42 thoughts on “12 Tips for Learning Japanese”

  1. Me: when I read japanese: I got this
    When I hear japanese: yep totally got this
    When I speak japanese: uhhh Watashi uh wa, Nicho desu, yoroshiku onegaishimasu

  2. You need a video on what Japanese say 30sec after they have said how wonderful someone/something is. The knives are real.

  3. I've been in Japan for a month now (of hopefully 4~5 years) and this might sound a bit cheesy, but since I discovered your channel, one of the motivations I have been using to study Japanese more seriously is watching your videos (starting from the oldest ones) one each day, as kind of a prize when I am done studying and reviewing. Since I still have like 100 videos to catch up on, that should keep me going for a while, I hope hahah.

    Thanks for the great work, man, keep it up !!

  4. I want To Go to japanese groundschool ( i'm German , i dont know If groundschool the Name for this school where Kids from 6 years go's to)

  5. Are animals allowed on Japanese trains, either the local lines or others? Whether in an animal carrying container, animal back pack or other? I am thinking of moving there, but will not leave my pets behind and until I am situated I may be moving from place to place on a pilgrimage of my own so to speak…

  6. I would assume the best way to learn a language is to be around it 24/7. Are there jobs for purely English speakers? I know a little Japanese, the most basic, but nothing like to communicate on a daily job level with. I know if I was constantly around it I would learn it, because then I would have no choice and the prospect of always being motivated because of it would actually be there. But I do not want to be one of those people that moves or visits for a while and not be able to contribute. Are there jobs for purely English speakers, at least until you get your feet on solid ground? Thank you.

  7. Been trying to learn Japanese for many years… When I am motivated, nothing can stop me. When I am not motivated, nothing can start me. Then I have a tendency to forget the majority of what I learned to begin with. Only upside is a fairly quick review and I am back to what I was at for a lot of things, but I just wish I did not have to keep redoing it. Right now I am into it again and so I am studying it, but I worry if it is only an amount of time before I become bored with it or burned out yet again.

  8. Hello!
    I'm a japanese student. I'm studying French in university , so I am very very helped by this video.Your mind in learning foreign languages inspirited me. I’m sorry that my English is so bad. I will come here again when I become a good speaker of French. Thank you for making and uploading this video.
    Merci beaucoup.

  9. Thank you for your entertaining and informative content. Your videos are always fun to watch and family friendly! Your hard work is appreciated keep on, mate!

  10. who is "that Canadian Guy"? Just asking, because I want to hear him speak Japanese. I love you site and advice.. and did I mention your sense of humour. I'm Australian so I totally get it. Thanks for your videos, cheers MUffy

  11. "I don't think that class room environments are very good for learning a language" wait, isn't he an English teacher? 😉

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