06/18/19 Council Committees: Health Hospitals & Social Services

genders resolution March 2019 1772 virture and withers this adopts a new pay plan for employees of the Metro Board of Health effective July 1 2019 there is a proposed amendment and I believe it goes with a substitute budget sponsored by councilmember Glover so first the amendment would increase the salary from 3% to 6% the salary increase that is proposed within the budget so he did it was in the in the event that his 10% tax for $0.10 tax and was passed then that would have funded 6% so he had to go back and amend the pay plant in order for that to happen and in Budget and Finance yesterday is failed and the event okay so first I will put forth the amendment if there's a second 0 second ok second ok any further discussion all in favor of the amendment say aye all opposed then we do have a letter to approve the pay plan as it is before us so I will move I'll move the resolution yeah all right and that is the conclusion presentations right now we've got one more because I signed on to it yesterday actually just a few minutes ago let me go find all we do because you how to run your and because of the timing changed in in fall you could not apply for this grant so we work this MBA they abide or not on behalf for it now we have to transfer it once more money comes up before next year we can apply for directing he's not mad too much lead agent it's nobody's sitting there we have to apply in order to get it I understand that all right for just a minute secret good that's funny my thing going on with my eye and I was reading this instead of auditorium uh that it's an aquarium now we have and it's like a reason to go to attending oh yeah the Atlanta the Chicago she's amazing on the water you know it seems like someone's gonna progress I actually just got saved over toasted to myself [Applause] the sponsors accounts properly for us what's the city's coming back from Harlem I called him yesterday I did know is that town I called him and didn't went to voicemail let the message thank you can see you later and what are you doing here having dinner I'm thinking okay he's the monies guys that calls lunch there you said yeah I mean the pub in Ireland having dinner that's that's a dedication right there that is dedication so we have a late fall resolution that was not placed on okay well I'm gonna go ahead and read the late Bob resolution it doesn't have a bill number but it's ours 2019 its resolution approving an assignment an assumption grant agreement amendment of the homeless management information system grant from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Metropolitan Development Housing Agency to the Metropolitan government of Nashville and Davidson County acting by and through metropolitan social services department homelessness Commission to contribute to the national effort to end homelessness so Deb emotion so moves so this is the HMIS lead grant application envienta usually receives it we're transferring responsibility to go over to the HIV next year they'll be to apply directly to her it took a little longer we had to give five for approval from HUD to transport in January just heard back from them two weeks ago so that's delayed and get it filed as a lay father definitely supported at Landman with just maybe a year or two ago and she talked about how important it was yes holding all the resources together and I'm really excited about that we just did a survey with community providers that use HMS and also people OFF provider agency stead or it could use it I'm sure and then we were trying to work with in the future and data sharing purposes yeah so that people can actually do point it's not just to collect data it's really to be more efficient and now how we as a community and help people definitely I'm excited about the Excite next day the community that we created that's a good question it's not necessarily I don't believe related to this but funding ends up being related everything have you communicated perhaps about the idea of adding an option on the hub hub Nashville to report people in need or homelessness so that people feel like there's a central place that they can go to and not to complain but to report about someone who might need help how do i you know have you thought about seeing whether or not that could be an item on the hub we have early on before we have to leave I don't think we are at the place yet where we are writing there but we do get all the outdoor especially your street is this complaints they all are funneled for us okay we get them from police officers so the collaboration about Metro Department has to vary very much thanks to the – thanks to our you just have pulled people together around Street homelessness and the first approach is always think hitch is good trying to link people to services that's good I think that more more and more citizens realized that the hub is a central source that it's not only just a place where you can report things but also to learn about things right so that educational base when someone is goes through that situation or good call 3-1-1 s's says there's some homeless people living behind them whatever that they are actually redirected to educational information is like this is what the city does this is how this is how we respond to that and loving people into housing instead of just the first 90 minutes to talk about strategic planning process to talk about how to communicate and work together if you want to enter all this traffic in boxes on Wednesday got a late fall first reading as the Jameson and hundred staff explained it was a staff error it was still made it on time but a lot of work so I like to get the community permission to put it on first reading so you're coming before the rules Commission okay it's out the hospitals they'll be here any minute so without any for the business

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