10 of the World’s Most Difficult Countries to Visit

13,000 miles long and roughly 30 feet tall,
the Great Wall of China symbolizes both the country’s military strength and its isolationism. Currently, no country has a Great Wall, but
many countries are dedicated to staying isolated, often to aviod exposing their citizens to
sociocultural ideas and practices disliked by their respective governments. For various reasons, the following 10 countries
may be difficult for tourists to visit. 10. Canada Surprised? Frankly, so are we. Canada’s requirements for air travel and
border crossing have been more stringent since its southern neighbor, the United States,
suffered a terrorist attack in 2001. Since 2007, anyone traveling into Canada by
air must have a passport. People who frequently drive across the Canadian
border may obtain an enhanced driver’s license that serves in lieu of a passport. Even with stricter security measures required,
Canadian customs officials have a reputation for friendliness. The stereotype of the conversational Canadian
customs officer is so pervasive that Canadian comedian Rob Bebenek has a stand up routine
wherein he contrasts crossing the U.S. border with crossing the Canadian border. However, one group of people may find Canada
difficult to enter. Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and Driving
While Intoxicated (DWI) are considered particularly serious offenses in Canada. Someone who has been convicted of more than
one DUI or DWI might not be permitted to cross the border. If a conviction is at least 10 years old and
carried a maximum sentence of less than 10 years, someone who has the necessary paperwork
may petition for Criminal Rehabilitation. If that petition is granted, the person will
be allowed to cross. Those who aren’t eligible to apply for Criminal
Rehabilitation may apply for Individual Criminal Rehabilitation, a status that is determined
by the Canadian government on a case by case basis. Other options for those who are ineligible
for Criminal Rehabilitation include getting a pardon or discharge of your conviction from
the country where one was convicted, which must be accepted by the Canadian government,
or obtaining a temporary resident permit. 9. Iran Many cultural innovations that are now prized
worldwide began in Iran. Refrigeration, postal delivery, guitars, and
chess originated in the area. Tourists would be welcome to learn about the
country’s culture and its history, if they didn’t have such difficulty visiting. In 2018, the United States both imposed sanctions
on Iran and discontinued its nuclear deal with the nation. Those political decisions had a significant
commercial impact, harming the country’s tourist industry. Deterred by the sanctions, Americans and citizens
from countries allied to the United States no longer visit Iran. However, the sanctions have especially affected
domestic tourism. Seventy percent of Iran’s tourism revenue
comes from Iranians traveling within the country. Fewer Iranians have sufficient money for traveling,
since the sanctions are weakening the Iranian economy. 8. Turkmenistan Turkmenistan is a former Soviet bloc country
that’s bordered by Kazakhstan, Uzebekistan, and Afghanistan. The Soviet bloc countries were satellite countries
of the Soviet Union. Many of them were financially destabilized
when the Soviet Union fell in 1991. The revenue tourists bring is welcome in Turmenistan,
but it’s a difficult country to visit. Most travelers who wish to visit must be invited
by the government or fund a touring company, though tourists staying on the mainland may
be granted five day visas. Social media is banned in Turkmenistan. All tourists are officially required to be
accompanied by guides, who report the tourists’ movements to the government. 7. Yemen We’ve talked about the warfare in Yemen
before, and we’re mentioning it again because, sadly, Yemen is still at war. A brief history of warfare in Yemen: In 2004,
the Houthis, a Shiite political and religious group, plotted to overthrow the Yemeni government. On September 21, 2014, the Houthis seized
the capital city, Sana’a. Because many political and religious groups
opposed the Houthis, the country began a civil war in 2015. The civil war hasn’t ended, but it isn’t
solely a war amongst Yemenis. Yemen’s civil war is a proxy war, a war
instigated by major powers that don’t become directly involved. Iran provided weapons to the Houthis, while
Saudi Arabia and the United States provided weapons to the Yemeni military. In 2019, the U.S. Congress voted to stop selling
arms to the Yemeni government. Imagine: A Yemeni who was born in 2014 has
never experienced peace, or a stable economy. When the country is at peace, it is an enviable
tourist attraction. Sana’a, the capital city, has been continuously
inhabited for 2,500 years. For tourists who enjoy nature, Yemen would
be an ideal vacation destination .Ninety percent of the reptiles in Yemen cannot be found anywhere
else in the world. Unfortunately, tourism companies officially
advise that the country is unsafe to visit due to terrorism, civil war, health risks,
kidnapping, and armed conflict. 6. Angola Angola, a large country in southwestern Africa,
includes deserts and rainforests. Angola was formerly a Portuguese colony, but
Portugal now depends on Angola for finacial support — Angola possesses rich oil reserves. Angola has survived colonization and civil
war. Now the country’s greatest threat is economic
instability, caused by inflation. In 2011, the capital city, Luanda, was the
most expensive city in the world to visit. The average price of a melon at a street market
was one hundred U.S. dollars. Someone who could afford to visit Luanda would
still need to pay to be invited. Tourists must receive an official invitation
from the government in order to visit. Anyone who requests a letter has to pay for
it. If the letter arrives without a visa despite
the visa having been paid for, or the visa is later denied, none of the expenses incurred
can be refunded. 5. Saudi Arabia Like Yemen, we’ve talked about the dangers
of visiting Saudi Arabia. Also like Yemen, the Saudi Arabian government’s
oppressive practices have since worsened. The Saudi government admitted to orchestrating
the November 2018 murder of a journalist for The Washington Post, Jamal Khoshoggi. Khoshoggi, who authored articles criticizing
Saudi prince Mohammed bin Salman, was ambushed and strangled when he entered the Turkish
consulate to obtain a marriage license. His attackers chopped up his body with a bone
saw. On 2019, 36 countries signed an open letter
criticizing Saudi Arabia for its human rights abuses. Negative news coverage of Saudi Arabia has
negatively affected its tourism industry. The Saudi royal family is the richest family
in the world, worth over one billion dollars. The economic instability exacerbated by the
decrease in tourism will affect not the royal family, but the Saudi citizens. Twenty percent of the population of Saudi
Arabia lives in poverty. 4. Russia Even before U.S. special counsel investigator
Robert S. Mueller confirmed that Russia interfered with the United States of America’s 2016
presidential election, sociopolitical tensions created during the Cold War were still present
between the two countries. And as long as the nation remains under the
thumb of its president, Vladimir Putin, that tension is likely to remain. Russia doesn’t recognize U.S. diplomats’
authority to intervene in visa-related difficulties involving American travelers. All travelers are advised to avoid unsanitary
water, unsafe medical treatments, pickpocketing, and government surveillance. 3. Kiribati The Pacific island of Kiribati isn’t particularly
dangerous to visit. It’s just incredibly difficult to reach. Any airport travel requires a long, costly
flight between islands. There are few amenities to which travelers
from the United States, Canada, and Western Europe are accustomed. However, local families are willing to accommodate
guests. A tourist who requires a passport — anyone
living outside of the European Union — should schedule an additional trip to Wales. The only Kiribati embassy in Europe is in
Llandewi Rhydderch. But hey, we hear Wales is nice this time of
year, if you’re feeling particularly ready to — eventually — make your way to Kiribati. 2. Bhutan The Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan was closed
to visitors until 1974. As of 2019, obtaining a visa costs $40. A tourist must pay $250 to the government
for each day of his or her stay. The daily fee includes the provision of accommodation,
transportation, food, and a guide. Travelers from India, Bangladesh, and the
Maldives do not need to obtain a visa to visit Bhutan. Invited guests of the government aren’t
required to pay a daily fee. The fee is intended to deter visitors, in
order to protect the country’s forestry. Bhutan’s dense forests make it the only
carbon negative country in the world, and federal law requires that sixty percent of
the land always remain covered by trees. 1. Eritrea Eritrea is the most difficult country in the
world to visit. Formerly a colony of Italy, the northeastern
African country gained independence in 1991, after a 30 year war with Ethiopia. As of 2019, Eritrea is a dictatorship. All tourists require a visa, and a visa costs
$70. Visitors aren’t permitted to use local transportation
while they are in Eritrea. The only way to travel within the country
is by prearranging modes of transportation with a tourist company. Anyone traveling outside of the capital city,
Asmara, must receive the government’s permission to travel to each destination he or she wants
to visit.

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  1. Someone didn't do their homework about Canada. It's probably the easiest country to get into to. You can cross the border illegally, get arrested, then get a free lawyer to bail you out, and some money to help with your stay here. And all at the cost of the taxpayers

  2. Canada doesn't really fit the list. Having a passport and never been driving while drunk, how is any of that a problem?
    I pretty much carry a passport with me all the time, since I live in Europe and might go to some of our neighbouring countries anytime, if I feel like it, no visa needed.

  3. Hate to poke a hole in your first country, Canada has a huge issue with illegal migrants crossing without without any documentation and getting better treatment then people coming in on the legal channels.

  4. Only two groups messed with America's 2016 election. Russia wasn't one of them. The two criminal groups that was trying to rig the election is 1. The Democratic Party 2. Israel/AIPAC.

  5. Canada is impossible to travel to if you're a vocal Christian or hold views contrary to the views tolerated by Justin Turdpusher and his ilk. (As Pastor Steve Anderson found out)

  6. Angola may be hard for Americans to visit if that story about the paperwork is true. It is easy though if you're from a SADC country. Problem is, why would you want to go there?

  7. If you are a woman, or plan to show ANY sort of affection to your wife (including kissing or even holding her HAND…no seriously they will ARREST you for thie HEINOUS CRIME!!), do NOT go to Saudi Arabia, incidentally, I will never go to a medival country like that, simply because their customs are far beyond barbaric, and the way they treat their women are as if they were gum on the bottom of their shoes, just pathetic how the richest country on the planet still uses ideologies from 800 years ago.
    If a county is in the middle of a WAR…..dont GO THERE!
    This is so much of common sense that it directly reminded me of when I was in Calgary Alberta Canada during a massive flood that wiped out several streets and took out 20 feet of the Saddledome.
    The mayor at the time (and still is since 2010) was Mayor Naheed Nenshi, we went on every televised news channel and said a very basic thing.
    "I cant BELIEVE I even have to say this, but do NOT boat down the Bow River, it WILL kill you, so stop being damn idiots, since we will not be sparing any rescue relief for morons who do not even have the basic sense of self-preservation!"
    In my opinion, he is the best Mayor of any city, any Province, or any time in Canada's history.

  8. man, I teach English in Russia, it's so stupid, anyone can get a visa. The city is full of foreign tourists. Talk more about TurkmeniSTON.

  9. The Canadian border crossing agents (coming from the U.S. into Canada to visit friends) were anything but friendly. They kept me in their offices for SIX hours playing games. Worst experience I've ever had!

  10. When I visited Toronto, I was met with very unfriendly Canadian customer agents. They were real jerks. But when I visited Vancouver, the following year, I was met with very nice Canadian customer agents. I guess I need to stay on the West coast of Canada.

  11. Canada is the most anal butt hurt county in the world , You can not even buy Drain Cleaner as its a crime and no that is not a joke , You can only use bleach. It can take months to buy something like i got something in 2 days yet it did take 30 days do to how anal they are only next to Russia war zones and South Africa.

  12. Its even a crime to fight back are use any means of protections from harm even if something is trying to kill you. much much worse now. However if you fight back with a baseball bat and prove it was for playing baseball then its ok.

  13. WHOA, the Mueller report did NOT PROVE ANYTHING AGAINST DONALD TRUMP. There WAS NO COLLUSION AND UR WAS A BOGUS WASTE OF TIME. That cost AMERICANS huge in that stupid democratic tantrum. Sorry if you don't like my president,just get facts straight.

  14. So you're telling me for 40 plus a 250 day rate I basically get an all inclusive visit with a guide to a heavily forested country. I'm sold

  15. The guy who wrote this script for Simon to read aloud completely failed to make a convincing case for Canada to be "one of the most difficult countries to enter." So they discriminate against convicted drink-drivers…? Big shit !!! Drink-drivers are screaming f*ckwits who need to be kicked VERY hard in the groin.

  16. Friendly Canadian border guards, GIVE ME A BREAK. My then 72 yo mother and I were going to Canada once, my mother was driving. As we approached the guard booth, there was no line in front of us, my mother apparently missed a faded painted street warning and proceeded to the booth. I did not see it either. The surly guard then proceeded to berate her making no doubt that he hated Americans. When he was getting his second wind I firmly asked him if he was done yet and was he denying us entry at which point he passed us through. That type of rudeness should never be tolerated.

  17. Russia may have tried to interfere with US elections but they as well as others failed miserably regardless of the lies you have read and swallowed. Apparently this type of propaganda is a specialty of yours to readily believe. Wake up.

  18. Saudi Royal family are not even close to being the richest family in the world,Rothschild family was last estimated to be worth over $7t.And Canada is NOT difficult AT ALL.

  19. For those who think Simon screwed up Kiribati:
    It's pronounced as KI-RI-BAS.
    Proof from local government: http://www.kiribatitourism.gov.ki/kiribati-pacific-ocean-location/

  20. 1:03 I am Canadian and I don't know who that is. This channel is really reaching just for another anti-Canada stereotypical joke.

  21. There is an island near Fort Myers, Florida that's hard to visit because all the property is owned by rich people who don't want poor visitors. The only way to get there is by crossing a toll bridge. Forty years ago, the toll was $100. I don't know what is is now.

  22. Just walk in at Roxham Road and hand your bags to the RCMP and ask for your cheque and the keys to your hotel room. Oh, you're white though. That's only for Black people.

  23. It is the job of border security to keep you out, not to let you in; keep that in mind whenever you're dealing with them.

  24. I'm a little surprised the USA didn't make the list. With our travel bans for 4 countries, and the fact that we are locking refugies in cages I figured that surely had to put us ahead of Canada. I was also really shocked North Korea not only didn't make the list, but wasn't #1.

  25. Kiribati is pronounces kiri-bah-see!! And access is hard because of its remoteness. But to think that Canada, Iran, Russia and Eritrea are all on the same list – is kind of weird. Canada is a democracy – whereas the other 3 countries are or were former dictatorships or theocracies. Canada was never under any dictator or religious ruler. And why is the USA not on this list? There are thousands of HORROR stories that I have heard or seen on youtube by and from visitors going through the TSA customs searches. USA is also a hard country to get into with all the harrassement one must suffer at the border or the airport.

  26. Saudi Arabia shouldn’t be on this list if you are a Muslim heterosexual man who speaks Arabic. Maybe if you were a black lesbian atheist woman that might be on the list.

  27. As a matter of fact North Korea is not difficult to visit. Simply you cannot visit. Angola indeed is an experience. You cannot imagine the amount of paperwork you have to collect to apply for a visa. Been there a couple of times. Disgusting. Russia you can visit easily. Nothing to worry about in particular. It is obvious however that the site has an issue with Russia and Putin. So be it. Finally what about Nigeria and Mauritania (have been deported and stamped as persona non grata)? Do some better research guys.

  28. Canada may be hard to visit, but we also paid $10 million to a terrorist convicted of war crimes, and also allow people confirmed to have left the country to join the IS back in with no charges, so yeah.

  29. Muller , Russian interference in election?!?! Fake , clinton steele dossier, fisa warrants, uranium one, clinton cabal controlling DNC, corruption in fbi n doj ?!?! Fake, delusional news!!

  30. Sorry Simon, North Korea should have made the list over Canada. While we might not take kindly to DUI's, you can roam freely once let in. Not so with NK. Your every move is watched by Government officials, you cannot go to certain places that are not "government approved" and if you are a Journalist, or caught information gathering, you won't be getting out.

  31. My cousin, let's call him Liam, visited Iran about a year ago and says we should all go at least once. He says it's beautiful and astoundingly clean. In the places he visited people truly love their home, and take great pains for it to clean, tidy and welcoming. The people he met were warm and friendly and seemed to see him as a guest to be helped no matter what. He's saving up to go back.

  32. Canada would be the only country on this list I’d ever visit anyway. Just wondering why Canada is on this list. Even here in Australia we have travel restrictions on those who have seen jail time or visa exclusion for those who have overstayed on previous visits or who are seen as possible overstayers. North Korea should really have been on the list.

  33. Anyone who's watched "Border Security: Canada's Front Line" ( which was on Netflix at one point) knows that Canada is hard to get into!

  34. It surprises me that the USA isn’t in there. To get my visa, I needed to give all the info about me. And when they reject the visa to people they do it in front of everyone else, mean af

  35. Iran is actually easier than most. Certainly easier than the USA. As long as you aren't travelling in on a USA or UK passport. Most others can just get a tourist visa when they arrive at the larger airports, as long as you have accommodation prepared.

  36. I work with a guy from Iran and was asking him what's it's like. He said it's nice. His own words. It's a great place to visit if you never want to travel to many other countries again lol

  37. As a Canadian, I can't stand our customs officers. I've never once been pulled over driving into the states, but the Canadian guys are jerks and pull people over a lot. They're tax collectors

  38. For me Iran is the easiest country to visit even though my country has very bad relations with iran atm and there is no embassy…

  39. Minor correction: Turkmenistan was not a satellite state of the Soviet Union, but rather a full constituent member republic just like Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc.

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