10 Critical Thinking 1 Going to the Moon

hello hello welcome teachers to another activity this one is called and it looks something like this it's a bit tricky one is critically well what is critical thinking big thing just think others should think about something think about the maybe think about possibly think about the might think about the court you know think about you know if things like that there's no wait just thank you so what we're going to think about started a continue next week ah the problems of going the problems of going to the moon the difficulties of going to the moon we're talking you know in 2019 that would still be would still be difficult to go to them for 50 years ago this year we did lots of problems to the moon specially you to do together I will spend extremely dangerous I heard I read that there is more technology in a smartphone than devoted to go to moon I've read some of this technology breathe we need your Haji is no there's no no there's no hair so you need to take the air with you Oh [Applause] critical thinking then it's coming to the English classrooms of Vietnam and so many of you are worried about it perhaps you are worried because you don't understand him perhaps you're worried because you don't think you have any ideas or perhaps you just don't like it because you think it's a Western idea that it's not appropriate to Vietnamese culture certainly I feel there needs to be more discussion about it but in case there isn't watch the video again and ask yourself is this something I can do now perhaps the topic of going to the moon is a little bit difficult so make the topic easier for you and the students give yourselves something relatable that you and the students can understand can't relate to so a topic that could welcome all the advantages and disadvantages of aircon in the classroom critical thinking can be confusing so take it step by step take it slowly and carefully build up your confidence and choose a class that you think will try to do this critical thinking and problem-solving skills are key skills identified by the Vietnamese government that they want to try to improve but we don't need to rush it in this video I initially helped the students with ideas and carried the activity over to the next plants but in the next two critical thinking videos they did more of the work themselves and Raziel were fine so some advantages and disadvantages of this activity well the first advantage is that this is a new requirement from mowett we are going to have to do this but how is up to us though the second advantage is that it delivers a nice change of pace in the classroom the students and you are thinking about things rather than passively accepting information some disadvantages of which there are probably quite a few firstly it's a new approach and thus this might be confusing challenging or inappropriate secondly does this help the students get higher marks I feel it will but I guess I'm the one who needs to prove it thirdly you might feel uncomfortable what happens if the student argues an idea that you do not understand or feel is wrong what do you do if you like this activity and there are some more activities to find and if you like those activities please hit the subscribe button below have fun enjoy and happy teaching bye bye

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