10 Countries Which No Longer Exist!

every one before I start the video I just want to thank you for getting the channel to twenty thousand subscribers it seems kind of crazy but it's an awesome landmark today we're going to take a look at ten countries which no longer exist this list spans out from older times to the 1920 ahthe century and is spread across the world so some of them might be known to you already first Austria Hungary despite the fact that the Habsburgs ruled both regions for a very long time austria-hungary itself as a country was kind of short lived it was created after the compromise of 1867 only lasting until it started losing World War one in 1918 it was a powerful country in Europe being its third most populated at a time their empire was dissolved and a bunch of new countries were created the original territories if you will separated into Austria and Hungary which we all know today next Czechoslovakia a good follow-up because Czechoslovakia was actually part of the austro-hungarian Empire becoming sort of independent and being created in 1918 as a republic they inherited a lot of the austro-hungarians industry so they had a pretty good kickstart as a country although later on suffering from their proximity to Germany in World War two being invaded and occupied by the Germans after the war their troubles weren't over yet being sort of occupied or at least heavily influenced by the Soviets until close to the end of the Cold War afterwards they dissolved into the Czech Republic and Slovakia which is how they remain today going a little back in time we have neutral mores nets like a lot of what happened in Europe this is the fault of Napoleon or a consequence of his defeat at least in 1815 Morse net was created where the size of less than 2.5 square kilometers it was squeezed between Prussia and Belgium and both countries shared its rule sort of what happens today with Andorra between Spain and France it used to be Dutch impression but in 1830 Belgium got its independence and they took the custody of Moors net with them the reason for this double custody was that the Dutch and oppressions could not decide on who would keep the region it was valuable because of an important zinc mine in it when the zinc mine dried up there was a dramatic loss of interest in it by neighboring powers in World War one Germany annexed it but a few years later and after the war in 1920 it was fully given to Belgium today it's part of the Belgian city of calmus all the way in America Vermont now I know what you're thinking Vermont is a US state not a country but it used to be at least kind of in its early days Vermont tried to be its own country it was part of the colony of New York ruled by the British but in 1777 it declared its independence even drafting a constitution of liberal values and outlawing slavery a pretty modern line of thought for the time they even had their own coins in the meantime the 13 colonies revolted against the British and became independent as the United States of America but they didn't let Vermont in they said that before they could join they needed to resolve its issue with New York who claimed it as part of their territory they even considered going back to their old rulers by joining Canada but ended up not doing so they stayed independent until 1795 a with New York and joining the u.s. as its 14th state moving to Asia we have Ceylon lasting from 1505 to 1972 this is a pretty long lifespan for a country at least compared to some on this list it's better known as Sri Lanka it's current modern name it was a trading center in the Arab world since the 7th century later on in colonial periods it was taken over by Europeans and used for the same thing changing hands a few times between the Portuguese the Dutch and British the British were the last rulers from 1815 to 1948 after that Ceylon gained its independence and about thirty years later in 1972 they changed their name to Sri Lanka a little to the northeast seeking Sikkim was located between Nepal and Bhutan a small Himalayan monarchy created in 1642 about the size of Rhode Island which is the smallest state in the u.s. it has a long history being independent for over 300 years it had Buddhist kings for most of its history even though it's small it houses a gathering of many people eleven languages are spoken there and most people are of Tibetan Nepali and Indian descent in 1975 it was incorporated into India as its 22nd state after 97% of the people voted to join in a referendum something that was heavily objected against by China but resolved with India's recognition of Tibet as a Chinese territory next we have the Ashanti Empire created in the 1600s today its support of Ghana it was incredibly rich economically and had some military power compared to others in the region colonialism and European trade made the country even richer but then it became part of Great Britain's trade routes for gold you can probably guess what happened next the British showed up to control an exile the Ashanti royal family it became part of the British Empire as a protectorate for a few years until the end of colonialism interestingly it's still technically a country or an independent region Ghana recognizes the kingdom of Ashanti as an independent traditional state their King still has some influence in the region next we have the United Arab Republic this isn't as much of a state as it is a political union I guess on a scale of country unions it would be we're between an alliance and a full union it was a political union between Syria and Egypt and its main objective was to attack Israel it only lasted for three years and it was in fact Syria which seceded from the New Republic but who can blame them a union between two countries who don't even share a border is kind of doomed to fail u.s. interference and support of Israel might have also made them realize that their main objective was doomed to fail and so the purpose of the Union no longer existed in South Central Africa Rhodesia Rhodesia is now known as Zimbabwe and Zambia it declared its independence in 1965 but was not recognized by most as such it was located in southern Africa between Angola and Mozambique and it was managed by the British which explored it for gold copper and coal interestingly it was a point of dispute between the British and the Portuguese in the early 20th century the Portuguese wanted to join Angola and Mozambique by taking control of the region and they demanded it from the British the British refused and issued an ultimatum to the Portuguese you either accept that you are not taking it or we go to war the Portuguese caved and it remained a British territory the weakness of the Portuguese monarchy in this event is said to have been one of the reasons which fueled the rise of republicanism and the Republican revolution in Portugal so despite not getting their independence right away they did cause a major change in another country finally in 1979 the Rhodesian bush war took place and the region finally gained its independence and finally back in Europe the Republic of salò also known as the Italian social Republic this is an incredibly short-lived state and also a consequence of a war during World War Two in its later years Italy had been invaded and liberated by Allied troops in almost its entirety so Mussolini had to escape and to do so he moved to Salo in northern Italy creating a new state which was essentially a German satellite this happened in 1943 it counted mostly on German troops to ensure its defense and existence and it was precisely with the defeat of the Axis forces in Italy in 1945 that the short-lived state came to an end so those are ten countries in the world which no longer exists thanks for watching the video make sure to subscribe to catch future ones and leave a comment below suggesting which video would you want me to do next whether it's about countries flags or pretty much anything you like I will see you next time for more general knowledge

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  1. East Turkistan : …
    East Turkistan : I guess nobody really knows anything about me huh?…
    China : did you say something?
    East Turkistan : N-NOTHİNG!

  2. Comments : you forgot Yugoslavia Soviet Union and Byzantine Empire!

    Ottoman Empire : …
    Ottoman Empire : Am I a joke to you?

  3. Those countries still exist, their names changed. It's not like they were obliterated, and it's bereft if people and buildings.

  4. Republic of Salo could be a good name for new ukrainian state (only Ukrainians and Russians can understand this joke, because salo is one of UA's national food)

  5. No Confederate States of America, No Union of Soviets and Socialists Republic, No East Germany, No Yugoslavia, No South Vietnam…

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