10 Mountain Dew Flavors That CHANGED THE GAME!!!

Mountain Dew is another popular carbonated
soft drink that flies under the banner of Pepsico. The original drink may have been
invented as a mixer for Bourbon Whisky, but over the years Mountain Dew has become a mainstream
favorite in the soft drink world and their innovative flavors are part of the reason.
Here are 10 Mountain Dew Flavors That Changed The Game. Original Citrus Mountain Dew Where better to start than with the original,
and some consider still the best, flavor of Mountain Dew. Going back to the early 1940’s,
Tennessee beverage bottlers Barney and Ally Hartman wanted to create a drink that would
mix well with their beloved Bourbon. Giving it a tongue and cheek name, Mountain Dew,
which was slang for Moonshine, the drink soon became popular as an alcoholic mixer. Interestingly
enough, the brothers actually wanted a more Orange flavor as they thought that would suit
their needs more. However, the Orange Crush company that they worked for at the time
went bust so the duo headed in a different citrus direction. It would take a few years
before the public took Mountain Dew seriously, but when they did, they really fell in love
with it. There may be hundreds of flavors on the market today, but the original Mountain
Dew flavor is still considered one of the best by the fans. Also, as it was the first,
it definitely deserves a place on our list of game changing flavors. Mountain Dew Red & Code Red Mountain Dew Red was the third flavor to come
out of the Mountain Dew Company in 1988, after the launch of Diet-Mountain Dew, but it was
sold only in Alabama. Unfortunately, due to its medicinal cherry tasting flavor and its
lack of popularity, it was discontinued the same year. Three years later it was replaced
by a better tasting berry flavored Mountain Dew called Code Red. It proved to be more
successful, increasing sales by 6 % in the first year. As the name suggests, it is red
in color and is berry flavored. It’s also a better tasting thirst quencher than its
predecessor. The product line continues to do well and is distributed nationally; it
has also expanded into specialty markets and can be found at the likes of Taco Bell, where
it blends in with their spicy, fiery foods. In Canada, it proved not to be so successful;
it was called Code Rouge and was featured with other Mountain Dew brand flavors, but
it was discontinued in May 2019. Code Red was released as a limited edition in many
countries across the globe, and in most cases it has shown real staying power. Christmas Holiday Brews In November 2017, Mountain Dew brought us
the Holiday Brew. Mixing together Regular Dew and Code Red, it was a combination between
the original citrus flavors and the cherry flavor. The new drink was leaked on YouTube
during a product review in which Mountain Dew products could be seen in the background
on one of the shelves. Was this intentional or by accident? We shall never know. The flavor,
which was finally released in stores on November 6th, was only sold as a limited edition for
a nine week period during the holidays. It was discontinued at the end of the holiday
season in 2017 after it’s limited run. The following year the flavor was replaced by
a new drink called “The Merry Mash Up” . This was the second time Mountain Dew mixed
two flavors to create a whole new drink, this one was also in limited release. ‘The Merry
Mash Up’ was similar in color to the ‘Holiday Brew, but this time Mountain Dew tried a different
concoction of flavors. Pomegranate and cranberry, what could be more festive? These two new
flavors have never been done before by Mountain Dew and what better place to start than the
Christmas period. Due for official release in November 2019, we’ll just have to wait
and see if the ‘Merry Mash Up’ will be a Christmas number one. Voltage In 2007 Mountain Dew began the first of several
big promotions that would go on to change everything. The first was called Dewmocracy
1, followed closely by Dewmocracy 2 in 2009. It involved the public choosing new flavors,
colors and names for their new beverages. The public even had a say in the packaging,
graphics and advertising for the new drinks. Mountain Dew was given recognition in the
industry as one of the first and longest running examples of a company using crowdsourcing
and the internet to make decisions. Conducted via an online game and through ads that featured
Forest Whitaker, they asked consumers to decide on the next new flavor. Voters chose three
brands: Voltage – a raspberry/citrus, Supernova – strawberry/melon, and Revolution – a berry
flavor. Voltage was the winning flavor, and was released in December 2008. To this day
Voltage remains the top preferred Mountain Dew flavor by far. With it’s bright blue color
and fresh berry taste, Voltage also includes ginseng for that extra kick of energy. In
New Zealand it is actually called “Electro Shock”, and in Honduras it is called “Xtreme”.
Gotta love those names! As for Voltage, whenever something has that fresh flavor of blue raspberry,
its popularity is pretty much guaranteed and a favorite choice across the board. Typhoon It was during the Dewmocracy 2 campaign in
2009 that Mountain Dew introduced another three new drinks; White Out, Distortion and
Typhoon. The difference between this campaign and the previous one was the wider range of
online voting methods used. This time Mountain Dew went all out and included  Facebook,
Twitter, YouTube and a private online forum of die-hard Dew fans called the “Dew Lab Community”.
Starting out with seven flavors, the public had to choose just three. The three new flavors
that won out were Distortion – a key lime flavor, (which has since been discontinued,)
Typhoon – a tropical punch flavor, and White Out –  a smooth-citrus flavored soda. Released
in October 2010, White Out was announced the winner. Typhoon should have been kept alive
as well – all three are a tidal wave of flavor. Typhoon tasted tropical, fruity and was pinkish-orange
in color, it had kick but did not make a big impact. In July 2011, Mountain Dew Typhoon
was re-released briefly in a 2-liter bottle and sold at Walmart, but it has since been
discontinued again and will not be returning any time soon. We all feel the loss of this
one. Taco Bell’s Mountain Dew Baja Blast After a lot of research, and a lot of money,
Mountain Dew developed a drink for Taco Bell that was chemically formulated to complement
their food’s flavor. The result was the Baja Blast; a light blue-green colored tropical-lime-berry
flavored drink. The taste of this popular soft drink reminds us of an ocean of Margaritas,
which is no bad thing! Taco Bell was given exclusive rights for a ten-year period in
which they were the only place allowed to sell this special Mountain Dew flavor to its
clients. The drink is stamped with the Taco Bell logo and has helped increase beverage
sales at Taco Bell, even though soda sales have slumped. By Mountain Dew began selling
its Baja Blast flavor at supermarkets and retail stores across the country. Baja Blast
is number two on the list of most favorite Mountain Dew products, just behind Voltage.
The reason? Probably because it is insanely different from anything else. Because of its
popular success, many other new beverages were introduced at Taco Bell like the Sangrita
Blast, a non-alcoholic sangria flavored Mountain Dew, and a Zero Sugar Baja Blast; a diet
version of the Baja Blast, minus the calories and sugar intake. It is faithful to the original,
although there may be some artificial sweetener aftertaste, but it is smoother than most diet
sodas, and hopefully a lot healthier as a bonus. Sangrita Blast As we’ve mentioned, Sangrita Blast was a proverbial
favorite and created just for Taco Bell. This drink is the symbiosis of all that is Mexican
and is a match made in heaven with the infamous taco restaurant. After all, who doesn’t
love a Sangria with their Tacos? Most of us like our Sangria with alcohol, but this non-alcohol
version proved just as popular with customers. Sangrita Blast was exclusive to Taco Bell
and released alongside Baja Blast briefly in 2015 for the summer. It actually tastes
like a citrus punch, instead of red wine, but we can improvise here. Similar to Mountain
Dew Cherry Pomegranate, it was maroon in color and was full of summer, berry flavor. It also
went particularly well with Taco Bell’s menu. Sangrita Blast was eventually sold in
retail stores that summer and they even offered a Freeze version of the drink. They sold the
drink for several years until 2017, so it is no longer available. It was tasty while
it lasted! Supernova First appearing as a contestant in the Dewmocracy
promotion, Mountain Dew Supernova was a Strawberry-Melon flavored drink, with a little more Ginseng
for that extra boost. Unfortunately the Supernova didn’t last long but it did return for a limited
time in the “Back by popular DEWmand” promotion with Typhoon and Pitch Black in
2011. Supernova was also part of the Canadian Dewmocracy Campaign in 2013, but it lost again
to Voltage. The R & D department at Mountain Dew can be a little wacky, especially when
crazy kids are creating and mixing the flavors. Sometimes flavors work and sometimes they
don’t. Incidentally, in Finland, the Supernova launched in 2012 but it was different to the
US version. The European version of the drink was not only different in coloring but had
a completely different flavor combination. Supernova in Finland actually comes closer
to the natural flavored coloring and is raspberry flavored with a lemony orange tinge and even
more bizarre, the Supernova has become a permanent flavor in Finland, unlike the rest of the
world. For a brief period in 2013, Canada offered the Slurpee version of Supernova,
since discontinued. So if you are a big fan of Supernova, you are out of luck, unless
you visit Finland. Pitch Black First released in 2004, Pitch Black was a
limited edition drink purely for Halloween. A year later Mountain Dew did revive it briefly
and rebranded it as Pitch Black II, a zombie drink with added sour bite. It returned with
Supernova and Typhoon in 2011, but was short-lived. However, this drink does not want to die;
it came back from the grave again with the Back by Popular DEWmand campaign to compete
against Baja Blast and it won. This flavor is a variant of black grape mixed in with
regular citrus Dew. The drink looks completely black, or dark purple in the light, hence
the name Pitch Black. It was made a permanent flavor but unfortunately Pitch-Black products
have been discontinued as of this year because of low sales. You may still be able to find
them overseas in Asia and Pakistan. In Korea it can be found under the name Wild Black,
and if you are lucky, in Canada under Alerte Noir. But considering this product has been
raised from the dead before, we’re sure it won’t be long until Pitch Black is ‘trick
or treating’ once again. Game Fuel Now we come to a true game changer. Known
with gamers worldwide, Game Fuel changed the whole Mountain Dew scene to make it what it
is today. It all started in 2007 after using the term ‘Game Fuel” to describe Mountain
Dew drinks to the gaming sub-culture. Mountain Dew introduced a new flavor of citrus cherry
with the release of the Xbox 360 game Halo 3, showing promotional artwork and featuring
pics of the main character. They did the same in 2009, when a World of Warcraft line was
released. The first flavor was a citrus cherry flavor, which was red for the Horde, and the
second flavor was new wild fruit drink, which was blue for the Alliance. It was a new way
to show which side of the war for Azeroth you were fighting for. Released again in 2011,
but with a new tropical flavor for Call of Duty’s Modern Warfare 3 game, Mountain Dew
has cornered the market on gaming drinks. Every subsequent year, with the release of
new games or movies, Mountain Dew has been at the forefront of creating new flavors for
the gaming world, with special packaging and graphics to boot. They are in limited release
till the next best thing comes along. What has remained and is synonymous with the gaming
world is the Mountain Dew name and brand of drinks. It’s easy to find more great BabbleTop videos.
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  2. OMG I got so mad and sad when sangrita was discontinued. That was an amazing and idk for other but was the total best drink at tacobell.i would enjoyed it with my food every time but now it's not the same anymore. I wish they will bring it back again soon 😔

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