15 SKILLS That Will Pay Off Forever

23 thoughts on “15 SKILLS That Will Pay Off Forever”

  1. Hey Aluxers, Which of these skills are you currently developing for yourself?
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  2. I have spent many years struggling with life and recently been trying to make it all better and have been using alot of these skills to do so, i only come accross this vidio today but after watching it and compairing it to my own ups n downs i wish id found this vidio a long time ago as it fits perfect

  3. another 2 skills that will benefit You for Life, in addition to 1 and 10, are learning how to read fast and learning Languages; there is a method of reading text through instant visualising, where instead of reading word by word One captures the entire page with the text in 1 go; regarding Languages-it is always a useful skill, as We live in a World where almost everything depends on communication. some People say "I don't have a talent to learn other Languages"-well, it's not about talent or lack thereof, almost every Person on this Planet has learnt at least 1 Language that He/She didn't speak before, as when We are born-We don't speak any Language, it is part of our nature to learn how to speak, and it is the Brain's purpose to learn in general, just like the purpose of the stomach is to break down and mix food. One can learn any Language One wants, and the more Languages One has so far learnt, the easier it gets to master another. it was said in the video "read for self-development, not for entertainment"-or something of that sort-ha, reading a good novel for relaxation and entertainment may perfectly contribute to self-development, especially if another Language. the same goes for watching [some] tv shows šŸ˜‰ -a few Alux videos point out that watching tv is a waste of time-yes, I agree-in most cases, it does not have to be though, provided that your choice of show is right and You keep watching under control-not get addicted to it, that You end up having to watch it on a daily basis, or spend the entire day watching, from dawn till dawn šŸ˜‰ šŸ™‚

  4. Raising my EQ. Btw, I love watching all your videos. A true blessings to knowledge seekers. The Alux team never fails on teaching/impressing me. šŸ¤ŸšŸ¼ā¤
    S I M U L A T E

  5. To run a company has the time to read a book, I use the internet or you tube to learn what i want to know. A self learning process, what i did when started managing local bands, learned everything music, from sound, PA manufactures, song writing and more all things music, like audio books,

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