hello my teachers out there and aspiring teachers in today's video I'm going to give you ten teacher interview tips that are guaranteed to help you stand out so my Commission is the preview in this video I'm going to be going over ten teacher interview tips so it's getting towards the middle of the summer and administrators are really trying to fill all those positions that they have available so if you're lucky enough to get picked out of the crowd if you get called in for an interview you want to make sure that you make a lasting impression that is going to help you stick out amongst the crowd so I'm going to be going over there those ten tips that are going to help you stand out so let's just get into the tips tip number one do your research before you step into the doors of the campus that has called you in for an interview you want to make sure that you are doing your research and find out all the information you can about that campus so look on their school website find out what their mission or vision statement is and be able to speak on how you it can embody that vision and mission statement and bring it to life in your classroom second you need to know what kind of students they service what is their makeup their population are they a title on campus what kind of diversity what ethnicities and races are included in that school population this is very important also know what makes the campus stand out amongst other campuses in the district or around them are they a magnet campus are they a blue ribbon school things like that you need to know and you need to be familiar with before you step into that interview this number two dress to impress you're never fully dressed so make sure that you are dressing for the job that you want now we know how teachers are on a day to day basis we kind of dress a little bit more relaxed than what we would normally dress for interview before that interview you are trying to put your best foot forward so for ladies a nice blazer a blouse or a nice long skirt or flex is perfect for an interview gentlemen make sure you wear a tie a nice suit jacket or a nice long sleeve collar top with some nice slacks is perfect now ladies when it comes to the jewelry keep it at a minimum now I know I love my hoop earrings but when I go in for an interview I keep it classy with a nice purses a simple necklace and a wristwatch maybe one little bracelet but nothing too much you don't want to be dangling and jiggling around when you're trying to answer the question and also keep in mind not to put on too much perfume or too much cologne because that might distract the interview committee from listening to you if they're just smelling all of that good stuff and it's just too much you know what I mean tip number three make sure that you have plenty of copies of your resume with you when you go in for an interview do not assume that just because you uploaded it to the district website when you apply that the campus administrator is going to have printed copies for everyone on the interview committee you have to remember that in the summertime administrators are super busy and especially if they have a lot of positions to fill they're not really going to have time to print off resumes for every applicant that's coming in for an interview so make sure you come prepare with tons of copies of your resume tip number four if you're going to bring a portfolio of some kind I will recommend a digital portfolio so this is something that you're create online and you can bring with you to show to the interview committee on an iPad or a laptop the reason why I suggest a digital portfolio versus just a binder portfolio that usually teachers bring is because a lot of schools are moving towards integrating more technology and that technology is a part of a lot of campuses mission statements and a lot of their district initiatives so if you a digital portfolio that is showing the interview committee that you are very comfortable with technology and that you are comfortable with integrating that into your classroom so definitely if you're going to use a portfolio do a digital tip number five this is the OD but a goodie make sure you have a strong firm handshake and that you are giving eye contact to the people that you're talking to so nine times out of ten you're going to be interviewed by committee of maybe three to five people so when they go around and they're each individually asking you a question make sure you're giving that person I contact because it shows that you're really listening and that you are respecting them as a part of the interview committee don't just solely give your attention to the campus administrator because if he or she is utilizing an interview committee nine times out of ten he's going to want all of their opinions when it comes to choosing who the best candidate tip number six it's okay for to ask one of the interview committee members to repeat a question sometimes the questions that they ask might be a scenario or have a lot of information contained into in the question and in order for you to really fully answer the question and give them what they're looking for you have to know all of the information so if you need a question to be repeated it's okay to ask believe me it's okay you would rather answer the question correctly then to assume that you heard everything about what they were asking and then answer it wrong tip number seven it's okay to take a few seconds after the question is asked to gather all your thoughts before you give an answer this is especially helpful when you're giving those scenario questions because you want to make sure that you're answering the questions fully and you're not just blurting out what comes to your mind first so just take a little second get your thoughts together and then answer the question now I really mean take a little second go sit there for a whole minute and everyone's tapping their pencil looking at you like come on give us an answer that's not what you want just a little couple seconds get your thoughts together and then proceeded to answer the question tip number eight be familiar with classroom management strategies and be able to speak on them and how you would utilize them in the classroom this is very important because I can 100% guarantee you now one of the questions that is going to be asking your interview is going to be in regards to classroom management and what that looks like in your classroom so if you're a current teacher and you already know how to do classroom management or you have strategies that you already use then good for you keep those in mind and use those in your interview but if you are a new teacher aspiring teacher just graduate from college looking for your first job then you need to look up some classroom management strategies and have some of those in the back of your mind so that you can speak on those when that question is X believe me this question will be X tip number 9 you want to make sure before you go into an interview that you have something called back pocket questions I would suggest that you have three back pocket questions and what I mean by that is all the time at the interview interview the administrator or whoever is on the committee is going to ask you if you have any questions you don't want to say no you want to have at least three questions in your back pocket that you can pull out to ask at the end of interview so for example one of the questions could be what is the process following this interview or you can ask them what are some things that you really love about your campus and another one is what is something that makes you different from other campuses around you when you have questions like this or one similar to this then that shows that you are really interested in the position and that you're interesting in to learn more about the campus so make sure you have at least three back pocket questions not say you're going to use them all they might only give you an opportunity to X one but it's better to have more than enough than none at all we made it interview tip number pin this one is very important and this one is always looked over make sure at the end of your interview after you've gone home send a thank-you email to everybody who was on the committee with you so that means you need to make sure that you are writing down all the names of everybody when you get there so that you know the email this is very important and this really does help you stick out two years ago when I sat in on the interview committee for a new kindergarten teacher for our team we interview three candidates right in a row and they were all great they all have very similar qualities but what made the person that we chose stick out was that she sent a thank-you email thanking all of us for the time and telling us why she's really interested in our campus and that she's so eager to possibly work for us in Duke right things so that made her stand out amongst the other two candidates because neither one of the other ones did that so that's why this tip is very very important because it does come down to sometimes the candidates are so similar and they all have the great best great qualities and it's just you're just not sure who to choose so doing that one simple thing of cinema thank you email could really help you push to the forefront of that group of people who are being interviewed all right so thanks for watching the video those are all my PIN teacher interview tips that I have for you so make sure you like this video don't forget to subscribe and if you had any other teacher tips that you want to share please comment below also make sure to share this video on all your social media networks so that more teachers can see these interview tips and hopefully it can help them Lam that teaching job thanks again for watching

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  1. Thank you so much for your tips! I am going through the interview process now and I know I do not interview well because I am a facts type of person. I answer their questions but I do not give a lot of extra information. I am just not a talkative type of person and this is difficult for me. Can you give me any tips? * PS. I just finished my 3rd year of teaching.

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