13 Gravity Falls Life Lessons – (Tooned Up S2 E20)

we know you're still upset that gravity falls is over so are we the inhabitants of the mystery Shack left such a deep mark on anybody lucky enough to have watched the show in its initial run we laughed we cried and when you think about it we learned some pretty intense life lessons along the way i'm neil mcneil and today on Channel Frederator we're going to be doing some deep thinking for you all because we know how much you love it when we overanalyze your favorite cartoons so get ready because we're cutting down the 13 best life lessons that gravity falls ever taught us let's get started number 13 know your audience let's start off with something vague but important for any kind of performer politician or businessman knowing your audience is the key to success if you want to flourish you have to be savvy enough to know how to address people in a way that inspires if you make a terrible TV commercial where you joke that most people make it out alive or try to win your like total bass over by arguing that the Statue of Liberty is our hottest landmark chances are you won't get very far watch Stan Pines do the opposite and you'll get in great shape but this point goes both ways considering that the main antagonist of the series is someone who has the power to possess bodies and will lie to you in order to get what he wants one fills ciphers major strengths is his ability to manipulate your desires to his advantage in other words he knows his audience and will play the part he needs to to succeed everyone falls for it at some point dipper Mabel Ford Gideon builds a more capable con man than Stan so it's smart to maintain some skepticism when dealing with salesmen politicians or anyone else trying to persuade you to do something number 12 reality is an illusion the universe is a hologram buy gold ah ha you didn't think bill cipher could give some sound advice did you I mean we don't think the universe is a hologram and if you can afford it buying gold can be a pretty good idea but this line seems to be gravity falls is more tongue-in-cheek version of a similar but more somber line from its sibling series Rick and Morty nobody exists on purpose nobody belongs anywhere everybody's gonna die come watch TV which brings us to Bill's first point reality is an illusion this is coming from someone who in a very large way is himself an illusion he can only exist in the mindscape until the rim and while there are no mind hopping demigods I mean as far as we know it's worth taking a second to pause and consider the subjectiveness of reality after all nobody exists on purpose right and your life experiences aren't anything like that of your mom your dad your friends or your neighbors due to your own experiences how your mind works what complexes or fears or dreams you may have any number of factors these nuances and personal experience are what bill preys on so he should know and while we might have just freaked you out the beauty here is that all this makes you unique unless you get into all those multi-dimensional Rick and Morty shenanigans but even then there's the rikiya strip some people like bill use their train of thought as an excuse to become a monster follow the belief that they're better than everybody else so to ground yourself remember nobody exists on purpose see we just took a funny quote and through some major existentialist philosophy on you number 11 a blank slate is in a clean one there's an entire secret society and gravity falls dedicated to erasing people's memories when something traumatizing happens but the Society of the blind eye suppose a trauma scale stretches from mildly surprising to life ruining nobody has ever used the memory erasing gun more than poor old man mcgucket who had a good reason to want to forget whatever horrors he may have witnessed in bills dimension but who paid for his suppose at peace of mind the fact is mcgucket still suffers from a vague ominous feeling and now he's aged and lost his mind as well which brings us to our lesson a blank slate isn't a clean one in other words our friends Timon and Pumbaa lied to us with a whole hakuna matata ordeal the past occurred whether you remember it or not and you're not better off running away from it even if you wish every day that you could forget it if anything avoiding traumatizing experiences can often have more dire consequences than facing them head-on let's say in mcgucket's case insanity unfortunately terrible things happen to good people every single day the best you can do is take whatever lessons you can from the situation and learn to move on by the time grunkle Stan is zapped losing his memories is recognized as being a real sacrifice and a tragedy although granted Stan didn't have the baggage that mcgucket does but imagine if mcgucket at Memory gunned himself every day for so long sure we'd be missing our favorite gravity falls character but mcgucket himself would have been much better off in the long run number 10 don't pine for what you can't attain no pun intended here folks okay a little pun intended like we discussed in our last lesson many of us have deep scars within our past that are a source of struggle some people like mcgucket try to forget these painful experiences altogether but for many many others like soos these unresolved burdens are a constant source of struggle you just can't quite get away from them and certain triggers like birthdays for instance just happen to make it worse and you don't know what to do to get some sort of a resolution on the matter but chances are the answer is right in front of you even though we may not realize it many of us are lucky enough to have people in our lives that would if given the opportunity go through some sort of time gladiator fight just to make us happy that's what family and true friendship is we can't change the past while without a time wish at least but even given the opportunity to use the time wish to see his long-lost father soos realizes that there's nothing his father could offer him that he doesn't already have in the present genuine affection he sees that he was allowing something painful in his past to get the better of him to the extent that he wasn't able to see the people in the present who had been reaching out to him this whole time if you keep home pining for something in your past you won't be able to appreciate what you have in the present number 9 morality is relative when Mabel says this out of nowhere at the very end of the last Mabel corn its bluntness hits you square in the face maybe it hit so hard now because it's an election year and he didn't want that on a daily basis you hear candidates and their supporters spouting beliefs you cannot for the life of you understand and when people don't agree or won't try to understand other people's beliefs there's bound to be confrontation at some point but there's a key distinction to be made between wrong and different and sometimes that's a hard call to mate in celesta Belleville atha Belle's case she was using an impossibly high moral bar to make Mabel's supper just for the fun of it she deserved a good punching but there are real people that may hold that same high moral bar against you and make you feel like a bad person when you're not nobody's perfect and no one agrees on everything while it's important to hear other people out Mabel learns that there is no absolute answer for what's right and what's wrong sometimes you just gotta stick to what you believe is right and hold on for dear life number eight be wary of tunnel vision we're defining tunnel vision as being so focused on a goal that you only look straight ahead blinding yourself to what's happening around you and therefore becoming inflexible to the detriment of achieving what you're actually trying to do sound familiar because we're looking at you Ford also bill it's something they have in common Ford's main problem is that whatever he's working on be it building the portal or sealing the rift that's all he thinks about sure he cherishes his relationship with dipper but dipper also serves a utilitarian value it's great to be focused on a goal especially when it comes to the security of the entire universe the problem arises when you fail to take into account of the people around you because in the end they have just as much to say in what you're trying to do as you do when Ford is working on something he shuts himself off from everyone and thinks in terms of his project so when Ford asked Stan to come help with the portal it never even entered his mind that Stan might be a little angry with him which of course leads forward to being sent to another dimension for 30 years dipper comes close to making the same mistake he almost allows Ford to talk him into ditch in California and becoming his apprentice it would be an amazing opportunity for him but dipper fails to take Mabel into consideration which also very much comes back to haunt him that's adult life kids you're not in charge because Ford and dipper aren't taking into account how nothing ever goes as planned boom weirdmageddon tunnel vision even accounts for build downfall if he wasn't so single mindedly giddy about getting bored secrets he may have thought to pause so he could realize he wasn't entering Ford's head at all it's a pretty basic mistake bill even though it worked out in favor for everybody else number 7 teamwork man we know it's cliche but all this talk about tunnel vision leads us into our next lesson that you can accomplish so much more together than you could ever accomplish alone although Ford tries to shoulder as much bill related dealings himself as you can everyone including Ford realizes that Bill is not the kind of multi-dimensional entity that can be stopped by just one person but by working together people can become more than the some of their parts like that awesome mystery shack transformer everyone present in the shack has an indispensable role in the plan and they accomplished the near impossible task of attacking bills pyramid the principle even reduces right down to dipper and mabel themselves as Wendy points out when the two of them work together they can figure out a way to accomplish anything on the other hand it takes one person to ruin a good thing the perfect metaphor for this appears right in the show when everyone creates the almighty zodiac to stop bill it takes grunkle Stan and Ford in turn to keep the circle from being complete then everything falls apart and people are turned into terrifying but admittedly epic banners I mean I would totally buy replicas of all those even though they're beacons for human suffering but again how is we'll beat by Stan and Ford reconciling their differences and oh yeah teaming up see what we mean number six holding a grudge is never healthy while we're on the topic of Stan and Ford these two brothers are the center point of the later episodes focus of forgiveness and how holding a grudge gets you nowhere Ford blames stand for being sucked through the portal when Stan opens the portal again he's hoping to let bygones be bygones but Ford is still angry which in turn makes Stan hangry instead of working this out like good adults they just avoid each other allowing their anger to keep stewing unresolved which causes the whole teamwork thing to fall apart and you end up right back at the zodiac issue and people trapped in banners that unresolved anger leads team gravity falls from almost a feeding bill to him regaining the upper hand there's a smaller scale version of this lesson and roadside attractions when Stan wants to get back at the other Oregon tour traps for their pranks stops and disrupts each stop and in return just gets pranked by everybody else all over again starting up a never-ending wheel of pranking point is sometimes you'll be in a situation where you believe that you're in the right but nobody's apologizing and so everyone involved continues to nurse these grudges and as we've seen grudges get uglier over time it's hard to swallow your pride let something go and be the first one to apologize but you certainly won't regret that as much as the disruptive consequences of your unending grudge number five manliness is overrated we learned multiple times and gravity falls at the more machismo way to do things like fighting and general feet strengths aren't the best way to get anything accomplished at all specifically dipper is so ashamed that he can't pass some lame manliness test and doesn't have any chest hair that he almost kills an innocent creature to complete his man's formation the epitome of manliness here are the manna tours who start fights at the slightest excuse are proud and build things just to tear them down not a flattering portrait of machismo manliness is all about honor and glory but there's nothing Laureus about ordering a kid to kill a scary-looking but harmless creature all the Obermann in the show including a character named manly Dan are shown to be all brawn and no brain so that when it comes down to weirdmageddon someone like Wendy who's part brawn and part brain is way more of an asset to the team plus the straight-up brawling championed by the mana tours is shown to be a terrible inconclusive way to deal with your problems take for example how rumble mcskirmish is victory over dipper is a loss for him we can also learn that fighting over a girl is stupid but anyway different realizes that manliness isn't all it's cracked up to be when he and the multi-bear bond over girly pop band babba if a frickin multi-bear listens to Baba why can it be manly and who's to say anything's girly anyway or that manly is good for dipper but girly is bad anyone worth hanging out with has a little bit of bull which leads me to my next lesson number four never underestimate the lady let's face it kids sexism and misogyny are definitely still a thing and outside of that there are so many cartoons out there that have maybe two women in the cast who are both just side characters happily this climate is changing thanks to shows like Steven universe and I would argue gravity falls which boasts Mabel and Wendy as two of the primary moral compasses of the show add candy Grenda and even Pacifica into the mix and you got yourself a crowd of powerful ladies who defies her parents and saves everyone in her home from a horrifying ghost Pacifica who literally punts lil Gideon and is the biggest baddest of the series wendy and of course there's mabel who's done too many good things in the show to count all in her distinctly mabel not so manly at all way and having a hero whose heroic qualities are Quintus surely feminine is a big deal in addition there's an entire episode of the series devoted to a just the gals mission where they confront and beat up an effing unicorn the greatest of feminine stereotypes and the mystery shack is saved from weirdmageddon because of it these ladies accomplished so much just by using the skills imagination and moral compass that they already have at their fingertips do the other characters expect these ladies to succeed as much as they do no not really it's always kind of a surprise to the onlookers so that's the lesson never underestimate the lady number three never be ashamed of who you are at some point you'll come across someone who seems so darn confident that you'll begin to doubt yourself or someone who will use one of your traits as fodder to embarrass you but you'll slowly begin to learn that when somebody makes fun of you it's either in good loving jest or due to some kind of insecurity on their own part however absurd that might seem Pacifica has a real need to feel superior to other people and all the better if she has an audience to amplify her spotlight that's why she loves taking down Mabel point is it's not your problem it's theirs when you start being too concerned about how other people see you it's easy to freak out and think that you're somehow not good enough in some way but no matter how deep the jabs may be or how your inner dialogue may create a convincing argument for your own inadequacy learn to always brush it off and stay true to yourself as they say in some circles you are the best you it's dangerous to worry too much about how other people think of you who cares anyway and if you do try to change something about yourself to please others you'll soon learn how that trait really did serve you better than this new affectation that it might be valuable in some way that you never quite expected not all of us have access to a voice changing serum so we can experiment to the extent that dipper does but that's what cartoons are for and why do you want to experiment like that anyway weren't you listening geez number two you can't force someone to love you dipper hits the nail on the head with this one you can't force someone to love you all you can do is strive to be a person worth loving few romantic relationships and gravity falls work out make separate Durland and Bluffs of course and robbie and tambry but as for dipper and Wendy Robbie and Wendy lil Gideon and Mabel you the picture most of the romantic affections in gravity falls are tragically unrequited and when you're in love with someone who doesn't love you back you can get kind of desperate to impress them like throwing an epic sock puppet opera or breaking up your crush and their present significant other but you can't make somebody fall in love with you gravity falls drove this point home so hard that they introduced a character with the power to make people fall in love and the outcome was the same you can't say what's better for other people and you can't force something to happen if it's not the right time and everyone in an unrequited relationship in gravity falls becomes a better person because of the experience take dipper and Wendy whose friendship reached a profound depth that couldn't have been accessed in some kind of weird awkward romantic relationship or low Gideon who learned the power of doing the right thing just for the hell of it even when relationships don't turn out how you want them to or don't turn out at all there's something even more valuable to be learned from the rejection and like dipper sensei said all you can do is move on and try to absorb that lesson so that you can become the best person you can be and finally lesson number one change just is and don't be afraid of the future we've all reached a pivotal Junction at some point in our lives where we knew everything was about to change and we're terrified because we didn't know was gonna come next it's impossible to know what the future may hold unless your blend in blad line' maybe but he doesn't even seem to be doing that well anyway when facing such an intimidating unknown it's easy to give in to the assumption that whatever the future holds will be worse and that different is bad when you reach this point in life or maybe even after you've crossed it the desire for things to just stay as they were in the good old golden days may become unbearable but change is a natural part of life whether it's leaving the place you called home or growing up and as Mabel and dipper both learned nothing is built to last forever no good ever comes from stopping what's natural and inevitable I mean bill uses the tantalizing offer to make summer last forever as the catalyst for weirdmageddon and you don't trust bill to have your best interests in mind do you mmm besides the advice we discussed earlier but to sum up changes in a bad thing or a good thing it just is no matter how hard you fight change will happen you embrace it you can have a large say in how your future will turn out better for you the lesson bears repeating because it's hard this kind of Junction will happen multiple times in your life and part of you may want to just kick and scream the entire time so again change just is dipper and Mabel learned it and that counts for something and there you have it the 13 best life lessons that gravity falls has ever taught us we covered politics sexism existentialism fear of change and a whole bunch of other issues that could definitely be filed under adulting not bad for a coming-of-age show huh think we miss an important life lesson or have any other shows you want us to cover let us know in the comments down below also if you liked this video be sure to check out our top 10 mysteries from gravity falls that are probably going to go unsolved or the life lessons that we learned from adventure time don't forget to subscribe to this channel because remember Frederator loves you

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  2. I learned trusting people is bad from the show so that’s why I’m so antisocial who knew

  3. How about don't ever be afraid of turning a new leaf and never try to commit suicide even tho you feel like you want to because there always someone there who might actually loves you and wants you alive and have empathy and sympathy for you and everyone else. Stand up for others and for yourself, also you will always have integrity on your side. Forgive the people who are mean even if they steal stuff cuz then they too will be on your side. So never be afraid of the future and change. 😀

  4. 13:41

    This reminds me of when I was ten years old I use to still wear baretts in my hair then the popular girl and her friends said "why do you still wear barrets your too old for that" that never even crossed my mind before I was so upset about what she said that when I got home I told my mom not to put barrets in my hair anymore and when she asked why I said "because I'm to old for that" ): she sent me to school with no barrets and the girl's didn't even acknowledge it so don't let anyone tell you your to old for something you like that's like saying your to old to have fun! use this to a curtain existent though
    Anyway what I'm trying to say is don't be boring like me

  5. Great vid
    One thing i disagree with,
    Manliness IS overrated but not masculinity
    Thx ladies and gentlemens have a good night

  6. #12: Heheh, personal experience and reality aren't the same thing. The subjectivity of a brick to the face is rarely a topic for debate. Demonstrated firmly in #11, which emphasizes that the past happened whether you remember it or not. Replace "the past" with "reality" and you have something closer to the actual truth. As far as morality being relative, it's easier to buy into that crock since experience is subjective, but again, it conquers itself the first time you steal a Ferrari and realize that not only is the whole world against you now, but you kinda agree with them, and if you don't, you're in for some court-appointed therapy.

  7. I don't have cable TV-never have. So my way to watch gravity falls was a re-run with my best friend at her house, but wierdmaggedin part 3 was missing from the rerun for some reason. So I never got to see the end… 😐

  8. Bill…
    If you believe the universe is a hologram
    THEN WHY ARE YOU SO BENT ON RULING IT? What is the point of ruling a hologram when it will fade someday? You may be immortal, but even the universe will die one day. What is the use for something that is temporary? It’s like a new toy, it will get boring, and then you throw it away. If I die without doing anything that benefits or brings terrible harm to humanity, then I’ll just fade, in the next few millions of years after you succeed, do you think they’ll remember a Dipper? A Mable? What kind happiness will you get? They’ll just remember you as a overlord, at that moment, do you think any Pines hater would be like “THAT’S THE ONE WHO RID THE WORLD OF PINES!” no, because they won’t remember who the Pines were.
    So think about that, would you?

  9. 9:24 the twins don’t end here boys, Bill and Will Cypher, next summer, seasons 3 and 4, is about the dreaded will cypher…

    It ain’t happening, I wish

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