34 thoughts on “15 Political and Economic Definitions – Current Affairs – Hot Topics – with PT education”

  1. Namaste and welcome! Hope to have the same love and support for Current Affairs – Hot Topics series, as for the CA with PT

  2. Sir it is my sincere request to restart your current affairs series ones again. It is the best thing on internet i have come across a long time ago. Please Sir inflluencing power you have will go like a smoke . Please sir reignite the fire.

  3. adam smith is the father of economics they wrote The wealth of the nation in 1776 they from scotland

  4. आपका सत्र हमेशा लाभदायक होता है। आपके ग्यान की गंगा हमारे अंतर्मन को फलीभूत कर देती है।
    आपका सहृदय धन्यवाद, आपको अंदाज़ा नहीं होगा उतना हम आपसे प्यार और जहा भी मौका मिले अपना सिक्का ज़माने से पीछे नहीं रहते। और हर जगह हम सफल होते हैं।
    पुनः आपको नमस्कार और पूरी टीम को धन्यवाद। 😘

  5. One of the fantastic work you're doing guys. ..you're the real one who making India. …a great combination of teacher & students

  6. Very nice.. Thanks.. 3/4 घंटे का विडियो नहीं देखा जा पाता था…. ऐसे ही Chhote video bnayiye plz.. Thanks

  7. You are doing supercalifragilisticexpialidocious job keep it up Sir.
    Please raise the standards.

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