43 thoughts on “10 LESSONS learned from 10 YEARS A NOMAD”

  1. Just ordered Matt’s book. I’m looking forward to reading it. Nadine, it’s been a while. I always feel uplifted after your videos. Much love from a grey Heathrow!

  2. I definitely agree about communication beyond the language barrier. I was in Paris with my wife who got sick, and had to go to bed in late afternoon, leaving me with nothing to do. I went into a small local bar where nobody spoke English, then an old guy came in and sat next to me. Even though I know a little French, I couldn't understand anything he said, and he couldn't understand my schoolboy French. Nevertheless we managed to converse for about an hour purely by gestures and facial expressions as we bought each other beers. He told me about his many ailments, as old people often do, and I sympathised. It was truly surreal.

  3. Thank you for visiting Wisconsin, Nadine! It means SO much that you’re showing the world our little underrated corner. Love you long time! 💛

  4. I’m also a traveler. I think his number one and two lessons were so so true! Thank you for this! I’m somewhat new to the travel world — at least on YouTube. I’m a smaller creator but I’ve been documenting my travels and lifestyle. Hope you take a peak! Much love xxx!

  5. Hope you're feeling okay ❤ I hope you don't pressure yourself to film a video when you're on the verge of crying. Take care ❤

  6. Hey Nadine I know this is super random but could you tell us where you got that shirt? You always wear the coolest travel themed tops and I've wondered multiple times where you get them. Also, love the video! Those were some really great tips!

  7. On my first ever international solo trip/UK working holiday and has been amazing so far! Planning as I go. My advice so far would be to break up your hostel stays with the occasional airbnb private room. Hostels after a little while can get to you and I just stayed in an airbnb in Berlin for the same price as a dorm. It was great to have some privacy and quiet for a few nights. Maybe that's just me, but might be the case for you too.

    Also don't be afraid of getting buses, they aren't that bad and can be booked last minute for pretty reasonable prices. Especially handy in peak season in Europe!

  8. Weirdest quirk of people that I run across when I travel is I've never been tempted to disavow American. When I tell people anywhere in the world I'm from Texas they literally act like I said I'm from outer space. Way cooler than Canada! Great travel tips guys!

  9. Thank u so much, i am from Colombia and I am so glad because i am learnig English with your videos, i hope you make all your dreams. I would like to meet u!!!

  10. Can’t wait to go to Australia and I remember you from your video “Annoying Roommate” video with Olga Kay. You’re so down to earth 🌍

  11. This was a very enjoyable video, and Matt makes a lot of excellent points especially about not judging a country by its government. I tell this to one of my friends all the time because it is so true. I feel that the people of a nation, not the government, truly represent the country and that a government should not deter a traveller from visiting that country, meeting new people, and making unforgettable memories!

  12. Die Welt wird immer bekloppter und die Bekloppten meinen sie müssten Reisen um nicht mehr bekloppt zu sein.

  13. Love love love. I haven’t traveled for long periods of time, but I have certainly experienced some of the things you guys are talking about

  14. 3:30 I almost want to say I'm Canadian too just to avoid talking about Trump and other awkward political conversations abroad! But it's also a learning moment to teach others about our government and its quirks so they don't continue to stereotype us.

  15. For those of you that don't wanna pack a first aid kit, there are basic kits you can get that are ultralight (rated ultralight for backpacking and through-hiking) which is what I'd bring. That way it doesn't take up much room and barely weighs anything.

  16. thanks for the insights, great tips, but, was he drunk, it gave me the impression that he is drunk , not brusel sprouts. by the way, the trump thing I think is kind of out of place. If I wanted to sell the book to the majority of person, I would make no comment about politics in this hemisphere. BTW, people still want to migrate with or without, like or not dislike trump

  17. Love watching your vlog! I am getting ready for around the world trip for 10 months in 2020. Yikes! But your videos have helped amnesty 👌

  18. This video feels like a masterclass/workshop/therapy session from the best in the business! 😍 I’m trying to work hard to reach your level one day too! I’m currently making videos about working as a tour guide in Europe this summer.

  19. 10 years WOW I've known you that long, I'm going to start telling everyone " I have a friend that went to…and she…

  20. I am getting ready to do my first long backpacking trip for 8 months or more if I enjoy it. I definitely rewatched many of your videos and read nomadic Matt's book! it was very helpful 🙂 This is also a great and helpful video!

  21. You always share such useful information. Another great video. I love the travel is cheaper than you think part. I just started a channel and one of my main goals for my channel is to help people get over the fear that they can’t afford to travel to their dream locations. It would be awesome if anyone here could go check out my channel, I could use any support or feedback you guys have to offer.

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