10 Anime Teachers We Wish We Had In High School

my schoolteachers can be pretty lame they stand at the front of the classroom lecturing about boring unimportant subjects like how the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell or what constitutes a parallelogram who needs any of that nonsense when we all just want to watch CPR videos all day and talk about anime really that's why anime high school teachers are way more preferable they usually look a little different meaning they're not 90 year olds who smell funny but rather are way more attractive and are completely out of our league but who would be the best anime high-school teacher to have let's get into it right now shota Aizawa when shota Aizawa rolled onto the screen for the first time in his giant sleeping bag he seemed like my hero academia is first antagonist all might seemed concerned that he was Dec whose teacher and he quickly proved his terrifying and tough reputation by making the students perform a quirk test with the lowest scoring student being immediately expelled we all actually know that underneath his tuff Haggard exterior Misawa really is just a big old softie who cares deeply for all of his students he just wants them all to succeed in the hero game and is not afraid to be a little tougher on them because he knows they can handle it even though we like Tazawa almost from the beginning the real moment he proved he was one of the greatest anime teachers happened when class 1a was attacked by the League of villains the end of season 1 the way he leaped immediately to protect his students was awe-inspiring and before the monstrous nomu turned I saw was face into ground beef we were amazed at his ability to take down villains in a strategic way proving why he deserved the superhero moniker Eraserhead and of course he cleans up pretty well when called for just just saying ear in a yellow vich car Asuma often criticized arena for constantly wearing inappropriate clothing for a teacher but if we're being honest we're not complaining all that much we're pretty sure we'd be ok with whatever ear in a yellow fish from assassination classroom wants to wear arena is class 3 EES English teacher and a professional hit woman sent to assassinate korosensei she ain't afraid to use her body for some manipulation she's known as an infiltration assassin but because we don't think she could walk into any room without being noticed she infiltrates her targets in her circle with her looks and her charm in the show her initial attitude was cool and arrogant toward the students but that was more because of her cover in actuality she's more childish and humble and the character undergoes a nice little arc Uranus starts as hating teaching parading classy for their low-level status and generally being more focused on killing Cara sensei but when that fails she's forced to reevaluate some things Erina starts giving actual teaching a tribe and starts sharing her assassination experiences and talks about how language plays an important part for any assassination attempt that's useful information c.j can be a great teacher blush she's a lot better looking than korosensei even though that's not hard to accomplish Azumi Curtis if you're making a list of the strongest Fullmetal Alchemist characters Azumi Curtis would definitely be near the top while on the surface she looks like an unassuming housewife Azumi is actually a master Alchemist an incredibly skilled martial artist and the very last person you want as your enemy but that strength didn't come easily and her past is quite tragic after losing her child and childbirth his Umi broke the one rule you can't break in this world and attempted a human transmutation to try to revive her stillborn of course things went horribly wrong resulting in some of her internal organs being removed and losing the ability to ever become pregnant again although she's still incredibly powerful she can't display her strength now without coughing up a whole lot of blood but it's this tragedy that made her reluctantly agreed to mentor and train the Elric brothers after learning that they were orphaned she is the perfect teacher as she loves those boys like her own children and taught them how to be strong but also instilled the fear of God in them as she's one of the only people that they don't want to make angry you know like like any good teacher Jiraiya if you received a prophecy that some day you'd find the world Savior it's not too much of a stretch to call you a good teacher Jiraiya from Naruto had an excellent track record as a teacher mentoring three super powerful shinobi Nagato Minato and of course Naruto guiding them to a path of greatness not bad for someone known as a hermit and an extreme pervert Jiraiya believed that the true essence of a shinobi was regardless of genius or inborn talent to always endure the hardships in life and fight to keep going no matter what Jiraiya passed all of these lessons on to his pupils while he is a great teacher to others we really want to highlight his relationship with a titular character because of his past he initially was distant and whorish to Naruto but the love he felt for the boy ran deep and it was his decision to act like not only a teacher mentoring a student but also as a parental figure that created such a strong bond between the two it's no wonder that when he died his last thoughts were about Naruto deciding that Naruto would make the world a better place a world that Jiraiya had dreamt of his whole life Viktor Nikiforov although on the surface Viktor Nikifor a–from Yuri on ice seems like a forgetful airhead who doesn't fully understand what's going on around him don't forget that he's a champion figure skater with more medals than he knows what to do with Viktor is a unique type of teacher and that it's a role that's more experimental for him he only falls into the teacher Lane because he's looking for more fulfilment in his life once you reach the very top of the game how else can you improve he's lost his will to compete anymore because he's just so dang good so transitioning to a teacher role for Yuri and in some aspects Yuri o provides Viktor with a second chance to reignite his love for the sport of course he's also a great teacher to both of the two very different Yuri's one of the first lessons he taught them is to tap into their less dominant side to create a more fulfilling ice-skating performance after that he helps Yuri become generally more confident and comfortable with who he is sure a Yuri and Viktor develop a more intimate relationship which is a big no-no for a lot of teachers and their students but we think it's okay in this instance as the two grow to be equals RiRi cocada me ninety-nine out of a hundred times we'd be a little upset about a teacher luring us to their chambers and draining us of our emotions in exchange for knowledge but we Rococo made from rosario + vampire might be that one other time out in public she wears a normal outfit well normal outfit for the average anime woman meaning she's showing a whole lot of cleavage but when she's tutoring students things get a bit more round she all of our biggest turn-ons are represented leather skirt dark leggings white heels her lower half turning into a snake-like creature with a flower ligand attached or a tail yeah did we not mention that she was a creature with the ability to suck out all her emotion with her tail and fill it with knowledge yeah we probably should have started with that sure you could throw around words like vu or antagonist or crazy snake lady but we mean really what's a teacher's job way to teach students knowledge and really all Rico wants is to give students a great education so they can do well in life now you might lose all your emotions in the process but doesn't school do that to you already anyway Perico just does it way more efficiently korosensei what a crazy world we live in here we are in 2019 and we're including a giant yellow octopus is one of the best anime teachers of all time you want to hear something else is a little weird about him he isn't only training his students to be killers girl sensei from assassination classroom is training them so they can kill him before the end of the school year yep at the start of the series korosensei claims to be a supervillain who is responsible for destroying a part of the moon and if the class doesn't stop them he'll destroy the world of course if you've watched the series you know that this isn't entirely accurate korosensei isn't some crazy villain but rather a near invincible being who can't find a wait to die no matter how hard he tries and his body does pose a threat to the world if he isn't killed so what's a teacher to do in this case obviously train a whole bunch of students to do the job that he can't do himself it creates kind of a hilarious situation where the students are constantly trying to kill him but fail all the while korosensei is teaching them valuable life lessons instilling confidence in each student and building up their assassination skills Glenn radars Glenn radars from Akashic records of mastered magical instructor is the type of cool substitute teacher we all want in our lives he saunters into class and is more than happy to let the students self study the whole period while he sleeps lazy seems to be his middle name as he strives to do as little as possible in life the problem is the students at the prestigious alza' no imperial magic academy want to be taught things about magic and not just sit around and twiddle their thumbs so force to actually do some teaching Glenn starts showing the students a few of his more unorthodox methods of magic use he actually doesn't like magic all that much due to his past as an assassin with the imperial court mage Corps special missions annex man what is with this show and long names although he's really just a third-rate mage with even the students able to beat him because he can't chant the spells fast enough he teaches them loopholes and workarounds for spells that are actually really helpful and above everything we just think his class would be a whole lot of fun Shizuka muddy Kawa when a zombie outbreak happens who would be the best high school teacher to have a Z traveling companion obviously not an English teacher what are they gonna do throw a book at the zombies or maybe recite some slam poetry in their general direction math teachers are a hard pass because who wants them around long term the best option is a bit of a cheat but by far the most logical one you'd want is the school nurse in high school of the dead brain munching zombies come knockin and a few students plus school nurse shizuka arakawa band together to survive although ditzy and known to lose her cool under pressure Shizuko provides incredible value to the group with her medical expertise she's probably the most fragile out of everyone but we'll try her hardest to protect and care for the children which is a great quality to have before the zombie outbreak harshed everybody's lives Shizuka was studying to become a doctor but it looks like that's now a dream that will sadly never come true for her but to be honest we're okay with her being a school nurse of course she's good-looking but this is the show with the most absurd boob physics known to man sure Akira Gawker a at first glance she looks like she should be in some berated surfing movie but nope don't let that bikini top fool you she is in fact a teacher when we first meet sure obscure self as a boy to pose as a student at true cross Academy she doesn't seem very interested in anything and would rather spend time playing video games but we find out later that it's only because she's already an exorcist eventually her real identity is revealed and the real Shura is much more different than her student cover she's a lot more laid-back happy to use slang speaks her mind almost a little too much and would much rather be drinking than working but besides all that she's an incredibly talented Exorcist that you should not mess with soon she's installed at the academy as a teacher of course her outfit changes a little bit after that to be more professional and by that we just mean she wears an unbuttoned school jacket and tie over her bikini top we would definitely take her class if we could well that's our list of anime teachers we wish we had in high school do you agree with our list are there any other teachers you wished you had let us know down in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe to CBR for more awesome anime content as always thanks for watching

24 thoughts on “10 Anime Teachers We Wish We Had In High School”

  1. Missing Greatest Teacher Onizuka!!!! My favorite teacher of all time. Truly cared for all his students

  2. The guys want the Blond Thot and the girls want the gorgeous Victor.

    Me, I want the bagworm Aizawa. Because he is a mood.😆

  3. If Irina Jelavic aka b!tch Sensei was my teacher something would be raising and it wouldn’t be my grade

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