1 Year of Learning Game Development with Unity in 5 Minutes

on the 12th of July exactly one year ago I downloaded the Unity game engine for the very first time and this is my journey so far one year of learning unity in five minutes approximately two years ago I started my Bachelor in computer science the first programming language I learned about was Java and I instantly fell in love with it I spent pretty much every single day programming on my laptop and eventually started making games in Java which I did for a couple of months until my friend stopped me and said what the are you doing so I did some research and found two great game engines unity and unreal I chose unity because it uses C sharp which is very similar to Java so the first thing I did was sit down and learn C sharp now I'm a huge fan of physics in my opinion it's really cool how you can jump and come back down to earth instead of flying off into outer space and dying I mean I don't know but you put in my opinion that's pretty sick so naturally any game with physics is my cup of tea particularly active writing of physics like in stick fight the game human fall flat gang beasts totally accurate battle simulator and the list goes on so essentially games where you have ragdolls that's being controlled by forces and physics instead of animations there's something really cool about that and I want to do that myself and I'm in luck because unity has a built-in physics engine I can use instead of trying to build my very own in Java using duct tape and glue because that usually doesn't work out very well and I'm speaking from experience here so it was time for me to make my very own physics based game I started with a stickman ragdoll character but he didn't stick together very well but eventually I learned about joints and put a little Riedel together but it wasn't very good at balancing so it was time to learn how I could use my programming knowledge with unity I started by following the official unity tutorials which helped me get into the very basics then with a quick youtube search I found some amazing YouTube channels that teach unity for such as bra keys and Blackthorne prod this helped me understand the general workflow of unity and I was quickly standing on my own feet and so was my little friend – fast forward three months it's October and I've gone through many prototypes to improve the rival character at this point I've changed it quite a bit and there are many new features you can now pick up and shoot guns grab on to things and even play the game with several players the plan is to create a game with many different worlds you can play through with your friends and the map you look at here is the first world set in a Wild West theme on a train chase yet again fast forward a little more than three months and I've learned so much more about unity and c-sharp that I realize how bad the project currently is so I scrapped it and remade the ragdoll as well as refactoring and changing the entire project consisting of around eight thousand lines of code and thus I had a new Riedel character I was much more happy with as well as a much cleaner code in general I also started working on a new medieval world as I was having a lot of trouble with the Wild West one and just kind of wanted to start something new so I put the Wild West world aside for now and I might come back to it later on I kept working hard and made a lot of progress on my game which I've titled off the sticks but I wasn't quite satisfied I would see other game developers make all sorts of cool projects and I wanted to do that as well I don't want to be known as a one-trick pony so I started experimenting a bit more with unity to test my skills and one of the short projects I did was making a bad replica of Minecraft which I called bad crafts but I wanted to properly prove myself as a game developer and what better way to do that than participating in a game jam where you have to make a game in 48 hours and so I did the 48 hours began and I spent the first five hours wondering what I was doing with my life about to give up but then I set my ass back down and got to work and 43 hours later I delivered a some more finished game and I made a video about the entire process link is down below after this I continued working on off the sticks while also putting some time into other projects I finished a little gladiator simulation game which I had a lot of fun making I might also eventually implement this into off the stakes and make it its very own world or at least mini game this brings us to today the 12th of july 2019 one year later I've learned incredibly much about unity game development programming art and so much more I've met some great people and it's been a really fun journey so far I'm still working hard on off the stakes and I'm hoping to release it on Steam one day I also have a couple of cool side projects and working on right now but I won't reveal them just yet so there it is everything I've learned and done so far with unity in five minutes it's been a hectic year filled with studying working a part-time job and learning unity while also trying to keep a social life but let's be real who really needs a social life anyway big thanks to my patreon supporters for their amazing supports I really appreciate all of you and of course massive thanks to you the viewer watching this video if you enjoyed the video then make sure to smash like and if you didn't then smash dislike and if you want to see more content like this then make sure to hit that subscribe button and I'll see you in the next video

44 thoughts on “1 Year of Learning Game Development with Unity in 5 Minutes”

  1. Hope this journey has made you happy and satisfied. The meaning of life and a journey is doing something you love and feeling good about. Your journey turned me into a fan 8 months ago. And i hope this game will continue and people will pay more attention to it. Thanks for bringing me good content, Dani. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. i think u should make the gladiator minigame a boss fight and the last person you're up against is the real boss

  3. That's some crazy development but pure hard work sleepless nights so much love with game Dev that you coded it in java that's pure passion and drive. All the best keep making great games ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘

  4. So there it is, 4 months of togetherness.๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค— BTW thanks for the catapult ….
    I still play Fair n Square , high score ?

  5. This is so amazing. It not only inspires me but it also sets an example of how a small seed can grow into a forest

  6. I've been with you since the start of the year and I am still here, I'll allways follow yu on your journey.

  7. Im gonna make a video called laying down in bed thinking about when dani would upload a new video andthinking about a comment everybody would like

  8. Thanks for sharing your journey, its was very interesting. I am around 4 years in and I am also a huge fan of physics simulation in games. That was, what really hooked me about GTA IV's Euphoria ragdoll system. Never stop pushing and think big, you won't believe what you are capable of doing. Best of luck with everything ๐Ÿ™‚

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