31 thoughts on “11. Introduction to Machine Learning”

  1. I thank MIT for uploading such a valuable videos to the world.
    Will definitely make a donation to MIT after I got my dream job.
    I can listen to this teacher 100 hours continuously. the way he spread words and his character.

  2. This course is the BEST I’ve ever seen/heard explaining the concepts of Machine Learning/Deep Learning. Just simply awesome. MIT students are really lucky to have this professor. Makes me wish to be a college student again 🙂

  3. note on astrology: it still is a valid indicator IF a person lives most/all of their life in synchrony with the cycles of the sun and moon. Has to do with memory and when memories are made + the type of Light that those memories were made in..

  4. think about ai like this… imagine the brain of an ant ( it can see its world very clearly and navigate such). now imagine yourself watching the ant (you are the AI in this example). Your brain knows all of the boundaries the ant might incur and can infer many things about the ant's future and past travels. But, only the ant, because of the SPECIFICITY of its brain, can traverse the terrain.

  5. So far the best ML courses are this one (Eric's MIT), Andrew Ng's Stanford or coursera and Yaser Abu Mostafa of Caltech

  6. Machine Learning: An overview with the help of R software

    This book intends to provide an overview of Machine Learning and its algorithms & models with help of R software.Machine learning forms the basis for Artificial Intelligence which will play a crucial role in day to day life of human beings in the near future. A basic understanding of machine learning is required, as its application is widely seen in different fields such as banks and financial sectors, manufacturing, aviation, transportation and medical field. The book covers machine learning classification algorithms such as K-Nearest Neighborhood, Naïve Bayes, Decision Trees and also Artificial Neural Networks and Support Vector Machines. It is recommended to refer author’s book on Application of Statistical Tools in Biomedical Domain: An Overview with Help of Software (https://www.amazon.com/dp/1986988554) and Essentials of Bio-Statistics: An overview with the help of Software https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GRBXX7D if you  need to familiarize yourself with the basic statistical knowledge.

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    ISBN: 1790122627



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