10 tips from Wisecrack on growing your educational channel

Here’s a top 10 list to help you boost discovery
and grow your audience–even if they don’t speak the same language. First, Upload a trailer video describing your
series. The main purpose of a channel trailer is to
introduce to your audience what they can find on the channel and just kind of make sure
that they understand what the brand is about, they’ve stumbled upon your trailer and now
this is your pitch to them. Holla. It’s “Hey, this is what you can find on
this channel, this is the kind of stuff we promise you.” Second, Use your channel banner as a place
to share key details about your channel like upload schedule and the channel genre. It’s a visual place to convey your brand. Be sure it looks good on mobile too. For WiseCrack our channel is laugh harder,
grow smarter, so our banner reiterates what the description is for our channel. Third, fill out your channel description with
a summary of what viewers can expect to find on your channel. You can also include links to your website,
and other relevant educational resources. Fourth, add accurate metadata like titles,
thumbnails, and descriptions. This sets you up to be more discoverable by
learners seeking out your content. Try to keep your titles short and to the point. If viewers don’t stick around because the
video didn’t match the title, you may see a drop in your audience retention. Fifth, organize your videos into sections
that will resonate with your audience and make it easy for them to find the videos they
want to see. Guide your audience from one lesson or topic
to another in the right order. You can set your content up with playlists
and push viewers to the next lesson videos with cards and end screens. Sixth, Extend the life of your shoots! Consider putting additional material like
outtakes and behind-the-scenes videos on your channel. Hello doodle bugs, it’s Mary Outtakes and behind the scenes are a great
gift to your audience something great to put at the end of videos as a bit of a reward. Seventh, once your audience has found your
channel, engage them with your comments and other YouTube features: You can ask a question
at the end of your videos and have your audience reply in the comments. Pin your favorite comment to the top. You can also pin a question for your audience
at the top of the comments. Comments are really important in building
a community at the end of our videos we encourage debate in the comment section and that’s
a perfect way for commenters to engage with each other and create a bit of a community
behind your brand. Eighth, Quiz your audience! Add a quiz or discussion question to your
videos and have the audience discuss it in the comments. When viewers give you awesome answers or comments,
you can heart them. Ninth, Go live! You could host a live Q&A with your audience. Live streams of educational content encourage
channel discovery because they appear in search results. Your subscribers are also notified when you’ve
gone live. Live events you schedule ahead of time are
automatically promoted on your channel. Tenth, Go global. Your educational channel can find worldwide
audiences by creating videos that have universal appeal, using translations tools to support
accessibility and expanding successful models to new languages. Try adding captions to your videos to support
accessibility. We use captions, we make sure to caption every
video in English for the hearing impaired. You can also enable community contributions
to allow your fans to translate subtitles for you. 40% of our audience is international so they
submit subtitles to us and we put em up! Let us know in the comments below what’s
working on your educational channel to grow your audience. Check out the next video, thanks guys. Thank you.

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  3. This is great and we always try to transcribe our videos at least to English.

  4. شكرا جزيلا على هذه المعلومات المفيدة – Thank you very much for this useful information

  5. Ten tips from Wisecrack on growing your educational channel
    1- create a channel trailer
    2- design a channel banner
    3- fill out your channel description
    4- add accurate titles and metadata
    5- organize your content
    6- add outtake to your videos
    7- use comments to interact with your audience
    8- add a quiz or discussion question
    9- go live
    10- go global

  6. This is not educational content it is 'Edutainment", all the tips here are basically saying if you don't put on an entertainment sideshow your technical content it will go no-where.
    In this video "WiseCrack" gave an example of user comments showing a comment about Turbo Encabulation, it is a joke viral video, there is no such thing as a turbo encabulator and that was the joke, and the video the narrator uses non existent technical terminology, which is a joke video and nothing to do with technical or educational content.
    And the irony is that the turbo encabulator video demonstrated that you can make complete nonsense sound legitimate and accurate merely by presenting it in a professional manner.
    Much like these videos, what drives audiences is entertainment but that does not equal educational.
    People don't go to Universities and sit through hours of often boring lectures to be "entertained", they don't finish a degree and go back to University and do it again because it was so entertaining the first time around.

  7. Great tips. I like creating outside content that can be downloaded by my users for further study like worksheets and cheat sheets.

  8. Em là con gái của Vietnamese em ₫ang lên YouTube "Kênh Trà xitin hieptatoo " Mà sao không có ai xem cả không biết làm thế nào? có thể giúp em không ạ

  9. This information was very helpful to me! I do not feel that YouTube is promoting me. I'm thinking of stopping my videos!

  10. Hey! I do math-lectures on my channel! 📚😊
    Leave a comment down below on what you do on your educational channel!

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