10 Life Lessons from Attack on Titan

what up guys goes in here for anime uproar and today I want to try something new I truly believe that anime along with other forms of art can teach us important life lessons that can help us live better lives so for this video I'll go over ten life lessons from attack on Titan if you like the idea of this series then leave a like and I'll do the same for other anime as well now I'm not necessarily saying that I didn't know any of these lessons or truths before watching attack on Titan I probably did but the beauty of good art is that it can knock us out of our autopilot day to day existence and remind us about what's really important even if we know certain things logically we forget and require regular reminders to put us back on the right track these reminders can come in many forms like through anime or even through this YouTube video that's the hope anyway if you are interested insult development and the idea of becoming the best version of yourself definitely check out the podcast episodes on our other youtube channel project uproar where we talk about different ways we've improved our lives every week my brother animatic and I even talked about our journey on YouTube and how we became professional youtubers in one episode link to that is in the description and I'll pin a comment to that channel too I regularly mentioned different anime that inspired me on the podcast so you can look forward to that too now sit back relax and think over these life lessons from attack on Titan keep in mind there will be some spoilers in this video you've been warned lesson number one life is unpredictable and can be snatched away at any moment the only predictable thing is that things will change at one point before he saved Mikasa and the colossal Titan attack Eren had a pretty boring carefree life he hung out by the water with Armin and wish that something would happen he had all his basic needs met he had parents who loved him and a friend to play with later his quiet boring life disappears forever when the colossal Titan attacks Aaron's mother is eaten before his eyes by the smiling Titan Eren eats his dad and gains the ability to become one of the monsters he hates so much all of a sudden that safe boring world that he took for granted before starts to seem pretty idyllic just like they did for Eren things can change at any moment perhaps no one's going to get eaten by Titans but there are illnesses car accidents natural disasters and so on in the real world that can affect us or the ones we love we should keep in mind that things can change at any moment don't take what you have today for granted because it could be gone tomorrow be grateful keep in mind your own mortality and the mortality of those you love and that will help you keep things in perspective if you knew you had a month to live would you stress out over that exam or essay the stoic philosopher Seneca wrote let us prepare our minds as if we'd come to the very end of life let us postpone nothing we should live life like this to start putting into practice that dream you've always been postponing start spending quality time with your parents because they won't be around forever and neither will you the Titans are at the gates you're getting closer to death with each passing second make each today count lesson number two there's always another side to the story in her famous novel Wide Sargasso Sea Jean Rhys takes the mad woman in the Attic from Charlotte brontë's Jane Eyre and tells her story and in doing so she humanizes an otherwise devilish character in this novel the main character Antoinette says there's always the other side always this fact holds true for attack on Titan as well for a long time we think that the Titans are humanity's enemy then we figure out that Titans used to be LD in people who were turned into mindless Titans against their will they're victims of a cruel and unjust world and the last thing they wanted to do was eat the people they were trying to free from oppression Reiner seems to be a clear villain at one point but then we get his story we find out that he was brainwashed from a young age to believe that the island dwelling LD ins were Devils what he's doing he's doing for his family he attacked the island and killed innocent people just like Aaron later attacked Marley and killed innocent people in Marley Reiner is the hero and Aaron is the villain even though they're both just humans doing what they think is right there are countless other examples but you get the point even if someone appears to be a clear villain he is a hero to someone maybe to himself to his family or to his nation it all depends on how you at the situation this applies to our own world as well when countries are at war people from one side tend to demonize the other side and vice versa even on a micro level if you think someone is being a jerk to you remember that you don't know what he or she is going through often we spread negativity when we're in a negative place ourselves feel pity for people who are always negative and insulting and don't take it personally because it's not about you it's about them lesson number three history is constructed there's an especially illuminating quote from George Orwell's dystopian novel 1984 it goes like this those who control the present control the past and those who control the past control the future in other words history is written by the victors we see this process at work in attack on Titan the nation of Marlay rewrote history after they won the great titan war so that the LD ins were portrayed as Devils while the Marlins were portrayed as great and merciful similarly in the walls the history books are written to perpetuate the belief that no humans are left beyond the walls only Titans in both cases history is written in such a way that will serve the people in power and their wishes we must keep this in mind as well never mistake history textbooks for objective truth be like Erlin be a critical thinker lesson number four monsters do exist but they're human in attack on Titan the Titans seem like the monsters at first and it's not a coincidence that they turn out to be humans the monsters were always humans are miss Paris weren't killed by Titans from outside the walls but by the humans within the walls the mindless Titans didn't break into the walls it was human Titan shifters the mindless Titans didn't choose to become Titans Malayan officers turned them into Titans perhaps the closest thing to a pure monster is the male an officer gross who has fun watching el Diaz get killed he killed grisha's innocent little sister when he wasn't required to in fact he broke marlane rules to do it yet even he loves his sons and tenses up at the thought of anything happening to them attack on Titan teaches us that monsters are humans and humans can become monsters what usually turns them into monsters is adherence to an ideology that positions human beings as less human gross feels justified in his actions because he believes Aldean's are monsters in human skin in his mind gross is not killing humans he's killing the monsters that might have one day killed him and the people he cares about similar patterns of thought were prevalent during World War two we must always be wary of any ideology or narrative that positions other human beings as less than human ironically the belief that others are less than human leads the believer to take inhumane actions themselves lesson number five the right decision isn't always obvious it's easy to say do the right thing but the right thing isn't always obvious like when Levi chose to bring back Armin and let Erlin rest Aaron wanted that while Hans II would have chosen to bring back Erwin will often be in situations like that where the answer is not clear Levi tells Aaron at one point no one ever knows how it will turn out so choose for yourself whichever decision you will regret the least since we don't know how things will turn out we have to make what we believe is the best decision in the moment and maybe it will be the wrong decision but hopefully we can learn from it and do better in the future lesson number six everyone loses in a war on paper you will likely have the winner of a war and the loser of a war however the truth is all sides suffer in attack on titan eren lost his mother when male attacked his hometown similarly Gabby lost her friends Udo and Sophia went Eren attacked Marlay no matter who wins this war Aaron will never get his mother back and Gabby will never get her friends back sometimes war is a necessary evil but we should never forget that everyone loses in a war lesson number seven life can be unfair but try to do your best with the cards you're dealt the belief that life will or even could always be fair is just not realistic things will happen that devastate you just as Aaron suddenly lost his mother father and childhood in one day so – could you go through an excruciating loss Aaron along with most LD ins likely wishes that ian's were free were discriminated against and weren't viewed by other humans as subhuman monsters but that's not the case so what he decides to do is use his Titan powers and influence to try and create the world he wishes for sidenote I don't believe he actually plans to carry out Zeke's crazy use in Asia plan anyways like an attack on Titan real life is not always going to seem fair but we have two options we can complain about how unfair it is or we can try to do something about it using the things we do have going for us and often struggle and pain can make us stronger people who are capable of accomplishing even greater things lesson number eight the importance of not giving up even when things seem hopeless there were many times in attack on Titan when things seemed hopeless many people thought that there was no use for a survey core the Titans seemed to post too much of a threat and it seemed like they could never be defeated by people for a long time the survey Corps just lost men and then lost territory to the Titans they could have just given up but as the saying goes nothing ventured nothing gained if you hope to change things you have to take action and keep trying without giving up no matter how impossible your goals seemed at the moment eventually the survey corps is rewarded for their continued effort they managed to take back wall Maria and she got in a district they managed to kill most of the Titans on the island that threatened their existence and then they managed to make connections with people from the outside world who can help them advance their military technology in the hopes that they won't just be sitting ducks when the rest of the world comes to destroy them thanks to the continuous efforts of the men and women of the survey Corps the LD ins on the island have a chance to survive and even thrive however if they gave up it would have been impossible for them to fight Titans or the world Levi's along with other skilled fighters would have never got his hands on vertical maneuvering gear if the survey Corps disbanded which would mean that any invading Marlin Titan shifters would have had an easy time conquering humanity within the walls of course the survey Corps is not out of the Titan forest yet but they never would have accomplished so much and come so far if they had given up and listen to the naysayers when my brother Anna Mack and I were starting out as youtubers many people laughed at the idea of making a living from it and said it couldn't be done that we were just wasting our time and effort and for a long time we couldn't make a living off of it we didn't give up though and eventually we managed to make YouTube our full-time job of course we also aren't out of the pine forest yet you never know what could happen in the future with ad pocalypse 'as unfair copyright strikes and so on but we've already done better than most people thought possible and at this point the possibilities seem endless while some people saw a lost cause we believed that it was possible and didn't give up and we were rewarded for that perseverance as with the survey Corps there isn't a guarantee that you'll succeed in the long run but if you keep getting back on that horse there's always still a chance that you might however as soon as you start believing the naysayers or haters or whatever you want to call them and you give up that chance drops to zero and as Jim Carrey once said you can fail at what you don't want so you might as well take a chance at doing what you love lesson number 9 the importance of teamwork in attack on Titan everyone has different abilities that come in handy in different ways together characters can accomplish incredible things that they could never hope to accomplish on their own let's take a look at one instance where Arman and Aaron faced off against the colossal Titan often referred to as the god of destruction the colossal Titan seems unbeatable he's tall powerful and can release steam that will burn anyone who gets close to it however Arman and Aaron managed to work together in order to defeat him Arman comes up with the plan Aaron in Titan form takes a fall he acts like he is in no shape to fight anymore and then uses his harding titan powers to create a fake titan so that when aaron sneaks out of the titan body Berthold still thinks he's far away and not a threat to him Arman distracts Berthold by almost getting himself burned to death and then when Berthold stops the steam Aaron who has snuck behind him cuts him out of the colossal Titans mate this is just one of many cases where teamwork made the impossible possible if you want to accomplish truly great things of life seemingly impossible things you need to accept the fact that you'll need help from others to do it even on this channel it is only possible for us to release as many videos as we do because of our team which includes me and my brother are hardworking editors our patrons over on patreon our sponsors and you without subscribers like you we wouldn't be able to do any of this so thank you for being a part of this na kama anime uproar is definitely a product of teamwork and without it we would never have gotten this far lesson number 10 the importance of freedom freedom is a recurring subject in attack on Titan in fact the attack Titan the power that the show is named after is all about freedom both Grisha and our protagonist Eren found themselves trapped within walls and they wanted to escape they both inherited the attack Titan power which according to Aaron Krueger has always moved ahead seeking freedom it has fought on for freedom even the survey Corps insignia is known as the wings of freedom there's this constant tension revolving around whether people should risk everything to be free like Krrish and Aaron were willing to do or live a quote-unquote safe isolated life inside closed walls like cattle grisha's parents and even Aaron's mother seem to prefer the latter option to the former the situation within the walls is very similar to Plato's allegory of the cave in Plato's example people have spent their lives chained in a cave looking at a blank wall people see shadows on the walls and mistake these illusions for reality the philosopher is one who escapes the chains makes his way out of the cave and realizes that the world of shadows was just an illusion his goal is to take other people out of the cave but most people are comfortable with the shadows and their illusions since that's the only reality they've ever known the prisoners fear the unknown and do not desire to leave their prison in matrix terms the philosopher takes the red pill while the others take the blue pill and they often get hostile when their vision of reality is brought into question this was the case with the walls many people want to stay inside believing there was no hope or future for Humanity outside them they wanted to believe the reality they'd been fed ever since they were born that they were the last remnants of humanity however some people refused to simply adopt this illusion they questioned it like a winded errand was the same he wanted to be free venture outside the walls and that is how he managed to find out what was in the basement that's when the survey Corps realized that the history they were told was a sham and that life goes on beyond the walls and beyond the island the truth isn't always easy to deal with for instance they found out that the Titans they were killing with a vengeance were actually fellow LD ins who were turned into mindless Titans against their will however like the attack Titan our characters keep moving seeking truth and freedom anyways in life – we've all been brought up to believe certain things that aren't actually true for instance the quote unquote safe choice is not always safe you can fail or get fired from a traditionally safe job just like the LD ins who kept making the safe decision of never moving beyond the walls would have had the invaders destroy them eventually we may not have literal chains or walls trapping us in place but there's no shortage of mental walls and chains in this world we have to free ourselves from the false narratives we were fed since we were kids like that the key to life is a well-paying safe job in abundance of materialistic things like big cars and houses some people may think you're crazy if you give up a cushy office job that pays well to start your own business some people may think minimalists are crazy for downgrading their house car and purposely giving up many modern luxuries so that they have more time to pursue what they love however freedom is when you stop letting what other people think dictate your life and you start doing what you truly want to do even if it is risky and seems crazy to others philosophers members of the survey corps people who take the red pill all of them have one thing in common they prioritize a free man's risky life to a prisoners false sense of security as with Aaron a free life for me is and will always be a thing worth pursuing this is why I say I'm an aspiring Pirate King in my personal Instagram profile I really resonate with Luffy's go of becoming the freest man in the world and that is it for today's video this one was quite the journey let me know if you guys like this format for videos do you like self-development do you have any suggestions for other inspirational anime I should watch that is jam-packed with life lessons let me know if you enjoyed this video make sure to smash that like button if you haven't be sure to subscribe and hit that notification about so you know when new videos drop if you are interested in self-development and becoming the best version of yourself definitely check out the podcast episodes on our YouTube channel project uproar where we talk about different ways we've improved our lives every week linked in the 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  2. Religious ideologies are some of the things I hate the most- but the one from even these that I believe is truly despicable is the buddhist ideology of "peace"- which I think heavily influenced most anime I have seen.
    It is true war makes losers of everyone- but more importantly we have to understand the fact that war has made us what we are- and that progress demands it- we can't live in a state of permanent peace and let everything go- society would be completely insane!
    There would be no law!
    Every wrong would go unpunished- every action would be "redeemable " by buddhist standard, which is a huge fallacy!!!
    Deceit is in human nature- and it is as true for Buddhism as it is for Catholicism.
    War stresses evolution and progress and violence is a universal language with no communicative barriers.
    The planet has finite resources, and if we breed out of control it will mean the end of everything we know.
    War is not pretty, but it is a necessity.

  3. Eren Kruger taught be that, “There is no such thing as truth in this world. That is our reality. Anyone can become a god or a devil. All it takes is for someone to claim that to be the truth.”

  4. And that is why you should never underestimate the genius of Hajime Isayama. Shingeki no Kyojin is fucking phenomenal.

  5. love this video and the inspiration message that was sent. i will say i resonate with deku alot and in many ways i see myself just as him but in a non-superhero world.

  6. What I learned is if you actively treat people like garbage an subhuman, don’t be shocked when they fight back. You don’t need to be seen as a devil if you don’t give people a reason to see you like that. And that you don’t carry the sins of your parents, it doesn’t matter what happens, if you hold the sins of someone’s heritage against them then you’re the problem

    I find it difficult to feel bad for Marley at all when they actively discriminate against a group of people while abusing their “evil” for their own benefit. It’s so easy to not treat people like garbage that and any group that actively treats people like that and knows it doesn’t deserve to exist.

  7. Loved this vid. You gave a lot of insight to aot’s hidden messages and it really makes me, and many others I’m sure, appreciate this anime even more.

  8. I just realized something
    When Erwin charged to distract the Beast Titan was us humans going to Area 51. Only 9 of us survive our captain has died.Only to figure out that the world that we live in is just as spec we find the about the aliens like Eren found about Marley.1 year later we manage to reach Mars only to figure out there isn’t freedom in space just more aliens that hate humans and want us extinct…

    P.S Well anybody down to raid Area 51 with me 😃😃😃

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  10. I love attack on titan for many of the lessons mentioned in this video, coming back to this show again and again because almost every episode has a moment / character interaction that moves me and reminds me just how easy it is for everyone to be gone

  11. the sole person I fell in love with attack on titan is the fact that they show us the importance of going beyond the comftable zone

  12. This was an awesome video keep up the good work & you've earned my subscription to Project Uproar 💪💪💪

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