05/09/2017 Meeting – St. Louis City Board of Education: Public Comments

[PRESIDENT SUSAN JONES] All right. As we now journey from the rest of our agenda,
we are now on Agenda Item #4 for those of you that have the agenda in front of you. And this is appearances by members of the board
by members of the public. I have asked Dr. Adams to attend our meeting
tonight to discuss a few measures that he discussed at the last SAB meeting, so at this time, we will go ahead and get started with this presentation. [SUPERINTENDENT DR. KELVIN ADAMS]
President Jones, I’ll wait until you – until the full meeting, you don’t have to change anything. Yeah, I’m good. Thank you. [PRESIDENT SUSAN JONES] All right, we will
move that down on our agenda, so thank you very much, Dr. Adams, for that. We will now move on to Agenda Item #5, the
approval and adoption of the May 9th, 2017 Board Meeting Agenda. [BILL HAAS] Ma’am? [PRESIDENT SUSAN JONES] Mr Haas? [BILL HAAS] For clarification, there are
no other appearances before the board if we move Dr. Adams lower on the… later on the agenda? [PRESIDENT SUSAN JONES] So at this time we
can chose to move that entire section to the bottom, but we can do it at the beginning
if we so choose to. [BILL HAAS] Okay, one more time? [PRESIDENT SUSAN JONES:] We can do the other
members of the public right now if you guys – if that’s something you want to do. If there are any questions or comments by the
public, outside Dr. Adams, that would like to make any comments at this time, please
go ahead and come up to the mic. We have Mr. Bill Monroe. [BILL MONROE] Good evening, and congratulations
to the new members of the Board. You have an awesome task before you and I’d
only ask you to be cautious, please, because you are the stewards of the people’s
confidence. And behind-closed-door meetings, underground meetings, secret meetings – I’m
gonna say it real bluntly – that ain’t what you’re elected for. So… But I once again want to say congratulations. You’ve got a huge job in front of you. And I also wanted to let you know, there are
some of you – and I think Ms. Vowell had the courage – to know that Bill Monroe has sought
the occupancy of a building at 4100 Goodfellow, the old Army Center, ROTC Center. And as a designed homeless shelter for children
going to high school. We’ve all heard the recent numbers that are
before us about the homeless situation and about 4 or 5 thousand children – school age
children – who are homeless. We see the lack of leadership in our community
when Reverend Rice, the only center I know of, closed down and the City closed it down
with no real plan. And you as a board can do a lot of things
on behalf of our children. But I want you to know that my efforts to
open that building is still ongoing. As of Monday, I filed a lawsuit against Donald
Trump, Betsy DeVos, HUD, and the whole GSA Compex, for that building. Our children need a place to be. And the only thing that we can do is fight
for our children. And I pass that on to you and I hope that
as I go further, even in that court case that I’m about to face, that the St. Louis Public
Schools realizes the need for a homeless shelter, a dormitory, to help our children. Black children. And I ask again, and I’ve said it many times,
What is the color of money north of the Delmar Divide? Let’s not leave our children out in the cold. And I thank you, and good luck, guys. [PRESIDENT SUSAN JONES] Thank you, Mr. Monroe. We now have Mr. David Jackson. [DAVID JACKSON] Good evening to the Elected
Board and welcome to the educational system to the two new board members. Last month, I submitted to the Board a inquiry
as to some schools that were unacredited
within the District. There was eleven of those schools, but there was also
a total of about another – nine schools that are on the verge of being unaccredited. I thank the President of the Board,
Susan Jones, who made an inquiry to the Superintendent, for the response. And I don’t know if all of you received that
response, but Dr. Adams stated that As it relates to the eleven schools that are shown
as being unaccredited, St. Louis Public Schools did their own audit and deemed certain schools
as unaccredited as an incentive for schools to do better. The state itself does not accredit schools,
only a district as a whole. Dr. Adams stated that they use guidelines
to identify schools that are doing poorly. In response to that, I’m sending another request through
your President – and I have copies for all of you – where I thank you so very much for the response
to the inquiry, and those eleven schools identified was Long Middle, Beaumont High, Sumner High,
Vashon High, Carr Lane Middle, Gateway Middle, Langston Middle, Lyon Blow Elementary, Mullanphy
Elementary, Nance Elementary, and Peabody Elementary. The additional nine schools that have been
identified with a score between 51% and 57% – and 50% is passing – was Ashland, Ames, Clay, Columbia, Herzog,
Roosevelt, Yeatman, Washington Montessori, and Woodward. We are fully aware that currently DESE accredits
school districts wholly and not by individual buildings. However, in April of this year, the Missouri
Senate passed a bill which is now in the House, which would create a change in the accreditation
process that would require DESE to revamp the way it evaluates districts and schools,
mainly to allow children in unaccredited school buildings to transfer to an accredited school building
within that district. Our concern is DESE Title 1 funding is tied
to AYP and in the federal Department of Education requires states to establish a timeline for
adequate yearly progress. DESE made provisions for schools that do not
demonstrate adequate – adequate yearly progress. Those that do not meet AYP for two years in
a row are identified as schools in need of improvement and subject to
immediate interventions by DESE. First steps include technical assistance,
then more serious corrective actions which occur if the school fails to make AYP. Our concern is that if a school fails AYP
for four years in a row, they enter into corrective action improvement status where they must
provide both choice and supplementary services as well as choose one of the
following corrective actions. Replace with responsible staff,
implement a new curriculum,
decrease the school’s management authority, appoint external expert to advise the school,
or restructure the internal organization of the school. Lastly, and most importantly, if schools fail
AYP for five years or more, which out of that nine, there was a couple schools in there
that was approaching that,
they must implement one of the following: Chartering – closing and reopening the school
as a public charter school. Reconstitution – replacing school staff including
the principal, relevant to the failure in the school. Contracting – contracting with an outside
entity to operate the school. State takeover – turning the school operations
over to the State Education Agency. And any other major governance structure,
egaging in another form of majro restructuring that makes fundamental changes. As a follow-up to our inquiriy of April 11,
2017, the Superintendent’s response of… of April 20, 2017, please submit an inquiry to
the Superintendent for response as to: 1. Please identify the consecutive time period
of all 20 individual schools not meeting AYP relating to year 2, year 3, and year 5. 2. Please identify the corrective plans and actions
which are in place and/or will be implemented relating to these schools affected by the
two, three, and five year requirement implemented by the Superintendent. Thank you. [PRESIDENT JONES] Thank you, Mr. Jackson. [BILL HAAS] Question. [PRESIDENT JONES] We’ll get to that after the meeting, please. [BILL HAAS] It’s about what he was reading. [PRESIDENT JONES] That’s fine, but procedure-wise,
with the Board, we typically don’t ask for
answering questions from the public. [BILL HAAS] I don’t understand what he
was reading from. [PRESIDENT JONES] Okay. [BILL HAAS] I was wondering if we
could have a clarification on that. [PRESIDENT JONES] Point of clarity, Mr. Jackson. Please could you repeat
what you were reading from? [DAVID JACKSON] Actually, those were my words,
but I’m actually taking excerpts from DESE law in regards to accreditation and AYP. [PRESIDENT SUSAN JONES] And you’ve left copies,
correct? [DAVID JACKSON] Yes, you have copies. [PRESIDENT JONES] Thank you very much,
Mr. Jackson. [BILL HAAS] Per the existing law? [DAVID JACKSON] Per the existing law. Now that will change, if the House votes with
the Senate this month. [PRESIDENT JONES] Thank you, Mr. Jackson. We now have Mrs. Megan Betts. [MEGAN BETTS] Hi. My name is Megan Betts and I’m a parent of
a Kindergartner at Columbia Elementary, and I just wanted to bring attention to the Board
about the current situation with the Gifted Program at Columbia Elementary. My son attended last year for Pre-K and it
was amazing. My son is, he turned 5 last July, so he’s
an early, he’s a young Kindergartner right now. He tested at, most recent testing was almost 4th grade reading level and almost 2nd grade math level. Last year we knew that Columbia–we did not
know that they were transitioning to Gifted for elementary, so we pulled him out and put
him in a charter school, which was not able to challenge him, so we ended up… I pulled him out of school in December, and
had him tested for Gifted downtown. He did not pass, and – but I was able to speak with
the Gifted Director and they said that he missed it by like one or two questions, that
he wasn’t really acting right in the testing and that they’d had some issues there, which
I’d heard from other parents is, maybe – for me personally, I believe the testing should
be reevaluated for the younger students. But I was able to… they made it able for
him to go to Columbia, so he started in December. The class had 6 students. The class currently has, I think it’s 12 students now. None of them are gifted,
according to SLPS standards. There was one, but she left. Most recently, a month ago, the regular Kindergarten
classroom teacher was fired, and those kids were transferred into the Gifted classroom, which caused a lot of change in the children’s behavior for those kids, so the teacher is
now having to teach children that are not even at Kindergarten level while she’s supposed
to be teaching 1st grade level, so my son is not getting taught
what he’s supposed to be taught. That is why we put him in a gifted program. I chose not to send him to Kennard nor Mallinckrodt
because I believe that the two best schools in the City do not reflect the racial make-up of the
children that go to school in the City of St. Louis. And so we made the conscious decision to not
send him to those schools when it wasn’t – those schools were not benefiting children of color. So with Columbia opening, we were very excited. It’s right down the street from where we live.
But I don’t believe that there is attention to what is currently happening at that school
with the Gifted Program. There is much more I want to talk about, but
can’t really say it here. But I am concerned. I would like for support as a parent there. I’m gonna be honest with you. I will be pulling him out of Columbia and
trying to get him into Stix right now, because the environment is not… If I’m sending my child to a gifted program,
he should be given a gifted education. And that is not happening currently at Columbia. And I just think that you all should be aware
of that as the school continues to progress with this … transition. Thank you. [PRESIDENT JONES] Miss Betts, thank you
so much for addressing our Board with your concerns this evening. Be sure that before you leave we get your contact information, okay? Thank you. And that will now conclude our public comments. [PRESIDENT JONES] We will now move on to the approval of our Board Agenda for May 9th, 2017. Are there any questions or concerns? Seeing none, may I have a roll call vote,
Charli Cooksey? [CHARLI COOKSEY] I’ll make a motion first so,
I would like to make a motion first to approve the agenda for today’s meeting. [KATIE WESSLING] I’ll second. [PRESIDENT JONES] Thank you. [CHARLI COOKSEY] Aye. [SECRETARY SHIVERS-JONES] Bill Haas? [BILL HAAS] Sure. [SECRETARY SHIVERS-JONES] Donna Jones? [DONNA JONES] Yes. [SECRETARY SHIVERS-JONES] Susan Jones? [PRESIDENT JONES] Yes. [SECRETARY SHIVERS-JONES] Dorothy Rohde Collins? [DOROTHY ROHDE COLLINS] Yes. [SECRETARY SHIVERS-JONES] Natalie Vowell? [NATALIE VOWELL] Aye. [SECRETARY SHIVERS-JONES]
Thank you, Miss Shivers-Jones. All right. We will now move on to the approval of minutes from previous sessions. 04/11/2017. Now, typically our documents are due a week out, but I know that many of you who arrived here a few minutes before 7:00 have not had
a chance to review the minutes from last month, as it just came out, and so I’m gonna ask
that we table this until you have time to look through this document
and make a proper vote. So we’re gonna suspend this item. Mr Haas? [BILL HAAS] Were we e-mailed a copy of these? [PRESIDENT SUSAN JONES] So, I think I took
– this evening we were, so we just – we got them late, so just, like I said, to make an
informed vote about these minutes, I’d just like to go ahead and table it
and make a motion that we table the minutes. [BILL HAAS] Last I checked my e-mail, I didn’t
have a copy of them, but if it hasn’t arrived yet… soon perhaps. Definitely before next month. [PRESIDENT JONES] Thank you, Mr. Haas.
Miss Charli Cooksey? [CHARLI COOKSEY] Just for clarification, so…
On the agenda, it says we’re going to…okay. Are we going to approve next time the meeting
minutes for March and April or just April? [PRESIDENT JONES] Yes, we’ll have to
because we haven’t had a chance to approve them. [CHARLI COOKSEY] Okay. [PRESIDENT JONES] I mean – to look over
the documents. I’m sorry, Miss Cooksey. Mr. Haas? [BILL HAAS] Just for clarification, we have
in front of us the minutes for March 14th. So are we leaving those votes
until next month also? [PRESIDENT JONES] Because – So, this is actually an amended copy. So, again, we haven’t had a chance to
actually go through that. So we’re actually having to review two months
worth of minutes. And so I’d like for us to table that, then
to vote for that, and then perhaps take that to a work session. [BILL HAAS] I’m with you. [PRESIDENT JONES] I’d like to make a
motion to suspend Agenda Item #6. [NATALIE VOWELL] I’ll second. [PRESIDENT JONES] Natalie – I’m sorry –
Natalie Vowell seconds that motion. May I have a roll call vote, please? [SECRETARY SHIVERS-JONES] Charli Cooksey? [CHARLI COOKSEY] Yes. [SECRETARY SHIVERS-JONES] Bill Haas? [BILL HAAS] Sure. [SECRETARY SHIVERS-JONES] Donna Jones? [DONNA JONES] Yes. [SECRETARY SHIVERS-JONES] Susan Jones? [PRESIDENT JONES] Yes. [SECRETARY SHIVERS-JONES] Dorothy Rohde Collins? [DOROTHY ROHDE COLLINS] Yes. [SECRETARY SHIVERS-JONES] Natalie Vowell? [NATALIE VOWELL] Yes. [SECRETARY SHIVERS-JONES] Katherine Wessling? [KATIE WESSLING] Yes. [SECRETARY SHIVERS-JONES] The motion is passed. [PRESIDENT SUSAN JONES] The motion is passed. Thank you. We will now move on to Agenda Item #7,
resolutions to present. The first resolution that we have tonight
stems from our work session that we had a couple weeks couple weeks ago to talk
about our meeting times. And, as you all know, our typical meeting
time is at 7pm, but we got consensus at our last work session that 6:30 would be a better
time for Board Members to meet. Also, I know that you missed that, Mr. Haas. Also … In terms of us working to transition back
over the district, it would be working to align ourselves with the same practices
as our governing board right now. So, you have a copy of the resolution – resolutions
– in front of you, and the first one is the meeting times to be changed to 6:30pm. [BILL HAAS] Are you sure we have those? [PRESIDENT JONES] She will now pass them out. The verbiage in the resolution is, “Be it resolved whereas effective July 22nd, 2017, the St. Louis Elected Board of Education meeting shall begin at 6:30 every
second Tuesday. And I’m looking to have this adopted by our
Board as of this evening. Are there any questions or concerns? Mr. Haas? [BILL HAAS:] Well, as we all know, not only
am I old, but I’ve been around for a while. And for the 20-year span I have been
on the Board, it’s always been 7. I think part of that was to accommodate people
who want to come visit, to give them time to get home
and eat dinner and still get here. I’m sure there was a vigorous and constructive
discussion at the working session, and that this was agreed upon for good cause. So, two things. The question is it anticipated –
generally, they’ve been 2 hours. Is it anticipated that they’ll still go ’til
9 so it gives us more time, or is it anticipated that we’ll still try to fit it – they always
had, they haven’t always been within two hours, but that’s generally the goal. Is it still anticipated that it’ll be two
hours so this gives us more time and still adjourn at a reasonable hour? [PRESIDENT JONES] This gives us more time and
also allows us to leave at a reasonable hour. Also, times – you know – in the wintertime, it gets dark very early, and so we were considering that, and yeah, just to stay in line with the practices
of moving the meeting earlier, because we wouldn’t be meeting at 7 if we were governing
over the District right now. So we’re just, like I said, working to align
ourselves. [BILL HAAS] Say that last part again, when
we’re governing the District, we… [PRESIDENT JONES] Would not be meeting at 7pm. [BILL HAAS] We wouldn’t be? [PRESIDENT JONES] No.
The meetings start before that. [BILL HAAS] Whose meetings start before that? [PRESIDENT JONES] The Appointed
Board of the District, yes. So… As we’re working – yes – to align ourselves… BILL HAAS: While we do, so my –
people can differ on this – my only thought is whether this is part of the bylaws – this
time – that would require a bylaw change. If it requires a bylaw change, there’s a little
different procedure than just a resolution, and probably a higher vote required. So, if we haven’t yet looked in the bylaws
to see if that 7pm is due to bylaws… Maybe we can or should. I’m not trying to…unscramble the egg.
I’m just observing. Have we – we haven’t looked at the bylaws to
see if the 7 o’clock for this Board isn’t bound by the bylaws exactly as much — but we
might be. [PRESIDENT JONES] No. We can create our norms for this Board. [BILL HAAS] Say that again? [PRESIDENT JONES] We can create
our norms for this Board. [BILL HAAS] If it’s not set by the bylaws.
To do that, we’d need a bylaw change. Well, that’s just my observation. [PRESIDENT JONES] I don’t think that’s clear. I’d like to do a point of information by Miss Katie Wessling. Does this information have to be
up under a bylaw? [KATIE WESSLING] I don’t believe it’s in the bylaws, but I’m double checking real quick. [PRESIDENT JONES] Okay, thank you for that. Are there any other questions or concerns
about the time change? And so once we gather that information,
we will go ahead and I’ll make the motion to accept, and we will take the vote.
Mr. Haas? [BILL HAAS] Is this one vote for both of these? PRESIDENT JONES: No, it’s separate.
They’re separate. I just didn’t want to have to use more paper. [PRESIDENT JONES] And also, our meetings would be shorter if they – if we, you know, begin it at this – at 6:30 because we, as you see up under this
resolution, there’s a resolution to have a work session every fourth Tuesday of the month. So, as we meet more consistently, there’ll
be less conversation in our regular Board Meetings, and we’d just have basically
yes or no votes and move on with the schedule. So we won’t be here a long time. Miss Wessling? [KATIE WESSLING] The bylaws simply state that
the meeting will happen on the 1st Tuesday. It does not clarify the time. [CHARLI COOKSEY] First? [KATIE WESSLING] It does say “first”. [BILL HAAS] Really? [KATIE WESSLING] It says, “a monthly administrative
meeting on the first Tuesday and the regular business meeting on the second Tuesday, and…” [BILL HAAS] This is the regular business meeting,
not the administrative meeting? The administrative meeting is like a working
session. [KATIE WESSLING] Yes. And the meeting time and place may be changed
by a majority vote, but
there is no time specified in the bylaws. [BILL HAAS] Thank you. [KATIE WESSLING] So there is no change to the bylaws. [PRESIDENT JONES] All right.
Thank you for that, Mrs. Wessling. If there are no further questions or concerns,
I’d like to go ahead and make a motion that we change the time for our monthly meetings
for the Elected Board of Education to be 6:30pm every second Tuesday, beginning July 2017. Miss Charli Cooksey? [CHARLI COOKSEY] Do I speak after the motion? Oh, second. [PRESIDENT JONES] Thank you, Miss Cooksey. So… This looks like it takes effect in June,
so do we want to say that this schedule begins June 9th, instead of July 28th? [BILL HAAS] I’m lost. [CHARLI COOKSEY] So at the bottom of the schedule, it says – the planned schedule – “please note that this is the planned schedule beginning July 28th. ” [PRESIDENT JONES] You’re looking at – that’s a separate document outside this and we’re gonna go over that in our work session. Those are just proposed meeting dates and times, so we can change that in the work session. [CHARLI COOKSEY] So this is not
connected to the motion. [PRESIDENT JONES] No, not right now. We’ll vote on that in the next meeting, though. [CHARLI COOKSEY] Okay. [PRESIDENT JONES] All right. Seeing no further questions or concerns, I’d like to
get a roll call vote, please. [BILL HAAS] I have one more question. I apologize. [PRESIDENT JONES] Mr. Haas? [BILL HAAS] This says it starts July, so is there some reason it doesn’t start next month? PRESIDENT JONES: Yes. Because we already have the meetings set until June, as well as the time,
posted online. So… [BILL HAAS] Thank you. [PRESIDENT JONES] You’re welcome. Mrs. Ernestine Jones? [SECRETARY SHIVERS-JONES] Charli Cooksey? [CHARLI COOKSEY] Aye. [SECRETARY SHIVERS-JONES] Bill Haas? [BILL HAAS] Sure. [SECRETARY SHIVERS-JONES] Donna Jones? [DONNA JONES] Yes. [SECRETARY SHIVERS-JONES] Susan Jones? [PRESIDENT JONES] Yes. [SECRETARY SHIVERS-JONES] Dorothy Rohde Collins? [DOROTHY ROHDE COLLINS] Yes. [SECRETARY SHIVERS-JONES] Natalie Vowell? [NATALIE VOWELL] Aye. [SECRETARY SHIVERS-JONES] Katherine Wessling? [KATIE WESSLING] Yes. [SECRETARY SHIVERS-JONES] Motion passed. [PRESIDENT JONES] All right, the motion has passed. We will now conduct our monthly meetings beginning July 2017 at 6:30 every 2nd Tuesday of the month. We will now move on to the second resolution, which is under work sessions. and it’s basically up under the same premises as I discussed earlier. We talked about this at our work session, and in order for us to meet at a more effective time instead of trying to figure out when
the next time our Board is going to meet, we decided that we would set a date that worked for our Board. Now if it happens to change then that’s fine. but we will have a set date which would be every 4th Tuesday of each month at 6:30 that we will meet to discuss Board business. And so, I will go ahead and read it for
those of you who do not have an agenda. Be it resolved whereas the Elected Board of Education shall host work sessions every 4th Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm.
And I’m looking for this to be adopted by the St. Louis Elected Board of Education at our board meeting this evening. I’d like to know if there are any
questions or concerns about this. [BILL HAAS] We should have motion go forth, then discussion? [PRESIDENT JONES] I’d like to make a motion that we accept this resolution. [BILL HAAS] I’ll second. [PRESIDENT JONES] Thank you, Mr. Haas. Yes? [BILL HAAS] As Mrs. Wessling just read, there’s – in the bylaws, there’s an administrative meeting on the first Tuesday. on the first Tuesday. So this is sort of like an administrative meeting, but we’re doing it on a different day. I don’t care. I don’t think it’s that important.
We should just keep in mind that perhaps when we regain governance this one might be moved – might be then called an administrative meeting, instead of a working session, and we would move it to either that Monday or change the bylaw if we thought
the 4th Tuesday was more workable. [PRESIDENT JONES] Point taken. Any other questions or concerns?
Seeing none, may I have a roll call vote, please? [SECRETARY SHIVERS-JONES] Charli Cooksey? [CHARLI COOKSEY] Aye. [SECRETARY SHIVERS-JONES] Bill Haas? [BILL HAAS] Sure. [SECRETARY SHIVERS-JONES] Donna Jones? [DONNA JONES] Yes. [SECRETARY SHIVERS-JONES] Susan Jones? [PRESIDENT JONES] Yes. [SECRETARY SHIVERS-JONES] Dorothy Rohde Collins? [DOROTHY ROHDE COLLINS] Yes. [SECRETARY SHIVERS-JONES] Natalie Vowell? [NATALIE VOWELL] Aye. [SECRETARY SHIVERS-JONES] Katherine Wessling? [KATIE WESSLING] Aye. [SECRETARY SHIVERS-JONES] The motion has passed. PRESIDENT JONES: The motion has passed for our new date – day of the month for work sessions. Thank you, team.
All right. And so… I did receive the correspondence from
Mr. Bill Haas in regards to the resolution reflecting personal property tax increase. And so, when that was initially sent, it was moreso, in my opinion, up under our new business because it wasn’t in the form of a resolution. [BILL HAAS] Yes. PRESIDENT JONES: And so, the last e-mail said that it was a resolution. [BILL HAAS] Thank you for that respect. I’m okay with it where it is, partly because we’ve approved the agenda already,
and that’s where it is, and and I think I may have jumped the gun a little bit hoping it might pass tonight, but I’ll still say that when I speak to it, I hope that it’s something
we can talk about soon. [PRESIDENT JONES] Very good. [BILL HAAS] Thank you for that respect. [PRESIDENT JONES] Thank you, Mr. Haas. We will now move on to #8, which is unfinished business. No Agenda Items under that this evening. We will now move on to Agenda Item #9. Reports of the following order:
#1 is the Board President, myself. And so… We began talking about the meeting schedule, which every last board member has a copy of the proposed meeting schedule in front of you. This isn’t a document that I’m looking for discussion on tonight. It’s moreso for information purposes, and I’m looking for us to discuss this in our next work session. So this should provide you adequate time to look through the schools that I have proposed, and for you to propose any that should be replaced with anything that I have already put on this list. I have on here legislative update I have on here legislative update – none at this time.
And also Board training. So, as it relates to Board training, those of you who expressed interest in the 2017 Leadership Summit for MSBA, I believe you all received that e-mail about the expenses that were paid by the district, and the only thing that we are needing to do is just to work on the transportation piece. But other than that, we are all set to go with the leadership summit. And also up under this, I would like to go ahead and have Dr. Adams – actually, I apologize. We’re gonna finish up our Board Member reports and then after that, we’ll have the presentation by Dr. Adams
about student conduct and technology. So I’ll go ahead and start with Miss Vowell
next to me here. Do you have any reports? [NATALIE VOWELL] Yes. Miss Cooksey and myself have been working on a Social Media Plan to be incorporated as part of our Communications Plan, in an effort to reach out to more of the community who may not be able to attend meetings.
We have come up with some tentative policies as well as an overall strategy that we intend to
speak about at the next work session. Do you have anything to add, Miss Cooksey? CHARLI COOKSEY: Yeah, I mean I can
just reiterate what she said. So, based on our work session meeting – for context, Mr. Haas – we started to discuss an idea that Susan brought to us about Dr. Adams with a live video chat through Facebook, and that sparked a new conversation about us formalizing our presence through social media. So we discussed having different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, potentially Instagram, and then as a result, Miss Vowell and I were called to develop some policies, some processes, and some ideas around implementing that social media strategy. A lot of the work was already developed by Miss Vowell, and we just worked together to
refine it a little and update it. PRESIDENT JONES: And I want to thank you ladies for your leadership on that. You guys did a really amazing job on all that information that you put together. Miss Vowell? [NATALIE VOWELL] Just one added update is we do have some things in testing right now. So during the testing phase, as Miss Cooksey and I continue, we would like to invite you all to participate or get input from you. [PRESIDENT JONES] All right. Very good. Thank you.
Mr. Haas? [BILL HAAS] A question on where we are on the agenda. What happened to the legislative update and Board training? Are we talking about those later in the meeting, or…? [PRESIDENT JONES] So, when I spoke about legislative update, I said, “no update at this time”. And then board training… [BILL HAAS] I’m sorry, I missed that. [PRESIDENT JONES] And when I spoke about board training, I addressed the 2017 leadership summit
for the Elected Board, so… [BILL HAAS] I got it, thank you. [PRESIDENT JONES] No problem.
All right, Mr. Haas, do you have a Board Member report? [BILL HAAS] I do not. [PRESIDENT JONES] All right. Thank you.
Mrs. Wessling? [KATIE WESSLING] I have no report. [PRESIDENT JONES] All right, thank you.
Miss Cooksey? [CHARLI COOKSEY] No report. [PRESIDENT JONES] And yours is pretty much the same as Natalie’s, so thank you again. [CHARLI COOKSEY] I do have questions, though,
about your report. So, for the Board training, I was wondering if there were any updates on us having a collective Board training/team-building experience? And if not, should we table that to the top of the agenda for our work session? [PRESIDENT JONES] Yes. And that’s what my plan was. I didn’t want to do that at our official meeting. So yes, that will be a part of the discussion.
But thank you for mentioning that. [CHARLI COOKSEY] That’s it. [PRESIDENT JONES] Okay. Miss Wessling? I’m sorry, Mrs. Rohde Collins? [DOROTHY ROHDE COLLINS] No report. [PRESIDENT JONES] Thank you very much.
All right, and Miss Jones? [DONNA JONES] Not at this time. [PRESIDENT JONES] And also, I forgot to add that this past weekend, a part of my Board Member report and my Board Member duties in this community, I hosted a community conversation to a coffeehouse, Sump Coffee, and basically,
residents from the community came and met with me and we talked about – had really raw discussion about St. Louis Public Schools. And basically, those conversations were all about those constituents, but I did that because it’s so important that we not only have these meetings but that we’re doing our jobs outside these meetings to work with our communities to hear what they have to say so that we can make the right decisions on behalf of this Board, and also
the children moving forward in this district. So, I would say that was really successful, and I would like – invite any other board member that would like to join me next time when I host one, or if you want to host one to have those conversations with the community because they definitely appreciate that.
Mr. Haas? [BILL HAAS] Where was the one
that you are speaking of? [PRESIDENT JONES] I chose – it was in South St. Louis, I believe in the Cherokee area, called Sump Coffee. But the idea would be to just go to different coffeehouses. And that’s just something I chose to do across the City of St. Louis so that they know
that we are here, and our presence is felt as the Elected Board so that we can work
to have more voices heard. [BILL HAAS] Thank you. [PRESIDENT JONES] You’re welcome. All right, now that we are… Miss Cooksey? [CHARLI COOKSEY] So, just for clarification, that was a coffee and conversation that you hosted as Susan Jones or on behalf of the Elected Board? [PRESIDENT JONES] No, not on
behalf of the Elected Board. So Board Member reports – just speaking on my behalf. That’s something that I was doing in the community. So I always encourage members on this Board
to be as active as possible because I even noticed around – you know, election time, many people don’t know that there are two Boards. And they don’t know that we are still in existence.
So in order for us to keep that up, in order for us to get more support for governance
back over this district, we’re gonna have to get out to the community and have these conversations. And so that was the reason for that.
Mr. Haas? [BILL HAAS] Did we receive
– this isn’t a complaint, just a question –
did we receive notice that you were gonna host that? [PRESIDENT JONES] No, and… [BILL HAAS] I’d like one. [PRESIDENT JONES] Sure. So those on my social media did, but actually next time I do it, I’ll make sure that you guys have it – and again you are invited, as long as we don’t have a quorum, to come to sit down to have coffee and have the discussions with the community. [BILL HAAS] Quorum should be okay as long as we don’t vote on anything? [PRESIDENT JONES] We’ll have that discussion,
Mr. Haas. We’ll talk about it. We have work sessions for those
when the public’s invited BILL HAAS: Interesting issue for just
dialoguing with the public. We might… [PRESDIENT JONES] No. [CHARLI COOKSEY] We have our work sessions. [PRESIDENT JONES] Thank you, Mr. Haas. All right, we will now go ahead and move into the presentations by Mr., Dr. – sorry – Dr. Adams, and if you guys can, please go ahead and sit in the front row, because we’ll have to let…down… [BILL HAAS] So we’re letting
new business go for the moment. PRESIDENT JONES: For the moment, yes. And then we’ll be back to finish up the meeting, okay? Thank you.

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  1. SLPS grounds department needs to block off the non existence street "Garrison ave." behind Vashon High. When this school was built years ago , there was a car escaping from the police that hit the curb and destroyed it. Ever since that time regular traffic including faculty and delivery trucks are driving over this curb. The city of St Louis has replaced the curb but the traffic still comes across the grounds and look for a low spot on the curb to exit. What is needed there is some kind of barrier along the ground and signs on the school grounds to keep people from doing this before a student is injured.

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