11 Skills that Millionaires Master

31 thoughts on “11 Skills that Millionaires Master”

  1. I made my first million from investing in trading thanks to this expert trader Mrs Terriese White, ever since she handles my trades I've had no course to regret.

  2. Often times the kids who grow up feeling "smart" find too many reasons not to take that risk. Congratulations on your success and thank you for teaching so many people how to find success in life. You're an inspiration.

  3. You mention that you read tons of books.For someone that is starting from scratch, which books do you recommend to read. I want to change my life for the better. I want to be a beacon of hope for my family.

  4. i am a school student can i manage my hustle to make money online with my studies I WANT TO DO GOOD IN BOTH

  5. Hey Pat, congratulations on your success. I think you're working too hard. You're TOO driven! RELAX a little bit! LOL. I'm going to open "The World's Greatest Single's Nightclub". We're going to brand it, build it and they will come, promote the piss out of it and franchise it. It will be a global success. I'm perfecting the formula. $$$$$$$ is NOT my primary goal! My primary goal is to HELP people, and the money will be a natural biproduct as you know. I'm a NAVET with excellent credit but I could use an investor to help fund the first buildout. I can show up with an NDA to be signed and present my idea in full verbally exercising my persuausiveness and passion for my brainchild quickly and efficiently without rambling. For inquiries: [email protected]

  6. Youtube comments are full of amusements sometimes….

  7. Great message. You were asking for 100k subs in 2016 but it is mega valuable for me in mid 2019. Thank you

  8. Successful people tend not to be around low class unless your doing jobs for them. I want to know what skills or direction. I like helping people and done construction most of life any help??

  9. Hi pat just found your videos. I'm watching now about 30 debt in taxes and 3000 in irs. I'm a great worker but not skilled or went to college. Im a great and good worker but not getting ahead… What can I do??

  10. I would love to see just a video on energy management. I'm constantly tired, and never seem to get well rested sleep, 3 hours or 10 I feel the same.

  11. From what I can see everything he says makes sense. There is one thing that I have found that applies with this and that is honesty I am not big time but from what I have accomplished is because of my customers seeing 100% honesty from me.

  12. Amazing video full of great content! After the video I scored my level from 0 to 10 in all the 11 millionaire skills: highest was an 8 out of 10 in Energy Management (working out, alcohol free, drugs free and vegan are massive contributors to this and I'm sleeping an average of 4 hours), while my lowest score was in Money Management with a 2 out of 10 (definitely building a budget and planning my finances and sticking to them will help). Thank you so much for uploading this video x

  13. Let me see your bank account. I have doubts you have dough. Like those wealth advisers wif no bucks driving a BMW 7 series.

  14. I'm not a millionaire YET, but I'm mastering this business that I love, wise.truehealthwebinar.com, and watching this channel. I'm on my way.

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