devices, will give humanity the real freedom
to travel in deep space. Plasma Science exists
throughout the whole Universe. It is here and it belongs to you. Our knowledge, research and development
regarding the Plasma structure has progressed to the point of enabling
everyone to participate in the process. Become a creator and understand
the work of the Universe for the good of humankind on this planet,
as well as in space! The use of MaGravs, Nanomaterials,
GANS, Liquid Plasma, Field Plasma and other Plasma technologies have come as a new dawn
for humanity to progress and work in harmony with the Universe. Conventional technology
applications are wasteful, damaging and cause pollution
to the planet and all living beings. Plasma Science provides solutions
and improves existing methods and use of resources in all aspects
that touch the lives of all beings. Plasma is defined by the foundation
as the entire content of fields which accumulate
and create matter and it is NOT defined
by its physical characteristics like ionization or temperature. Also, with Plasma science, we understand how we can convert
matter back to the fields. Quoting from Mr Keshe, “MaGrav stands for Magnetic-Gravitational,
which means Plasma absorbs or gives. And every Plasma has the both,
it has give and it has take… And when they can’t find the balance
they distance themselves until they find the balance
they can give to the others that they can receive what
they want to receive and give further.” Certain atoms and molecules release and
absorb Magnetic or Gravitational fields. Released fields are available
to be absorbed by other objects. The Keshe Foundation has developed a way
to gather these free flowing fields from the environment within
a resourceful and beneficial new state of transitional matter
which M.T. Keshe named GANS. The first step
of the process of the formation of various basic types of GANS,
is nano-coating metals. This is carried out
either chemically by etching (steam coating with Sodium Hydroxide) or thermally by heating
(Fire Coating by gas burner). During either coating process, gaps between the outermost
layers of atoms are created. The residual coating is often
referred to as nano-coating, defined by the structured layers
of nano material, which build up during
the creation process of the coating. Nano-coated metal in interaction
with other various metal plates, in a salt water solution,
creates MaGrav fields. These fields then attract available
elements to form a specific GANS, which collects and settles
at the bottom of the container. This GANS is formed from independent
energized molecules (like little suns) that can be used
in various applications. The Keshe Foundation
is extending an Invitation to Medical Doctors of
any practice and speciality, to apply to the Foundation’s Private
Weekly Medical Teaching Workshop, this includes Medical Doctors,
Dentists, and Veterinarians. Scientists at the Keshe Foundation developed different types
of Plasma therapies, and cures, that utilize advanced
non-invasive Plasma technology. The Weekly Private
Medical Teaching Workshop educates Doctors to the
Plasma science behind the therapies, along with the functionality and operation
of revolutionary Plasma medical devices. The goal of the Private Teachings
is to add Plasma Health Knowledge to the profound knowledge
of Medical Doctors. The weekly Class is broadcast live
over the Internet through a secure Private Channel, every Wednesday from 2 to 5 pm
Central European Time. Presently the Class
is only offered in English, however you are free to bring
a translator to the Class. If you can’t participate
in the live broadcast you can watch them later
at your convenience through a Private Internet portal. Every patient’s case
that is discussed in the Workshop will be kept anonymous and private. This includes catalogued
findings and data, gained from the analysis
of the patient’s health issues. Any Medical Doctor in the world
who wants to participate can do so, by sending an email to : [email protected] In your email, please state your
willingness to participate in the Medical Teaching Workshop. If you’re planning on bringing
a Translator to the Workshop, please state this in your email as well. After we receive your email, we will contact you with the instructions
on How to Apply to the Workshop. As a part of the Application process, applicants who apply, including any Translators
brought into the Workshop, will be required to sign the :
Keshe Foundation’s World Peace Treaty, which can be found
at the following web address: http://keshefoundation.org/worldpeacetreaty/WorldPeaceTreaty.pdf All Applicants will be required to
provide proof of their education, and ability to practice medicine, and will also be required to pass
an extensive security background check, before they are granted access
to the Teaching Workshop. Helpful Plasma Technology is here now. The use of which is increasing
exponentially on a day to day basis, on every continent. We encourage you to come and learn
about this revolutionary technology. Apply today! (RC) welcome everyone,
to the 167th Knowledge Seekers Workshop of the
Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute It’s April 13, 2017
and another Thursday with Mr. Keshe here And I think he’s ready to go and
I understand he has today’s news and teaching and possibly we will have a special
appearance with Caroline later on I understand Okay let’s switch over to Mr. Keshe
he looks like he’s.. Let me see if I can get this switched
stop the share (MK) Oh I’m not muted. Yes.
(RC) there you are (MK) you hear me
(RC) yes we can. Hi Mr. Keshe (MK) Hi good morning
good day to you as usual wherever and whenever, you listen to these
Knowledge Seekers programs. As usual we have some small announcements
to make and as we said. We change the ethos of the Keshe Foundation
that we do not discuss anything except what our work and
what we are progressively doing, as we found out others are using us
to bounce themselves off on the ladder. So in that way we create more jobs
for them than for us. There are number of
important announcement to be made. First of all going back,
some of you might see it. Today last week I was in
Middle East in Emirates. And we will see the outcome of
the meetings as we come back This week, today we are in the
Keshe Foundation center in Austria. God knows were we gone be next week ?
I know were I gone be But we leave that to
the Gods to guess . We are expected to be in Tokyo in a short time.
As development are rapidly building up. And we will return back to
Accra the home of The Keshe Foundation
Space Spaceship Center. On talks and understanding is that
the Keshe Foundation Ghana Atomic center will be called in the name of his
excellency President Nana Akufo-Addo. As the center to his name, that he imported,
and allow the technology to developed. So, very soon when you come to the
Keshe Foundation it’ll be named after
His Excellency President Addo. In so many ways, he will be present
for the opening, and the rest of the
Keshe Foundation Team Worldwide doing the…
as be it the… The Universal Council, the Earth Council’s
and the Core Teem We try not to allow or
accept anybody from outside for security reasons
in the presence of the… maybe, possibly two to three Presidents
in opening the Center. On the other hand,
everything is on plan. Our friends and colleauges in Accra, are
doing their best to have everything in line. And, there is discussion
when we’ll invite dignitaries, is on, the decision
to be made in Accra, when I arrive there with the
Government and the developers. There are numbers of developments
on the other hand that; One is in to do with we receive
a message from her excellency Lisa that she wants to change the
course of the teaching in KFSSI This will be discussed with her, as i was
with another member of the Earth Council, last week for five days
with Dr Parviz. And, we have discussed this…
different developments and what we can do with…
Now we sit to be guide more or less guiding what they want
us to do as members of the Council. So, as we said last week
there will be development in teaching And some people will be moved, in a way we’re bringing more
people in, in the background. And their voluntary work of
translating and transcribing So we wait to see what her Excellency’s
got to say next week to us what she feels has to be
the next approach, because she thinks that
the teachings are not done, as she is a ex-teacher,
to be expected. So, as what I call, ‘a hand on teacher’
she will guide us in, what she sees
the teaching has to go, Internationally,
for the Keshe Foundation. We will discuss this in the next
couple of days with her and then you will hear
from her next week. The other important thing is that in light of the developments we’ve
had in the research with the Cancer. As we said we did the first trial
with the non-toxicity which shows that the material
is totally non-toxic. And then we did the Cancer sample test
and as we informed you that the third trial, which is to do with the
animal test, started some two weeks ago. The results from the tests coming from Tokyo
is so important and is so radical, that we have requested
the Tokyo University the Keshe foundation for a
direct live presentation. Maybe the first stage
will be done by us, and the second stage will be done by
the scientists from Tokyo University. The reason for this is that in this third trial which is, usually
take months for any response. The drastic results and the data achieve,
has to be shared Internationally very rapidly What we’ve seen is
that in the trial case, that they have divided
the animals in five group. One sample group, one to be used for
one method of processing, and three, four methods
have been chosen The first method which has been chosen
by the scientist at the University, started two weeks ago in that batch
there are ten animals ten mice. We usually expect,
after confirmation of the Cancer being progressive
in the body of the animal. We give them some days for
the Cancer to grow fully and then they take a data,
on the markers and the tumor. When we achieve that point
of saturation, they call it, that the Cancer reversal process
can be started. What we have seen is total reversal
in all ten mice which means a 100% This is a major
breakthrough for the science, but what we have
seen additionally, is that we saw the first 23 to 30%
reduction in the first two days. So, the Cancer
automatically reduces. What we have seen further,
except one mice, which took him or her,
we don’t know, till seventh or eighth day
to show the response. Every other mice,
more or less, shows 100% no markers,
no tumor, by the fifth day. This is a radical change The first two animals were sacrificed
last week and in that process, we have seen no toxicity
whatsoever in any organs. So, it shows the process is
completely non-toxic. At the same time,
what we are seeing, that there is no residual
of CO2 in any organs. We’ve seen very, very small, as the
scientists say, “negligible” amount of CO2 And other GaNSes which has been applied
in the first lining of the stomach, which they say, “that’s normal,
in 10 days this usually washes out.” And we’ve seen a small,
very small amount of, negligible amount of
CO2 in the blood content. This has a lot of
implications we’ll explain.>From what we’ve seen and what
report is coming from Tokyo University and the
scientists in the far East, It is the responsibility of
Keshe Foundation to share the knowledge as we’ve done,
immediately, transparently. We took a decision
in the discussion with the doctors yesterday
in the Medical Teaching, unanimously, without
single one opposing it. The medical team of
the Keshe Foundation have decided that we go ahead
with sharing the knowledge Which means every Man on this Planet
can help themselves with any Cancer. This changes the course
of pharmaceuticals. We have to remind you that this test
is only done for stomach, intestine, and what we call, ‘the last part
of the digestion system’. The reason we are going in
this way is very simple. we are asking, if you know,
if you’re in touch with, if you have scientists who are
experts in the ways of Cancer? To invite them to come
to what we call The Cancer Blueprint day which is
the 18th of April next Tuesday. The way we shared on the blueprint day
the MaGrav system and the energy. On Tuesday the 18th of April,
The Keshe Foundation openly, will disclose
the whole process. If you have the expertise and
you think you can use it at home, you’re welcome to it! This allows us
to bring other research, development organizations
to share the knowledge. We took this decision
of the Medical Team to the Universal Council yesterday,
as they were in a session. And we left them to them
as it is their work to bless the work for the Keshe Foundation
and support it through what it goes. So, those of you who are
or can go on the Internet We will release,
openly, the whole process. The papers, the research,
the development. On Tuesday this session will
may be last 5 to 10 hours, we do not know
we take it as it is. Dr. Rodrigo will present a Cancer tumor,
which we kept away, but it was shown,
in full, in Rome conference As a presentation paper On a conclusion, of the
discussions and the papers Dr Rodrigo and Dr Parviz
and I will fly to Tokyo to.. for the full press conference presentation
of the technology in the coming days. We wait till the Tokyo University
conference our move. This will change a lot of things
for the Foundation because, this way not only we
deliver a scientific paper, we put an end to all the,
what I call, ‘riff raff talks’ of the people around,
whatever it does. It’s important that we follow
the process very, very closely. We have to look
for a lot of things. We have to look
for any condition, that our people, or the scientists
around the World would like to see. For those Institutes or
organizations or companies, be it pharmaceutical, be it University,
be it a scientific individual, who would like to have access
or try to collaborate fully we have opened
and we’ll open the line, is [email protected] We’re looking for
collaboration in the large way. We transfer through our channels the full
technology to the Chinese Government. Directly to the office of his
Excellency President Xi on a direct line, next week. This is important, as we receive a lot of
support from Chinese. We will transfer the full knowledge directly
into seven major pharmaceutical organisations around the World. It means we don’t
wait for them to come and look, we deliver it to them directly
on the lines we have. Which means, they can
see the whole presentation and they
can start the process. The process is important, we understood,
will bring huge, huge changes in chemotherapy, in other type
of Cancer research, development. We don’t wait, that they find us,
that what we are doing. We’re going
to major pharmaceuticals. This is what we discovered,
this is your right to copy. Because, for us to reach every
Man on this Planet is very difficult. But, there are hundreds of thousands
of pharmacies around the World. which
they can dispense it. This gives us two opportunities:
First of all, is that the technology will be transferred and with it
will be carried directly to public On the other hand,
because of the way we share it. The astronomical cost of the development,
or marketing, will literally disappear. We estimate, this is the
biggest problem we have. We…We discussed it
with a small short meeting with … Caroline … the two Caroline’s of Boardroom
members, one my wife and one of Dr Klaus As they stand the same rights
as the members of the Council, is that the cost of total treatment,
the whole what you call the processing, Is less than 1 Euro. It costs less than 1 Euro
to save a life now, with Cancer. And, why do we see hundreds
of thousands of Dollars to save life. So, as we said, we call it
‘The 1 Euro Cancer Process’ It cost more to ship,
than it cost to manufacture. What we decided to do, we leave it
to the people on their discretion, on use, to donate to the Foundation,
than us putting a limit on it This changes
the whole game. It means, pharmaceutical will have it,
but they can’t do much with it, because, they can’t make
astronomical prices. On the other hand, it brings it
at the reach of everyone. A copy of the teaching will
be delivered and we ask you please.>From whichever Country you are,
deliver it to your Embassies, deliver it to your Government.
It’s your right The last time we gave the knowledge
of the energy and the rest in a USB stick Now we’ve gone a bit more advanced,
we do it to mobile ‘U-sticks’ , which is
the human beings. Carry it, deliver it to every doctor.
Deliver it to the Health Ministries. We have to change the course, we have no
choice, and you can play “hide and lock”. We announced the, what we call, the ‘injection process’ treatment a few weeks ago, and we stop with that, because now
this process is completely non-injection, and it’s direct,
consuming the material. But, it has to be done in a specific way.
in a specific pattern. Remember, when it comes to the
GaNS-waters, how you drink two waters, can change your blood pressure
or can change your diabetic. The beauty with this technology is
there are “Horses for Courses”. As, we said
many times. You have to decide what, or the physicians
have to decide, what is good for what. What we see, from the
research data development, which will be released,
in the “Blueprint Day” The total amount for 100 kg person,
is about 1 milligram. This is the
effectiveness we see. So, this changes a lot of things,
in so many ways. So, what we call, ‘1 Euro Cancer Processing Blueprint Day’
will be on Tuesday 18th (2017). We start at 9 O’clock
Central European Time, as usual. Where we’ll be we don’t know,
and wherever we are, we will carry on with the teaching
and the process of learning. This changes a lot for all of us. Many of you suffer from Cancer. Many of you know people
who suffer from Cancer. We deliver the knowledge,
as a research paper on the Keshe Foundation, and it’s for you to decide
the usage or development. The data on the first
two research papers, trials are so… perfectly presented by the
scientists in Tokyo University, that FDA and Standard Board have
accepted it outright, because there is no ambiguity,
that the research is according to be. The research carries the name of the
Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute. It’s a research we have paid for,
and as part of the structure we invest into this
research much more. The beauty of it is,
Nowhere, ever, in the world of medicine, except maybe, headaches and inflammation,
we have seen changes in three days, We see the progress of change in 3 days What we need to know:
How far can we expand this? We need to know:
How do we develop this towards the Liver Cancer, Pancreas Cancer, Cancer with
other parts of the body of the Man? Or would this material
transfer itself to other part of the body,
to eradicate Cancer? The answer is two ways,
as I was just… I’ve seen with the
scientists of Tokyo yesterday If you notice in my talk
few minutes ago. I explained, that we see a small amount
of CO2 in the bloodstream. Totally negligible,
absolutely negligible! But, this gives us a very good indication,
that with this process, the GaNS material is transferred
to the other organs by the blood. So, any secondary Cancer
can be overcome. This is the beauty of it,
what we’re looking at. So, hopefully,
in 30 days, in 60 days, when a large number of
people go through this process, you have to understand one thing:
We are releasing the science, as a scientific development
in the world of Health care. It is for organizations and individuals to
take their own precaution and understanding. We deliver scientific data, in what we see,
Total non-toxicity the organs, and what we see, as a change of the
Cancer, in 5 days, with most of the animals. This is another change,
in the whole direction of the Keshe Foundation disclosures,
open disclosures. We share freely, and hopefully
over the next couple of months, we will see a lot
of people will respond. Please, we advise you, with the link which we’ll provide for the Blueprint, go and send it directly to
the pharmaceuticals. Send it to the doctors, send it to the
hospitals, and tell them to watch. The course has changed! This is important because,
with this we will see other changes. Because, we know this material
in it’s progress, at this rate,
will change a lot of things. It’s the responsibility of the people who
use it on themselves. We, are delivering the understanding of the
science, of the technology of the Plasma. Within the structure,
of the body of the Man. We are not telling you do this or that,
that you come and sue us. We are telling you, you want to
do it yourself, do it at home. Or, give it to the pharmaceutical guy,
pay them a lot of money, and say,
“I want the result!” I’m sure,
within the next few weeks, as I said,
“The pharmaceutical organizations, will see a change in their value
in the Stock Exchange.” That’s inevitable! The more data is released,
by in the application, the more
we will see the changes. So, we have, as we say,
We have a “rendez-vous” on Tuesday, 18th (2017) at 9 o’clock
Central European Time. Depends how long will take? We are still doing a lot of talking
with our colleagues in Tokyo. That:
Would they like to be on camera? Would we not risk their lives? Would the Government of Japan protect
their scientists, at the highest level. Most probably, we’ll meet and discuss with
the American Officials on the same basis. Because, this is a
huge game-changer. You have to understand
You don’t need to go anywhere. You take your tablet at home,
cancer becomes another headache. In 5 days, 10 days….
nobody can tell what to do. But, to start with, to make a Cancer,
like a headache to take an Aspirin, we need to create a lot of data. We need to be able to confirm our work
through our collective disclosures. Those who would like to do the work,
please do what we did before. If you remember back in…
the time when we gave the USB stick, the Keshe Foundation’s
literally bombarded their embassy. “We want the key.” And, it forced a lot of Ambassadors
and Governments to change their position. Because, of receiving so much
communications from their people. This is one of the reasons
we’re in the beautiful country or Italy. The Italians literally bombarded
the Italian Parliament, and the member of the Parliament.
We want this thing back. That, the officials from the
Italian embassy calls us and says, “Can we have this key?
Whatever is on it?” “Can you come to the embassy?
We want it !” And, we saw the consequence of it,
where on the elections, President Obama, he asked for the key
and we delivered it. One thing we have to understand…
we use, we have to… it’s our obligation
to use this technology for Peace. In…when you send this
to your ambassadors, write on it,
‘this time Cancer in exchange for peace’. Last time we did
“Energy in exchange for peace,” This time every officer in every army…
dreads that Cancer. All of us die of it in one way or other,
sometimes in our lives, majority of us, call it different name,
but maybe 50-80% of human race dies through this process. With this technology,
we brought this on the table to be disclosed on Tuesday,
the 18th of April (2017). It’s the beauty
that we bring the work of Cancer and it’s more or less, death sentence
to as low as the headache. I think in so many ways from what
I’ve seen from the data coming in, it works much faster than,
the any pain killers I know. To understand you have millions of cells
in your body which are… changed to a Cancer cell.
And change 23% of, millions of these, in less than 36 hours,
48 hours, is a miracle. I thank the team,
and the professors in Tokyo University. You got to understand
we have wrote people around the world. They put so much pressure
on to Tokyo University. And we know, we know the people
that the University decided they’re going
to protect their scientists. We are dealing with
a bunch of criminals, But…
the good things is, these criminals
won’t tell you when they get a Cancer. They took the tablets
from Keshe Foundation. We wish them all the best.
We give them the best Soul we can, That sooner or later,
some of them will take these tablets. All of us get headaches
most of them get Cancer, So, we welcome you
to the 2nd Blueprint-Day of the Keshe Foundation. This time, we call it,
‘Cancer in Exchange for Peace’. It’s very radical,
because I know, a couple of World Presidents
who are dying of Cancer. I wonder which
one will answer us? We offer the technology to his
Eminent Ayatollah Khamenei of Iran. Very advanced case
of Prostrate Cancer. Extremely!
We offered the technology before. And this time,
I personally deliver it to the Iranian Ambassador
in Rome. We have to understand,
it is our job. And, it’s our responsibility to deliver
this technology the correct way. We know two South American Presidents
are suffering from Cancer. We know
at least one European leader, in his family,
he’s got two members with the Cancer. We know in reality, a number of Royal Families
in Middle East are battling with it. I was there, I know, I hear. So, this time, we give it to the poor man on the street
and the King the like. Bless you, ??? So, we have a rendezvous,
as we said for, Tuesday, 18th of April, (2017)
at 9 o’clock Central European Time And please,
invite all the Pharmaceuticals. We’ll put.
We’ll make a video for it. And we’ll see. We show the horrendous condition
of the Cancer. And we’ll see how we go
and where we, you develop it. But, share it as you can.
As fast as you can. That there’ll be
enough people. Inform all the pharmaceutical companies
to be present. I know what this is going to do. I have a son in the
Pharmaceutical business. And I know
as a doctor in that field, he’ll be without the business
without the job soon. The way I’m cleaning the place,
he’ll have no job. We go back
to the other part of the teaching. What we need to understand,
as I said last week, ‘We go into a new era of
Total Space Technology’. Today, as I said last week,
‘The Master will teach’. And, we understand
what I mean. We are the Master of the Space
and not the Earth. We understand the knowledge of
the Universe, better than we do the Earth. Physicality’s too difficult. As part of your understanding, It is important
that we share the knowledge in the way
that you can understand. What does this mean ?
This means, very simple, for me… to explain it
has been a headache for past week. How can I explain it visually,
that people can understand it? Because…. Visualization, is part of the system
which makes it easy to understand. But, this brings a lot of doubt
on the Human race. Not the doubt, but in a way,
to understand the bigger picture. We go back to our teachings
where we started. If you remember,
we said, As Gravitational-Magnetic field
of the Sun, interacts with the Magnetic field
of the Earth. What we get? We get Life If you remember? This gave us what we all know.
This gave us… But, you have to
remember one point. And that point is… The Solar System is an egg,
inside another Egg. What has never been considered
by the world of science is that…. The same thing happens
in the World of Creation. That the Plasma
of the Universe and Galaxies interact, and create a different Amino Acid
in the world of Man’s Universe. So, if you understand this,
it’s very simple. Our Amino Acid
has Universal link Anywhere on this… Solar system, you guarantee life, through the interaction of the Plasma
of the Universal Fields, through the Galaxy. So, now , those of people
who want to go into Space, have to consider an attachment… Universal Amino Acid. But, this again still goes back
to one fundamental point. The Field released and absorbed
by the interaction of the Field of the environment,
to our Solar system, itself,
is part of another system. which is the Galaxy
in respect to Universe. So, in fact, if you look
from the Human race point of view, we have a big dilemma. We are getting…
We are getting mixed up. And we are developing
another Amino Acid, which is the Universal Amino Acid Which from the Galaxy point of view
to Universal. We have to consider,
what we called the ‘Three Field Forces’. Without this,
the fallacy of what you call, large percentage of
‘DNA’ which is… what we called is ‘Garbage’,
changes condition. This is exactly what we talked about
the brain of the Man. Up to recently, that we start explaining
the process of the brain of the Man. every single cell is used full-time,
all the time. There was a fallacy that the Man uses only
5% of his brain. The Man uses every single cell of the
brain, otherwise it would not be there. Body doesn’t
carry garbage in the brain. If you understand this, now, you will
understand one fundamental point: Any race in the Universe, our Universe,
has and carries that Amino Acid. The Universal Amino Acid is the backbone
of interaction of the Man in the Universe. It sits in a strength much higher
than the Earth, the Plasma of the Solar system, the Galaxy,
and the Universal level. And this common denominator
Universal-strength-Field, is how, where Man will interact
in our Universe. It’s in our DNA, it’s not somewhere
we have to look for it. It mainly sits in our RNA, because
has no physicality tangibility. It sits within the coil
of the Magnetic fields… of the entities of every
single cell of the Man. What this means? Very simple: “As Man goes to Space
and travels from the Solar System out… he will carry everything
to be part of the Universal Community”. We have everything we need, because… Always remember: “It starts from the higher strength
to the lower”, that’s where we came from. And as
you come lower, you carry all the information of the
higher state of strength of the Plasma. What does this mean? If Man goes within the midst
of his own Soul… in understanding
the Totality. According, to the strength he summons
from his cell… from the Plasma
of his structure, he decides where in the Universe
he will land. Because, he’ll go back up the ladder,
where he came from. The structure of the GANS
of the Plasma of the Universe… is within the structure of the GANS
of the body of the Man. But, it’s tangibility it depend
on the strength of the Fields. So, what we explain today, is a new opening
to the knowledge of the Mankind. What you thought there were aliens,
are made of, what you call yourself
alien to them. But in fact, to be a member
of this Universal Council, we need to have all
one common denominator. So in time,
when the Man matures, not only he will understand that he can
change his position anywhere in the Universe, but he can change his manifestation
of physicality, according to his wish. According to an understanding of
the strength of his Plasma. When the Man matures, and this teaching
goes beyond understanding of the man, it’s for those who are listening
in the background. If you understand the further step,
it’s carrying the Unicos Amino Acid. With that, once Man understands,
still, still exists in his Amino Acid, in his
structure of the body. Man can move
from Universes to Universes. There is no need for burning,
there is no need for matching. There is no need for finding position,
you have to go through the Soul… and then you travel
across Universes. There is no difference,
once you learn by devotion, and transparency of the Soul:
“One moves further in strength”. Understand what it means by
“transparency”. When you will give so much
that there is no more to give. As you understood the work of the
“I’ll go in this corner.” If you go in the work of the Plasma. As you release the higher level,
you come to achieve higher strength. This is what none of you have ever
understood, maybe today you understand. I always say:
“The more you give, the more you receive”. It’s very simple, you should have seen this
from the first time I drew this picture. Look what happens: “This is you, and this is
the Plasma of the Universe”. “The more you give, the more
you get rid of the lower strength”. What do you achieve?
“Higher strength Plasma”. This gives you position to move
in a higher order in level of the creation. The more you give, the more
you expose the Magnetical. The more stronger
you become in Gravitational. And we know, as you go to the center
of the what you call black hole, you’ll receive the massive much, much
the strongest Gravitational fields, that absorbs everything. So, in so many ways,
I can stop teaching today. Because, it’ll take Mankind thousands of years
to even understand what is on this board. Let alone to imply it, and apply it
and understand the totality of it. This is a teaching of the Universe. It’s for you to understand. To go to the point of
sincerity to give… and not worried about,
“What I’m gonna get?”. Because by giving, you already have
exposed a higher gravity to absorb more, to be able
to give more. And when the Man
reaches that point, he will travel the Space of Universe,
in no time. As I say many time, “There are no time zones,
in the time of the Soul”. So,
you have no time zone. You travel the Space of the Universe
and manifest yourself, according to
the Soul of the Man’s strength. This is the beauty
of the new knowledge. A lot of people don’t understand.
And if you see, you learn. We teach what we promote.
We live what we teach. For us to hold back the teaching,
showing of the Cancer research… to save many people from
the agony of Cancer, would have been a very lucrative,
multi-trillion business. We would have become the biggest
pharmaceutical company in the World. But we give it freely. Because I know, in doing so,
we receive more that we can give more. We get more strength. Those
who saved their lives with a few tablets, will become the
founders of the Peace. They find
Peace in themselves. Because, they’ve been on the verge of
the death, they had to think about it. They have become,
they understand. In a way, we haven’t given anything free
when it comes to the work of the Cancer. We are giving free, for Man to become
more Peaceful, that we achieve our target. “Knowledge for Peace”. Knowledge of understanding how
the Universe works, is very simple. You will see the change of the course,
because you give more. Never worry about: “What I’m gonna get”
or what I’m gonna receive when I get. Because the time you value and count,
is the time you lost. Understand what’s on the board. It’s very, very simple. But I hope will take Man less than
at least thousand years to understand it. Otherwise you will be
very slow animals. You’ve got to understand it
by working on it. By devotion
and by giving it freely. “There is no time,
in the time of Soul”. You can be anywhere anytime,
now you understand the structure. This knowledge
has never been thought to Man, and I think
it’s the time to do. As I said, “I’m the Master.
I know exactly where everything sits.” It’s for you to understand
how to apply it. How do you elevate your Soul? Many people ask this question
of themselves. “How can I
elevate my Soul?” How can I reach to the point
that I can go, at least from the Earth,
into Solar System level. At least I can join the Solar
what you call, the Galaxial level. Or I can join another place.
It’s very simple. Caroline was telling me something
very strange, and I said, “My God, she hasn’t understood”,
and she emphasizes on it. “Why do the Souls
stay over, wherever they are?” I said to her, “They have to have a place.
If they’re not here they go somewhere else.” But you have to understand
the Soul of the Man is made of the material of the Earth,
so, it has a connection link. It’s you who have
to change the condition that in reality,
this is what you got to change: If you understand
how to play with this character, in the real essence of the creation,
not as Amino Acid. As I explained to you,
very simply before, “Change the nitrogen through your wish
and the strength of the Soul… to anything you like”. Potassium. Use the difference between
the two elements in any shape or form, to create the condition of strength of
the life in the anywhere in the Universe you be there
instantaneously. The knowledge of Universe is
understanding the operation of the Soul. The operation of the Soul
is detachment from the Physicality. When you look at the MRI pictures
in many times, what you see? You see the shape of the brain,
and what you see in it, it’s a very tiny hole
in the center. There are no anchors to it, and it has
no connection with rest of the brain. And that’s the position of the Soul,
it’s detached from physicality. But it gives enough that at a given point,
it converts its energy to physicality, which, by change of Emotion,
and control of the physicality, gives the hand the arm
or the leg of the Man. You have to find out
the position of your Soul. And the worst thing it gets is
when you found it, find the strength of it. “Thy shall not steal.”
You cannot steal from another Soul. another condition to elevate yourself,
the only way you do, elevate your Soul. Is at the point of death where
the energy field of the totality of every single Soul, will go back
into the brain of the Man. If you look this is your brain,
and I said many times in the teaching, this is your
Physicality part, this part of the change
on the point of the death of the Man. Or as we said every cell has Emotion,
and every cell has a Soul. On the point of departure,
or the change of the life, all these Souls will gather to make
the totality of the brain into a Plasma. But this Plasma was made
from the strength of the Zinc and everything else
to do with this Planet. So, for it to be home needs to be
where it came created from. This is the beauty of the creation It’s you who got to understand from now on
you don’t need to do anything. But understand how you can change
the behavior of the pattern of these, which is the cornerstone of
the life of the Man. And in that process you have to remember,
the Amino Acid which made your life, itself was made through
the interaction of the total fields of all the levels
of the Creation. Then you’ll find out,
it takes no time for Man to understand the Creator,
and the work of Creation. It’s taken several billions
of years to Man’s time, to understand this knowledge on board,
and it is given to you freely. But I know 99, 9% of
the people who listen, will take a long time to comprehend
to be able to achieve it. Caroline keeps on telling me
“We are not stupid,” “stop telling us that
you don’t understand.” You will understand,
but in a long, long time. The reality is, if you could understand
the interaction of the phases that what had led to creation
of the Amino Acid of the Man. You come to one conclusion,
“I am the beginning, I am the end.” In so many ways, you become
the beginning, and you become the end. And in so many ways,
being the beginning is not the end, and being the end
is not the beginning. The totality of the energy, which
you receive to create you at this point. In combination will lead you to cross
the borders of the Universe. Now let’s see
how powerful Man is to give, and see how much he fears
his own demise, than he stop giving. The point you stop giving
you will be manifested in that point, because that’s
where you want to be. So it’ll be a long long time,
very long time, before Man become
so pure in the Soul, that will not allow the transparency of the
Soul become the fear of his own existence. The more transparent you become,
the more power you have to give, that you receive more, that you
can go further in the line of the Creation. Man has spent
millions of years, haven’t managed to move from the,
the farmhouse of the Earth. Now if you understand,.
many will start the journey There is no need for reactors,
there is no need for anything else, there is no need
for a Spaceship, because the spaceship of the Man,
is the Soul of the Man. I hope you understood. Any questions? (AB) Good morning Mr Keshe. (MK) Good morning Azar (AB) Mr Keshe? (MK) Can you wait a little bit,
we are a bit deaf here? We are gonna
turn the thing up that we can hear
your beautiful voice, speak now. (AB) When you talk about Nitrogen
can you elaborate about that. That you said something about…
(MK) Oh, try Oxygen, try any of them (AB) So you said something
that if you do it, you can instantaneously move
from one place to another. I mean can you elaborate
a little bit about that? (MK) Yeah you give more you’ll see it
you don’t need to elaborate, it’s comes by
examination and testing I cannot write you a recipe
to become a Man from planet Zeus. If you don’t have the Emotion of
giving the same as the planet Zeus. The manifestation of Physicality comes,
from the point of what I call giving. The more you give not going to the church,
and putting all the money in the bank of the church and then going
borrowing from it because I gave so much I don’t have myself to live,
this is what the Africans do. It’s giving through the Soul
that it can elevate the others It’s we were looking in the skies
with Dr Klaus a few days ago and I said this is twin stars.
And the twin stars it means, what one gives another one takes,
without the other one there is no. But the strange thing is in some cases
in the Universe, you have triple stars. Three stars share equal. The distance is the same,
the position is the same. So, it’s the same with
the Soul of the Man. Any other question?
(AB) Mr Keshe (MK) Yes Azar
(AB) Just a second question. When we… (MK) I think I’m gonna start charging you
for your questions Dr Azar. (AB) That’s okay Mr Keshe. (MK) No problem.
(AB) If I can afford it, no problem. (MK) Yeah we’ll take from the Soul,
it’s free of charge, it’s a direct transfer. (AB) Mr Keshe when we die,
does our Soul also the same… Like for example
if I can manage to use my Soul go to Universal Community
is one way of doing it… (MK) You’re got to do it
before you die, it’s no use when
the letter is posted. (AB) So, if we die we don’t join
the Universal Community, it’s different? (MK) Yes you’ll be,
your’e still part of it. dieing is the matter of
change of states of Physicality. When you die, it doesn’t mean
“gozump” it’s gone. When my great uncle died, my cousin
said something very interesting. He said, “He’s changed his
permanent address, but he still got a address,
we call it a graveyard.” The good thing is,
where you gonna post the body? And where
you’re gonna post the Soul? In many, many times, many, many times,
Man will come to see, to understand. This is… Comes to the point of
maturity of the Man. Is you come to the point, that
you post the letter before it gets posted, and people shall not see
your Physicality. This is the big difference
of understanding. If you post the letter,
you know where you posted it. But is posted for you, you’re in a package,
wherever it lands is going to be his home. When you die, you have taken
that decision away from your Soul. Soul has the freedom,
but connection to the Earth. because it’s came from it,
we cames from its structure. So, if you want to travel in another position
with your Soul, post the letter yourself. And by posting a letter, you have to
understand what you, has to be done. The clarity of the Soul,
non-dimensional condition of life. Caroline wants
a Soul polisher. She sais, “how do you polish the Soul?”
Very easy. “Thy shall not steal.” Read all the 12 commandments.
All of them tells you one thing, “Thy shalt not steal.” Nothing else. Look at the all the
attributes of the name of Creator in Quran. It’s all, “Thy shall not steal.” God is a giver.
He is kind. He’s this. He’s generous. And many times they tell me,
don’t tell that, “God is a Man.
He’s a beautiful Man.” But we allow it to appear as a woman
too because it’s much nicer to blame somebody else
for the mistakes. To be able to polish your Soul, you have to understand the true
meaning of your own existence. The strange thing is, when you lie one
word, you go back a thousand steps. You go back, it’s not worth
even considering it. Hurting your Soul, sets you back
thousands of years. So, now start polishing.
Now start understanding. I explained this to somebody
very, very recently. What is one of the twelve commandments? “Thy shalt not be adulterous.” Adulterous is not messing with the other,
physical interaction of intercourse. It’s very much what happens,
if you’re committed to another Soul, when you give, you don’t give what
belongs to that Soul, to somewhere else. Now you have to go and gain from it,
so you lose twice. When you lie, when you cheat, you take
away from what it belongs to somebody so you’re already have gone back.
And the people will understand, this is the beauty.
I explained many times. Even in our organization. I try to make
so much comfortable, so much transparent that, in the workplace,
in the way you do things, that people don’t need to lie, because
it’s your job to make sure. In Keshe Foundation I’m very
transparent, I tell everybody everything, but they’ve been so much lied to that
when they hear the truth they can’t accept it. So, they have to make their own lies.
So, they go lower, and then they find that they can’t
achieve what they wanted to achieve, because they already
lied to themselves. The biggest thief of a Man
is the Man himself, taking from his Soul. And one day, Man will understand. When you lie, it’s a stealing.
When you cheat, it’s a stealing. So, when you stole, I always say to my
children, I always say to the people; “Would you like pay three times more
for the same thing”? It’s the same with the State of Soul. I was in the airport few years ago, in Frankfurt, and this has happened
to me many times. I gave money to the girl at the counter. She was so excited, that she was talking
to a Persian guy because she was Persian. She never noticed I gave her a 20 Euro.
She said: “You gave me a 50 Euro”. She gave me 30 Euro plus my change.
I said: “Madame, that’s not mine” She said: “No, no you gave me 50!”. I said, “You were too excited
speaking to a Persian guy.” Very handsome
like me when I was younger. “So you got confused, but I gave you 20.
She said, “No, no, no”. I said, “Do you know something.
I’ve got two hours flight,” “I’m sitting there…I sit right
in that chair, you count your till,” “If it’s correct I take my 30, if its not
correct at least I go with a clear mind”. She counted, she came back: “You
were right, thank you very much. Would have been one day work
they would’ve taken from me, because that’s how much
I earn in the day”. Doesn’t make any difference, but I go
with the freedom of thought because somebody says:
“Oh I got 30 Euro, it’s gone, it’s done”. But now I have to go and earn 90 Euro,
to pay for the work she’s done and her Soul. So, I lost three times more,
why should I? Once I’ve given the money back,
once I have to work for it twice, third time, I lose the time, I was
supposed to earn something else to pay for the penalty I carry.
Why should I? I don’t work that way. This has created a lot of problem
in the Keshe Foundation. I tell people,
this is where we are. This is what we take.
It has to be, and where we sit. It’s no good if the Man
doesn’t understand that process. I have a problem, I talk.
I have a problem, I explain. Because, when I see a problem, when I
explain it, it’s not my problem anymore. So, my Soul can carry on with
the other works. Many people, many people, choose the
path of finding an excuse to cheat. Finding an excuse to betray. Find an excuse to steal. But at the end of the day
they don’t understand, betray their own Souls,
their own life and the rest of it. A fool pays three times more for the same
product that he can get it with one payment. And, once you understand that,
you’ll find your Soul elevates very fast. I had the most beautiful time, in past
five days in Persian Gulf, with Dr Parviz. It was just two of us
and it brought me time. I it’s the first time I had time, for
months and years, to be alone and Dr Parviz is very much on the
strength of the Soul, very much I understand and it’s
beautiful to be with him. When I came back,
the next day, I felt the condition which I used to feel
when I accepted this mission. Freedom, detachment from the
attachment of Physicality. And you can fly…
you fly. I could see the Soul of the Universe,
I could go back home and you see you don’t need attachments. I spend more and more time with the
Earth Council and the Universal Council, because in so many ways, what I give
to them is what I get back from what they don’t know they receive, that it allows
me to promote the Soul of the Councils. It’s very strange…
if you post your own Soul, your Physicality you decide
at the point in the manifestation If it’s posted for you…
that’s all the Soul is there. It has to stay in a conjunction,
in contact, with where it came from, because it does not have any other
Physicality except where it came from. You will find it’s in the writings of
Bahá’u’lláh, Bless his name, it says, “No physical body has to be buried
more than one hour from point of separation of the Soul from
Physicality”, what you call “death”. When it was written 140 years ago,
nobody could understand. All year with their rule, you find the Bahai
graveyards very close to the center where people can bury them
within one hour. But that was under the rule.
The rule is, if you understand. Now that you understand
the Space Technology, the way we do, and it was a knowledge open
to Prophets of the past, Somebody dies in planet Zeus… Earth become a graveyard for the Man
who used to be from here. Everybody wants to come back. Would you like to open the graveyard
of Souls or bodies? The understanding has
to be understood, in the true meaning of what
the Prophets of the Creation call. Now, if you understand even that, and
you understand there is no time zone in the
world of Creation, then you can imagine how far you
can go in the Universe in one hour. Man hasn’t even understood the first
writing of Bahá’u’lláh, Bless his name. Any other question? (JG) Mr Keshe? (MK) Yes. (JG) Good day to you,
it’s Jalal from Iraq. (JG) I have this question for ..
(MK) Good day to you, I was near your country this last week.
I saw your land, it’s beautiful. (JG) I hope it’s still beautiful, my dear. (MK) It’s dependent on
the perception of the Man (JG) Yeah, we all wish that everything
will come good with your technology, Sir. Mr Keshe, this question I have it for
about 5, 6 months, and every time I want to
ask you about it and something happens. My question is:
Everything I wish… (MK) It means you were not ready yet (JG) Yeah, maybe ..
(MK) It meant you were not ready to understand it. Maybe now I don’t
understand it, then we have a problem. (JG) No, I think you
understand it very fully. Everything I wish or I plan,
it will not come true. And everything I make it randomly,
just in one second of thinking, it will come 100 percent accurate.
If I play Lotto with random numbers, it will, I’m sure, it will
come 99.9 percent accurate. But, if I plan anything, even I planning
to ask you something, something happens. (MK) Don’t go to a Casino then. (JG) No, no, I tried it. I didn’t succeed…
(MK) Yeah … (MK) Carry on (JG) So what’s happening here?
Anything I wish, anything I plan, I will not succeed with it. (MK) Isn’t your wish tented
with the wanting, and needing that
somebody else possesses? Where what you don’t plan comes
from the balance of the field forces of the Universe, because it’s
been already predetermined? (JG) Maybe I thought about that also…
(MK) Yeah… We… We have a
very nice say in Farsi. We say: “Not necessarily what you want
is good for you”. (JG) But it’s for people
wishing all the time.. (MK) Maybe, maybe it’s your wish
physically but in your Soul says, “If they have it I have less,
I better keep it the other way”. You know something,
I always say, “What people say, is not what
necessarily they think.” It’s the same with the Emotion
and the Soul. And you have to understand when you become
closer and closer to full transparency, you leave your work, the work of your Soul,
to the hand of the Universe. This is what is called “a full trust”. What you don’t wish comes true.
It means the position has been achieved for your body
to find its balance. What you wish, you’re putting the
magnet in a position you want it and the other magnets have to move
to fulfill your wish. And they don’t want to move.
That’s all it means. Because the Wish of a Man,
is the Totality of the structure of the Soul of the Humanity.
One day Man will learn. This is
what I said. People who used to be
the Knowledge Seekers, the original Knowledge Seekers,
Armen is one of them. I put a ball, a very nice ball,
in the center of the table, filled with GaNSes,
to the top. And this ball was hanging. And I set the
teaching room in a very square shape. That there was no “I never take a seat
where I sit that they have to look into.” And the ball was here in the center.
We still have this ball. I told them, “When all your Souls wants
the same thing equal, and you are transparent and true to yourself,
the ball will shine”. It’ll become
the Totality of the Universe. It hung there till John planned my
murder. And the ball start going black. When I saw the black,
I said, “My murderer is here.” It was so simple. If the truth has supposed to be the
8 people having the balance equal, when it goes black it means
somebody is taking too much. And when you take too much,
you take a life of a Man. I knew with that ball,
there is a murderer on the table. But, it became two, because they start
working as an association. And stayed that way.
That ball is still there. It carries the wrong intention of John,
because he came to murder. In a very short time, the Keshe Foundation supporters will
see how the balance will come. In a Universal Council meeting,
I said last week, two weeks ago, “My Wish is the end of Kingship”. And actually see them to that. Because, when you have somebody
has to be the top and a King, he’ll do anything
to stay in his position. When the Man
is equal, because they are all equal in the Soul,
then Physicality will give. So, in a short time it’ll come, very short
time, before you can imagine it, there shall be no Kings on this Planet,
because the Man will be equal. But once it starts,
I call it, ‘The Autumn of kings’. Where we had the Spring uprising,
we will have the ‘Autumn of the Kingship’. Because,
it is time for it! To progress to the equality of
the Man in Soul and Physicality, we need to understand,
nobody is higher than the other. We are only by serving. And then the more you serve,
goes back what I said, “The more you give, the more you have,
the more transparent you become”. And then, the strange thing is,
as I said, “When you give,
you don’t need to lie.” It’s the job of the person or entity
which receives it, if he likes to accept it. If he accepts it,
he has to change his position. And this is the reality. Many time,
many Human beings are tested. The biggest test for Man because, lieing
was part of the structure of the life. You got to understand something in
the culture of the faith and religions. Those religions who force Man to bend
17 times, or 5 times or one time, or those who don’t bend to anything,
just they do what they like, you see the progress of the cell. The Soul totally
progresses different way. When you continuously
remind the Physicality, “You are nothing. You are subordinate.
You bend in front of me.” Why should a Man bend
in front of the Creator? Where he is the Creator of himself. And that process brings with it,
a lot of false obligation. And stealing from
the Soul of the Man. This is what
no one ever understands. The … The Creator of
the Man’s problem is the belief of the Man, in him being
correct to himself, but not the others. So, what you wish, is tented with Physicality What happens with the Soul is the balance,
of what is really already accepted. So there is no need for you to
move in Physical dimension. A Soul of the animal is much, much,
better than the Soul of the Man. Because, in so many way,
there is no animosity. You have to go I am teaching. Our mascot is here.
And he has to be with ‘Baba’ Yes, I know, you talk.
He talks. He’s the only talk, he tells me,
“I want to be there.” Okay, come Do you wanna come?
It’s very interesting. We.. There is, he said,
“He’s bored.” Can you pick him up, please?
He talks. He literally talks this dog,
tells you everything he wants. He’s a human,
he thinks he’s a Human. He sleeps like a Human,
he does everything Human race does. Something strange was happening yesterday
in the medical teaching. I think we lost it or
Rick Crammond is back (RC) Sorry Mr Keshe I wanted to
get your video on there so we could see the action
with the animal and so on. (MK) Oh no! He’s not an animal,
he’s a boss. He decides everything. He decides which hotel I can go to
because they don’t let me in he’s more important
than me. He decides, where we eat
because in the restaurants they say they,
“don’t want dogs”. So, we go, where
he can be allowed, so he’s the Boss. (RC) Well it’s true. Most dogs,
most animals, we tend to take really good care of them
and we do everything for them. We feed them, we house them,
we do everything. It’s like they run us,
more than we run them. (MK) Yeah but
do you know something? They got very complicated,
and sophisticated these animals. They even have
a human passport! Without the passport,
you can’t move them. They’re getting upgraded.
This is very interesting What is interesting
as we were talking yesterday about the animals and the…
we were discussing it with the, or sitting
with the medical teaching. Caroline said something very nice,
and it made a lot of sense. You know we have tested
all these cancer trials, now with the live animal,
with the mice. So, there was a discussion
that to use this material, the new cancer research development
on animals, it needs FDA approval. But we actually use the animal to prove
they have already passed the test. What are we gonna do to get
FDA approval for it? So, they have already been approved
before the Human race. And, it’s very strange how we treat them,
and then we ignore them when it suits us. Many times, many times
I always say, in the animal research
because I came to understand animal research in a very, very
early stage of of my education I have a very
nice friend. he’s a lecturer, he’s a professor in one
of the leading Universities in America He’s a
pharmaceutical guy. We used to share a house together
in centre of London So any time you wanted a food, you go
and eat with your house mates. So I had to go to Imperial college,
go into the lab, where he used to, literally I could see mice’s with
the bits on their heads hanging around. They had to do tests, what we do now
with our animals in there. And many times,
I saw him with stress. And then next thing I knew he comes
home 12-1 o’clock in the morning he says: “Everything went wrong
The experiment is wasted a week” I said,
to him many times, “Did you put the right intention into it?
Or you wanted to do it because it would have
justified your results”? He said: “You don’t understand this
Mehran, you don’t understand, we put it in the centrifuge it has
to come out, it’s chemical”. I said:
“You took the life of animal. You had to have respect for it,
he’ll give you what you want” And he understood one day and
he came home and says, “Mehran it works the way you say, huh” I understood this structure
of interaction of the Soul.>From early age, very young, I could see
you can transpar an emotion, without
the other people knowing. I said many time, “You can make people
fall in love with you, like nothing”. And the falling in love with you,
is not the Physical, but through the Soul. And that Soul bond it means,
doesn’t matter in what dimension you become physically, is irrelevant
because the strength of the connection what you call “love”
is at the higher order. When the people of the Universe
brought the knowledge to Man They call it a ‘Soulmate’.
What does a Soulmate means? It means irrespect of
Emotion and Physicality. At the Soul level
it’s total transparency. And people don’t understand
they says: “We are Soulmates”. This came from Man of Space because
Man at that time could not understand, the Totality of the strength of the Soul. It means, I’m independent of the
Physicality and Emotion. It means, I have bonded at the level much
higher order than the existence of the Man In the
physical condition. It means, then you understand Man in his
dimension of the Souls, have many mates. It’s him who decides who
shall be or shall not be. It’s not that you have one Soulmates. In many times, in the process of the
development of the Soul to become the messenger of the Universe
for the Mankind, We meet many Souls in our travels which
they are the old Souls we made commitment to us, friendship commitment,
in our passage through the Universe. We meet them in Physicality
in different dimensions and it’s not the Man who understands
what it means. They take it as you’re lovers but in fact
you are people who share the balance of the position at the higher order. And by receiving the new Soul
in your proximity, you receive more energy
that you can give more. So next time, when you speak about
the Soulmate, understand what it means. Soulmate does not mean
physical attachment to sexuality. But Soulmate
means, we have gathered and understood each
other’s strength at the level beyond the Physicality of the Man
without physical interaction. Does not mean anything
more than that. The one who is illiterate reads it
that way because it suits it. But in reality, that’s what it is. The knowledge was brought to the Man
but the Man never understood the power of the Soul, is beyond the
position of Physicality. And, in the World of Physicality, we have
many mates or friends and whatever, we go drinking, we go playing football
with but we never marry to. It’s the same in
the level of the Soul. We have in the¨
World of Universal Community, many Souls from
different part of the Universe, and as the Man progresses in that direction,
he’ll understand more and more. Because, creating a Soulmate
in Space has a lot of advantages. It brings you coffee like this, but the
lady has walked in with a coffee cups. But, what it means, when you become
the Messengers of the Universe, when you have a Soulmate which
is has the same strength of understanding
at a given position, It’s like you go from, let’s say
Austria to Washington. You know somebody there, you walk in,
they pick you up from the airport, they take you home, you don’t need to,
you don’t need to travel and find a taxi you don’t need to worry
which hotel I’m gonna stay in. This is the destination
by the strength of the Soul. Man one day will understand the true
Soulmates are the guidelines
of the Man travel in Deep Space. It’s like a very much, it’s like a little
house with the little lights in it, that you know who lives there
and this is another post on the way,
to where you go. We make many, many, Soulmates in the
travel of the Space of the Man, because without them, the Deep Space is a
very dark place, and can be lost very easy. Now you understand,
… why We call what I wish,
it didn’t happen. But what I did not wish,
it happened and I knew it. So it means, you have started
understanding the difference between the position of
the Soul and the Physicality. Next time when you
make a physical wish to win the lottery and you
buy it and it doesn’t win. Do a different way, say: “I put this money
that somebody will come out of the pain. I do not need it but I hope will survive
will serve somebody else’s”. According to the statistics, 95% of the
people who win the lottery, they become worse off after five years,
because they’re spending so much, they never know it finishes,
and then they become worse, because they had a taste.
Psychologically they become deprived. This research is done by group of Camelot
in England about ten years ago. They followed a number of people who
became millionaires with lottery and they saw how over years
they became worse off. Now, they tell you you’ve won 100 million
but they tell you, you can’t spend it. We tell you how to spend it. We structure
it for you, that you stay millionaire for a long time. We let you spend the first ten
million because you wanted to have two Rolls Royce and you have
to have a house and everything else but the rest we look after. It’s beneficial both for the man who
won it and for the organisation. Now they take 5% commission on what
they manage, so it pays off very well. They get their 1 million back
at the end of the day. You got to understand, the interaction
between the Soul of the Man and the Physicality of the Man. And in so many ways, how you interact
with your Soul, as I said, “The size, the length and the separation
of the boundary of the Physicality to the dimension of the Soul
and Emotion of the Man.” Then you understand how can you reduce
your size and change your shape according to
the wishes of the Soul.” You’ve seen these very smart rich people,
they fall in love with a girl who has nothing and they even start living like
them and they become what are called “Tramps” just to fit in because they love. It’s the same process, you have to fit
in the structure of the Soul of the Man. Then you decide, how you manifest
yourself … how you will look. And some people who reach the point of,
it doesn’t matter any more Physicality, they understand it’s irrelevant, they give
up but by the time they give up, they realize what they gave up
on, they cannot have the past. And then, we see them as tramps.
There are many, many, many, many scientist professors, especially of the
highest education, we see as tramps. We know what a tramp is,
they are on the streets collecting food. When you speak to them, they are
seated professors, they used to be and they found out the reality
is not worth anything. I know two, three of them on the streets
of Manchester, when I used to go. I couldn’t believe a professor
collecting rubbish to eat. He said to me, “there is nothing more than
this why should I hurry to work so hard?” We were with Dr Klaus …
couple of weeks ago, in Rome. After the conference we decided
to take the children for a walk. We went to Rome.
We landed near the Vatican and as we were going to the Vatican,
the most richest house in the World, you walk you’ll see, people live in
cardboard boxes on the fringes and inside the Vatican City. And they
are very proud they are collecting billions, and putting people on the street
in the cold to sleep in boxes. Where is the Soul of the Man? What I call is for the Man to understand,
is trapped within the Physical structure of the Physicality. Where in fact, does not mean you
have to give everything to the poor because then they don’t …
but you have to understand Not having the physical wealth makes you
think, and that thinking makes you wise. Not in a financial term, but becoming closer to your Soul, to understand the
Physicality and the life, the way we live, is not worth living for. Many time I’ve said,
“I’m ashamed to be in the body of the Man” because it means you
have to absorb so many lies with your face in front of it,
as you haven’t heard… [phone rings] God Calling… next time Sir.
I was told the Master is coming so he’s trying to get in.
We train him to stop. Next question.
(JM) Mr Keshe? (MK) Yes.
(JM) Do you hear me okay? (MK) Who’s speaking?
(JM) This is Jocelyn from Quebec. Jocelyn (MK) Yes
(JM) Remember me? (MK) How many times?… [JM laughs]
Depends what’s the surprise this time? (JM) [laughs] Okay. So my question …
tonight is about… In the previous workshop
you talk about psychosomatic and you was somehow pointing
that it was from … the Emotional side but the root of the word is from
“soma” which means “illness” and “psycho” which means “soul”
And would you explain to us … what is.. how you see the difference
between the Soul and the Emotion? (MK) Many times we explained. Emotion is …
(JM) Sorry (MK) Many times I have explained: Emotion is the filter
for the strength of the Soul. How would you like
to have it? Do you want to put a filter
to look blue? It’ll look blue. You put a filter to be black.
It’ll be black. It’s what you absorb,
in what spectrum, which changes the position
of the Physicality through the Emotion If the Man learns, for a very simple
system of transformation of the energy, as we discussed before, to matter;
you can make your Emotion through your own understanding,
that any position you decide, be it the palm of your hand, or a point on
the table, to produce what you wish. Because it’s you who’s the filter, not necessarily standing in
front where the eye sits… Man, if he learns in time, how to use
the structure of his brain in production of materials,
Man will soon learn, depending, looking on the left
or the right, or be it behind you, you can produce different materials,
according to the strength of the filtering which created. So your Emotion is a filter in what to
manifest in Physicality, using the strength, of the, what I call:
‘the Soul of the Man’ That’s as simple as that…
It’s you who’s gotta find out where the light comes and
one filter you want on it. It’s a very, very interesting point.
I’m going to share something here you will understand. Man has never understood this.
If you want to take a screen shot of this Man will understand this, one day, too. Look at… I’m going to clean this out… And show you something
you never understood. Now I explain more.
This is the brain of the Man. Sorry it’s lump-sided, it’s got some
disease I don’t know which… If this is a Soul? This is a position
of the Soul of the Man. Look at … the field it has to cross to
reach the position of the upper arm. Look at… the Space it has to travel
to get the position of the fingers, considering these are your ears. Look at… how far it needs to go
to reach to the Emotional part. You see why Emotion is stronger? Because, it is in
a lesser distance from the other parts, in respect to
the strength it receives. When a Man understands that all
his Emotional part are so close and sitting direct,
the rest will come. When you look at the structure of the
brain it has something like this in it. That filtering, is the separation of the
Man Physical part, with the Soul of the Man. It’s a protection. If you look at it,
literally, like a half UFO. Get a scan, have a look. So, what you understand,
is the shape of the Physicality because your arms and
legs are somewhere here, has exchanged the radiation of the fields
to the further distance to the control of the position
within the structure of the brain. So, what your filter does is very simple:
I decide how much I’m going to give and in respect to: if I allow more to be
absorbed here, I touch the Emotion if I allow to absorb less here, to go
further, to become arm link connection. But don’t forget, the brain is not the
Physical connection. The brain is the Emotional line
to the point. This is what a lot of people don’t
understand. In one of the teachings, in the medical part, I explained this
and nobody understood. And explain it again,
maybe you understand. The position of you, what you call it,
let’s say here, which is your finger and this is your finger. In so many ways, if you look,
we always said: You have blood
and you have lymph. And what you’ll realize very simply, is
because you have of the same strength in your Neuro-system in the Emotion
of the blood, the information, mainly is not sent through the Neuro-system. They, through Emotion goes through the
field strength by acceptance of the position. Neuro systems are
very bottom field strength, because they have
to go through materials. Most of our information, our Emotion,
is carried directly from the position, from the Soul,
into the body of the Man. And when this breaks down,
you call it ‘stroke’. Where the Physicality has to carry
the information and it cannot do, so the valve here comes into operation, and
you do it. And then you get the stroke.
You get epileptic attacks. So, it’s you who got to decide, what
filters you want to produce here. You want to create a filter at the
strength of the cry, happiness, or you create one Emotion, that I’m
happy, it doesn’t matter what it is. And then you find out,
you behave different. (JM) Okay. Now…
(MK) Second question costs money from now on
(JM) [laughs] How much? … (MK) The Soul of the Man.
The Soul of the Man to be enlightened. (JM) This is a question about the ocean.
(MK) Yes (JM) I just wonder…
(MK) Just wait one second I have Caroline asking a question.
(JM) Oh yes. Okay. Good [Caroline speaking but sound inaudible] (MK) Yes Ah yes, just let me do one thing.
I have to give a message. Yeah! What did you say?
(JM) Is it to Caroline or… (MK) No I am listening to Caroline.
(JM) Okay, good. (MK) I just have to respond to one of the
Core members, Armen just came in. I tell you, joke for the people
who come late, Sorry Armenjan…
Carry on. [Caroline asking inaudible question]
…. Yes [Caroline asking inaudible question] (MK) Yes, but when it doesn’t do,
it has to go through Physicality. (RC) We can’t hear the question
at all Mr. Keshe… (MK) Yeah, yeah, the thing is we don’t
have a microphone here. You can’t ask any question in this room. She wants to understand how it comes
that you get a stroke, from the Emotion
to the other part. Yeah? Later on because I don’t understand. [inaudible dialogue with Caroline] This is a priveledge of
having your wife here. She’s “pulling her muscles” as we say. What… you see if you look at a heart
attack… If you look at a heart attack, is…. If you look at a heart attack the Physical, Emotional part,
the Emotion becomes from the Physicality, That’s where the blood comes everything.
It comes the emotion of the physicality. When it cannot handle the emotion,
it goes, in conjunction with what it is at
the strength, with the Soul strength. And then, it carries itself out,
and in that, it’s like a volcano. You create as much damage. It over pass and super passes,
all the filters. That’s why
you get a stroke. Because the energy is so much that the
physical connection does not take this. This is important for those of you
who understand this. There are no blood vessels
in the brain of the Man. So, it carries no emotional
part of the Physicality. If you cut a brain, you don’t see any
blood vessels running inside it. it’s white,
is CO2 plus Zinc. But, you have, the blood
which goes around the brain. You have the blood vessels. Or they go within the
internal structure. The body of the Man
has separated its real Truth. The strength of the Soul, from the
Physicality of dimension of the body. [inaudible audience question] No. So, if Man understands this,
will understand how to handle his emotion. And then you understand, how to carry
the Physicality, in respect to the Soul. [inaudible audience question] This is by Enlightenment,
detachment from Physicality It doesn’t happen,
you can’t buy it, you can’t try, “I’m trying to reach my Soul,
I’m trying”… By reaching the Soul, you have to be
more detached from Physicality. I don’t sleep at night, wake up.
What’s gonna be tomorrow? Because, I know whatever
is gonna be tomorrow, seven billion inhabitants of this
Planet have already decided for me. So, I take the position where it
comforts everyone, not where I want to be. [inaudible audience question] Why should I? Because I’m here to
serve 7 billion, plus the animals. They have to decide how strong they are
how much they matured, the more they mature,
the more I can teach. A lot of people think
that they have matured, but in reality, through the physical
interaction of their body, they have, they’ve gone further
than they were closer. We see many of the people
who come around the Foundation. “I am serving, I am doing this,
but things are not going right.” Because the intention and the work
of the Soul, is not done. [inaudible audience question] Yeah. The problem,
it is not us. The problem is
us not understanding ourselves. We see, we hear too Many lies. And if I can tell people, if I
can teach people, if they understand, every time you
lie and say “I never lie”, “I told you everything”. But as you
created the position not to do, not to say. One has to use energy to understand,
so you’ve already stolen the energy from. The guy who put hands in the pocket,
at least knows what he’s done. The one who steals
from the emotion and the Soul, it’ll take longer
for it to come, because you add too much
Physicality to get there. I keep on saying, “It’s the easiest way
to develop the Soul of the Man.” “The full understanding
and transparency”, and this is how, even
we run the Foundation. We have a problem, I tell the team,
this is what it is. We are doing something. Those who are
responsible need to know I share. Because, if I’m not there,
it’s their job, but, if I’m there,
they know what is to come. As I said many time, people who used
to be around me they know, “I carry the Management,
International Management, with no drawers
in my offices.” You could never find any
drawers or baskets, or anything on my tables
anywhere in my office. Because what I had, it was there,
because the minutes I leave, they go and see what’s in the cupboard
I am not there for four weeks, why should I allow them to commit
a crime to become the thieves. So when it’s not there,
they don’t commit a crime. What do they do?
Look at most of the people. Now
what we see? We know we have opened the biggest
pedophile organizations in the World. They are connected to the biggest
higher links in the financial world . and they’re all connected to the
high scientific organizations. We took the plug out on one, the rest
are running trying to cover themselves. We didn’t
do anything. We served to free children from abuse,
not to steal from their Soul. And then it’s the Soul of those children
who are putting back to us what’s going. People taking trips all over the world,
trying to prove there is something. Nobody attacks the Keshe Foundation
for the knowledge. It’s, “If we get Keshe,
then we can cover our own”, what I call,
‘excrement’. Their reality is there. I don’t do. I don’t go. But they go to do.
They harm themselves, because the more they go, the more tracks
they leave taking Souls with them. This is the beauty of it. If you understand
you don’t get attached to it. What we see?
What do they do? In the structure of
the whole understanding, Man has not understood
the position of the Soul. Those who understood 6,000 years ago, the time of Moses,
they’ve used it. Because now
they could create something, which now they could keep
the two separate. The physical part and the emotional part,
the Soul of the Man. So, you have
the church. You have the, what I call,
we return the stones of Colosseum back to Colosseum, because
at least physicality could see where you get hurt,
how you gonna get eaten by a lion. The stones have been taken
to a new place called Vatican, they steal from your Soul
you never know what they’ve taken. This is when Man has to
understand the difference. They do it
in different ways. And in so Many ways, we see
the interaction. We see… But till these people don’t come. We
don’t understand where we made a mistake. It’s beautiful to have people who
go out to find your weaknesses. Because you don’t have time to do it.
They do it for you. Then you can understand how
to repair the weakness. And this is part of growing up. This is part of understanding
how to give without actually condition of
going to take that you can give. You know the name of Robin Hood. He took from the poor,
uh the rich and gave to the poor? Have you ever stood still to think of it? rob, stealing in Hood. It means steal in the darkness
that people aren’t aware of. Not the name of the Man. It’s in there
but we are not used to, “Oh he’s a Robin Hood” To rob in English
is someone who steals, thief. Huh? Under a hood, that you
don’t see it’s steals in the dark. And this is a pattern of
the British system. We see it now in Syria, we see it
in other countries. Okay, the other question please. (GM) Good morning, Mr Keshe.
This is Gatua. (MK) Oh! Good morning Dr Gatua (GM) I want to thank you
very much for the gifts you have given to Humanity.
All the gift…. (MK) you haven’t seen it yet. We just gave
you the crumb, wait till the big box comes. (GM) Yes but you have shared
your knowledge freely, all the time without any limitation.
And I’m very grateful for that. This is what I have always been looking for.
(MK) You are welcome. (GM) Which was difficult
to get in one place. So, we have all the knowledge we need
in one place. And that, place is you.
So I’m very grateful indeed. Now I have question for you. If I heard you correctly,
and I believe I did, You said that, Man elevates his Soul
at the point of death. So it seems to me,
it would make sense, to create that condition
without going overboard That is to say. Whatever create, condition is created
at the point of death when Man dies. And that is when he elevates his Soul. Can we actually create the
condition without dieing? because..
(MK) Exactly, exactly. You want to post it yourself,
or do you like to be posted? That’s the difference. When you post it yourself,
you decide where it goes When they post you,
you have to stay, at the discretion of the Soul of the others,
and then it comes a point of judgment. There is something which a lot of people
have not comprehended. I’m not going to just say,
“You don’t understand it.” that’s Caroline says,
“A lot of people don’t like that one.” But in reality, people never have
comprehended it. Is that, when you come to the point of
separation from the Physicality, Now, you are in a pool of magnets, When you are in Physicality
you decide where you walk. You get this poor chap
which is your Soul, on your head. And, you take him
anywhere you like to go. He’s there he can’t go anywhere,
you trapped him. When you die,
this chap goes where he likes. And where he likes is according to
what you have gathered in strength in respect to the other Souls,
that it finds it’s position. This is the problem
with Physicality! With the World of Physicality,
we drag the Soul into any mud we like. And then we play in the mud
and the place we’ve been to. When you’ve finished with the dragging
of this Soul across different places, Then, something strange happens
is now it’s the Soul, It’s totally Fields,
we’ve see in it with the magnets I show. When you put
the magnets here and here, according to the strength we have
we call it MaGrav positioning. So, in how much
the Soul has absorbed and given and what strength
has gathered in its center, dictates the position of the Soul,
in respect to the others. Now, it’s detached from Physicality,
you can’t take …What do you call it, the Soul to macro
or take him to another shopping. Say, “I’ll take him to Harrods,
because all the Soul rich goes.” You’ll find out the richer places you go,
the less Soul is in it, because they have stolen more
to be in that position. So, when you are, you’ve come to the
‘point of detachment’, that’s what I call. Is, that doesn’t matter where
the Physicality lies because it’s the Soul which
guides the Physicality. And Man
never understands it. If Man understands
the two legs and two arms, are actually
the worst thing Man ever had. Because, it carrying somebody
who doesn’t want to go to a place, then he has to balance himself. He balances with the Soul,
and then he say, “I went there,
and that accident happened.” Because, you did something in a
physical condition, the Soul was there. So, the Soul tries
to bring it into balance that what you’ve done wrong now
you’ve taken from something else. Then, consequence of sudden move,
is not knowing what you gonna hit. Many times, many time
I explain that in the teaching. And many times something
happens to me, I say, “I wonder what did I do in Physicality,
that my Soul is trying to correct.” You see many people,
who are busy with their physical life, and they do anything
to get anywhere, at some point in life, the go,
they pay everything back. And that’s,
that’s the pattern. And if you understand I leave it to my Soul,
but I would like to be, … wealthy enough in Physicality,
that I can give more. This happened to one guy, The man literally, going back
about 80, 90 years ago, a truck driver,
in south of Iran. He’s not a merchant,
he just have a old bangered truck, taking things
from one place to another. He comes to a new path of belief,
and he goes to see the founder of the faith. And he ask him, “What do you want?”
He says, “I want to be the richest man, that I can give
whatever I make, but in your path.” He says,
“Your wish is sincere it’s granted.” In less than 10 years he became
the richest man in the country, literally
the richest man. And he made one thing,
he never broke his bond with his, what I call ‘Creator’. The more he gave,
the more richer he became. And he became a banker for the government.
But he never broke his bond. This is how we do,
this is how it’s done. The wealth doesn’t come, by
the Physicality the wealth comes by position, of sincerity, what you give
to what you take. Your Soul, is unfortunate to be
in the prison of the Physicality of the Man. To free the Soul that dictates a free position
of Physicality, takes a lot of trust. Because, even though it’s within
the structure of the brain of the Man. Allows the other Souls to dictate it where
to be that it can serve best the others. This is how I live. You cannot…
Many times I said to Caroline, “You cannot give, if the recipient
is not ready to get. To receive.” And then it become a torture for both,
one gives so much, the other one does not and
is not prepared to take, because he cannot see the strength
of what is given, and then it becomes a burden to both. One is not receiving what he needs,
the one is giving so much that the other one
doesn’t receive. It happens in many marriages,
in many marriages of business. personal relationship,
relationship with the God. Expectation from the creator,
is the state of level a Man. not understanding himself
that he’s a Creator. “Thy shall not steal.” More men steal from their own Souls than
actually steal from the pocket of the others. Then they position themselves. Any other question? (RC) There’s a question
in the Livestream… I’m not quite sure how to put it but I’ll just
read it from lvan, it says, He talks about his Heart, that he’d like
to get more Plasma in his Heart, that it needs it
desperately. “My heart is like a run down battery,
and needs Plasma into it.” “To help you all, and make
us all strong, and together”, and to “Please ask if there
is something that can be done?” (MK) Yeah, are we going to start building
Soul stations, people can come and tank? (RC) Tank up to tank up their Plasma tank.
(MK) Yeah, I think you are good at that Rick. Rick, you are very good, you are positioned
near the lake, somewhere in the mountains. There’s less problem and pollution. Open the Soul and,
what do you call it, ‘fuel station’. (RC) Okay that’s an idea. (MK) It doesn’t need any oil
to get poisoned with, huh? (RC) Isn’t… The CO2 GaNS water
might be a good … Plasma rejuvenater?
(MK) That depends. Are you giving,
or are you taking? (RC) Hmm? (MK) Hmm? Any other question, or we
stop teaching today? It’s 11 o’clock. I think what we taught today,
if Man understands is the change of the course for Humanity,
but it’s for him to understand. (RC) I heard a voice there. (MK) This sounds like Paul. (YM) Yeah!
This is Paul from Togo. Good morning Mr Keshe,
and good morning everyone. (MK) Good morning Paul. We are neighbors
and we never see each other. (YM) Yeah! We …
see each other. (YM) So, I have two questions.
(MK) Togo is next to Accra. So, it’s 4 hours he could be there,
he can’t make the 4 hours. Okay carry on. (YM) Okay! I have some question. One
question, which will need three answer. We knew, do from the teaching,
that every cell have his Soul. And, we know that the Emotion
is the pattern of Physicality. It’s meaning that,
if I understand very well that, every cell have his Emotion And, in one of the teachings,
you was saying that, Hydrogen Field is the Soul. And from the conference of Rome,
we knew that Emotion is 80% Zinc Oxide and 20% of CO2. Now, if we take Atmosphere condition,
I want to be clarified if, the Atmosphere condition,
the Field of Atmosphere is COHN? If yes, so the.. (MK) First of all, No,
because it’s not just Oxygen and Carbon, there are many other things
in that Atmosphere you breath (YM) OK, thank you..
(MK) Let me explain to you something, OK Paul, Paul you brought something up,
let me explain to you something interesting. You always have to look
to the Totality. This is Earth and … these are the waters. It makes a full circle. Here is the desert. And here you have the mountains. I’m not a very good drawer. According to the
Gravitational Magnetic field of the center of the Earth which creates the Gravitational
and Magnetical field of the Planet, and according to the Matter-State
within this structure … You see if you look at it. The center core, the Caroline Core
is your Soul. According to the filter
which is the layer of different materials inside the planet,
only on the solid part. Because the magma part inside
is a standard filter. According to what material from the center
sits to the point of where you live; in a desert or on the mountain You do not only absorb the COHN, but you absorb and breathe the materials which this environment pulls to itself. So, if you thought
that you are only there, and you only take Mr COHN
you are very wrong. Because, in the last teaching I explained
that we see layers on the Earth. And according to the
Gravitational-Magnetic field-strength which is nearly enough the same,
we see different layers. As the fuel changes in the center
the strength changes, and we see different layers of material
according to that. So, when you breathe
you’re continuously taking what this position has dictated
for you to take from. It’s not just Mr COHN. It’s everything which is in relation. That’s why you can live in that environment. Because, now you connected
to the strength of what is there. Both, in the air and
in the Physicality of the land. So, that affects
your Emotion. That affects the state
of the giving and taking of the Soul. Why do we say, ‘Oh, people from this
part of the World are very generous’? Because, they take so much from the
environment that giving becomes natural, because that’s part of the structure. Why do we see different behavior? If Man understands his behavior is
related to structure of his Physicality, and what is absorbed from the interaction
of the fields of the Universe, plus everything else. Then you can make yourself
to become Chinese in no time, and you go to India,
you become Indian and the rest of it. Because, you condition yourself
to Emotional level of the understanding of the place of the birth,
or position, in conjunction with what your
DNA has been put into. Man has got a lot to learn. Sometime it’s better to give up
because they don’t learn. Any other questions? (YM) Thank you Mr Keshe. Ya, thank you.
Another question is; If we take on the base
of Emotion is 80 % 80% Zinc Oxide and 20% of CO2 Now, eh… can Emotion could exist without connection between Physicality and Soul? (MK) Then you’ve
created a new animal. Let me know what it is, we’ll use it. (YM) Please? (MK) I said, then you’ve created
a new animal. You gotta let us know then we use it.
It’ll be fantastic. The Soul decides the Physicality,
and all, be the same. Actually, this happens in part of the
Universe when the Physicality’s irrelevant. All the Creation, all the created, more
or less, convey the same kind of fields. It’s greenish, silverish in the color
of the eye of a Man. It dictates on the planet Earth structure to be able to live with no stomach
but a tall structure. The fingers extend to the point
that it needs absorbtion of the energy directly from the Earth
that it can keep the balance flow. In the Universe
most of the creatures look the same. It’s the sense of the Soul where they
come from which dictates their manifestation of the … more or less, the way they think,
and the way they conduct themselves. Once the Man has everything he needs Man will not be like this anymore. He will change. You don’t need
hand to commit crime. You don’t need the eye
to see the sins of the Man. (JM) Mr Keshe? (MK) Yes? (JM ) When you talk about “in a Space”
in your lecture or lection do you exclude the other Planets ? (MK) What? No! The other planets are what dictate what
you are at the positon of manifestation (JM) So they are included? (MK) Of course. (MK) You put 20 magnets on the table
(JM) Ah okay. (MK) and move one and see
how the others move. (JM) Yeah. So there is aliens on
other planets, right? (MK) We are the aliens,
they are the friendly. (JM ) Ya we are.
(MK) They all say they come from the same Universe (JM ) Yes. I heard there were a parallel Universe.
Have you ever heard of this? (MK) I don’t know.
You find one, I’ll run across the two But it’s all the same.
(JM) Yes. On the same principle, ya. Hmm? (MK) Any other questions? Shall we, yes?
(RC) Um. There was a fellow Ram who would like to… I think
he was here last week. He wanted to show his results
dealing with dousing. I don’t know if you want to get into,
into that or not right now, but a … (MK) No.
Can we delay to next week? (RC) Okay. We’ll put
that off till next week. (MK) Because dousing is very much
dependent on Emotion of the man who carries it. …
(RA) As you like Mr Keshe anyway, I’m very happy to hear what you are
saying and I have quantitative
and qualitative results (MK) Um hm.
(RA) with my pendulum, if you agree maybe five minutes is enough
to give you the information (MK) Have, what are.. Are you showing
your video recorded or live? (RA) live (MK) Live? Okay. There are no coke-a-cola’s on the table,
we are advertising, there is nothing? (RA) No, no…Okay. So let’s begin first
I want to… (MK) You have to share the screen. (RA) Okay. (MK) I don’t. Rick controls the
sharing in the background. (RA) I am sharing the screen. (MK) Yeah, but
(RC) Umm, let me a … (MK) I’m done. I’m out.
(RC) Let me see, Okay. ‘K we have your video now. ‘K
do you want to share your live video? or did you did you want to show your…
something on your desktop? (MK) I think he wants to
show us present, live. No video. (RA) Yes I’m ready
(RC) Okay. Just start your video then. (RA) [il faut marcher l’écran] (RC) Don’t …
(RA) I am trying to share the screen. (RC) …Do you want to share your desktop
or do you want to share your live video? (RA) I want to show you my experiments,
… no I don’t have any video. (MK) You need to go on your Zoom
and select camera. (RA) Okay. I’ll give it a try.
(RC) That’s what you want to do is select,
you want your camera live, correct? (MK) Yep, I think that’s what he’s wanting.
(RC) Is that what you want, Ram? (R) Yes I, I’m
(RC) Okay! Then get out of the screen share. You don’t want screen share at all.
You want, turn on the camera. (RA) Exactly
(RC) So let me try the screen share here and that’ll take you out,
of your screen share at least. and then I’ll stop my screen share
and you can start your video with the ‘start video’ button. There we go.
(RA) Okay, thank you. (RA) You can see me, very …
(RC) Yeah, let me get that set up here. (RA) What I want first…
(RC) Okay, that’s good. (MK) He’s got a very nice hat.
I’ve got one of those. [laughter] (RA) It is because I don’t have
enough hair so it’s my … (MK) I glue mine on every morning
and I count them. Can you bring it down, or bring the
camera lower a little bit, please? We see your … a little bit more,
yep, Okay, thank you very much. That’s good.
(RA) Okay (MK) Where can we see
your test please. (RA) My first test this with a magnet, you know I discovered, that with
my pendulum… (MK) You gotta put your
camera further down, or bring the thing near to
level of your nose. Yeah. (RA) This is a magnet and with my pendulum I determine, what is the north pole,
and what is the south pole. Now for instance,
when my pendulum… (MK) Can you go further up please
we can’t see. (RA) My pendulum turns like this. Clockwise. This means that my magnet
is, now is south oriented. If I turned it … and it make it
north oriented just … my pendulum turns anticlockwise, this is a very
important result. And I decided… (MK) You decide not the magnet! (RA) No, it’s with my hand effecting,
the turns … I decide, no I did not decide, it’s
the reaction of my hand over the field of the magnet. The field of the magnet, makes my hand
do this and the pendulum is an amplifier of what happens and …
on my hand. So, I decided to do this,
to try to see what happens, with GaNS. First of all I take
water, pure water. And I make swing my pendulum forth, back and forth,
nothing happens. Doesn’t turn neither
clockwise nor anticlockwise. If I take now CO2 GaNS.
This is CO2 GaNS it immediately, turns clock… turns
clockwise, that means that the field coming
from CO2 GaNS, this fields is north, ah sorry,
is south oriented. If I take CH3. CH3 GaNS, and make the same experiment
it turns completely the other side,
anticlockwise that means, that the field coming
from this is north oriented. These are quantitative
results, now… qualitative sorry. Concerning quantitative results, I use what we
call Bovis chart, with Bovis chart we can
measure the vibration rate, from any field and I did it I did it, I show you. My results here.
You can see them. The vibration rates measurement
in Bovis units, are the following: You can see: GaNSes, water GaNSes
and CHON also. For CHON I have only two, two results, but I wish that measurement is finished
it has got very long I hope this can be useful, just, just another detail, another detail
these experiments, these measures, can be done on images for
instance, if I see an image of any …
of any GaNS. I can with my pendulum find…
what is the vibration rate of this, I did it… I did it for … the bottles the bottles coming from
Accra, I wanted to know what is the vibration rates of the bottles that you
have shown to us, coming from Accra
these bottles of water. And I found very I found… this is, you can have a look,
you can see. Look in the first line.
The 6 bottles, the 6 bottles give me the same
vibration rate and it is very high. 10 times more higher then the
one that I obtained myself. With my GaNS. Voila. Thank you very much for,
for your interest in this work. (MK) Good … Thank you. Any other questions or shall we
call it a day, hand it over to Caroline for half an hour? (VA) Mr Keshe?
(MK) Yes? (VA) Yes hi, this is Valorie, you met me
in Rome in the conference from January here. I have a small question
regarding the feeding system. I remember you talking
about putting CH3 in core reactors, and then standing
between them, and that way you can receive frequencies of meats or vegetables,
depending on how fast it spins. Can you please explain a
little more about this? (MK) Depends what you want, you
see the CH3 it works in the… go back and look at the teaching there,
because we’re talking about Deuterium. We’re not talking about the CH3,
you’re taking half of the story. (VA) Aha (MK) The full story as …
you take it Deuterium, then you have H2 plus CH. In… In that teaching
if you remember, we don’t talk about … we’re talking about CH3, in a GaNS state behaves as a CH and H2 or what we call Deuterium, in a Plasmatic field-strength. Then, you have what we call
Star-Formation of the fields which is a very strong giver,
but as it takes equal it becomes balanced.
It’s totally different thing. So you decide how much. (VA) Okay! No I didn’t mean in the meeting
in Rome I watched 138 Knowledge Seekers, and there you explained about a beater,
if you put CH3 in the beater and you put it in high… (MK) This is the science behind it. (VA) Aha Okay.
(MK) Yeah? You have to understand centrifuge
in Plasma plays a different game. (VA) Alright. (MK) Centrifuge in a Matter-State
you have different property, you can create the centrifuge
condition just by vacuum. Which works totally opposite, when you
talk about the materials in the… Earth is a centrifuge system. And if you understand that,
than you know how to create the real Gravitational-Magnetical field. And, nobody up to now has
ever created for any of the, what call you it, the tests.
Because they never understand it. (VA) Okay, so if I would like
to feed myself plasmatically, what would be the
best way to do that ? (MK) Ask your Soul, it’ll
feed your Physicality. (VA) I am trying to, I am
trying to I was trying to … (MK) become transparent it’ll come. It’s no use sitting there and
trying to look at the apple, because most probably apple has already
given it’s part which you need. (VA) No, I am trying to make a core,
double core reactor that can maybe give me energy somehow,
from the GaNSes. (MK) Yeah but try to understand
where you stand and how you come. The Sun
radiates its fields Earth at the strength it is
leads to Amino Acid combination, but we see the same light with the other
Stars but the material is different because the strength
is different. Same Amino Acid strength in … on the
Moon, will not play the same as here. (VA) Okay. Thank you so much.
(MK) Thank you very much. Any other question? Or I go mute and we
give it to Caroline for a few minutes? Ladies want to have a say
in the Keshe Foundation. And I said: As long as
within the structure of the Foundation we learn more.
No problem. I am trying to get
her attention, she is busy with something, she is
getting instructions what to say. Okay, what we gonna do till you find
out, what I want teach you something, it is very interesting. When you speak we’ve got Peter with us. Have you managed to make
your Gold yet? No time ? What’s happening? You’re making too much of it, no
time to sell or no time to make? When you make systems,
especially the dynamic systems, Don’t get fooled by
what you put in. Understand in what
you create inside. As you become, more and more,
experimental with the dynamic cores. Is don’t look
in what you put inside. Look what you make available
to be in the centre. This is the game. A lot of people play for a long time,
they can’t catch anything with it, because they never understood. It’s not a volume of
the things you put in, is how much you create
to give energy to the centre, then the centre
decides the Physicality of it. That’s why when you go with a high
resolution speed, you see a gap. Because now Magnetic-Gravitationally
they position themselves, in respect to the strength
of the center. Any other questions,
if you understood what I said? If you haven’t understood,
I give you the game of how you can create plasmas
that by interaction of the plasmas, dynamically you can create
new materials. This is a guarantee for production
of whatever you like. Move the reactors back and forth,
till you get what you want, or change the speed of the rotation,
and you still get the same. Move in a different position
in respect to each other, you start making different elements,
compared to the other side. You will see this a lot of time. You won’t go back,
but you produce new materials. Always remember in the plasma
the full rules: there are two here which are coming out, and there are two
here which are going out, this way too. as much as you have
the interaction of the absorption. North pole is not that
is giving everything, but is taking so much too,
that it brings the balance. And when there is a disbalance,
it creates the rotation of the planet. You don’t need to have
engines or whatever, you just need separation
of the differential strength in the plasma, and in the physicality of the motion,
whatever you need moves. This is how you create motion on the land,
is how you create motion in the Space. A long, long way to go,
before Man sees it. And I haven’t seen anybody who’s crossed
this threshold barrier of understanding. You are ready? Rick, can you check,
she sent you something If you don’t like it,
don’t show it. Exactly. The abuse
and a lot of pictures. We’ll come back after Caroline is finished.
Thank you very much. Let me tell you one thing.
Those who insult the teaching of the women, there has to be all the time
me and the others, they insult their own intelligence,
so we have to be open. Thank you. [dog barking] (CdR) Hello Rick! (RC) Hi! How are you Caroline.
Hello. (CdR) Hi, good morning. (RC) I’m just trying to get this picture, and
it’s hard to get off the Facebook here. (CdR) Take your time Rick. (RC) Okay, I’ve got it. Here you want me
just to screen share it, then? (CdR) Yeah, you can screen share…
I’ll keep on looking there. (RC) Then we won’t be able
to see you though… (CdR) I hope it is clear enough.
This lady is already getting into the position as Mr. Keshe
has been trying to explain to us. She send it to me and asked me
just keep people out, because I have no permission
to go public with it. So I cut the lines off that’s what
Mr Keshe had to wait a little bit for. When she goes she says: I wasn’t
even aware of I was achieving this. It was somebody else from the back
who was taking the picture, and she says,
“I was amazed because I didn’t know!” I said, “I’m so happy you’re
sharing this with me.” Because, that’s the point
what Mr Keshe says. “The transparency” and
there are a lot of people, which… are giving, and sharing,
and helping and supporting. But they don’t believe in themselves
enough, but it’s already there. I just wanted to show you,
that this point we are already reaching, In small numbers,
but each one of you, gets a confirmation that he’s
in the right path of achieving it. So somewhere we
are already getting there. But, what I would like to really put in
the light with the teaching of Mr Keshe, I know he goes very fast, and I know
it’s a load which we are receiving, and not everything
is always very clear. Have no doubt
about your capabilities. Everybody has a gift. Start recognizing the gift, which is right
in front of you, and share it. What you see emerging
so spontaneously, you can activate it in your children,
that’s why you are parents. I have whole day yesterday,
I didn’t leave the room, just for a small coffee, but I made sure
I stayed within the Internet work. Because, in Africa
there is a family which has a boy, which is suffering very badly,
high fevers, really to a point
the parents are panicking, they have no medical support sufficient,
I know the conditions. So, I made sure I stayed online
to guide them, at any level,
whatever they had around them, and I called in
for help from other people, with what and how, what can we do
to get this child out of the fever. And she has managed, because I was
advising her what I do with my children. I said, “You can
come above your pain.” Tell the child just because
they have no medication, they couldn’t support the child,
they couldn’t release the fever. They had a little amount
of mix GaNS waters. And when she showed me
the bottle by picture I said, “That’s good, that’s better
than what I thought”, “because when I thought you
didn’t haven’t anything with you.” I said, “because the GaNS has been
in the… in the spray bottle,” I said, “Do not go below half,” I said, ” just keep on topping it up, and then
wait half an hour or ten minutes,” “you take… just half
and just keep on replenishing.” I said, “But, make a wish to bless the
water, that it will help your boy.” So I was just not giving her the
medication, because there is none, but I was giving her the courage. Not to panic, to give
more fear to the child, but to support the parents, with such
a little boy, who can’t move, who’s… I said, “Just give him
the confidence he can do it.” “By you blessing your water, to give it
to the child, to release the pain.” You work in the same way this lady,
in this picture is doing. I brought it forward,
it’s last year, or two years now. In a teaching, I said,
“You are already doing it everyday,” “Just become conscious, how you manifest,
this level of energy to give.” Then when you hold on to it,
and you teach it to your children, that they get the same level
of understanding. When my children came and said,
“Mama this is strange”, or “that is strange.” I encourage them to explore it more,
to see what they can create with it. But always to pass it
on to their friends. To go to school with the comfort,
nothing is gonna go wrong. Or when they see somebody
who’s suffering, to pass it on. These are the Plasma fields
which Mr Keshe is showing. This lady is achieving it
and she said, “I didn’t know!” Somebody, after this gathering,
passed her this picture, and she said,
“Because of this teaching” I did, she said, “I recognized, I saw!” So, it’s the first time I’m showing this,
but I had to cut it very nitty-gritty. it’s not so much, you don’t understand, it’s not so much, that it’s too difficult. It’s not! Is to accept,
that you are capable of doing it. And as the gentleman
earlier in the teaching said, “When I wish, it doesn’t happen.” “When I do it naturally,
I get my wish.” So, it’s the effort of creating
as Mr Keshe said in Barletta. One of the knowledge seekers was going
really forcing himself going to create, to create, it doesn’t work that way. Your giving has to be, with no attachment,
you just do it. But be comfortable that you can do it.
Then it creates itself. So, Mama’s, I do a call upon you again. But, also on the fathers,
because yesterday I wasn’t only guiding the mother,
I was also guiding the father. Because, they were really
both worried sick. This morning,
as I was here, I keep on checking my phone,
because I keep an eye on them. And I got the good news,
the fever has broken down. The child has start eating a little bit,
so I’m comfortable, that they are comfortable
that the boy will pull through. You have all the gifts, because
you already created your gifts, your children
are your gifts. Look at them as the sun,
because they radiate. I learn more from my children
in a different way, because they come and
show their world to you. They have their little secrets, but we are
so busy that we don’t listen to them anymore. They still are connected with
what Mr Keshe is trying to tell us. The innocence,
they are not attached, they are still free in their moving, and
through this freedom and non attachment, we can learn
a lot and absorb. But at the same time, when they go
off their path, as they’re growing up, we should correct them in their path,
that they are capable, there is no end,
of learning. We never had a teacher like Mr Keshe,
we have recieved so much, I sometimes I say by myself,
“Mehran, what do you expect, this is so beautiful, but they has to go
into depth, people can understand more. We never had this
to share to learn”. I told Klaus, I think last week, I said,
or it was Caroline I don’t remember. I remember an anecdote in Belgium,
we used to recieve students from Israel. All these students are usually
forced to go into military training, for so many years. When they get time out,
they come to events, like the Gentse Feesten
in Ghent for 10 days. And they can earn money by selling
T-shirts, Silver, but they have to stay with their
merchandise, because they are just or selling in tents
and on tables. so my sister, who made this
connection to get them to come and go, she said,
“you are all invited to the house, at least you can sleep a few nights
not on the floor, and you can have a decent meal,
and you can take a shower. And, somewhere
out of nowhere, I could feel the uneasyness
coming about religion. And, them being military,
I turned around, I said, “We not gonna have any discussions,”
I said, “I do not judge you,” “I know, you’re in certain conditions,
you do certain things.” I said, “but,
to talk about what religion
has to do with army and training, and being a soldier
as yourself”. I said, ” I, please I don’t wanna
go into any of this”. I said, “because”, I said,
“if you respect the ten commands, which are emplaced by
every religion, just those”. The ten, which Mr Keshe said this morning,
if you respect and learn every single one, but in the True
essence of it, I said, “we don’t need to discuss
anything anymore”. “It has nothing to do with religion, it has
nothing to do with you being a soldier”. Because if you respect,
then we will have a lot more easy times. Because, I asked Jacky two weeks ago
or one week ago, I said, “Jacky can you go into more depth
about the ten”, because I said, “if you connect them with
the teachings of Mr Keshe, people maybe,
have to find the side path to come back to
the main thing of the knowledge, to understand what stealing means,
and how they steal”. Because a lot of people..
Topoli..Sshh.. I’m sorry, we have new visitors.
Coming in.. Topoli, sshh.. He just saidm “Hallo”,
he want’s his share of saying hallo to everybody
as they’re coming in. He’s a good boy. The point is, we as women,
I’ve made a request to teach more. I’m not gonne go in totally science,
but I’m trying to find a path, that we can embrace the science,
with our Emotions. With our being Human beings,
and create a combination that we can understand
in an easier path. To make the connections for people
which are not so for in science, which say, “This goes above my head,
I don’t understand.” I want to give you the confident that
and the comfort that, women start understanding
what I asked in Dubai, but this was
a message to the man. Please invite your women, Please bring them
into the teachings. When children are attracted
to something like a Magnet, let them enjoy,
bring them on board, bring them to our teachings,
and our presentations. Don’t be afraid to share openly,
because mothers have an instinct of, “Yes I can apply this to my child today,
or I can show them a different path.” It’s to make it easier at everybody
that this word, it’s so, it’s, you don’t understand,
or you don’t comprehend, it’s not, it’s not there,
it’s for us women. Men have a certain structure they work in,
they’re beautiful, because they are doing their structures,
but they are disconnected with the balance of what we call women to,
we women to men we are like a nightmare, but we are not, we worship them,
we kiss them, we make sure
they are comfortable. The only thing i’m asking,
men, you have tasted the knowlege, you’re so happy, you’re so beautiful
doing and experimenting, and bringing so much
knowledge back. I’ve noticed, and Mr Keshe
has noticed as well, a lot of women are coming in,
tip toing, but they’re coming in. We are not gonna take over anything,
we are just on equal bases to share. But maybe, we can fill in the gaps,
by our sense of feeling, knowing it can
be done different. Or creeativity which men don’t have
time for it anymore, because they are to busy
with supporting the families. (CdR) But at least our women we can do the
cooking, we can do the tasting we can do the mixing,
and we can make a great soup. Which is a plasma soup
of knowledge. And the only thing I’m asking,
Is not taking over teachings, or I want to be part of it. And that’s what I
wish for the women to be part of it too. Because at the end, by the time we are
achieving enough knowledge. If we don’t bring our
women and children in. Then the next generation
will miss a huge opportunity. Because we cannot digest
everything in one go. We have to start sharing
from the base. And I know Mr Keshe is
already busy for the three years. And I been observing and I been learning
on my part. But I respond more faster into I how do I
feel, how can I do this? And when you allow yourself
to be Involved. You come up with solutions to
yourself to support. As I was trying to show
with this picture. You are already doing so many
things you are not aware of. So women, children and
please husbands, boyfriends, man, boys, bring
them in as Equal. There is no fight for level of
you’re higher or you’re lower, or you know more or
you know less. No! As you have heard and Mr Keshe
has repeated this quite a few times Our house is just one plasma house It’s
MaGravs, GANSes, Plasma. Star-formations Knowledge Seekers and everything to do
with it, It doesn’t stop. We Live, we breathe it
and we share it. As we are an example as a couple
to share the knowledge. And to be there for, if
wherever we can to support. I am just asking in this short time, Now
and Here try to do the same Bring your partners in say:
“Put everything down and come and have” “a look what I have achieved!”
like this gentleman just showed. He can show the direction of the fields
with normal water it doesn’t show with CO2 It shows, share and then transfer
it please to the children But explain to them
why they need to know. And that’s one of the paths we gonna have
to go to become one. When, because when I look in front of me
I didn’t do the count yet but I have one, Two, three, four, five,
six ladies in the house. Before, it was only a few, so my call in
Dubai has worked. And there is still man repeating
like in Rome they said: “I always remember you saying
“Women come in, come on board”” “Man bring your
women in!” Because wre’re gonna have to start
planting the seed of knowledge in our children that we can make
work teams. Because Mr Keshe is not going
to slow down He’s going to go faster
and faster and faster, And if we can go step by step maybe for a
lot of man it will make life easier as well, Because there are still
gaps in the knowledge Because, we don’t understand everything
but I think if we create the right mixture of Plasma, in fields and Emotions. I think
we will achieve a great soup of Plasma. That will be distributed
among Mankind. And I had very, very beautiful feeling
yesterday, twice. Because Mr Keshe always asked:
“How did you feel after the teaching?” And I can pinpoint him exactly
how everybody feel. Feels how the sense is from
a distance. I said: “It was such a good feeling!”
I said: “They were all so happy!” I said: “Or they felt very awkward you
know? They didn’t understand fully.” Yesterday, twice, when we
did the teaching in the medical I was present next
to Mr Keshe. I saw their struggle, I could feel the
struggle of the Souls. The doctors and then the Vets
with the animals: “How are we gonna
sort this out?” I said to Mr Keshe “For the animals they
don’t need to worry anymore!” “Because they already
have delivered.” “They already have donated their soul
to the work.” Because the first proofs
are there, it’s there. I said: “We can ease the Vets because it
was the Veterinarians which were making” “Having problems
with solving.” And then Mr Keshe came forward and he said
“That the last”, he offered it. And you could feel everybody
just went Phew…(long exhale) We don’t need
to worry anymore, we don’t need to worry
about the laws and the restrictions we can
let it to go free. Klaus text to me he said :
“I can’t move from my seat.” I had the same reaction from Sandy
yesterday when it was passed into the Universal Council she said, she says,
“I stopped with a smile!” “In the Universal
Council Meeting yesterday” She sent me a text this morning she says,
“I haven’t stopped smiling!” She said, “I haven’t stopped smiling this
is such a big burden off our shoulders!” Because the intent of every Knowledge
Seeker which came on board, To follow these teachings to receive this
knowledge, is to share and to give. Even Mr Keshe said ” My soul is lighter
because I could give so much and let go.” He was teasing me this morning,
I only realized it too late. He said, “But what if we only give it to
this and to that” And I’m immediately, as usual,
I jumped on my horse and I said, “Mr Keshe you cannot do this,
you cannot restrict it!” Klaus was feeling not easy either
and then Klaus realized, “Mr Keshe your joking right?” He said, “Of Course I’m Joking
we give it for free.” Because… Thank you Mr Keshe for this big gift to Humanity! And for all your gifts
you have brought. We really appreciate
and it cannot be said enough, We cannot express
our love enough. For all your gifts to Humanity. And we will carry
on loving you And the more we give you
the more we will receive. And the more mankind will go
to a higher level of understanding. Because, for sure I know
you gonna help us to get there. And more women are gonna come up
just to make the soup more tastier. With different flavors.
And I thank you so much. And I have to thank every single one
of you in the background. Because, I see Stanley,
I see Rick, I see Flint, I know Vince is in the
background somewhere And so many others supporting
Knowledge Seekers. Which were more or less there
from the beginning. I’m sorry if we do not express
our gratitude enough. Because, there is huge amount of work
done in the background by so many. My request is, For, all you listeners to say Thank You to
all those who are supporting day and night To make the Foundation
the way it is. And to keep it stable
and moving forward. Thank you all,
for you hard work. I’m gonna hand over the microphone,
back to Mr Keshe. And then I will sit with the team in the
background to see how we can bring more different ways of teaching. But to make
sure it reaches as many as possible. Thank you all. Bye everyone (RC) Thank you, Caroline. Thank you. (MK) … Sorry, we are back. If there are any more questions we can
answer, but something which .. two things Caroline raised and it’s… It’s in so many way important to see,
looking beyond, what it was said. When she speaks about the mother
giving your water to the child You remember what we talked, that if you
want Gold, you can have it in the palm of your hand, through your intention.
This is what the mother carries. In Deep Space there are no pharmaceuticals
it’s the intention of the Emotion. If one understands this, it will change
a lot of things for Mankind. You don’t need chest drawers of medicine
now that you understand the work of the Soul. And gradually, those who graduate in the
elevation of the Soul will understand this. You don’t need to kill to eat, you don’t
need to do anything wrong and in the time of need you
create what you need. These things will come more and more
as we go along. People learn more and in a way
as I said, “We are here to enlighten.
We are not here to teach.” When you understand your own
capabilities You become the other magnets to
the illness of the child. You are stronger, you can take
and you reduce the others, that’s all it is you do. You don’t give the water to the child before you touch the water
and put your intentions in it. You have put, because of the line
of the birth to the child, you have already taken it. If one day Man matures to the point
of understanding of measuring, you’ll find the mother will carry some
of the intentions and the pain to herself. This is how, what we call,
‘Double Magnetic Field’. It’s not the water, it’s the intention
which has brought it, but we have to see what the conditions
are, and appropriate for it. The other point is, a lot of you say, “How come he is giving such advanced
technology in Cancer away to people, and not making money out of it’? The thing is,
as I always say… this is, your deaf to it,
and very much deaf. I always say, “The Keshe Foundation
is paying for the research.” The research, the funds for it, came from
selling of the books and equipments and everything else
which you have bought. So in fact you
already paid for it. The only people who take it and run away
with it, are by nature, what I call it, a ‘thief’. They put nothing into the Foundation,
which is the Soul of the Humanity and they want to take and run.
So… If you think, we are giving
the Cancer in a blueprint, is because we
have paid with our Souls. As I said many times, a lot of people
know around the Foundation We don’t carry
hidden bank accounts. What we take,
we take when we need. And so, when it comes,
we put it there, and we give it. I’m sure we’ll receive more
in the coming time, because many parents, many children will
hold on to their fathers and the mothers and many people will hold on to their
children which they are told, “You have leukemia, you have
a Cancer”, of this and that. Many, many people will walk away from
Cancer, as I said, “like a headache.” We are here to set and change the
course of Humanity and many times
Caroline and I, we said, “The only way the Foundation
work will be, touch the Humanity,
is through the health” ¨”When they get touched with
their own being.” Energy unit was a, what you call, ‘people
who came and they stole and they ran’. We are not releasing one energy unit,
but we’re releasing, if those who understand what is to be
released on Sunday, on Tuesday next week and apply it, to understand it, you can
produce any medicine in the Universe. Medicine being, a position of comfort,
to guarantee the survival. The blueprint on Tuesday
is the beginning of how Man will survive
in the depth of the Universe. And if you look, just making the GaNSes,
you have already lost. Because you never understood,
the GaNS of Universe is you. We just show you the process
how to do it. Those of you who go and take
the tablets and make GaNSes, then you’ll understand
you haven’t learned anything yet. Many teachings I teach about
dynamic cores. Don’t forget that you are the
dynamic core itself. We look forwards to see you on Tuesday.
We present two papers. With the permission of scientists in Tokyo
we will show interim report on a third one which is the animals which are,
already gone through the process. But, come with one thing in your heart
when you come Don’t come to learn how
to walk away from the Cancer. Come with the understanding, blessing
the sacrifice of those lives which was done. When they gave their lives.
When we slaughtered these animals. The 50 mouses which we had to…
trying to inject cancer into what.. they were
so resistant, that the injections of the Cancers
by the doctors, caused their death. I think, before we start
Thursday morning. It’s tradition of Man
to keep silent for a minute. Maybe it’s time to
keep silent for the animals, the Souls we sacrificed,
to save our lives. This is how we pay respect. We go to a football match and the football
player who played for us for a while and he brought us some pleasure.
We keep silent for a minute. Maybe, we stay silent for a time, to respect those Souls who gives us
the gift of Life, in this process. Thank you very much. We see you Tuesday morning on the
Health Blueprint or Cancer Blueprint Please go to universities.
Please go to the doctors. Says, “There is a stupid guy who says
he’s found the solution for the Cancer.” “Would you like to come
and listen to him?” In this way, we’ll find out we are more
stupid because we share it so freely. It worth a lot. But the beauty of it is,
as we done before, we have broken the shackle of
copyrights, patents and the rest of it. And this is the beauty of it. Keshe Foundation Ghana in the coming
weeks will release a hugh amount of this material for Cancer in Africa. We put a value on it.
but we let the people do. Those of you who use it, donate back
to the Foundation through your Soul. that we can receive more,
to share more. The financial expenses of development
will carry on. Somehow the Foundation always has come
up with a way to meet its demands when it comes to social structure changes
and this is one of them. Today we are in position to
be able to change a lot of things. And we are the only organization
who gives freely, earns freely and
naturally shares freely. In a way that
we’ve been told. I would like to thank again
the structure of the leadership in Ghana for supporting the
Foundation so heavily. And through it we’ll shine. Through it, because
of the sincerity of the Man who brought the Soul of
the Foundation to Ghana, Benjamin. He brought it with a beautiful Soul
and we see the changes. The person or the people who are
coming to build the station, they are in such a hurry
to get there, to start the work. We thank you for your support and for your
dedication in supporting what we can do. To those of you
who are members of the Universal Council, the Earth Council
and the Core team, please stand by, till we get a decision
from the Ghanaian government. On my return on the meeting
with the Office of the Presidents, and the Vice Presidents,
we will get a framework of when they would like
to see, to come in. And as we said, “We have to respect the Nation
as they are serving Humanity, better than the Western world has.” Thank you very much for today and
hopefully, hopefully by Tuesday we have some points that
by the following weeks we get people who will write to the
Foundation and say, “Thank you, I don’t have a cancer.
It was easier than getting rid of a headache.” Thank you very much. (RC) Thank you Mr Keshe. And I’ll
just put up the Keshe Foundation site and remind people
that they can… I would… it show up
on my screen here… there we are …that they can click
on the “donate button” on the upper right-hand
corner of the website. and that’ll take you to a page
where you can donate, either directly to the bank account
or there’s some new buttons now for donation amounts of 10,
100 and 1000 Euros. And you can click on those
and they’ll take you to a site at the Keshe Foundation store. Where you
can make a donation that way. And also the Keshe Foundation USA
if you want to make a donation through Paypal.
(VV) Rick? Just to let you know it opened in a
new window. So, we’re not able to see it. (RC) Oh! Okay, let me re-share there. Okay, that was the store then,
that that button opens up into. (MK) You got to realize…
Thank you very much. You got to realize we are on the verge
of a huge change in another direction. In the next few weeks,
hopefully in a short time, after the blueprint,
we will release the “food program”. How to feed yourself through
GaNS Plasma Technology. Which means,
you receive all the energy you need and the hunger
becomes a point of the past. This will be the biggest achievement,
once we can do it, because this
will change the course. especially in 95% of the Nations,
who can’t afford feeding their own people. As I always say, “According to Universal,
or what we call United Nations statistic There are more hungry people-
more children go to sleep hungry in United State,
than the rest of the World.” This is amazing. 15% of the children in the United State
go to bed hungry. 4% in Africa, because in Africa,
you an go up the tree. In United State you have to rob a bank or
break into a shop to get into a freezer. This is a change.
We see it, it’s beautiful. I stood many times in Africa and I watched
people just to up the tree, pick a banana. You don’t need to rob. You get if you take a coconut. Many times I sit,
and I watch, it’s a pleasure. The people don’t touch,
because they know, they’re reaching an
understanding of the whole process. There is no, what we see,
the limitation of change. I think with the whole process of
the Keshe Foundation will come to light, when the powers will start shortening
or the food shortage comes in one way or another. And then people think
“Oh I can get GaNS”. The GaNS food systems,
the dynamics, it’ll become part of the corner stone of work, of the
Keshe Foundation, in the coming time. Thank you very much,
see you on Tuesday morning. And please when you come,
make sure you bring a scientist from the
pharmaceutical with you. Have you ever seen
an organization to do this? Bring the enemies
that they become friends, because then they know
they lost everything. It’s better for them to understanding
then us telling them and they come to it,
they have to fight it. And, it works.
I tell you it works, because I’ve seen it. When I worked with Olivier,
good friend of ours, Keshe Foundation. One of the best friends of
Keshe Foundation from the beginning, maybe the only one. When we walked into
Strasbourg Space University, two of us. We went to see, there was a big conference
of NASA, Lockheed Martin and Boeing, to do with the Space program. There was
a conference, a couple of hundred people. We informed them that we are going.
They already knew, as part of our work And, Olivier and I… They stopped the Conference, because the
head of Conference was from Boeing and he had to be,
he wanted to be in this meeting. We sat with a few of them together and they
wanted to understand the explanation of the new technology and I never did such
a simple thing to them. I just showed them a magnet in one hand
and I showed another magnet I said,
“Look! Does it need fuel?” “I just position it where I want,
I absorb.” The top man, he said, “Mr Keshe, in a simple way you have changed
the whole history of the Space Technology, we don’t need fuel to burn.” It was very simple,
but we saw very rapidly, in a coming time, we don’t
see anymore American shuttles They stopped the whole shuttle rocket
business because they realized. Now, one of the most experienced,
what you call, ‘astronauts’ in the American NASA program,
is a man from South America. And he says to me, “I have no clue but I’m heading the Plasma
Technology of the NASA into Space.” Because they realized, the game has
changed into Plasma Technology. That’s why you suddenly saw they
curtail, the end of the shuttle business. A simple demonstration, the simple
understanding of the Man of power of what the game change is. In the past couple of days, I put a hand
out to NASA again, for collaboration. This sits in the corridor of power in Washington
if we start the collaboration. Which I don’t think they will refuse it
because it’s a lot of unemployment, a lot of proportion, guys can’t be
unemployed. Seven thousand of them.
They have to protect the job. But, as we said,
“We always tell what we do.” I’ve asked the American Government for the opening of the Keshe Foundation
collaboration with NASA. And, as you know,
we have good friends inside. And, I’m doing again the same thing: Knowledge in exchange for collaboration
and Peace, and it works all the time. So, if we succeed with NASA, I know these
guys who are behind calling. That’s why he’s a crook,
“It’s this, don’t do, don’t do that.” But you have to understand who
make people, who make the NASA. The NASA is already watching them. because we know what they’re
doing in the background. It is our job to share the knowledge freely
and in sharing it, we share a lot. Because we bring more people to share with us
then we have more that we can share. On Tuesday we share the knowledge
and I promise you one thing: we will touch the Soul of the Man. After Tuesday the Keshe Foundation
will become a Worldwide name and we bring a lot of people in. Because, if you were in Rome and you saw
the pictures which Dr Rodrigo shared, there is no doubt
the technology works, and I think that’s touching. When I showed it to, some of the
influential people, very recently. To them, watching
a woman with that Cancer and nothing there with surviving of the life,
he changed their mind. Very powerful man, and he understood.
I said to him, “You see this, this is not for you, to make
you wealthier, you’re wealthy enough.” Take it to the government,
and we want to collaborate, that the whole Nation benefits by it. You become billiard.., rich as you are. And the next day
he cancelled our meeting. He said, “I’m going to the government,
come back, because it has to be done by them.” People understand this.
You got to share. Call all the pharmaceuticals
as many as you can, all the doctors as many as you can,
to come to the Tuesday meeting. It does not mean
we’re gonna be successful in everything but it means we have to learn
where we are not successful to cover it. But from the data we have and I thank…
I’ve recieved many texts from Tokyo in, since this program.
that they say, “we are proud to go, it doesn’t matter if our
lives are in danger. We are ready to share.” And you will understand,
some of them are already sacrificed a lot. Their position, their jobs in the University.
That has been compromised. But the government is standing by
to see what’s the next step. If you are a japanese listener
we have huge support in Japan. Go back to your government the way we did the
demonstration in Fukushima and it brought TEPCO in
for collaboration. And tell them, “Millions of people who
are getting Cancer because of Fukushima” “now the technology is on the table.” “And it’s down the road, this literally
sits in the Tokyo University.” This is mainly done in Japan
because Japan is one of, one of the real countries
which needs. The amount of Cancer is so huge that
the Government has no hold of. After five or six years,
now the Cancer self-matured. The death rates from
Fukushima is increasing. The government burden
will run on behind anything that it can solve the problem.
But one of the main things with this is if… This thing works. With the human being, why don’t we
flood the oceans with it? With all the cancers, we caused
in the animals and the oceans That’s one of the biggest problems.
We go and spray different chemicals to overcome, oil spill and the
oceans to protect the beaches I think the time has come that
we have to do the same with GaNS We are discussing it at the
highest level with some organizations. Because, if we can, once you see it,
once people understand it, can spray this, we see strange animals in different parts of
the world, in the oceans coming up, because of Fukushima,
because of the cancer they had. So we solve the problem.
It’s it doesn’t cost much to save the life of a man,
or a fish or whatever. This is what the change is. We,
we are talking in the coming time, One of the reasons I am in a hurry
to release the cancer, is because I know the
developments in the background, which will affect
totally, the World economy. You will understand. We started with the cancer. We test the man with the MAGRAV System,
and we saw the greed of the man. Those who made and saved
never come and talk. Those who could not
understand to rob, they all shouted. This time,
they steal from their souls. We teach, we release the cancer,
and with it, we run different projects behind it,
and the other one is the feeding. When we sort out the food,
and the health, more or less, sixty percent
of the world economy will collapse. You will see. I know where we are going
and as I said, bring all the people you
think are opposition, pharmaceuticals, write everywhere on
the facebooks, on the internet, Youtubes, a crazy guy is releasing free
the knowledge of Cancer. And we show the data. And, what will it be
stupid for them, not to copy it. Because, the World economy
is very simple. If everybody is making it,
we’ll do some of it. And the beauty of it is,
the data is so solid, done by one of the most reputable
scientists in the World. Signed, he signed documents himself,
he’s so proud. He said, “Tokyo University sack
me from it, doesn’t matter.” “I, we done the job.
The reality doesn’t hide.” As I said many times, we change the course on Tuesday,
because this time we touch the Soul of the Man and it’s
Physicality together. Less than one Euro,
what I call one ‘Euro Cancer Return’. If you understand it, if you follow
the process the way we do, we advise you to leave it
to the pharmaceauticals to sell it to you
at two Euro a piece, You don’t need to pay
fifteen thousand. But, from what we see,
twenty tablets is more than enough. We’ve seen the reversal with,
literally three feeds. Not more. And the calculation
by the scientists, Pharmiologists,
they tell us, 0.8 milligram is enough
for a 100 kg body. Total cost of,
let’s say ten dose, maybe, I don’t know,
five cents, ten cents. We have supply for 120,000
in our reserves in, Tokyo. And that will go only to
the Japanese community, because it’s made by Japan
for them, for their society. Then we’ll see where we go.
But please, write it everywhere, I don’t mind to be made a fool of, when
I know I serve, what I am going to serve. So, use me as a fool, say the idiot says
he can do the Cancer for one Euro. I’ll will be that idiot, but I know
what is the next step. Thank you very much for today.
We’ll see you on Tuesday, at Nine O’clock Central
European Time. (RC) Very good, thank you Mr.
Keshe, thank you very much. (MK) … you came too late,
he says greeting to all. Thank you very much. (RC) Okay,
we look forward to Tuesday. Okay, that will be the end of the
167th Knowledge Seekers Workshop, for April 13, 2017 and as always, thank you everybody
for attending, and we’ll stop the
Livestream now. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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