>>Good morning, Mrs. June.>>What’s wrong with you all? Never eat breakfast, is it? One more time with energy.>>Good Morning, Mrs. June.>>Is that the best you’ve got? One more time!>>GOOD MORNING, MRS. JUNE!>>Slightly better. Sit down. THE BIASED TEACHER>>So class,
if you have any further questions, please don’t be afraid to ask. I always encourage
my students to be inquisitive.>>Mrs. June, I have a question. If speed equals distance over time, does it mean time equals
distance over speed?>>Why can’t you just
Google that yourself? Ask stupid questions.>>Teacher, I have a question. Can I go to the toilet?>>Great question! Sure!>>Can I bring Denise?>>Sure!>>Anyone else has any good questions?>>Teacher, about question 2a.>>Do I look like wikipedia to you? Anyone else has any good questions? THE SICK AND TIRED OF IT ALL TEACHER>>Good morning.>>Today, we’re going to watch
a video on photosynthesis.>>But we have been watching
videos the whole week. Our exams is coming soon.>>Yes, teacher. By the way, have you finished
marking our homework?>>Wait. After the video. Okay. Thanks class. THE BIMBOTIC TEACHER>>Okay class. So, we have finally come to the chapter
that everyone is looking forward to. Human reproduction! Yes! So, I’m going to show you a picture
of the male reproductive system! Uh, I don’t remember it looking like this. You know what?
Guys, just do some silent reading. THE LOST TEACHER>>Good morning, class. We will be practicing our oral
because there is an exam next tuesday. Come. Let’s flip our textbook to page 7. Oral Reading. Let’s read together. Start!>>Excuse me Teacher. Who are you?>>So sorry. Wrong class. THE HUNGOVER TEACHER>>Alright guys. Sorry I’m late. Alright, let’s get straight into it. Bar graphs. Today we are going to learn
about bar graphs, okay? So, when you present your bar graphs, this is exactly how I want you to do it. Understand everyone? Does anyone have water? Wavelengths. This is the amplitude, and these are the breast. I mean the crest. The crest. Is it supposed to be on top? Types of bees. Now of course,
we have the honey bee, we have the bumblebee, and most importantly
we have the boo bees. These are the most
dangerous species of bees, and they usually travel in pairs. So now, does anyone want
to watch a video about boo bees?>>Me!>>Alright. THE UNHYGENIC TEACHER>>Good morning class. Why you all not greeting?>>Teacher.>>Hmm? Thank you. Have you all done your homework already? Wah! That’s a big one. How is it going? Need help with your work? Can ah? THE HOMEWORK TEACHER>>So class, I have a little bit of homework
for you guys during the weekend. Not much, just a little bit. Complete page 16 to 74, and hand it first thing on Monday. Have a good weekend! THE OVER-TIME TEACHER So, if Debbie’s speed is 50 km/hr, how long will she take
to cover the entire distance? No, no, no, class,
no, no, sit down first. We still have to finish this chapter, okay? We are not done yet.>>Teacher. But some of us need to leave. Kiara. That is very disappointing, okay?>>How do you think you’ll get far
in life with this kind of attitude?>>It’s just that we have remedial lessons.>>So, you think another teacher
deserves more time than me? You think another teacher
deserves more respect than me? You think my lesson
is not in important, is it? Detention for you. THE SUPER STRICT TEACHER>>Mr. Muthu Raja?>>Yeah?>>Can I go to the toilet?>>No!>>Wait. Why?>>Because you already went!>>When?>>Yesterday!>>But I really need to pee now. THE BORING TEACHER>>So, today’s topic is gonna
be Communication and Technology.>>Teacher! I like technology.>>I’d like you to sit down. Please don’t do that again. Anyway, see, technology
keeps us closer together. Get connected from different parts
of the world with our loved ones.>>Mr. Papadum.
How did you and your wife meet?>>Me and my wife meet? I am glad that you asked. You see, I will draw you my map. Uh most of you guys have met
all of your loved ones through marriage. but we lived happily ever after. So that was the story
of me meeting my wife. Where is everybody? Why are you still here?>>Because I love technology.>>I understand now why you’re still here. Your friends should have just fetch you. Why are you still here? Do you mind leaving the classroom too? I leave the classroom. Continue dancing. Don’t stop. Very good. [Music]


  1. Me: ma’am I think we missed a page…
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    My adviser:no
    Student:why i might pee in my pants
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    My adviser:noo o yee ss es th e re go no w

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