10 Amazing Facts about Giraffes for Kids! Learn about Giraffes (Educational Video on Animals)

Hey, friend! Thanks for watching and make sure you hit
the subscribe button and the thumbs up for more videos just like this. Let’s Go! One thing I love talking about is animals
and today I’ve got 10 fun facts about Giraffes for you! Starting up with fact number one, did you
know that giraffes are really fast? Well, they are. It is said that when a giraffe begins running
their speed can get up to 35 miles per hour. Of course with all that running fact number
two might throw you off. That is because Giraffes only need to drink
water every couple of days. If you are wondering why it is simple. It is because they eat plants to live and
a majority of the water they get in their body comes from the plants that they eat. When it comes to their name it is officially
giraffa camelopardalis. Although scientific name is long it gives
a description of their long legs, long neck, and spotted pattern being a combination of
an appearance of a leopard and camel. When talking about the differences between
a male and a female giraffe it comes down to height and weight. Just like you and me giraffes need to get
sleep too. But, the big difference between you and me
is Giraffes only need 2 hours of sleep a day and while sleeping they can either sleep sitting
down with their legs tucked under them and their head resting on their hind legs or they
can sleep standing up for short amounts of time as well. Another interesting fact about giraffes is
the length of their tongue. When looking at their tongues it can stretch
out to 20 inches in length. Talking about baby giraffes they are not quite
like humans when it comes to beginning to stand. That is because they get going quickly after
birth with standing. It is said that baby giraffes can begin to
stand within 4 hours of being born. Now that’s pretty fast. Talking about having horns giraffe’s do have
them. Actually, when it comes to their horns male
giraffes actually use them to fight where females do not. But the next fact does deal with female giraffes. An interesting thing about female giraffes
is they can become pregnant by the age of 5. When it comes to delivering a baby giraffe
they can carry a baby giraffe for 15 months and deliver the baby giraffe standing up. Finally, if we are talking about how long
giraffes live they do live for quite a long time. Giraffes live on average to around 25 years. With so many fun facts for kids, we have you
covered and I hope you enjoyed learning about giraffes on Welcome to Fresberg. and I hope you had fun learning with F.R.E.S.B.E.R.G. Cartoon.

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