16 Personalities as Substitute Teachers

(school bell ringing) – Okay, everybody, I'm
your sub for today's class. I never thought I'd be using
my masters in organic chemistry to teach the periodic table to a bunch of dead-eyed teenagers, but
such is life, here I am. Now get out your textbook. Welcome to Spanish class, apparently. I don't know any Spanish,
just being real with you here. But I did have to hitchhike home once after waking in Tijuana,
so we should be good. We have come to the portion of the class where I will take roll call. This should take no more than 90 seconds. When you hear your name
called, reply with present. Nothing else, no funny
business, thank you. A-Aron. All right, so your
teacher, Mrs. WhatsHerName, left some worksheets for you to do, but they are quite boring. So instead, I found a really
cool experiment on YouTube that we're gonna try, involving
hairspray and a lighter. Let's do this thing. Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa! Do you usually get away with that behavior in Mrs. WhatsHerName's class? Well, I don't care. She's not the teacher today, I am. All me, all day, all right? You got that? You want to try anything else? Is this a game with you? Let's try to get the sub fired? Huh, is that what you're doing? I don't care, I'll take you down with me. All right, guys, let's fire up some Hamlet 'cause English class is lit. Ha-ha, you know what I'm saying? Do you get the joke? Lit like literature, but
it's also a cool word that the kids say. There is so much untapped
potential in this room right now. Imagine what you all could accomplish if you just put your mind to
it, if you set some goals, if you thought critically, if you engaged in collaborative learning, if you just put away your
phones for five minutes. Here's our next word problem everybody. Susie goes to the
supermarket to buy bananas. There are six bananas in each bunch. If Susie eats 32 bananas a day, I'm sorry, why is she
eating 32 bananas a day? What is wrong with her? I'm sorry to hear that, that you got dumped right before prom. That really sucks. But, look, you're gonna make it through. I believe in you, okay? You got this, all right? All right, I hope everyone
else's weekend was good. Let's start by looking at the homework. Timmy, look, I appreciate your opinion that Charles Dickens is
lame, A-word, garbage, trash, but look, the Western canon
of literature disagrees. Who are we to say that we
know better than they do? So, let's shut your
mouth and read the book. (upbeat music) Oh, yeah, I can keep this up. All class period. Jimmy, are you passing notes in class? No note passing, give me that. (paper crackles) Let's see what Jimmy had to say, huh? "This sub is lame." Well, at least I don't
have a donkey face, Jimmy. All right, everyone, I feel uncomfortable grading that pop quiz that you just took. Even though it's multiple choice, who am I to say what is
right and what is wrong? So instead of an
arbitrary numerical score, I'm gonna come around and
give each of you a sticker, which represents how I
feel about your work. "Oh, that this too, too
sullied flesh would melt, "thaw, and resolve itself into a dew. "Or that the Everlasting had not fixed "His canon 'gainst self slaughter, O God." God, that is how I feel
right now in this classroom. Timmy, let me answer you candidly. The lesson we're gonna
learn today, trigonometry, is never gonna come up
again in your real life, but you need to pass this class so that you can eventually
pass high school so that you can go to college and take on massive amounts of debt, and then graduate from college and get a degree that is
more or less worthless and that you'll never actually use again. But you need that degree to get a job, because you need a job to make money, 'cause you need money to be a person and to live in today's society. So, Timmy, if you want to live, you need to learn trigonometry. Okay, so the Stamp Act was passed by British Parliament in March of 1765. And this is so boring, please follow me, we are gonna sneak outside
and play some kickball. I don't know any Spanish,
except for hola and carnitas. Excuse me, excuse me. Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me. (laughing)

46 thoughts on “16 Personalities as Substitute Teachers”

  1. ENTP here. People say I could be a good teacher, but why shoulder that
    responsibility when I can have a BETTER job and just continue my hobby
    translating what educators teach into a form I know my struggling peers
    would understand better?

  2. It's me that always forget what i will explain wkwk it's like i know but i really don't know to explain it :")
    I will just make sure that everything is oke and make my class enjoy with it
    It's like my student is same like me with no clue what we will do hahahaha #ENFP

  3. Not an ENFJ but I know one and he is a lot funnier but still straight to the point and he gets kids to listen without repeating stupid rules all the time I think he‘s actually a magician
    ENFJ‘s make the best teachers in my opinion🤷🏻‍♀️

  4. ENFP, yeah so me. I would say to the kids "look, I don't have any idea what it is but we can open google or youtube and we will be fine"

  5. I work at an elementary school as a recess supervisor, was a teacher for a short while at a daycare in the kindergarten room and that INFJ part was too real lmao especially with the middle schoolers

  6. INTJ here!
    I've actually substituted a class, and did something very similar to that!
    No tolerance for the stupid, incompetent, and lazy distrupting me from teaching. Ran smoothly once those boundaries were clearly set.
    My daughter being in the class, saying "She means it. She's not making idle threats", and behaving, didn't hurt any.

  7. why is enfp always portrayed so well :O "welcome to…… spanish class,,,, apparently??" HAHHHAHAH YOOOOOOO also i used to do that for my presentation classes all the time. gotta freestyle and the topic always go out of line we dont even talk about the topic itself anm

  8. Omg! Intp
    I was like "why is she doing that? that's a stipid idea. How can she afford that many bananas every day? Who the fuck wrote this problem? Why is it even bananas?"

  9. Yay for ESFP! 💫 It’s always a good time with us 😁.
    Great job Frank. I 💓 these videos!

  10. It seems that the only personality that I liked was the infj. That is a kind teacher and I had a few of those and I always felt comfortable in their classes and I learned the most from them. Great job! Frank James infj teacher of the year! Love, Carly💜

  11. I am a substitute teacher and this was beautiful…(also that A-aron reference 🤣👌🏼)

    And yes, I definitely have said the "I'm sorry about _____" to the class or a student, and thought in my head many of the same things the other personalities said 😂

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