30 thoughts on “10 Montessori Inspired Toddler Learning Activities”

  1. The animal footprints in the playdough idea is so amazing. I also like the idea of printing the toy animals into the play dough. I can imagine the prints looking very detailed as the animals are an intricately designed. I'd love this activity and I'm in my 20s



  3. Such great ideas thank you for sharing! I've been looking for good ideas on toys and games for my toddler, who is also named Evie.

  4. TEACHABLE MOMENTS Learning Activities For Toddlers https://goo.gl/4z7ZXL #FamilyInMotion @ SUBSCRIBE

  5. Hey there…lots of love from India..!! Thanks for sharing this awesome video! I look forward to working on these ideas with my 21months old son. I really want to get those books you are showing in this video- playtime shapes and Animal alphabets ..but am not able to find them on Amazon.in...Any pointers please.. I really really wish my son can benefit from these beautiful books..

  6. Such creative ideas! I love how you made the books more useful than just simply reading them. I can’t wait to try some of these out with my boys!

  7. I wish I could triple like this video. 🤗
    I’m curious to know how many minutes/hours per day do you work with your child on educational concepts?

  8. I tried the hair scrunchies and pompoms with the boys I babysit (1.5 year old twins) and they just kept putting them in their mouths/possibly eating them ?? Any idea on how to handle this and any alternative ideas on sorting, picking up with fine motor, etc?

  9. Great tips! I've seen renditions of a lot of these on Pinterest, but it was so refreshing and nice to hear you explain everything: " I got this at hobby lobby, dollar tree etc" a couple things I haven't heard of too! Wonderful!

  10. As an ECE is these activities make me cringe! I know you are trying to do what is best for your child and you mean well, but these activities are not developmentally appropriate at all. She is a toddler, let her play!

  11. I absolutely adored your video!! What great ideas! Im in another continent and we do not have hobby lobby or dollar stores here. Material wise we are poor but I will try to be inspired by some of your projects with whatever we have at hand. Thank you!!

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