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10 Best Places to Live and Work. Long gone are the days when people spent most
of their lives living and earning at one place. People today look for new environment, better
work opportunities and chance to experience different world cities. There are numerous places to choose from and
that itself makes the task daunting. The major considerations are the quality of
life, safety, job opportunities, salary structures, and raising children abroad. Let us take a look at some of the best expat
destinations worldwide. The places those are best in terms of economics,
job market, safety, and childcare. 10: Hong Kong. A perfect example of ‘East meets West’,
this Chinese protectorate is a bustling land with population of over seven million. Hong Kong has outgrown mainland China, having
its own currency and set of laws. Job opportunities are plenty, with high salaries
and large disposable income. Advanced healthcare system and quality of
education are other positive factors. 9: Australia. With low population levels and high quality
of life, Australia is one country that expats do not feel like leaving. Australia has favorable weather. Settling in is not a hassle. There are plenty of options when it comes
to food and recreation. However, poor public transportation and below
average childcare are the concern areas. 8: Philippines. With friendly atmosphere and ease of settling,
the Philippine archipelago is one of the leading choices for people to work and live in. Filipinos are optimistic by nature and have
family-oriented culture. The cost of living is another thing that attracts
expats. The country has a strong economy and a decent
education system. 7: Spain. This Western European country offers a pleasant
weather with year-round sunshine, which happens to be a primary reason for expats to move
in especially from EU (no VISA required). The need for skilled professionals is on the
rise and so are the job opportunities. The country is no slouch on the social scene
either. 6: Singapore. Singapore does really well when it comes to
“quality of life”. It is particularly good for raising children,
given its quality of education and great childcare. Expats mostly look up to generous salary packages,
low tax rates and better career opportunities. Public transport in country is cheap and very
reliable. Singapore is at No.1 on the list of 10 Most
Attractive Air-Hostesses. 5: USA. USA greets a big number of expats every year. It is the ease of settling and citizen’s
friendliness that makes it one of the best countries for expats. There is no dearth of recreational activities
too. NYC offers plenty of job opportunities. With its diverse mix of people, it has become
a popular hub of expats, attracting even larger number. 4: Switzerland. This mountainous country tops in terms of
“quality of life”. A major percentage of expats include those
interested in the country’s banking industry and financial markets. Zurich in particular has a very high standard
of living, so most expats settle down in and around the city. The city has efficient public transportation
of trains, tram and buses, making commuting easy. Even healthcare is amazing. Country’s gorgeous scenery is an added advantage. There are plenty of leisure options both summer
and winter. 3: Mexico. Mexico is a sure shot winner when it comes
to the “ease of settling” quotient. The country also ranks high in terms of “personal
happiness” and “leisure options.” It makes expats feel right at home. Though moving for a job stays the primary
reason, amazingly, many people move to Mexico for “love”. People in such case either moved in to join
their partner or moved along with them. On the flip side, Mexico does not fare well
when it comes to personal safety. However, the Mexico City has seen a drop in
crime since 2011. 2: Luxembourg. This tiny European country offers plenty of
job opportunities to career oriented expats. Reportedly, expats make up approximately 40%
of Luxembourg’s population. That gives the country an international flavor
and makes it more attractive to foreigners. Connecting with other expats becomes easier. Further, the country has an above-average
infrastructure for travel and transport. Even the health and safety scenario is quite
satisfying. However, people face difficulty making friends
with locals. 1: Ecuador. Expats are usually very happy with their economical
situation in Ecuador. They find the country to be very friendly,
conducive to easy settling and getting the ‘at home’ feel. However, many expats face language difficulties. According to InterNations Survey, over one-third
expats agree that it is very difficult to live in Ecuador without speaking Spanish. On the positive side, one in three expats
also think that Spanish is very easy to learn. Ecuador also ranks highest when it comes to
personal happiness, with a considerable number of expats choosing to stay there for the rest
of their life.

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  1. Philippines should never be included in this list–crime rate is very high. There are so many homeless people around.

  2. This video ain't serious at all, she just be doing a world tour, it's weird she didn't add Somalia and Syria for the food weather and good beach …. Cmoon..

  3. Ohhh….. Mexico, Philippines…… How can u say they are safe to work and love….. R u crazy….. … U r wrong my dear….. I don't know about Ecuador

  4. The Countries stated in this Video follow only Red and Blue platform kindly suggest some suitable Countries for living and working on a Yellow and Green platform

  5. Mexico
    Hong kong 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Really funny video
    Our india is much better than these

  6. why not a scandinavian country??????? Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland they are all in peace..

  7. Why Philippines? Even though most of filipinos go abroad we only have to find work but when we get old we have to get back because we value our family much

  8. as for the usa donald trump is barring immigrants but things are changing. after being sued by the authorities of 100s of universities trump is now dropping the restrictions to a certain extent

  9. There are many factors to consider when thinking about which country to move to. Certain things are more important to some people than others, but generally speaking, you’d have to consider things like : Climate, environment/surroundings (i.e. mountains, beaches, river), population, urban environment/appearance, pace of life, transport, language, culture, food, banking and tax, crime, healthcare, and of course your budget.

  10. I was born in Ecuador and i lived there and I'm agree with this video but the only trouble is that there arnt a lot of jobs you just have to find a good one😄however I'd read a ranking like this before and there was Ecuador too. Don't hate me I just wanted do say what I know

  11. The philippines is not that bad im a filipino but it is still bad like the language is horrible,alot of people are homeless,the seas filled with trash,the slowest internet connection ever, education system is still like the same as america,alot of alcoholics,cities filled with trash and graffiti,alot of traffic,alot of cringey and low budget movies and tv shows,alot of people are mean,no gamestop,alot of low-paying jobs

    Time for positives
    Alot of christians like me,alot of islands to explore

  12. OMG are you serious?? Some of those country's are the last places I'd live. Norway is a country I'd like to live,they are known as the happiest state in the world, they've got it all right. I think your list is all wrong.

  13. this list is simply ridiculous!!! You missed very important countries whilst you added no sense countries.

  14. the city of my dreams its a city where all people dont be poor especially for the kids if those city that only exists in my imagination only have culture for all with beotiful parks full of colorful birds and big trees in all city that in the nigt these trees have yellow lights that in the night turn on and iluminate all city and you can walk with the security that you dont been steal for someone i loved it a city with renacints art that all buildings are clasics and where the stars in the night be clearly visible a city without air pollution when all having education and all respects them

  15. I'm the buy or lease, build, own, operate and work others kind, so I prefer places where either the land and labor is cheap and people are civilized, hardworking and submissive or else places where the infrastructure is good, cost of business is low, people are submissive, responsible and hardworking, and the profits are decent.  I don't like places where either the taxes or the costs of labor or business are too high. I work others, dear. My interest is in businesses, properties,  employees, low taxes and high profits.

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