10 Most Beautiful Snakes In The World

10 Most Beautiful Snakes In The World. Number 10, Asian Vine Snake. This snake has an extraordinary geometric
pattern to it scales. This pattern is highlighted when the snake
feels threatened and expands its body, revealing the black and white between the green scales. When relaxed, the snake has what looks like
a very slender, nearly all green body. This isn’t its only defense. According to Reptiles Magazine, “When vine
snakes sense danger, they will remain motionless, but if there is a breeze,
they will sway back and forth with the foliage to add to their camouflage. At other times, for reasons yet unclear, if
there is a threat, they will remain motionless with their tongue extended for minutes at
a time.” Number 9, Blue racer snake. This beauty is a pretty rare photograph of
a Blue Racer snake. I say rare because its not often you get such
a brilliant blue reflecting from the scales, as often they seem more gray in color. The Blue Racer’s formal name is Coluber constrictor
but despite this, they normally simply pin their prey to the ground and swallow them
alive. They are known mostly east of the Rockies
but have been seen as far south as Mexico. Number 8, Eastern coral snake. Micrurus fulvius is one of the most beautiful
of all snakes. Unfortunately it is also very venomous, as
are all coral snakes. On the good side, there are only about 15
to 20 recorded bites a year but on the bad side they are deadly and soon there will be
no more antivenin for it. Pfizer, has said that with such low demand,
it is not worth the cost and research spent on it, and current stock is due to expire
at the end of this year. The snakes are forest animals, living in leaf
litter and brush. They flee before biting, but if you do get
bitten it is imperative you go to a doctor. Respiratory failure occurs within hours. Number 7, Green tree python. The green tree python is known for being green,
hence the name. But that isn’t the only color that this species
might be. Juvenile green tree pythons may be bright
yellow, vibrant red or even a very dark brown. While gorgeous in its adult coloration, the
species is also stunning when it’s young and going through color changes. The individual shown here is in the yellow
phase, with brown spots that make it look a bit like a ripening banana. As they mature, the pythons will usually change
color to a variation of green or blue, however, some green tree pythons will keep that yellow
coloration for their lives. Number 6, Iridescent Shieldtail. The only reason this lovely is not in the
top 3 is that it is hard to see exactly how beautiful she is from this photograph, but
she is actually even more gorgeous than she appears here. She has to be one of the most beautiful snakes
in the world. The Iridescent Shieldtail, Melanophidium bilineatum
, is not well known. Only three specimens are thought to have ever
been caught and little is known of how it behaves in the wild. Recently some more have been seen but all
that can be said for certain is that it’s beautiful and rare. Number 5, Red headed krait. The Red-headed Krait is a highly venomous
snake which inhibits forested hills, lower areas below 400 meters elevation. It is mostly found in the southern part of
Thailand. The Red-headed Krait grows up to 6.9 ft.
Beauty of this snake is personified in the form of its bright orange-red head with pale
body and short reddish tail. Number 4, Formosan odd-scaled snake. Another snake species the shimmers with rainbow
iridescence is the Formosan odd-scaled snake. This is one of several species of odd-scaled
snake, all of which have this same iridescent effect in their scales. The Formosan odd-scaled snake is found in
Taiwan and the southern islands of Japan. It is harmless to humans and spends its time
hunting worms, frogs and other small prey. The species is nocturnal, but put it under
light and its whole body dances with color! Number 3, Honduran milk snake. The Honduran milk snake, is an egg laying
species of nonvenomous colubrid snake. Its base color is red with distinct rings
or bands of black and yellow. In some cases the yellow is actually a deep
orange color and the animal in question is referred to as a tangerine phase. The Honduran milk snake has a resemblance
to the coral snake and this similarity in color, known as Batesian mimicry, helps protect
the snake from potential predators. Number 2, Brazilian rainbow boa. The trait that stands out the most in this
boa species is the iridescent shimmer of its scales. Glistening over the brown-and-black patterns
is a sheen of rainbow colors, which show up under light. According to the National Zoo, “the iridescent
sheen imparted by microscopic ridges on their scales … act like prisms to refract light
into rainbows.” Found throughout Central and South America,
there are nine subspecies of rainbow boa, including the Brazilian rainbow boa shown
now. Considering their unusual beauty, it’s no
wonder that these large snakes, which can sometimes reach up to seven feet in length,
are popular in the pet trade. In the 1980s, hundreds of Brazilian rainbow
boas were removed from the wild and exported for sale. Many of the individuals did not survive the
process, spurring conservation-friendly captive breeding programs available today. Number 1, San Francisco garter snake. Some people consider the San Francisco garter
snake to be the most beautiful species in the world. That is, of course, subjective, but it’s a
stunningly beautiful snake. Known for the bright turquoise stripes that
run alongside deep coral and black, the snake is a sight to behold. Unfortunately, it’s also an exceedingly rare
sight. This snake is on the Endangered Species List,
with perhaps as few as 1,000-2,000 adults remaining on Earth.

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  1. The top number one is the ultimate! Once captivated by the beauty, you forget she's even a snake! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I used to have a blue racer snake living in my rose bush out front, my siblings would usually pick it up but one time my little brother was acting crazy while holding it and I was close to him so the blue racer snake tagged me

  3. snake is connected in nature they can do evething so they are not dangerous.however ,the dangerous snake is already in near you they can do way inviscibles they maybe called your big bestfriend.

  4. How not to confuse a milk snake with a coral snake. Pay attention to the order of the snake's color. Red next to black is a friend of Jack (milk snake). Red next to yellow can kill a fellow (coral snake)

  5. Snakes are the most underrated and misjudged animals in the planet but in reality they are amazing. They can crawl without limbs, swim without fins and fly without wings. I hope we respect them.

  6. This photo breaks my brief..haha
    well this 10 snake is so very beautiful but the one most beautiful snake in the world is my friend๐Ÿ˜

  7. Mga idol sino man mkakita neto dalaw naman kyo sa kubo q iwan lang kyo ng bakas aq na bahalang mag sukli sainyo salamat mga idol

  8. Beauty can always lure us into traps. Snakes are not at fault for Lucifer's con job of Eve and Adam stood by and let her bite the fruit instead of protecting her as he was responsible for the task at hand to be the difference between a protector and a guardian was his privilege, God tells to keep her safe.

  9. HEY!! That is 1000% a CALIFORNIAN red-sided garter snake, not a โ€œSan Franciscoโ€ garter snake!! I know that for a FACT because I have seen them!!

  10. They sure are Beautiful โ™ฅ๏ธ
    6:21 I Actually Own a San Francisco Garter Snake! It it Beautiful โ™ฅ๏ธ

  11. Wow, that is very cool! I especially love the San Francisco garter snake at the endโ€ฆ I had never seen such a colorful snake!!

  12. you guy's are so amazing…its too difficult to taking care a wild animals so thats why i salute you …because you're actually pretty so brave ever…

  13. Whenever I see snakes, I think about the bible and satan as the cunning, clever and smart snake fooling Eve into eating the fruit from the forbidden tree…

  14. There's nothing beautiful there, those colors are adaptation and most of those dark-colored snakes are having colors of bird poop.

  15. Pfizer decided there wasnโ€™t enough bites to keep on funding the anti toxin…..goes to show you that it has never been about saving lives and how there is no money in cures. They make a profit of our illnesses.

  16. Was this list put together via voting? I'd find it hard to believe that many of us snake owners would not have voted for the Jungle Carpet Python.What about the Bothriechis schlegelii aka eyelash viper. Or Atheris hispida the Spiny Bush Viper. There are just so many amazing look snakes out there but surely there cant be a definitive list as the title suggestsOf course this is all subjective but was just wondering who came up with this list ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. "10 Most Beautiful Snakes In The World
    " plot twist: it's all snakes. they're all beautiful. If you're a snake and you're reading this, you're gorgeous and I love you.

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  19. You should watch out if there's a snake by you because it might bite you and you might die because they're poisonous hope you don't let me who lives by them

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