10 ANNOYING Things TEACHERS Say! | High School Parody

– Miss Belcher’s class are not slackers. (upbeat instrumental music) – Oh oh, pick me, pick me, pick me. I know I got this one. Right over here. (upbeat instrumental music) – Hello guys. Welcome back to another
video on my channel. I have another awesome video for you guys and it is going to be 10 annoying things that all teachers say. Well I guess not all,
but most teachers say, and these are things
that like as a student, we always hear a lot, and after a while, they just kind of like really annoy us, so this isn’t like disrespecting
teachers or anything. It’s just things that
students don’t really want to hear from teachers. But before we get onto this video, you guys need to come to tour to see me, Brooklyn, and Bailey, live on stage. There’s going to be a whole
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button right down there and now let’s get on to the video. (upbeat instrumental music) – And that is how you find
the converse of a statement. (bell ringing) (upbeat instrumental music) – Whoa, whoa, whoa. The bell does not dismiss you, I do. (dramatic instrumental music) (upbeat instrumental music) – Hmm, let’s see. Who can tell me the answer
to question number two from the homework? – Oh, oh, pick me, pick me, pick me. I know I got this one right. Pick me, pick me, right over here. – How about Kamri? – What? She didn’t even raise her hand. – One? (upbeat instrumental music) – Alright class, today
we’re going to be doing an exciting assignment
and we will be working with partners. – [Girls] Yes. – We’re going to work together again. We always get 100s when we work together. So excited. – Hold it, hold it, hold it. Don’t get too excited. Miss Belcher’s going to
be picking your partners. – Every time. (upbeat instrumental music) – [Girl] Okay students,
if I see any more phones, I’m going to gather them
up and bring them down to the principal’s office. Then you’re going to have to go down there at the end of the day and get them. – Paige, put your phone
away before she sees it. – Hold on, I’m Snapchatting. It’s important. – Come on, put it away. – Hold on. – [Girl] Alright, everybody
hand in your phones. You can thank Paige for not listening. – Paige, I told you this
was going to happen. Now we all have to get
our phones taken away. – Sorry, I had to Snapchat. (upbeat instrumental music) – Class, today I’m going to be going over a few things that you might want to know for your next mathematics test. So you’ll have about 60
minutes and 60 question test. But you are allowed to
use your calculators to solve any questions you choose. Some of the questions
go to the calculator. Follow the following things. Illustrated figures
are not drawn to scale. – Yes, two minutes left. – Lie in a plane, and the term line indicates a straight. Eh, eh, eh. Do not pack up yet. We still have two minutes left. Nice try. – Seriously? I can’t even do anything in two minutes. – Indicates an arithmetic means. In a recent survey, 14
people found their man to be. – Oh, I just got all my stuff back out. – Alright, class. Remember to do your homework. We’ve got a test tomorrow. (upbeat instrumental music) – Paige, can you believe it? This is our last class
before spring break. I’m so excited. – Oh yes, spring break, I’m so excited. Hashtag no homework. – Thank you so much for
reminding me, Paige. I almost forgot. Miss Belcher’s classes are not slackers, and that is why you should go on Classroom every single
day over spring break and do a hundred practice problems. Yeah, I’m sure you’ll have plenty of time. Bye, have a good spring break. Remember to do your homework. (upbeat instrumental music) – Miss Belcher, I have a question. – Yes, Kamri. – Are we going to have a
test over this this week? – Kamri, if you need some
assistance with this, you’re going to have to come and see me over your lunch break. – My lunch hour? Are you kidding me? Why can’t she just help me right now? No, that’s my only free time. (upbeat instrumental music) – Alright class, today we’re
going to be finishing up unit 56, our weekly unit, so I have your study guide right here because we’re going to be
having our test tomorrow, so make sure you do all the problems and it will be due at the end of the hour. Here you go, Kamri, here’s yours. (upbeat instrumental music) – Is this a joke? I’m never going to finish this. Are you kidding me? (upbeat instrumental music) – Alright class, today
we’re going to be starting a new unit, so I have some
of your homework papers. So like last year, I think
our average test grade for this was like a 65, so pretty good, but you guys are more promising and I think that this hard unit is probably going to be some
character building for you, because you know, Miss Belcher’s students have lots of character
at the end of the year, so here you go. – Sure, next thing you know
she’s going to be telling us that 98% of what we do in high school we’ll use in real life. (upbeat instrumental music) – [Girl] And then al this
equals three times five. – Like I’m actually going
to need to know any of this after this test. – Kamri, I heard that. For your information,
98% of what you see here, you will use in real life, I promise. – Thank you guys so much
for watching this video. You can subscribe to my
channel by clicking right here and you can watch some
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make sure you leave a comment down below saying which
one of these relates to you the most, and actually we
really do love you, teachers, so thank you so much for
doing all that you do for us. And I will see you guys soon, bye.

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  2. Oh my gosh YASSSSSSSS! I read the first word and I was like omg. My teacher always says that the bell doesn’t dismiss you I do, so I’m always late to my next class. She also doesn’t let us pack up until like thirty sec before the bell rings. I ❤️❤️❤️ you Kamri!

  3. Teachers pls understand that if students don’t raise their hand that means they don’t know the answer to the question…. so why the heck would u still call on me???

  4. “Miss. I’m sorry I can’t do this homework I’m busy”
    “Doing what?”
    “My grandfather died I need to go to his funeral”
    “Can I have an extension?”


    “Um miss, why haven’t u given us our grades?”
    “Oh, my grandfather died”
    “I’ll get to it when I get to it”

  5. “The bell doesn’t dismiss you, I do. Really teacher? Last time I checked the school bought this bell to freaking DISMISS us.

  6. I can relate to the bell doesn’t dismiss you because my music teacher does that and he keeps us in there for an extra 10 minutes

  7. Calling on the kids who doesn’t raise their hands is understandable because they’re seeing if you know and are paying attention

  8. She looks a lot like Brooklyn and Bailey. I mean I know they’re all sisters but she might as well be a fraternal triplet to the identical two,

  9. OMG I know my SATS are coming over and if u don't know what they are they are basically a very hard test

  10. Sorry my mom won’t let me come to the tour but I can relate with the last one my teacher says it all the time

  11. Don't forget when your teacher says you can go to the bathroom when somebody else comes back, but you know they will never come back because they went to the bathroom to skip class

  12. HATE it when my teacher calls on me when im not raising my hand then i get all embarrassed and have to say um idk😣

  13. Or when you're the perfect student and always teacher's pet, you're always are raising your hand so they never call on you. This happens to me so when I don't know an answer I don't raise my hand and I don't get called on. 🙂

  14. Yes! I sooo agree with all of these! I hate it when my teacher in 5th hour tells me that we can't pack up until the bell rings, but I used to have to drop my stuff off at the farthest point on campus, then walk all the way over to a completely opposite side! Ughh. It sucks that we only had a 4-minute break. Good thing it's summer! 🙂

  15. my teacher ALWAYS do that. I hate teacher's when they do that!!! >:( what Kamri says is soo true for me

  16. The teacher I had last year that said #1 I had before lunch
    Edit:Also #4,#5,not to me but still did #7,#8,

  17. At my school if a teacher takes your phone up then your parent has to pick it up from your office, not you. Its really annoying

  18. And the number 1 is…. THATS NOT IN THE CONTRACT! When it comes to going outside the box of norms. Some, def not all.

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