10 Best Cities In Pakistan

Pakistan is a beautiful country with lots to see and explore and in this episode I’m exploring ten of the best cities in Pakistan. Welcome to another FTD facts episode My name is Leroy Kenton, and honestly, it’s super hard to rank cities because a lot of it is just based on opinion Right, so I decided to give you facts and I order the cities based on their popularity so I hope it doesn’t come across like I’m saying like Oh The city is better in my opinion Than another city because like Who am I really to judge really and if a city doesn’t appear in this episode? It doesn’t mean that it’s not awesome as well Okay, so we got ten cities to look at So let’s jump into this episode a number 10 we have molten molten is an important city in Pakistan Which is also known as the city of saints and is sometimes called the city of Sufis as well Montón has attracted a large number of Sufi mystics in the eleventh and twelfth centuries molten is Pakistan’s fifth most populous city and is located in the very heart of Pakistan molten was one of the most Important trading centres of medieval Islamic India and today molten is a peaceful City Italy shalil Act industry hospitals universities and all of that but it recently has seen a lot of industrial growth and the city’s population continues to grow as well faisal avec comes next at number 9 faisal about is a third largest city in pakistan and the second largest in the province of Punjab after Lahore Historically fights all about was one of the first planned cities of British India, of course, it’s grown into a cosmopolitan Metropolis long since then and Faisal about is very famous because of its agriculture and industrial Textiles because it’s the biggest textile city in Pakistan faisal about is often called the manchester of pakistan Which is also known for its textile industry The city is an industrial center with major railway repair yards as well as engineering works and mills that process sugar flour and oil seed also faisal about contributes a 20% of Pakistan’s total GDP number 8 is Rawalpindi famously just called pindy It’s very close to Islamabad and both of the referred to as Twin Cities So what’s so cool about pindy anyways, well first of all It’s cheap like literally like you feel the difference when you come from Islamabad to Rawalpindi Housing costs are a lot lower and you can eat some great food for a lot lower prices You can also get great quality products at a lower price as well bindis markets are famous all throughout Pakistan We have the Raja Bazar. It’s a huge market with thousands of different shops And it’s one of Pakistan’s oldest markets and it’s also Pakistan’s most Famous market the city at number seven is Sal caught Sal caught is Pakistan’s 12th most populous city and it’s part of North East Punjab one of Pakistan’s most highly industrialised regions during the partition of India Muslim refugees from India settled in South District and assimilated with the local population in the year 1965 the Indian Army Counter-attacked in the area but the Pakistani army successfully defended the city Sal khat is an inspiration in particular because despite being cut from Kashmir Sal Khan has managed to position Itself into one of Pakistan’s most prosperous cities exporting up to 10% of all Pakistani Exports number six is a city of Quetta Quetta is a tenth largest city in Pakistan Is located in the blue to Stan province and what makes Quetta different is that it’s situated 4,500 meters above the sea level also as a capital of the province of Baluchistan Quetta is known as the fruit garden of Pakistan with a very large variety of fruits and dry fruit produced there located near the Pakistan Afghanistan border Keter serves as a trade and communication Centre between the two countries and there’s attractions like Hana Lake and the hazard Gangi Chetan National Park And there’s also growing centers of Education in the city, which makes cat out one of the best cities in Pakistan halfway in we have good run wala Gujranwala is a major industrial city located in Punjab Pakistan Gujranwala is famous as a city of wrestlers as it produced some of the most famous wrestlers in South Asia Gujranwala is a major center of rail highway as well as river transportation by interestingly enough The town is safe from most of the industrial pollution that has taken over some of the bigger cities in Pakistan by Road the city is less than two hours away from Lahore the capital of Punjab and three hours away from Islamabad, which is a capital city of Pakistan moving on to number 4 We have Peshawar this city here is the entrance point of Pakistan from Afghanistan petrol war has been strategically important for centuries So check this it used to be a meeting and marketing place for people in the Middle East India as well as Central Asia Afghan Warriors would use Peshawar as a route to enter the subcontinent Peshawar has evolved into one of Pakistan’s most ethnically and linguistically Diverse cities in the last three decades there has been a significant increase in urban population. The secret number three is Islamabad, of course We had to mention this city Islamabad was built from scratch in the year 1965 as a capital of Pakistan It’s an extremely well-planned city with 50% green bells and 50% Residential commercial areas to balance everything out Pakistan has been experiencing a lot of development with up-and-coming technologies and the city of Islamabad plays an important role with this along with two software technology parks with a wide range of national and international IT companies the government of Pakistan is making tremendous efforts to reduce taxes on foreign investments in the IT sector and prevailing ways for foreign investments in the country Zama bod also has the highest HDI which is a Human Development Index in all of South Asia awesome achievement for the city Lahore comes at number two Lahore is popular not just for its tourist Attractions from seeing priceless artifacts to historical sites to shopping places to a variety of restaurants The options are completely endless if you are a tourist due to its rich culture its sometimes referred to as the cultural center of Pakistan and the heritage of Lahore includes its way of life its people its poets its artists and its Streep’s and you can definitely feel the vibe of the city while you’re sipping on some hot chai at the PAC tea house Now the number one city is karachi karachi was apparently founded in the year 17 29 s way back as a settlement of kolache The new settlement is said to have been named in honor of Michael Achi whose son is said to have slayed a man-eating crocodile in the village today Karachi is a capital of Pakistan’s province of Sindh and Karachi is the most Populated city in all of Pakistan Karachi is industrial and financial center of Pakistan and it’s also the most cosmopolitan city Crotchy is famous for its diverse cultures amazing architecture and for being the largest revenue generating city in the whole country Now we don’t have the most accurate numbers But it’s estimated that the population of Karachi is between 15 and 20 3.5 million people the Karachi Stock Exchange is Also one of the best performing stock exchanges in the world So that brings us at the end of this journey through Pakistan. We visited ten cities Let me know what other cities you think should have been featured in this episode down below So if you made it this far you really enjoyed this episode You want to check out another one you can do so by tapping the annotation, right? Beside my head it will take you to another video. I also have links to my social media below in the video description section so you can follow me over there for even more content and Subscribe and ring that bell to keep up to date with all the latest daily FTD facts episodes

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  1. You forgot to mention six gates of Multan connecting Multan city from six different routes at one central point known as Hussain Agahi Market. But anyways, the video was much informative πŸ™‚

  2. I admire your content and respect pakistanis, but with due respect cannot you make on any other topic apart from Pakistan

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  4. Brother i think u forgot to read about Bahawalpur
    Or u missed that

    Anyways i would suggest you to gather lil info and read about it u can make a total sepreate video on it and it'd be so great

    It was a diff state, it was free state and got merged after Becoming Pakistan a country, and it has played huge role in developing or growing Pak at that time, it was richest state in Pak with a huge area which is now non-official short area of Bwp is said to be Bwp ( Bahawalpur ) when it was merged it was a Province which is not anymore and people of Bwp are doing efforts and struggles to get back our State's provincial status back
    It was Ruled by Nawab before merging in Pak it has a huge area or Desert as well which is called Cholistan Desert where every year off-road Jeep rally used to be held

    U just need to find-out info about it and it'd give u a great concept to talk on


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  9. πŸ‡΅πŸ‡° Lahore should be at the top because of
    best roads,best transportation, food hub of south asia, educational hub of pakistan, film n drama industry of Pakistan, software hub of pakistan, elite class, peaceful and most developed city in Pakistan πŸ‡΅πŸ‡°

  10. Thank you for your acknowledgement & praise about Islamabad.Also just in is a very good news that Pakistan's GDP has increased more than that of India even.

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