10 Must-Know Particles for Thai Learners

want to speed up your language learning get access to all of our best PDF cheat sheets for free just click the link in the description and sign up for your free lifetime account right now hi guys welcome to titled words M day and today we'll be doing ten must no particles portal Ernest including prepositions and contentions which will help you compose a longer sentence okay let's get started some rap for first one some rap for a nice and black poongsan it is for my dad this word some rap or for it's very useful word and I think the way to use it is very similar to English like this is for you I need some rap couldn't this is for your birthday a nice um drop one Goodkin cool or you can just say for me I like it very much some laps allow some Chapman mark so the way it used it is very similar to you the word for when you use it in English dark from da from San Matta people I come from Japan konichiwa this word like English word phone you can also use it with location and also the time from Bangkok JA grumpy from 9 to 5 da come on Chao to Hammond in cup with cup with Santa Payton and Khmer I will go there with my mom T at T at the cantina Nina let's meet at this restaurant this was t we usually used it with a location like at some place like at a restaurant P and at Hotel tiro gram at school Pierre Umbreon however one difference between the word at and the word T like two in English and Thai is that the word and you can use it with time right but Doherty you can't use it with time you can only use it with location there but there but Chuck died that shot maiming on I want it but I don't have money typical I always want something and I don't have money yes so but I think the usage is very similar to the word but so you have one sentence and another sentence and but is in between so but these two sentences must be the opposite for example San Yap IPL their family I want to go traveling but I'm PI it let and let and Chan top do none let fun playing I like watching movies and listening to music so also similar to the word and the usage are almost the same so you link between two similar sentence together or two similar word not too soon I would like link between two words so if you want to link between two words like channel top grow I let some I like banana and orange or if you want to link between two sentences it would be turns out by wrongly and lat chopped IPO I like to go to school and I like to travel blue or blue or couldn't chop and I'm a cotton Annie do a nun which one do you prefer this or that so this proposition rule you use it when you have more than one choice like this or that Annie rule a nun see dang Lucy cow red or white my in my in my new night club ow it is in the back born on born on one son one and slew I born thought I place a book on the table okay so don't forget in is like inside you put something in on is on top of something born you put something on Goodwin barn something by under by under Malcolm Shannon come along lend you I thought my dog is playing under the table in this inside on is on top right in my on born under by so and there is really this back and there is like below under i if you like this lesson and you think is useful don't forget to click like to this video subscribe to our channel as always and visit our website at ty part 101.com see you next time i hope you guys enjoy this lesson bye bye great work here's a reward speed up your language learning with our PDF lessons get all of our best PDF cheat sheets and ebooks for free just click the link in the description

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  1. Would have been good if you'd added that ที่ can also be used for "that". E.g. "the girl that I like" = "สาวที่ผมชอบ"

  2. I don't know if it's just me but she's absolutely beautiful. Especially at 1:22. Love that giggle! ❤

  3. Hey is the website Thaipod101 not connected with Facebook? Because I tried about three times now and it isn’t working please keep me updated thanks

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