152nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop December 29, 2016

5 thoughts on “152nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop December 29, 2016”

  1. The thing is we need to understand that we are the ship we are the plasma we are the universe we are trans dimensional …it is hard to get only because we have never been taught to understand the true connection ….Our ship is our soul…..our vessel correct….that is what I feel..

  2. Just as when the man said he is at peace, it is understanding the true intention of love, of one another, and living our lives in the service of others. No ego, just peace and love..not an easy thing to get ego out of the way…It takes a lot of understanding of what makes us tick and our true intention .. Peace and love. I have always felt that I am the universe, I am the field, I am connected to all things. I wrote a Story called Cosmic Kiss 8 years ago that is all about my connection to life in a fun way. As a child I have always felt this way. But society took a hold of me and took away my true self, and the conditioning and structure of a society you are raised in. Tells you how to live how to be, how to think … We all are brain washed and become followers, and not leaders. We are not taught to reach our true potential, an seek out the truth in life….Understand out souls, our hearts, and the pineal gland. that semi conductor of a higher being. We are taught to be the opposite. I have five videos on u tube for my story which was fun an amazing. My issue was not my beliefs. I have always loved the earth and life. and people always wanting to help. This gift made me a target for being abused by others, was very easy to see I was a giver.. For having a true love of life. My issue for me, my challenge was to learn not to allow others to abuse me, it was a long history of being abused, hard to change. I just started accepting the behavior and then started to think it is just how it is..I I came to accept the abuse as normal, at some point in my life. I have always been loving and giving yet, I learned and was conditioned to think, do whatever it takes to survive. Tolerate the abuse of others they know not better. But being a door mat is not the answer either. I have come full circle, and like the man in Africa, feel like I am in that place, no one can ever take my love for granted, and I know who I am. It is work to get to that point, when we live in a society that dictates and conditions the youth of today, to live based on the materialism, greed and hate.. This has been taught for long long time, and nothing about love, compassion, service, humility, integrity…Once you succeed in truly understanding your self , the sou. I believe then you becomes a sponge, a seeker of knowledge, when your ready, for the higher level of intelligence and learning. It is work to get to the point, as I have been conditioned like most, in not understanding what life is truly about..our true connection. The wonderful fibonaci sequence, the never ending spiral….. Sadly why does it have to take a catastrophe for one to get it….even as a nation..to want to grow and learn. I share the knowledge the best I can. ..Now we know…but living it everyday. understanding gratitude, and thoughtfulness…free of any outside influences……live from your heart, and soul..Love yourself seek the truth. .Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself who am I…..I am Love…..I am all life, I am a teacher, I am a giver, I am not my ego….I am my soul…..I am peace….I am a work in progress for the greater good of all……If it's the opposite you have much work to do but do ask do look and be honest with yourself. You cannot kid the kidder…

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