10 Kids Who Are The Masters Of Hide And Seek

kids will be kids except when they're not there then we don't know what they are here are 10 stories of kids on the lam number 10 a five-year-old boy had a smart idea when he was playing hide-and-seek with his brother he hid in his mom's car but mom soon got in it and drove to watch a movie with a friend the boy was stuck in the car for quite a while until a passerby spotted him and police were called and they took him into custody inside the theater meanwhile the boy's father at home noticed he was gone and messaged mom at the theater and she left immediately then they called police who informed him their boy was at the movie house now that was quite a game of hide-and-seek number 9 an 11 year old boy didn't want to go to summer camp so he hid from his parents on the roof of his house police were called in and a search party was formed the boy was found when a searching helicopter spotted him on the roof of his own home he was taking a nap number 8 apparently when she was 17 Ivanka Trump yes that one like anyone else could be named that was on a skiing vacation with her parents at a resort in Aspen Colorado when all of a sudden she disappeared police were called in and they finally found a vodka in one of the other rooms with a boy the identity of the young boy was never revealed for Stefan Nick Harry and Lucas were visiting Zurich and they got really bored while their parents were in a restaurant because guys at their age get bored extremely easily so they decided to climb into a trashcan outside the restaurant Harry went first when he got in the lid was closed thing is when Nick and Lukas opened it back up Harry was gone Harry had stepped into one of those trash cans that when the lid is opened and the trash put in the bottom opens up to a large holding area for the trash his dad had to come out and rescue him number six in milk sham England a five year old boy climbed 20 feet up into a tree and was apparently too scared to come back down but teachers and staff offered him no help at all because of a school policy which banned them from offering any assistance for safety reasons so all went back inside and only watched him from a distance finally after 45 minutes a woman passing by seen his troubling situation climbed the tree and helped him down however instead of thanking the woman the school called police and charged her with trespassing Wow if that wasn't a slap in the face I don't know what is number 5 sometimes parents just need to get away from their kids if you're a parent you know exactly what I mean Ashleigh garner had quadruplet daughters and at one point okay we'll just say one she had to get away so while all the little girls were driving Ashley crazy she snuck into a pantry and started eating some candy videotaping the breather event and wouldn't you know it one of the little ones had to press her face to the floor trying to see her mom in the pantry number four Josh dinning 9 of England disappeared one morning when his mom went into his room – getting ready for school police were called in and a full-scale search was on for hours later police returned to the home and found him under his bed number 3 now this might have been an actual phone conversation and the reason parents get gray hair hello said the little boy to answer is your daddy home the man asked yes whispered the small voice well may I talk with him the child whispered no surprised and wanting to talk with an adult the man asked is your mommy there yes well may I talk with her again the small voice whispered no hoping there was somebody with whom he could leave a message the man asked is anybody there yes whispers a child a policeman wondering what a cop would be doing at their home the man asked well may I speak with the policeman no he's busy whispered the child busy doing what he's busy talking to Daddy and Mommy and the fireman said the whispered voice growing concerned and even worried as he heard what sounded like a helicopter through the earpiece on the phone the man asked what's that noise a helicopter answered the whispering voice what is going on over there as the man now alarmed in an awed whispering voice the child answered the search team just landed the helicopter alarmed even more now the man asked well what are they searching for still whispering the young voice replied along with a muffled giggle admitted me number two Natasha Ryan ran away from home when she was 14 after an exhaustive search by police she was presumed dead but she wasn't for four years she lived a mile away with her boyfriend and only ventured outside a couple of times for fear of being caught but finally when a man was standing trial for her murder a tip led police to boyfriend's home where they found the now 18 year old Natasha and finally number one in Chattanooga Tennessee two young girls 11 and 12 were home alone and on their bunk beds when they heard intruders breaking in through the back door when they called 911 operator told them to find a safe place to hide so they hid in their bedroom closet the two men even came into the girls bedroom and stole some money but did not see the hiding girls because of the young girls quick thinking police were able to arrest the two burglars while they were still inside the home that's all for today let us know what you think about the stories in the comments section below don't forget to like us and be sure to subscribe for more stories like this get addicted to the good stuff

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  3. The school called the po po * eheheh po po! * cuz a lady was afraid the the kid can get hurt?!?!?! OM GOSHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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