10 Minute Tai Chi Lesson – Amazing!

hi it's Jake mace with Jake mace calm we're gonna do some Tai Chi training today if you're looking for Tai Chi this is the video for you please hit the like button subscribe to my channel there's over a thousand videos and share this video with your friends who are interested in learning Tai Chi and gaining some of the longevity and health benefits the Tai Chi has to offer I want you guys to find a space where you're safe I happen to be in the middle of a vortex 5 miles away from any human being in Sedona Arizona and stand confidently just like I'm standing right now take a deep breath in your nose and a deep breath out your mouth fill those lungs up again now legs shoulder widths were more stable okay flex the knees so we have good routing to the earth now take your hands and breathe in lift the hands up breathe out let them fall down five times two more fill those lungs up last breath and right from there just stand strong and a little bit of a neck circle one direction and the other direction then a little bit of a shoulder circle going forward and back we're trying to breathe deep get some mobility and flexibility and youthfulness back in our joints and release that Chi into our blood elbow side to side twist the spine get some twisting action arms relaxed side to side let them swing now I want you to train with me the Tai Chi move that we call wave hands like clouds so we're in do it this way today stance about this wide like you're riding a horse very high high up in the saddle okay and then take the hands just begin to circle the hands outward outward circles and that's what this move is outward circles the minute I start practicing Tai Chi even my dog supine and Venus down here get nice and calm and submissive the Chi affects all of us that are in the room now we have to breed with these circles let's slow the circles down and when the left hand goes out we're going to breathe in when the right hand goes out breathe out and this is our pace in out twisting the spine side-to-side in and out my watch my palm as it comes past the face then flip it out watch the palm flip it up three more very nice we're going to transition that movement into what we call the rooster stands on one leg so lift one leg up and balance then put it back down now the other leg lift it up balance put it back down if you're a beginner and your balances is lacking you can just lift a little bit just one inch and then back down just one inch and then back down but if you are able to balance very well I want you to bring your knee up higher and down so you got to do the lift however high as you can but don't overdo it the goal here is meditation inhale exhale inhale exhale two more last one now take the hands right here lift them up to the sides together to a prayer position bring it down let's work on that shoulder mobility and a little bit of spine conditioning and stomach condition because we're going to look up toward the heavens as we raise the arms up and then exhale and relax relax every muscle in our body even the brain relax your brain look up relax deep breath in slow breath out last one our third posture today we're going to move the stance left to right so I want you guys to face the right right leg in front and the hands are pushing like you just ran out of gas and you're pushing the car home okay my car's electric I never run a gas from here I want you guys to spin your body to the left side bring the hands in and then push spin them back to the right side bring them in and push let's flow from left to right so smooth as silk transition evenly a little bit of smile on the face a positive emotional stay with deep breath in out again in out now the way I'm doing it right now is for beginners nice high stance just shifting side to side if you're stronger and more advanced you've done Taichi before I want you to sink it down a little lower so push to a lower stance then ride the horse and transition draw in push to a lower stance ride the horse and transition exhale inhale exhale inhale two more you guys can do it last one over here and back one more time Taichi has a lot of smooth moves a lot of breathing some call Tai Chi meditation in motion and it is it's great for balance coordination mental and physical focus but it's also good for explosive use of athleticism so from our Chen style Tai Chi system there's a move that I love that I want to share with you right now so have the right hand in a fist the left hand open hand and I want you to bring the right leg up here put it down smack the left hand then circle twice one breathe in – breathe out again bring the fists up smack the other hand good again circle breathe in up hit again come up hit circle let's do three more of these here we go up Circle last one a little more explosive our left hand is on top open our right hand is on bottom closed face it toward me feet together and bow mutual respect between tai chi student and tai chi teacher and I want to say shishya thank you all very much for joining me today with this very short and sweet but a very important lesson I've done a lot of different styles of Tai Chi over the years since I was a teenager I wasn't really keen on Tai Chi at first because I was a young teenage boy but I was forced to do Tai Chi by my teachers as the internal soft side of my martial art training so we also did kung fu all Chinese style martial arts so Tai Chi was a way to train the yin and kungfu as a way to train the young and now as a 35 year old grown man I'm so happy that I learned Tai Chi back in the day I'm always training my rising sinking I'm always training my immortal looks to the heavens I'm always turning my withdraw and push I'm always turning my horse stance I'm always training my Chen style simplistic part of Chen style the fundamentals are where it's all at so if you're an advanced Tai Chi student trained your fundamentals daily if you're a beginning Tai Chi student well that's all you got so train them at least 10 minutes a day in the morning and 10 minutes a day in the evening and you are a Tai Chi master if you train consistently okay every day practice is key the most masterful Tai Chi master of all time that never trains anymore has lost his or her mastery but the young student who trains every day you've mastered it you're getting the true benefits of breathing meditation spiritual development balance strength youthfulness and longevity these are all things that Tai Chi can give you I'm gonna hang out with my dog supine Venus here do some more Tai Chi and get back to my hike thanks for watching guys share this video subscribe to my channel hit like check out my online school for more or my Tai Chi DVDs at Jake mass comm I also have an app in the App Store and I'm on Instagram so look me up have a great week a great weekend have a long happy life and hopefully I'll meet you someday and we can train in person

49 thoughts on “10 Minute Tai Chi Lesson – Amazing!”

  1. This is neither Tai Chi nor qigong. Taoist martial arts are not practiced as if in a fitness class with the American marketting jargon.

  2. Amazing!!…thanks for sharing these videos..I love tai chi.. i had practiced tai chi for 4 months and is so nice..

  3. More than enough great stuff to look into here imho. I am happy to leave longer, more complicated routines to the truly gifted.

  4. Technically good. But for me not enough softness and relaxation esp in the back. My old teacher used to call this tai chi shouting. But technically good. Just even when he says relax I personally can’t see it Great body Too much tension. Too American? Sorry not for me but best wishes to all. M

  5. Thank you, done this about 5 pm
    15 may 2018 from Oxfordshire care home room in limited space, that how far you are making a difference. Thank you

  6. loved this video. Im a pilates instructor looking to add more fluid movements off the reformer! This is perfect. And ties in with my meditation. Love it thank you

  7. I don't have the coordination for the circles. I can only do one hand at a time correctly. Any tips or this just not for me

  8. I'm recovering from 2 ankle surgeries and my mobility is slow. Today I followed your Tai Chi routine one word AWESOME. THANK YOU FOR SHARING!

  9. this easy 5 minutes is just what I need. I am retired due to a major stroke. I still have plenty of residual deficits and I also have arthrits in all joints and I find it hard to force my self to exercise. this is total pain free and helps me work on my balance plus the benefit of relaxation helps my depression. thank you so much. the 10 minutes with Jake is just too difficult for me right now. maybe I can move up someday. God bless you all. Happy 2019.

  10. Great video, your dogs zen while your workout was a heart warmer for me. NEW SUB!! Great workout for my rotary cuff injury. Thank you.

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