72 thoughts on “16-year-old arrested after fight with teacher at Iroquois High”

  1. She was the aggressor so why was he charged but she gets to continue teaching how to abuse children. She is the adult and she should have conducted herself better then that. She should ve fired if you cant handle kids get another job we dont won't you teaching our children.
    White supremacy is strong with the force "Luke Skywalker.

  2. It looked to me like the teacher instigated that. They can say what they want but she could have sent him to the office, there was no need for all that. When you say I ain't scared of you, those are fighting words. She is equally at fault. If it was my child I would lawyer up and jcps would be sued

  3. Give me a break! When God was taken out of our schools that allowed the devil to come in. The question is were the teacher and the student disciplined for their behavior?

  4. If you seen the full video he pushed her first. They were both in each other’s faces making verbal threats. In my opinion no one is right in this situation. I think the teacher should be fired as well. As a teacher you shouldn’t be getting in a child’s face she literally instigated the situation. And the boy obvi has no home training so he does deserve to be charged.

  5. If the tables had been turned ( no pun intended), and the genders switched, no one…absolutely NO ONE would be defending a male teacher for throwing a female student across the floor. Fuck off with your fucking double-standard nonsense. Women get away with EVERYTHING in this world…EVERYTHING. Disgusting. We also know if this had been a black teacher throwing a white student around, whether the student had been male or female, the BLACK teacher would have been both charged AND fired. This woman is a teacher and had no damned right putting her fucking paws on that child. Her ass should not only be fired, but thrown in jail. She's the adult, she should know better.

  6. Typical ghetto, disruptive nigroach who feels like no one can tell him anything. This is why they keep getting fucked up.

  7. Once your precious child starts shit in class the parents should be forced by the court to sit in classes with precious child and protect him from the attacks of class room etiquette

  8. Blacks are violent? What? What? But on tv shows they are sooo nice and respectful just like white people… this
    Most be fake news.

  9. Teens now a days are just out of control, they wanna think that they are grown and able to act however they want while running their filthy mouths, then they and their parents wanna pull the minor card..if you wanna act grown and be disrespectful you get what you get when an adult beats your ass or in this case, prosecuted…when teens act this act out in school, fighting a teacher should be the last straw, kick their asses out of school. When they are working at McDonald's or prolly no job at all, and their actual adult life is shit, welcome to being an adult, life is hard..
    P.s. No high school diploma, no fucking welfare benefits…failed drug test = no benefits of any kind from anywhere…again, welcome..

  10. White women think that whenever they violently assault someone it is "self-defense." The white woman teacher charges across the room to beat up the minor. If it is was a white male teacher or (gasp) the teacher was a person of color, they'd already be locked up and the media would label them a predator. So sick of white women getting to "play innocent victim" when they are the violent perpetrators.

  11. HOW IN THE HELL does a teacher ASSAULT a student for not putting away a phone??? He shouldn't have been arrested-SHE SHOULD HAVE!!!! He is a minor and SHE ASSAULTED HIM with the chest bumps…..is he supposed to just keep letting her do it?? Black parents teach our children to defend themself when necessary……..AND THIS WAS NECESSARY!!! I would be in jail if a teacher touched my child in that way OR any other!! ABSOLUTE FACTS!!! White people are REALLY gettin' besides themselves. Police & jail are the only thing that saves them from the 'DO UNTO OTHERS' motto-and they know it! Smh ……racist ass country-

  12. I see people blaming schools taking god out of schools. I blame religion being forced in schools and people's lives

  13. This part starts around 10:30, part where he shoves the teacher. https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1036348932484456448 Remember, you have to stand your ground with them or they will keep going, possibly kill you and they will get away with it. At least 2 got away with murder last year and there were witnesses.

  14. that white teacher needs to be fired IMMEDIATELY. No teacher should ever attack a student like that and if she can't control her classroom any better than that, she's INCOMPETENT and needs to be replaced with a more culturally competent teacher.

  15. For all you dummies who are falling for this edited video, here is the entire thing showing the black student pushing the teacher and then she pushes back, which is where this news story started their video. https://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhGtaFPIxw2UcN7QZv

  16. the kids in the wrong and so is the teacher for not stopping when she should have,,,but the worst guy is the guy they interview who thinks its okay to have an armed guard at a school….90 percent of what young kids do is bluff,its usually the adults that react wrong,add guns to that and an excuse to use em like a (guard)…its just asking for even more trouble.

  17. Maybe it was defense when she pushed him after he pushed her. But after that it was no longer defense once she came towards him again.

  18. I am really amazed how everyone only blames the black kid in the comments. So it's ok when the white trailer trash teacher hits like a cage fighter but not ok when the black boy does it, it's then called an assault.. I am white but this is pure bullshit based on race, kick the bitch from school too, they are both equally wrong.

  19. should have broken his jaw with his bad ass…. deserve a lot more than a few punches from a woman… his parents are giving tearful interviews? no home training

  20. And why is the minor the only charged when the teacher was brawling too? Imagine that being black teacher and a white kid.

  21. Wow the double standard here. You see other videos of a male teacher defending himself the narrative is “a teacher needs to show restraint and never put their hands on a student, they are the adult.” But when it’s a female teacher, the narrative is “it’s sad that a teacher was put in the position that they needed to defend themself.”

  22. Shame that some teachers don't know how to connect with students, and lack the relational skills to ensure that a simple request to put away a cell phone won't result in fisticuffs. Keep this animal far away from children. She needs more training.

  23. Thats another day in the office in Mexican schools 😂

    You make a big deal

    Jk thats fucked up. That kid should get discipline

  24. She is not just defending herself. If the guy did push her first, she should have backed off and reported him; he would get expelled, and possibly charged. Instead, she's throwing down like an absolute champ. Fire her ass.

  25. I still think that teacher should be respected by everyone, whatever the situation made that student acting like that is a shame.

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