11 Highest Paying Teen Jobs

We don’t need to tell you that some teenagers
have made a lot of money, but the richest have done so mainly because they became celebrities
through music or acting or even YouTube. Some teens have even made a small fortune
as entrepreneurs. But today we are going to talk about what
you might call normal jobs, things the average teen can do while working through the summer
or doing part-time work as they study. Jobs that you could do and make a bit of spending
money. We’ll focus mainly on the USA as that’s
where most of the English language articles on this subject have been written, but perhaps
there might be similar jobs in other parts of the world that also pay well. Welcome to this episode of the Infographics
Show, Highest Paying Jobs for Teenagers. Let’s start with summer jobs for teens. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, these
days only 40 percent of American teens take a summer job, which is way down from the early
90s when it was 60 percent. Are American teens getting lazier, or do they
just have better ways of making a buck? That we don’t know, but do know what jobs
pay a decent wage. Tutor
This could be a summer job, but it could also be a regular part-time job. You obviously must be talented to earn the
big bucks, but if you can show some acumen for tutoring and have a very good educational
background a young tutor can rake in 30 to 40 dollars an hour. Even the average wage is 20 bucks an hour,
and that’s not bad at all. It’s likely that 18-year olds will get the
higher wages, but if you are talented at a particular subject and you can help someone
else there is no reason someone younger couldn’t earn some good money. You could also do this through websites such
as “Enroll” or “SameSpeak” (teaching English), but the pay isn’t as good as sitting
down with someone in your own private lesson. Still, if you are 16 or older you can get
up to 20 dollars an hour tutoring online. Working the Phones
What if you don’t have any kind of special academic talent? Uhaul says if you are 16, have a USB headset
and a decent Internet connection you can work for them as a Seasonal Center Sales Reservations
Agent. You’ll be helping customers on the phone
from your house. You will start on 10 bucks an hour and be
paid throughout your 4-week training. You can also get bonuses which will drive
the wage up. Caddy
Forbes tells us that you can start caddying at just 14-years old. It might help to be a golfer yourself of course,
but if caddies are in demand and you know a little about golf maybe you could land this
job if you are presentable and fairly fit. We are told that if you carry two bags around
the course over 18-holes you get around 120 bucks, and it usually takes about 4 hours
to complete a round. But that 120 bucks for staying in shape (if
you walk the course) and watching a beautiful game could be much more as you’ll be getting
tips, and golfers on some courses are certainly not short of cash. One New Jersey course offering a job online
as we write this, says, “Our caddies are mostly high school aged boys and girls working
at, perhaps, their first job. They live and go to school locally. Some are on local high school golf teams.” What a fun way to spend a summer. Landscaping
It was a job for the entrepreneurial teen of the past and it still is today. While some landscaping work requires a certain
degree of skill and experience to be left alone doing it, teens will be allowed to learn
on the job or can be hired to do the hard labor. The average wage when landscaping with a company,
for a teen, is about $12. But why not set-up on your own and start mowing
all those lawns in the neighborhood. The Bureau of Labor Statistics tells us the
median wage for residential lawn mowing right now is $13.31 per hour. Forbes says it’s closer to $20, but you
must know that you’ll be spending some cash on fuel and maintenance. You’ll need a mower and the folks in the
neighborhood will have to trust you somewhat before they’ll let you loose on their garden. The American lawn is a much talked about topic
these days, with the Scientific American asking in 2017, “Why do Americans place so much
importance on lawn maintenance?” Well, the short answer is lawns are all about
status, and the bigger the better if you want to be admired or envied. Mowers of America, your job is safe. Caregiver
If taking care of grass isn’t your thing, why not take care of something with a pulse? Did you know that you can become a caregiver
at just 16 years old? You could just be hanging out with the aged,
bringing them their food or doing their errands, and for that we are told you will be getting
around $10 an hour. Good old hard labor
You can work on a construction site as a laborer as young as 16-years old, and you might get
paid as much as $20 an hour. Or what about becoming a weed trimmer? We are talking about marijuana, not pesky,
unwanted weeds. There are people online talking about doing
this and how they made “fast-cash” during the weed-trimming season. It’s best if you get a job where you are
paid by the pound as those jobs pay more. You could also work throughout this season
in places such as California and Las Vegas and earn about $13 an hour. Then there are fruit picking summer jobs all
over the United States. One writer talks about apple picking, saying,
“In bumper years when labor is short, growers pay up to $28 per bin, and they say experienced
workers can fill one bin per hour.” Lifeguard
If all that sounds like too much hard work you could always become a lifeguard. You can start this job when you are 15. You will probably need to have a background
check, be able to meet all the physical requirements set by the American Lifeguard Association
and be certified by the American Red Cross in first aid. This job usually pays about $9.25 an hour
to start, and you might remember that it’s not all about sitting around the pool or at
the waterfront. You could also be asked to pick up trash throughout
the day and do other cleaning and maintenance jobs. You can earn more cash if you are experienced
and you might get as much as $16 an hour. Float Away
What about being a lifeguard on a cruise ship and sailing the high seas? We must say that 18 is the minimum age for
the jobs we looked at, but if you are willing to get onboard you can travel and most of
the money you make is saved. One website writes, “These positions pay
between $600-$950 per week. That’s between $9,600 to $15,200 in income
in four months!”. You could also be a dishwasher or deckhand,
you really don’t need any experience for these jobs. You might work 12-hour days, 7 days a week,
and you might get homesick. But when you do get home after the summer
you’ll have cash in the bank. Taking care of animals
You can become a pet-sitter or dog walker in the U.S. as a teenager. You could either go through an agency or just
set up by yourself. You can be as young as 14 for this job, but
if you know the people you are working for perhaps they’d allow you to do the pet duties
at an even younger age. You might need to check the United States
Department of Labor website to see if your area requires you to have a certificate so
you can work, but many young folks do this job. The website PayScale tell us that dogwalkers
in the USA earn anything from $9.72 to $23.99 an hour. If you love animals, what job could be better? The Guardian in the UK says dog walkers, “earn
a fifth more than the average UK salary – but work less than half the average hours.” The newspaper also says it can be hard work,
with the dog walker often doing 197 walks a month. That’s a lot of walking, but imagine how
good that is for your health. It’s like being paid to exercise. Baby Sitter
This is one job available to most teens, at least if they are reliable and can show they
are trustworthy and good with kids. It might help if you’ve done something such
as the Red Cross safety class. Forbes tell us baby sitters get an average
of $13.44 per hour in the USA, and that’s not too bad for a teenager. A recent survey by UrbanSitter, however, said
that average is a little on the low side. It said most families in the U.S. now pay
$16.43 an hour to watch over one kid. $18.86 per hour for two kids and $20.56 per
hour for three kids. Of course, it all depends on the neighborhood. You can imagine you get paid a good rate for
taking care of little Maxima Chan Zuckerberg. Blame the referee, but he’s only 12
How about being a referee? You’ll probably be doing kids games, but
there is no shortage of them. Of course, you’ll need to know the sport
inside out, but that’s not so unusual for some young sports fanatics. You will also likely have to take a course
and get some certification, but that might just be a one-day course. The best thing, depending on where you work,
is you can be as young as 12 or 14 in the USA. The wage all depends on the location and what
teams are involved. Still, you can earn anywhere from $15 to $30
an hour as a young referee. It can be a tough job, though. In 2018, one report in the UK media talks
about a 15-year old referee who during a game was subjected to “abusive, intimidating,
disrespectful and very inappropriate” language by the other team’s coach and training staff. That was an adult amateur game, so he could
have been paid anywhere from $26 to $52 for that game, according to numbers given by Mirror
newspaper. Maybe the abuse was worth it. Could
you help us add to this list? Tell us in the comments what job you had as
a teen that paid well? Or, tell us which job you would take from
this list? Thanks for watching, and as always, please
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  1. Im 10 yrs old boy on puberty
    I want a motorcycle that costs 1800 euro (i dont know how much is that in dollars)
    But i need money badly before the owner sells it
    Btw my grandparents owns a lot of space so i can drive around
    And then i can just restore it until iam 15 and get my motorcycle license
    (In my country you can get it at 15 v)
    So what do i do

  2. I cut grass in engerland and for a small garden l can get up to £5 in a small street and in bigger garedens I get £10 and £15 if they weathey and l use eletric

  3. I work in McDonald’s, it alright. It’s a big one so I’m always busy, so time goes by faster. They pay 15 an hour, at least here in New York. I’m 16 btw

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  5. Yo next summer imma start making contracted websites for people/companys and maby start a company doing it in my free time cuz I will be 18 by then 😀 It pays really well in Sweden 🙂

  6. Is being the son of a billionaire a job because I know being a son of a billionaire gonna get u rich

  7. Straight out of highschool and before going to college, I spent 2 months working in Amazon Warehouse doing Nighshifts from 6:00PM to 4:30AM 4 days a week (40hrs) at $16.30 rate. While others were enjoying the summer I worked and made a lot of money. At the end, most of them asked, "Where daf* did you get all this money"

  8. I see a lot of comments of people saying “I’m 12 I’m 13” like anyone else 16? Anyone else basically have to?

  9. In South Africa you can start learning to become a boiler maker at 13 and become one at 16 which is about 500rand a day which is about 32 dollars a day as a beginner but if you certified you get about 2500 a day which is 163 dollars a day and you only work 5 hours

  10. I started to do surveys on Swagbucks like a year ago just casually,like I would not log in everyday ro do some I just did it casually when I was bored and until now,after a year I earned around 125$,JUST CASUALLY,like if I logged in everyday and did surveys and everything I think I wouldve made around 600-700$.Anyways Swagbucks is actually legit and you dont really have to do much @t the way if you want to start using Swagbucks please use this link to sign up : @t ,it will give us both 300 SB when you reach 300 SB 🙂

  11. Actually the landscaping thing works just get a normal mower cut grass and say 20 a yard since your new to it after a while get a riding lawnmower and possibly edger and cut grass for then 30 bucks a yard I do it a little hard tho gotta be on top of it

  12. I had my own mowing and landscaping business that I started at 14, I averaged about 22$ an hour after expenses. Tip for anyone wanting to do that as well, try to get lawns that are right next to each other and just go from lawn to lawn. Pretty dope job. I encourage any teen capable to do it.

  13. Hello I’m 17 I got my Red Cross certificate April of this year and worked as a life guard over the summer . Training was a month long almost 2 hrs a day 3 days a week and since I’m still in school the class was free but the certificate costed me 35$ of my own money. The classes were rough and rigorous as they make you swim 20 laps at the start and end of class this is to keep your endurance then you do weight training were you all tread water with your hands behinds your back in till you get a 10 lbs rubber brick and you have to continue treading water and holding the brick for 10 sec then you pass it on this goes for about 10 min around in a circle depending on the class size you might get more of this training than I did

  14. Currently 17, senior in high school, and mow 16 yards per week at around 35 each. During summer, or when not in school, I put in 14 hours per day repairing cars as a technician. Labor with cars is flat rate, so I get paid 27$ for every hour I put in. There are some days in the summers where I put in 15 or 16 hours in a day. I also repair small engines and boats. All of this is self taught, and I am the go to guy for accurate car diagnostics and repair

  15. I did LandScaping when I’m 10 because I was Really Strong and Tall so they won’t notice if I was Actually 10 ( .,.)

  16. Add commercial fisherman to that list. I made $1500 once in 3 days and my friend made $22000 in one summer… Plus the adjustments. Its a common summer job for high schoolers in southeast Alaska.

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