10 Life Lessons From Confucius We Should All Follow

21 thoughts on “10 Life Lessons From Confucius We Should All Follow”

  1. The over confidence asians gaining in America, it really bothers me. If those wore raised in China, they wouldn't act like this naughty acts.

  2. "Never contract friendship with a man who is not better than yourself."

    If the "better man" knew this precept, he wouldn't be your friend, and nobody would ever be friends!

  3. Also don't forget Lao Tzu "The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Do the difficult tasks while they are still easy and the great tasks while they are still small."

  4. Presentation is not cool and definitely not funny. This should have been presented with respect and not in a jokest way…we are not children ….

  5. As I've seen some if confushis qoutes come true ,he speaks to me thru everybody else ,to hide your your darkest moments your every thing that gives you beautiy, is only for your eyes only and only your eyes

  6. I play this video every year to my 6th graders when we study Confucius and they love it. They laugh while they are being educated. Y'all are the best!

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