28 thoughts on “10 MINUTES OF FAKER'S REAL SKILL😱”

  1. I don't see any skill (if i would be a lee sin main, this would be funny)
    I only see people, who doesn't belive in themself, and saying, that faker is a better player, than themself…. but that's not true!

  2. I’d be so pissed if someone just montaged my plays from like past 2 months (which are already on tens other shitty league channels basing on someone’s content), added 0 edits just my pure stream, threw sponsored intro into it and got money cause I spent days to be that good, sacrificed years to be at the top. Like what the fuck man, this just so wrong.
    If the original authors don’t get at least 90% of income from your videos, I shit on you, worm.

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