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  1. List of books:
    1. Incognito by David Eagleman 1:07
    2. How Smart Machines Think by Sean Gerrish 3:38
    3. The Hundred-Page Machine Learning Book by Andriy Burkov 4:19
    4. Python Machine Learning (2nd Edition) by Sebastian Rasckha & Vahid Mirjalili 5:08
    5. Deep Learning by Andrew W. Trask 6:24
    6. Bayesian Methods For Hackers by Cameron Davidson – Pilon 8:44
    7. Doing Data Science by Cathy O'Neil & Rachel Schutt 9:00
    8. Reinforcement Learning by Richard S. Sutton & Andrew G. Barto 10:03
    9. The Book of Why by Judea Pearl & Dana Mackenzie 11:01
    10. Quantum Machine Learning by Peter Wittek 11:35

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  3. Thank you !! Siraj …. 😀

    Hey guys !!!

    I have uploaded all 10 books in academia …..check it out..


  4. Uh, will reading these books actually help me understand everything there is to know or is this just some kind of rough guide to set me on the path that I will have to discover for myself?

  5. Hi Siraj great stuff.

    At 52 i need a cognition upgrade. What to do? Start jamming it in the old way or wait a view years and prepare to have a high bandwith brain interface installed?

  6. I searched for "How Smart Machines Think"….got this recommendation from Amazon, is this the effect of this video i.e people searching altogether….https://drive.google.com/file/d/19Lwy81f6ti-xkEpEypWOmSnFUHMy4XQS/view?usp=sharing

  7. Thank you for this contribution; I would love to see your Top 10 list for ML books with the criteria of 'free' removed!

  8. Thanks a lot for your magnificient ordered list of books, I think that is gonna help us to get into the ML world, but I just wonder about the book named " Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow : Concepts, Tools, and Techniques to Build Intelligent Systems " for Aurelien Geron , I've heard a lot about this book and I really want to read it, so could you help me to give it an order or to replace it by another one from your list. Thanks again 🙂

  9. Life Running towards Emotions, from rise to fall – are we just limited into 6 senses? Yes, the approach in viewing the world inside out becoming a comical scenario.

    why not 7th sense 8th 9th and more – just a game of dimensional points that we can feel – then what is the dimension of love?, God? – we never tried to find it,

    Just a mathematical model of life we made into.

    A Man can be trained to drive car and live without eyes – by feeling frequencies around us.

    Much similar to a program of obstacle avoided using IR sensor or Ultrasonic sensor or even anything else.

    Then, what is the power of emotions and feeling – we are not aware.

    Calling someone Emotional Idiots can be easy, but Emotional Dimensional Graph is what we never think off.

    Brain accepts what we see but never encourages what we feel,

    We never tried finding new dimensional sense to accept a logic inside the brain.

    Are we limited to thinking in a certain pattern of life.

    These are some of viewpoints i get after using Machine Learning…

    Hope you too feel the same,sometimes in life.

  10. Thank you, I'm a 15 years programmer, but not in machine learning but it's something I've been looking to try for fun for a while, but everything I found is either too generic "here how's a NN thinks" or too advanced. I'm looking for the dummy "hello world" of NN. I want the in dept begginer stuff first. I hope those books will help. Thank you !

  11. I couldn't stop laughing at "reality is an illusion". You have a great sense of humour. Love your content man

  12. Hi Siraj,
    I like your videos. But You speak so fast that maximum things goes over my head. I am from India and I am working on AI and machine learning. I like to learn from you more things. Can you please reduce your speed?

  13. This is exactly what I've been looking for such a long time, especially a good book on bayesian probability as it relates to ML (so much material out there seems to assume you already have a strong background with it). I like how you organized the list to steadily ramp up the depth, but you've also tried to consider the breadth of the material. Great job!

  14. Sir, also please let us know what are the minimum number of programming languages we must know to learn data science and machine learning.

  15. how do I access the 4th book? Python Machine Learning 2nd Edition by Sebastian Reschka. Cant manage to find a link to the pdf.

  16. Hey Siraj, I love your videos man, have you looked into becoming a verified Youtube creator on the Brave browser, I'd love to send you some BAT token as tips for your work 🙂

  17. As usual you are an amazing source of inspiration, thank you for all your work and please keep on doing this!

  18. Thank you, this was highly helpful 🙂 Btw here's a list of 10 more machine learning books for data scientists, frequently used in university courses and recommended by professors and engineers: https://lionbridge.ai/articles/10-best-machine-learning-textbooks-all-data-scientists-should-read/

  19. FYI Incognito is missing at least one page after "ii" or after page 13 in the pdf

    Missing text can be found in Google Play Books Sample, Resumes on the 26th page and goes until the 28th. Then back to the free pdf :]

  20. Hey I am unable to find a free version of this book – https://www.amazon.in/Python-Machine-Learning-Sebastian-Raschka/dp/1787125939/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr= Thanks a lot Siraj for all your efforts. I have been looking for a way to learn ML and AI since long. God bless you!

  21. Siraj I have a problem, From past 6 months I wanted to learn Machine Learning and I was studying but now my interest in AI has gone down, how can I rebuild my Interest?

  22. U are really a rockstar in the AI field. I am so glad that you released a list of books, it was much awaited

  23. What kind of computer would i need to get started? I would want to try implementing stuff myself, but i only have a laptop with a mobile intel CPU, no GPU and i thought about building a desktop-GPU machine only because i don't want to get started and then a few weeks into the process realize that i can't continue reasonably because of the lack of computation power!

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