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Hi, this is a minute of Overpass. My name is Eric and I make apps. Now this week, I want to talk about dealing with copycats on the app store. Okay. So, this week I was going to talk about something completely different. I was going to talk about app store rankings and keywords and you know, blah blah blah – the same kind of stuff I talk about. However, this morning I got an email from Jesse Amlin who I have known for quite a long time through Ear Spy. He has been a big supporter of Ear Spy from the very beginning. Giving advice on how to improve things, stuff like that.. a lot of good feedback. He also points out a lot of the upset are copies of Ear Spy. One of the things he said that I should do is show you some of those apps that are taking Ear Spy’s design and sort of using those. So, just to give you some background on Ear Spy. I created Ear Spy about 3 years ago. I created the design for it and I basically used balsamic – the same thing I do for clients now is to create some wire frames. We got the 3 circles and the equalizer and the audio volume at the left. And then I also created my own icon which is the Ear Spy icon, the red and black. Even though the designer at that time was an Indian. She kept wanting to add other colors into it, make it bright and colorful. I said, no. I want it very simple, very dark. So about a year ago, Jesse sent a link to an app that basically is my design. It was an eavesdropping app. A spy app just like Ear Spy and they kinda use the same circle and the volume on the left. It was very much taking my design and using that. They weren’t using my actual image files. So it’s something to look out for. It is not there anymore. I don’t know, maybe it wasn’t doing well and they took it down. However, this morning before just before I was going to do this Minute of Overpass, I did a quick look on Google Play to see if there are any others ’cause I don’t look that often and I found something very interesting. So, I’ll show you the Google Play page here. So if you type ‘spy’ or ‘eavesdropping’ or ‘eavesdrop’, Ear Spy comes up too which is very cool. There’s a lot of other apps here. One thing I just want to mention and we should make a Minute of Overpass about this in the future. You should probably make sure that you get a good designer to do your icons. A lot of icons especially in Android are like clip art. They are like things people find around the web. They look very cheap. So Ear Spy’s up here. There’s one here that looks kinda cool. Down here we got the pro version of Ear Spy and if I go a little bit further down, you’ll see this one here. That’s my icon too and that’s not my app. So you see, whatever this NG-TEAM is.. they’re basically taking my icon and use it as their app icon. So, the app has nothing to do with mine. So if I show you the app here, it’s not the same app but basically using my icon which is weird. So I either have to contact that team or contact Google Play and get them to removed it. I’ll probably contact Google Play. The other one here. The second one that comes under eavesdrop. Oh this third one. This one, I was looking through it and “oh, there’s Ear Spy in there”. So, I downloaded it just to try. I mean it is on Arabic so I can’t understand it. However, it looks more like a directory for spy apps. So it’s kinda good to be on that. However, if I look down here in the description and I do translate. You know it’s basically my text exactly from Ear Spy. So basically they have taken my description. Anyway, the point I want to make this week is that when you do an app, you kinda have to look at this kind of stuff. It’s just like if you were going any web design. Somebody can take your images and use it. And you kinda have to take that as a great assault but then because it’s an app store not just the world wide web, you do have a body to complain to. I can go to iTunes if it was on iTunes or I could go to Google Play which I will do on this one and get that to be replaced. So that’s it. That’s it for my Minute of Overpass this week. First of all, let me just point out my new hoodie. What do you think? Very cool huh. If you like to get an app made, Overpass would like to help you. Give us a call. Our number’s 0845 834 1008 and I’ll talk to you next week.

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  1. Well I think it is best to contact the developer before going to google to report. Once you go to google, it can lead to the banning of the account of that user and yes mistakes happen so why don't you give the person the benefit of the doubt by just contacting them first about your icon/logo?

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