Oh buddy what's going on everyone Jerome here and welcome welcome back some bloons tower defense six everyone thank you all so much for coming and for those you that don't know we have been playing this for the last couple of days now because we got the game on early from ninja Kiwis so huge shout out to them and if you guys want to try the game for yourself the link is in the second line of the description but that's it everybody let's get on into this Rin have a very very fun day because today I went ahead and I purchased all the knowledge books necessary in order to unlock every single monkey knowledge ability so we're gonna go through and read about what those upgrades are and then of course we're just gonna have to put him to work for us so without further ado here we go the primary wait a minute one second a monkey engineer on the right here but I don't think the monkey engineer did he make it into this game see boomerang text shooter I don't remember seeing him sorry I know this is a very random note I was not how I intended to start the thing but I just don't recall yeah he's not in the game huh I guess there's a little throwback to bloons tower defense five then and the blue shippers on this one either I just realized I wonder if they'll be released at a later date or something it's very possible well anyway let's read through each upgrade and purchase them out so the first is fast TAC attacks so tax shooter attacks speed increased by 8% now we don't usually use the tax shooter but the problem is we have to get all these different things because they lead to much better things for other towers like for instance an ice monkey upgrade their Moab glue yes so there oh wow there's some glue gutter upgrades in here I love the glue Gunners so there we go we'll assign one right there and let's see tax sugar tax can pop frozen balloons so now if a balloon is frozen the tax shooter can pop it it's a very specific upgrade that's where you'll find some of these ones are very outright like just like oh yeah ten percent more damage but others these like very specific scenarios like this one you need to have an ice monkey in the front icing them and then you need to have a tax shooter in the back it's like okay then this is very odd but blade shooter upgrade gets plus two Pierce so the blade shooter is upgrade of the tax shooter so now that one just gets to Plus Pierce points this one right here then the inferno the big inferno that is an upgrade on the tax shooter as well so after that you saw blades you would get the Ring of Fire and now you can inferno ring okay let's see two more points be invested in primary okay okay well we can't get that yeah we have to go across the top here apparently blue better ten percent increased attack speed that one's playing it simple like I said it goes from like very outright to very like what is going on but there we go so we have 10% more attack speed for the glue gunner that in itself is much much better for us increased lifespan so long projectile I spent a dart monkey's bomb shooter tax shooter and glue gunner that's because if you guys didn't know some of the projectiles they don't go the full distance so pretty much like let's say like you have a monkey apprentice now that'd be in the magic page so I know there's a similar upgrade there he would shoot a bolt out now the thing is that bolt can only travel certain distance this would allow it to travel further and I could only assume that with the glue gun er it allows the glue to stay on them much longer until it dissolves so that is a really useful upgrade so we'll grab that one frag bomb gets two extra frags that's great cuz we use that one for our bomb towers all the time that's right here base cost of boomerang tower reduced by 50 I don't really use the boomerang tower so what does it get that anyway dart monkeys get +1 Pierce to all shots now we do use the dart monkeys quite often for a crossbow shooter so that's awesome dart monkeys get no way they just do it again Oh crossbow range increased we used to cross for all the time so book that one alright and now let's head on down here so the big Inferno Inferno meringue upgrade gets plus 3 verse radius that's cool we'll get that one the freeze radius slightly increased for ice monkeys if you don't use ice monkeys really the same life that's like I just don't like them so but yes you can get that then the glue spatter could affect up to eight balloons per shot that's excellent we love the glue gunner so that's really good for us bomb shooter cluster bombs cost reduced by $100 $100 $100 we'll save it because we always get that one anyway this one right here another boomerang one that we don't really use increase boomerang ricochet to bounce up to 82 that's actually pretty good that's that actually sounds really good yeah maybe we should mmm dar monkeys triple shot gets four darts every fourth shot okay we don't use that one but that's good we use the crossbow upgrade but that's good to know Joe God does three damage per shot to Moab class balloons wow that's pretty good actually okay well we'll get that one unlocked ice buggies perma fossil upgrade slows by 60% I don't know what it normally is but I mean that sounds good Moab glue slows more than normal now that I can already tell you is excellent so we get that one and that one leads off to the mega baller Moab mauler does more damage per hit I'm not even sure what that's in regards to either oh oh the Moab mall or get out of here like the debond tower that's epic I don't know if you guys realize how powerful that is that we use that every single one needs a hard press oh he needs a hard press ability alright Moab press pushes back further well we don't really care too much about the boomerang tower but there it is the mega mauler more damage that's really important for us we use the mega mauler all the time so even a 10 or 20 percent boost makes a world of difference think about that even if it's 10 percent boost it probably is more like 20 but even it's a 10 percent boost that means for every bomb tower every 10 bomb towers you have it's like having an extra one as well you get a free one more or less it's what you get there so the master double-cross allows you to have two crossbow masters whoa I guess that's a fifth tier thing we don't know much about masters yet because we don't have fifth tier allowed yet it's not it's just not allowed better I don't you know ninja QB won't let me do it because those either don't know we have some limitations because we have blooms tower defense six early so as a for instance we can't show fifth tier upgrades we can't do more than two types of Heroes there's only two of our allowed to use we can only show we can only one mat per episode there's like certain guidelines that we have to follow as youtubers when we get the games early so yeah but either way every big cryo blast cryo cannon gets increased blast radius okay we don't use the ice thing snow soccer freeze white and zebra balloons same thing we don't really use the ice thing blue and liquefy are costs reduced by 1000 now that's really good we don't usually use the glutton liquefier but in case we decide – nice – as $1,000 less blue bomb shooters balloon impact stuns for 25% longer let's go we don't usually go that route but same thing it's good to have just in case boomer a turbocharged ability lasts 15 seconds well we don't even use the boomerang Tower like I said bonus monkey started game with one free dart that's actually very good early game that's like really good increased starting cash by $200 get out of here that's awesome those less to actually make the game tremendously easier and that's all the primary uh knowledge books so now we're gonna go onto military so let's see military what do you have for us so monkey Buccaneer and monkey sub can pop plus one balloon for shot that's really good let's get this one here monkey book nope grape shots shoots six grapes that's really good we should start using the monkey Buccaneer in the submarine a little more I haven't used them before really much air force of green monkeys and Haley Polly could pop plus one balloon per shot I'll take it darts from monkey aces fly faster we haven't used the monkey ace yet I'm not a big fan of it although I won't say they're bad necessarily they are good I just haven't used them much but if we get a round in after we buy all these things out I'll do like a monkey Buccaneer and a helicopter I'll try and do like I've been predominantly those ones round that'd be pretty cool the upgrades that we already bought at the end of last episode was elite military training which all military monkeys get a one-off plus 1,000% XP and earn XP in game five percent faster permanently that's really cool actually so we get military monkeys we'll get XP faster ceramic shocks sniper hits on ceramic balloons slow them down briefly that's very important actually that'll help us out a lot especially we got like a full auto sniper I can only imagine which by the way I want to get a full-auto sniper today that'd be so cool to see I haven't seen it yet but I unlocked it but it's haven't seen it in action so ballistic missiles do more damage to ceramic balloons I don't even know each one that's in reference to that it's probably in reference to the Buccaneer but that's really good this one right here Moab takes an ability that is the Buccaneer has a five second faster cooldown that's pretty important actually that'll come in mega handy pitarrio pineapples so from the monkey ace everyone swear I'll drop pineapples on the track plants are only dropped near tracks Oh apparently sometimes they can be dropped off the track then well now that's no longer an issue good razor rotors pop balloons faster that's cool so there's a heli upgrade I think it's like level two or three in one of the directions and I'll actually allow the wind via the propellers say become razor blades and pop bloom so that's pretty cool never do a little more damage for us and this one right here MAME Moab costs reduced by one thousand that's a really good ability about a sniper so the sniper can be upgraded to a point where if it hits in Moab balloon it freezes it in place and apparently now you can get it for a thousand dollars less so that's good I wonder how much easier this game's gonna be now we have always upgrades it's definitely gonna be like a noticeably easier but here we go let's get this upgrade here airburst starts split into four instead of three I mean you know yeah I'm not gonna complain it's not bad that's that's pretty good merchantman generates plus twenty dollars per round who's the merchant man okay good good to know that must be a new Buccaneer upgrade just never heard of that one before Moki aces attack 10% faster there we go alright now time to move down here what's this one monkey a steer five upgrade costs 10% less oh we can use tier five yet but when we can I'm sure I'll greatly appreciate that the Chinook activated abilities give 25% more lives in cash so if you guys didn't know if you get the Chinook helicopter it'll drop in care packages and in the care packages are either lives or money so that's pretty cool which I guess we look at the helicopter susceptible II maybe we should look at monkey Buccaneers in helicopters today that'd be fun elite defender has no cooldown okay um I think who's the elite defenders that's a sniper that's the type of sniper I think is a tier five so we won't get to see that one yet this one right here sub Admiral so this for the submarine sub commander affects all monkey subs on screen is that I don't know this sub Admiral is sub commander that must be a hero that we haven't unlocked yet perhaps purchase price the first military monkey each game is halved whoa now that is an upgrade and a half that's really good the first military monkey is halved that means our first helicopter cost us like six hundred bucks plus we start off with a hundred dollars more per round often the last or 200 or more per round and we got a free Dark Tower that's like really good oh man that makes a world of difference all military monkey base base costs reduced by five percent cheaper as well take it and what's this one all Moab class balloon spun and partially damaged that is fantastic that is so good I didn't think people realize how powerful that is that that is Wow okay good good good and I believe that that is all the military upgrades all right on the magic now man I'm so glad we bought out all these books it was costly but obviously it was well worth it we're gonna be able to do whatever we want pretty much some magic knowledge super range increased range for the super range upgrade okay that's fine with me I think that might is that in regards to the super monkey or super monkey a military tower I think he's magic so it might be magic tower thing okay let's see so where you had this one ninja double shot costs reduced by 100 okay it's a hundred dollars saved we use the ninja bloons hit by the knock back from super monkeys or knocked back slightly harder that's a super monkey upgrade okay that's good the lingering magic longer projectile lifespan for wizard monkeys super monkey ninja monkey and druid now this one is cool this is similar to the one that we did at the primary towers up great as well with the glue Gunners and everything a lot of the projectiles go further this is just the magic form of it and I'll come in very handy probably when we use the druid and if we use the wizard monkey more often we haven't used the wizard monkey much at all we've been more so about the Druids but yeah all magic type towers can pop frozen balloons once again same as earlier we don't usually go for the frozen balloons but still good to have ice pose all right by the way thank you to everyone in the live chat that's watching hope you guys are enjoying this and learned something new like this is cool this is cool for me all right some metrics guy didn't magic an intense magic cost 25 dollars less I mean it's 25 bucks that one I would say is probably not very effective at all all alchemists potions at 5% faster reload time well that's good if you do use the alchemists and what's this one earn 10% extra monkey money from game wins on any difficulty I mean sure we'll take that that's like not a bad upgrade to have I guess I mean it's only 10% more but it will add up over time so all right this one are your diversion tactics and crease chance to distract balloons from distraction upgrade okay good that's right Sun avatar can pop purple balloons okay we don't have that we've never used that one yet but that is a super monkey upgrade so that sounds pretty good the heart of oak reduced by 100 we actually do use that upgrade sometimes so that might be worth it to get dragon breath flame projectiles move much faster that's a monkey apprentice upgrade and that's pretty good then I like that I like the sound of that it'll do damage more quickly transforming tonic lasts longer we don't use that but that's like the necromancer with alchemy we should probably look into that I want him get a necromancer so maybe we should do that cold front the ball lightning hits have a chance to freeze balloons every unit that's pretty cool that would be a druid upgrade and we do use the ball lightning one so that's something that I'll actively help us in every single game that we play pretty much arcane impale so arcane spike does extra damage to Moab class and ceramic balloons I'll take it I'll take it and what's this one alchemist that's the pool last five seconds longer I think we've ever really had a problem with that so I'm not gonna really say that one was good but it exists and down here creates a special that absorbs the 25 lives for free recharged up to five lives at the start of each round and that's really cool actually so now like if a couple of Wow so now like if you like at the beginning of a game like five or six balloons go through what does get five lives back every round anyway that's pretty good actually I just realized like we can just that means that the beginning the game enough to worry about letting some through just save our money deadly tranquility bloom Jitsu and grandmaster ninja get an extra shuriken per throw that is you know very effective i imagine they only got like four or five so getting an extra one would be like a 20-25 percent boost which is a my mind very good but that's all in magic knowledge unfortunately no heavy hammers at the end like and by that i mean at the end of military for instance all Moab balloons spawn and damaged and also 5% base costs cheaper and the first thing halved like that was cool and with the primary towers 200 extra dollars per round where was that right where's that one $200 right here and a free dart monkey like those or heavy hammers that'll make a big difference I didn't really see that with this but maybe we will on the support knowledge so farming village costs 2% lessons sell for 2% more I mean it's two percent but like that means the village for things like I'll just spend $1,100 that'll save us 22 bucks I just got shrug it's it's it is what it is it's not that great that little bananas up great increase to 30% now that might make a little bit of a difference so that's good and then we have this one right here monkey business discount increases by 2% very small once again they're very the support knowledge so far not a fan of the support knowledge page like less than all the other ones one more spike spike factory stacks get +1 spike I can get behind that sounds good to me this one right here monkey banks could hold 2,500 extra money we don't really use the monkey banks so not only that important and also I mean it's just 25 2,500 extra bucks but it's not like you get that it just means they can hold it now you could collect them from the banks and get that money later so I guess it's okay first banana farm each game cost 100 less that's a good one that is one that I can mega get behind monkey town cash bonus increased by 10% I think before was only 10% it was 50 either way that's good I could get behind that one too I am if loan is increased to 12,000 repay rate is 40% yeah not really a fan so I will just leave that one be the mo I'm shredder spikes do plus one extra damage to Moab class balloons that yeah I guess it's good I don't know how much damage they initially do that's the only issue I mean extra damage is extra damage it doesn't hurt us obviously I just don't know how much they normally do so I don't know like percentage-wise how much better that is all monkey XP earn rate increased by 8% oh that allows to unlock new tears and stuff much quicker for towers called arms duration increased by three seconds mmm not really using it so it's fine all monkeys sell for five percent more that only helps us if we mess up but still good I guess in case we mess up spikes mines cost reduced by 1500 that's good I like that I like that one a lot so far the spike factories and support knowledge have been the best all monkeys reload time reduced by 3% oh that's fantastic that's that's good that's across-the-board three percent upgrade on all towers see unlike this one was those two percent for a single type of tower which is that one this one is three percent on every tower like that's good if it was two percent cheaper for all towers I say alright that's good but there we go and now this one all ability cooldowns for all monkeys are just by 30% same thing it's across the board so that's good we'll get that one okay heroes now time to see if we can upgrade our heroes all heroes get slightly increased range I'll take it I will take that all heroes projectile speed increased slightly take that too that'll help out our friend Quincy quite a bit makes all heroes Tech 4% fast oh we can't use some of you heroes explosives could pop two more balloons per shot that's good then even Quincy it's explosives too so that's good here were training costs reduced by 10% yes police will get that and this one the ten here are level ten ability cooldowns reduced by ten percent I'll take it makes all heroes Tech four percent faster got it heroes aren't XP ten percent faster that's important he'll now level up ten percent faster which is very important and the big thing that keep mine is there is that challenge there's a very hard challenge that you need to get level twenty on one of your heroes I don't know how we're gonna do that but we're gonna find a way ability master a little twenty Heroes level three ability cooldown reduced by 40% we'll get that this is where Heroes base cost reduce by 10% that's very good so we'll take that and heroes do plus one extra damage to mow up class balloons for their base attack and I mean at least with Quincy that won't make a difference but maybe the other ones that'll make a huge difference so I'll leave that at a potentially good empowered heroes heroes start each game at level three that's really good that is really really good and that'll help us get to our goal of twenty that much faster level 20 because that's an achievement we want that camo traps but what is his last area here powers okay oh we don't use the powers really at all but camo trap lasts for two hundred balloons okay Road spiked piles of eleven spikes in them okay portable lake costs forty monkey money okay pontoon costs forty monkey money okay time stops last longer than normal these ones don't really matter twists too much Moab mine does extra damage glued trap can slow mo lab clash balloons through the bigger the balloon the more the glue is messed up monkey boots last longer as super monkey storm does more damage like I said I don't really use these maybe we'll cover that at some point but just not right now really this one was start each game with a pile of permanent road spikes at the end of the track monkey farmers have a larger radius that's pretty cool actually cash drops cost eighty monkey money okay thrive adds thirty percent instead of twenty five percent and that is every single monkey knowledge we have six extra books so maybe in the future they'll add more and we can use it but for now we have unlocked everything and we are ready to put some of these to the works I genuinely want to know Oh how much this will change the game for us so let's go ahead we could throw it on let's throw it on the loop this is an easy level and we'll start playing around with some of the different things because I just want to try this out so let's see what I want to try out the monkey book in here and I want try and get out the new helicopter stuff so ok loading the Chinook upgrade specifically is the one that I want to try but here we go we get one free Tower of this so we'll take advantage of that then put them down right there I mean free is free so why not and there's our shield at the top of the plus 25 that's pretty cool so our first one every round is cheaper so this is now fights like that so we get it cut in half now for a first military tower so $575 to get a helicopter immediate immediately tell me that that's not wild that is so much money that you save and we'll put them down over here I'll even like right here on the tracks okay and don't follow touch lock in place good okay all in all is good to start let's do it and how much for a banana farm is on 945 at the beginning of a round I'll take that that's really good too alrighty there we go so you just keep standing there looking pretty our giant jet friend and we definitely want to get oh that's right so the couple of upgrades that we really want to get we also want to get the banana farm all the way down so the so if you upgrade them all the way down at the bottom tier I haven't done that one yet so I want to do that I wondered the monkey buccaneer and I want to get the Chinook all those things so heli pilot what do I need for the Chinook besides everything we haven't done that at all okay that's bad but there's also a patchy dart ship so there's some cool ones but you have to get IFR alright now just save up for that one but let's go ahead and probably quad darts and pursuit is what I would like for this one yep so we'll get that thank you oh man that helicopter is just tearing right through them the fact that we could start off every game with this that's game-changing that makes our lives that much easier this is a great idea genuinely a great idea doing this okay thank you and we will keep it up 945 for that banana farm there okay okay and come on let me get this banana farm up and running now we're talking perfect I wonder how little amounts of towers well there is a specific type of tower that you could beat every wave with just one you could probably beat the game with one type of tower I'm sure on easy mode I would be willing to say that it is a possibility I'd be very willing to say that it's a possibility okay well we just got that so now we'll get more bananas per round thank you very much thank you okay and let's make sure we get greater production as soon as we can yeah more money thank you perfect killing the game here let's get that and now we need to get the it's once it's for two thousand two hundred but that's the one we want we need that one real bad actually okay let's see are any of these upgrades able to ifr what's that one that's how I did detect and shoot camera balloons well that'll keep us around for much longer if we can get that that'll keep us in the game for a while if we're able to hit that so that's good then we don't even need anything like any Camel balloons our dart monkey down there our poor old dart monkey hasn't really done much of anything okay thank you I want to see if we can get over 200 lives that's why I want to get the Chinook specifically Jess I want to get over 200 can i oh man I wanted to see if I could sell the dart monkey for money just scam the game spawn it for free and it itself like a hundred bucks even like even though it's cheaper then you know the amout you pay for it and I wasn't using it just like all right easy way to make some extra cash to start but they already thought of that they already thought that one through and I sent a good team of bug fixers playing this game that is a random thing that they must have thought of but good on him all right now I don't have to collect anything anymore the market will do it for us and the last but not least upgrades $15,000 for it for the central market but you're in heaps of money each round solid says and merchantmen get 10% more so that is a thing that is a thing now that happens and I think unfortunately with the monkey Buccaneer we're not gonna be able to use the monkey Buccaneer this round really I mean we can we can put him down he's not gonna do much of anything oh but you just start off a 2000 XP here what do I want oh the mercantilism that's the one of the retirement generates cash each round generates lots of money per round and a monkey sold in radius get more cash back the problem is there's much better towers so this effectively makes it pretty bad because the best thing can get is hot shot or double shot makes it pretty bad to be honest and that's not worth making money there's much better things to get money for us so we'll see him up maybe for a monkey pirate or an aircraft carrier oh the aircraft carrier is really cool so we can save up for that yeah there we go and it's unfortunate you have to choose between crows nests or grapeshot I liked him the other one where you could get both those those were both I would say very important upgrades but you know that's a personal opinion I suppose thank you no no he doesn't have Pursuit yet oh no I don't want that okay keep it up there Palio's oh we need pursuit and we need IFR thank you if you don't mind just killing those well that wasted some of our money that we needed to get them or can't ilysm upgrade I wonder I'm gonna get some or cancel ISM before we gets around 40 which case we need to step up our game if we gets around 40 before them that's a scary territory to be in all right Chinook we're almost there two-thirds of the way there to getting the Chinook come on keep it up helicopter keep it up you got this can you do it can you do it oh we've got four grand now oh rut ro rut ro rut ro ro ro ro hotshot does it yes that was a stab in the dark I just assumed that the hot shot meant it would melt lead balloons I don't know if that's all it does let me see but can plot lemons and set balloons on fire that's actually a really cool upgrade hot shot I really like hot shot is a very good one but ya know that was just a complete stab in the dark and we were very lucky that that worked all right well here we go oh my the monkey good to know the monkey Buccaneers are as good as they ever were before that is great to know so we can get what is down giraffe to even do let's see blows balloons away from LA back towards the entrance okay okay good to know I'll keep taking them out there my friends thank you I want to know it for it to be fifteen thousand I really want to know what it does that is so worth it cause it better do something crazy okay thank you also for that much putting a monkey village next to it for a thousand Oh usually monkey villages make that cheaper oh I have to get that whoopsies let's see it's not cheaper still hmm not sure then not really sure at all whoa our helicopter friend is running into some trouble well now he's got downdraft there you go and perfect keep it up pal keep it up and how much money does he need to get so close so close to that support Chinook oh man so many upgrades I want to get so little time look at this just all the way around just set some down put some down and fire on the lead balloons there it is thank you for sitting fired all those LED balloons there hey we're level 32 we got a new monkey knowledge point well we don't really need those kind of got all of them but thank you if there's a future one we will cherish that for sure it'll be very important to us already thank you all right could be wrong but I think the molette mall is now doom yeah they do more damage now so that's always good well let's keep it on free play got some more things to attend to here so if I get four of these I think we're in the we're in the clear here there we go the mullet ballers are made so much better too so now we just play this one out then and we got just barely enough for the support Chinook yes and that was ten thousand okay so let's get the monkey village one first we can afford these different things and who it is Troy we can get there we go how much was 12,500 ah we'll have to focus on that another time then but we can't get a destroyer if we so choose which a destroyer ship would probably do great with hotshot I'm still lost in the fact that hotshot is so powerful it's so cool man this game i don't know why i just love this game so much just fun to like explore around the game learn new things all the time i just really love this game so for me this is cool to get to play blue cider defense six early and come on hold down the fort there helicopter hold down the fort thank you 11,000 of 15,000 I'm getting nervous getting a little bit nervous here that they might break through they might sneak through on us before we can get it done again we are kind of killing the game here oh there was some oh I guess when they have that's what the belts mean that they're fortified I don't really know what fortified does sin I guess makes them stronger is an obvious answer but what specifically does or how much stronger I don't know okay this isn't a scenario that anyone likes to see well we got the mega one here so that was that what is the monkey of Wall Street hub and monkey trade earns colossal income each round oh man that's a cool that's a tier five that we're not allowed to show that one yet there we go apparently this is what it means by earning a lot of money it's not really well maybe learn a lot throughout the round I guess cuz he's probably earned part like a thousand dollars around maybe maybe I don't really know never got a little or Wow well destroyer certainly makes a move on them alright and let's save up then ten thousand dollars and we'll get the Chinook finally and we can start to get the sniper as well so I've always wanted to get the automatic sniper guy alrighty there you go pal there you go keep it up jeez hard to believe how much damage these things do like I'm still in awe at how much damage this one helicopter essentially is doing it's a helicopter in the Buccaneer really I've done all the work here well we just got support chinook and it gives you both abilities I thought it was the same ability and you just had a chance to get either lives or money but oh no that's right the it has two abilities I ever I remember now one of the abilities is it could pick up a tower and move it for you if you don't like where its location is and this one is a crate of either money or of hearts well that's cool you'll make your money back real quick with that upgrade rut ro rut ro rut ro I don't even know which one I want to use but whatever it is is probably not gonna even be good enough well let's put this here thank you and what laser sights here oh come on oh come on send them back send them back from whence they came that was very less second crazy clutch but that also means we need to be careful here there's a parent that we don't have any good defense against camos is what I've just learned I should be fair we really don't like you can't hit camos we already know that much to be true all right what if I put this down here I suppose I could actually do this forgot that and then oh we don't even have enough for that dang well then what we would have to do then in order to get them to be able to hit camos but we definitely need them to be able to camos is we need to put this guy down right there and now hello buddy he'll be able to use camos alright so we got that part down now let's go ahead and get the automatic firing here alright we're almost at full auto rifle we got shrapnel shots now that's so cool shrapnel in full auto here it is oh my gosh he's shooting so quickly now the sniper shoots ridiculously fast now oh jeez well we kind of need him to that's a lot of camo balloons are trying to sneak by and what we just got 66 lives for that you can get above 2 on our lives then confirmed Wow I'm gonna put this at the very end here there we go get this guy pumping them out there geez give me more lies I went over 300 I've got for $200 instead okay what else can we get here I can afford to get one of these ones I just don't know if I want well it's either arranged well I give it a get robo monkey or the dark champion throws hundreds of let's see champion a sell the puncturing and ruining all balloon types it's Batman the super monkey that is literally Batman super monkey I think we kind of want to get that let's go for that next episode I want to kind of focus on getting a Batman super monkey can you pop leg key pop camera how about camelids honestly camel let's might be the death of me to be completely honest wait no not quite not quite apparently all right there we go well our full-auto snipers sure has some things to say about all this thank you one of the cool upgrades have I not seen yet that I really do want to see I mean kind of gotten most of these a lot of these anyway get monkey town there so we can generate more money yeah wow I mean this is just going crazy and more hearts we have 328 hearts now I'll take it I will absolutely take it that works for me okay was there any other cool ones that I wanted to see that I just never got around to doing I can't think of any I guess this guy did get the upgraded crossbow all right that's okay I guess oh they're trying to make their way around oh no they might make it oh they just got stopped by the spike Factory okay good good how much more experience here five which we can't even use yet that's a tremendous amount of money they want well I'm sure it's amount of XP they want well I'm gonna save that up then cuz I really do want that one I think the killer look at that thank you and kill them all and what's this fun no money I'll take that $1,800 geez 20k and we're not doing anything this is ridiculous by completely utterly ridiculous how well is is going like this is going insanely well for us okay thank you come on oh my gosh they're not even coming close like we're not even trying to win at this point well I think because we're really theoretically never going to lose this I mean at this rate anyway we're not gonna lose I think this is probably the perfect place they just call things quits but I would like everyone for watching we hope you guys had fun if you did remember to smash that like button be sure to subscribe as well and we will see you all next time everybody with some more awesome bloons tower defense six goodbye


  1. I wonder why the support tower place to spend monkey knowledge is a monkey engineer

  2. some of the towers that you don't use is actually pretty op
    like the glaive lord(5th tier boomerang)has infinite bloon popping power

  3. I can never find the game like I know he says second line but still can't find it is it cause I'm on mobile I know it btd6 but still

  4. Now that the game is officially out, I want to say that these early videos don’t really show what the games like πŸ˜›

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