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welcome to my channel emphatic statement Jesus is all that you need and when you make him your choice you shut out every other option we're going to talk about it in today's video let's go hey everybody is that Sunday school girl about Sunday school girl calm welcome to the lesson for Sunday June 23rd as always I'm excited to get into this week's lesson with you if you've been following along in this new quarter I don't know about you but I ended last week saying how deep and reflective these last few weeks have been and I'm starting to feel like these lessons are getting into our business but I'm excited about it God is challenging us through his word and I'm glad that you're here if you're new around here welcome you have just joined the largest cyber community of Sunday school students on the world wide web we are approaching 20,000 subscribers in fact I checked just before going on this recording and there's less than 500 to go God is about to do it and I am so excited about it so 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below that's the first link that you've got your pins and your handy-dandy notebooks because it's time for us to get into the lesson all right listen title is hearts United and love the Bible basis is Colossians chapter 2 verses 1 through 15 the Bible truth Paul urged the Colossians to be united in love to fully understand the rich treasures offer to them by faith that way they can resist false teachings they've come to appreciate their new spiritual standing in Christ I remember verses of verses six and seven and the lesson aim is that we will contrast the deceptive philosophies of false teachers with the true faith in which the Colossians were established long to be rooted and built up in Christ and more firmly established in the faith we've received and embrace what Paul teaches about our new standing in Christ as a guard against false teaching I typically open lesson videos with sharing a personal story that either connects to the lesson or somehow reminds me of a concept inside of the lesson I also shared in the beginning that these lessons are deep and personal and they seem to be getting all in our business and so I hope that as I share this particular story it's not too transparent for some of you but storytime so a long long time ago I was maybe 21 22 years old there was one particular summer and there was a guy and I kind of liked him we were hanging out becoming great friends just having a good time nothing bad in fact we did a lot of stuff in church and I had someone very close to me who pulled me aside midsummer and the conversation started like this you know how much I love you right and I said yes I know how much you love me and she proceeded to share with me the concerns that she had about that developing friendship as she looked ahead through the lens of wisdom and experience she shared very transparently with me what her concerns were and why she wanted me to be careful so that I was not damaged or harmed in the process I don't know if you know what it feels like to have someone who really loves you to pull you aside and say be careful there's something up ahead that you may not see you're not paying attention but it can derail you and get you off-track that reminded me of what's happening this week in this lesson as we study the second chapter of Colossians our writer is Paul and he's writing to the church at Colossae who he has an existing relationship with he has a fatherly love for these people in this area there are lots of churches in this area in close proximity and he writes and shares his heart and his thoughts with them even though he's not physic where they are he continues to guide and instruct them and in many ways bring clarity to issues that they don't understand they don't have full maturity in he stays in contact with them to let them know that they are not alone they're new in their faith but they are not alone there's a lesson there when we have people who are new in their faith they need someone to stay close to them as they're growing and developing we all need that so that we know we are not alone if you peek back in the end of chapter 1 look at verses I think it's 28 and 29 he talks about preaching warning every man and teaching every man in all wisdom that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus wearing – I also labor or work I'm working really hard to do this and Paul was explaining sort of his purpose there's a reason for his writing he's making these really compelling arguments about why to follow Jesus and he identifies three ways he says that there's preaching there's warning there's teaching and if you think about there's a couple of concepts in here first of all he's dealing with all kinds of people there are new people and there are sort of these mature Christians and he's got to address everyone inside of this letter new converts are still learning polish trying to again make this compelling argument about why people need Jesus and then he's got this group of mature believers and they don't need to learn they need to apply the gospel message now apply God's Word so he's encouraging these people not to be stagnant but to continue maturing and growing in other words being equipped to serve so as we look at chapter 2 what we're looking at is a warning here about being deceived by false teachers and as I get into this one of the notes that I made is that as believers maturing believers as we grow in our faith it is so important times are becoming challenging I see so much of our current day in this week's lesson because we're getting it's always been this way but even increasingly now you need to know what you believe and why you believe it and we're gonna see that as a developing theme in this passage as we study in our group verses 1 & 2 together as you read them what you're gonna find here is that Paul has a huge concern first of all again he deeply cares for these people the King James says that there's a great conflict I have for you who does he have this conflict for first of all he has a great concern let me define what this conflict is this word conflict comes from the Greek word agon it means it's from the same root word is like agony or to agonize this is something that is it's not just bothering him a little this is an agonizing concern or an anxiety almost that Paul has concerning the church his concern is for colossi but he also mentions Laodicea which is about 10 miles north in chapter 4 verse 13 he mentions a third church but look at the end of verse 1 there would be people in the listening audience with whom Tom had never established a face-to-face relationship but that did not change a thing his love and concern for them was just the same he wanted what was best for them so what was this source of conflict agony concern anxiety it was false teachers there was an issue with heresy attacking the church what was this heresy it was philosophies traditions of men principles of the world this belief in evil spirits specifically Jewish mysticism and Gnosticism and there were deceivers who were attempting to distract or to get new converse young believers to question and go back on their decision concerning their faith these false teachers were doing their job we know that according to John 10 and 10 the enemy's job is to steal kill and destroy but God comes that we might have life and have it more abundantly now I said in last week's lesson that anytime you're establishing something new new behaviors new processes it is so easy to default and go back to what you know because that's easy it's familiar and here was my first AHA in this lesson as I look at boss teachers in this text that there are deceptive forces that we see in this passage but there are subtle and deceptive forces today and we've got to stay on alert for those things there I think there's this heightened awareness about things that are overt but we've got to pay attention to things that are subtle there's a danger in subtlety last summer I received a gift it was a necklace and at the end of this necklace was a very large and beautiful crystal I did not think anything about it but how pretty the crystal was I would let it later learn that the gift giver believes deeply in the power of crystals and that gift was given to me in a way to convey some sort of power of the crystal in my life that is a subtlety that is a danger of false teaching that we've got to be on guard for going back to par look at how he writes there is again this fatherly spirit it's a protective kind of love he wasn't simply concerned that they had made their decision to receive the gospel but he was concerned about how they were living after their decision he was concerned that the enemy would not devour that which have been planted in their lives he wrote like this to several churches he wrote like this even to Galatians and I for me that you need to make sure that your leadership cares more than just about your decision to receive Christ but is invested in helping you maintain your Christian walk and mature in your Christian faith that is so important as we look at our leadership in our churches here was Paul's desire for them first of all he writes to them for encouragement and comfort he wants them to receive strength and comfort in his writing God brings Grace and comfort these false teachers brought confusion but God brought Grace and comfort he's also again encouraging them to mature settle down don't be taken by everything that comes your way they're going to be all sorts of options that would be presented before you but he wants them to mature he wrote to Ephesians in this similar way chapter 4 verses 1 or 11 through 15 he doesn't want deceivers to have you thrown off and in your feelings because it's so easy to get off into things that feel good or that massage areas that we want to feel good but he's encouraging them to stay focused on the facts not being taken by what you feel but planting your feet and being strengthened and what you know the next thing he wanted for them was to be knit together in love that means so intricately put together that nothing could separate them and they were to be knit together by the love that they had for each other look at the work of these false teachers their jobs what was really to bring division divisive nough sin to the environment these people had their own agendas and their own belief system about being right but that's what Paul didn't want them to get caught up in that he wanted them to have the true mark of a Christian community the marks of a Christian community were two things the unity and the love that they have for each other I give you some other scripture references here in fact it was the prayer of Jesus that his followers would be one so we are to be marked by our unity our togetherness and our love the next thing he talks about is being fully assured of their faith our love for God is based on our understanding of him here was an aha our maturity is not simply based on knowledge it's not about how many memory verses you know but it is about the transformation that happens in your life as a result of having God's Word knowing God's Word and having the difference of God's Word so he talks again about growing and understanding and what he's really trying to say is that this is about establishing relationship with God not just the knowledge of God but a relationship with God and then lastly that they would have knowledge of the mystery of God the Father and Christ again he's talking about the uniqueness and specialness of relationship with God I even mentioned this last week that that's the thing that makes our Christian faith different is that we have access to our Father Romans 8:15 says that by the Holy Spirit we call him father Abba Father and I was a daddy's girl so I know what it's like to have that special relationship in fact I am named after my father but you know when you have a father what you know is that there's something about the influence of that father that the children reflect some of them look like their fathers they sound like their fathers they walk like fathers they talk like fathers but there's something about you that should reflect your father your father in heaven again deep in personal thought no one could beat me saying my daddy when I was growing up and that's the same attitude that I have when I think about my father in heaven no one can beat me saying my father and there is a gratitude that we should have for our father when we realize the love that he has for us this is the argument that Paul is making that when you realize that you have this father who has a unique and special relationship with you there's a gratitude that you return to him in verse 3 this is a confidence builder Paul wants them to be assured there is no question Jesus is enough he does not want them to doubt Jesus and when you are assured of your choice you shut down all other options first natural and spiritual when you're assured of your choice you shut down all other options when you have Jesus there is no need to combine Jesus with the position of son moons and stars you don't need the zodiac you don't need to combine him with legal systems and legalism you don't need to combine Jesus with philosophy he is the beginning and the ending and he is the only true source in verse 4 he issues a warning Paul is telling them that he knows that there will be people who will come and there to sound good they're going to have propositions very compelling arguments they're going to have serious pressure tactics that are going to lead to passive error there passive deception they are boss teachings incorrect reasoning think about a snake a snake comes through very small cracks he's telling them to seal up the cracks so that you are not deceived in first John chapter four verse one believe not every spirit but try the spirits whether they are of God because many false prophets are gone out into the world 2nd Corinthians 11:13 also warns of false prophets so he's got to seal up every crack that would even allow that in don't even begin to entertain it in the spirit of sealing the cracks Paul has to do that in verse 5 remember again that a lot of these people he's never met before so there's this space here for a deceiver to sort of slide in and raise the question how can a man who's never even laid eyes on you possibly love you this much and POG deals with that in fact it's not true that I have to see you as a believer to love you there is this common bond that we have in Christ such that if I've never laid eyes on you before there's this commonality that we have and there is love between us there is a love that the Saints have for each other and Paul has that love for them because they are part of the same body he goes on to say that there are two things that he's really happy to see in them first is their good order and that gives us this idea of soldiers who are side by side and ready for battle secondly he is happy to see that they are steadfast in their faith what does that mean they're digging their heels in it's like forming this line of resistance they're not going to be taken down verse six he talks about them receiving Christ Jesus that speaks to them being converted but remember the alter conversion conversion is just one piece after you leave the altar you've got to walk out this Christian walk every single day and that's what Paul starts to deal with how you continue past your decision of conversion and Paul writes often about this idea of walking in fact if you look at Paul's writings you can typically substitute the word walk for live and so he's looking at how we live everyday in him this is a picture of everyday life the fact that everything that you do represents the God that you say that you serve what does that mean how do we walk how do we walk out these lives every day for Christ he addresses that beginning in verse seven he's showing us really the evidence of walking strongly in the faith there's four things that he gives us in verse seven the first is being rooted that means being grounded in the source being firmly grounded in the source secondly being built up that is this idea that when you have firm foundation then you can start to build a structure on it but you're building on what is established the third thing is to be established that means to be made firm having some stability being established in your faith my AHA here is that we are shaped by our faith and not the things of the world so even as we look at how we respond in our everyday lives when challenges come against us we should immediately default to the word and not what the world says about it the last thing he mentions is being thankful and our thankfulness is back to making the connection to the sacrifice that Christ made on the cross and studied at the last few weeks and when you think about his sacrifice it should cost thankfulness to overflow that's the concept we see abounding with Thanksgiving what do we thankful for again the sacrifice of Christ the love that our Father has for us in this unique and special relationship that he would give his son or say it is another warning in fact it begins with the word beware an imperative to watch out he's talking again about this threat of heresy and uses the idea of being taken if he talks about the danger of that sort of two pieces of that being bound up and taken captive and secondly taken away a spoil like after war this idea of having your mind bound up with other things such that ultimately it is taken away and based on the things that they feared evil spirits powers they were potentially low-hanging fruit for people who would come with these alternative ways of thinking and systems to help them escape what they feared Paul says know you've got to take action you've got to stay on guard guard your faith there will be options there will be traps but you've got to make up in your mind and you're going to firmly hold on to what you know to what you've been taught and as I look today there are so many alternative theories and doctrines teachings and philosophies and they sound good they may even take just enough scripture or principles that we hold in our Christian faith and manipulate them just enough to say a little bit less of what God says about it and more what our flesh wants to receive the things that tingle us the things that make flesh feel good but if it does not follow after Christ it does not please him we have to follow after the things of Christ but not only that but reminded again that the work of Christ on the cross does not need anything else added to it the work on the cross was enough I Group verses 9 and 10 together sort of writes like a lawyer he now gives us three assurances that we have as we're staying on guard the first is that Christ gives fullness he talks about the Trinity being together when we see Jesus we see God Jesus is fully God having Jesus gives us everything that we need according to his divine power he's given us all things that pertain to life and godliness that is the scripture we don't need anything else you don't need crystals you don't need other gods you don't need to burn sage you just need Jesus Jesus is all that you need that's a recurring theme verses 11 and 12 together the next thing is that Christ makes us new talks about this idea of circumcision and that was the removing of foreskin on a male of physical surgery but he's not talking about the physical circumcision but circumcision of the heart change of the heart when Christ circumcised as our hearts he makes us new not in physical operation but it is a spiritual operation performed that makes us new my heart was that Christ makes us new I give scripture references there the 2nd Corinthians 5:17 If any man be in Christ he is a new creature old things are passed away behold all things are become new the third thing verses 30 13 through 15 is that Christ gives us the benefit of forgiveness I thought about a song our car used to sing I'm so glad he took my sins away and then this benefit of forgiveness we see three things first is life we have life in Christ apart from Christ we were dead that was evidenced by our transgressions and our unchanged hearts but in him we are alive we are quickened to do the work of God secondly we are forgiven Christ forgave all of our sins we've been talking about that that we escaped the penalty of death through his shed blood on the cross it's not enough to just be a good person but we all have to accept his sacrifice and receive His forgiveness finally in him we have victory Christ has victory over all other powers the cross was important we saw necessary that it wasn't just important but it was necessary it was necessary because there he paid our entire debt for sin and any power that the enemy had over us was completely disarmed at Calvary and this is the lesson for this week as we talk about hearts United in love the mark that makes the church that makes us different as Christians that it is our love that you nights us and it is the love that we have for Christ that unites us to him here are my key learnings for this week the alter decision is a starting point we spend a lifetime maturing in Christ our journey as Christians is a continuous growth process and in it we should always be becoming stronger it's not what we did for God but rather what God did for us that provides us the ability to be strengthened talked about this last week that God initiated this because he loved us our hearts are united in love and we respond to Jesus when we recognize who Jesus is what he did and the good things are the benefits the gifts that he gives us next a faithful life will bring a faithful reward the enemy seeks to take from us our eternal reward but you cannot let the enemy cheat you out of your position in Christ we cannot we absolutely cannot embrace any and everything every piece of jewelry is not just a pretty piece of jewelry you can't embrace everything that comes your way but your minds your hearts have to be rooted and settled in the Word of God and in doing that as we experience life we're going to perceive the events of our life based on what we believe we can't be guided by our raw emotion but rather the truth about what we know about God and what His Word says about it remember that our faith is not about what we feel it's about what we know and we know that our God brings comfort we are not simply to be carriers or holders memorizers quoters references of God's Word but rather we are to take God's Word in our hearts and be changed be transformed be molded by it don't just talk about the word don't just go to church don't just wrap up frequent Church attendee Myles but be about it be about what God's Word says being a Christian is not just about knowing but it is about relationship with God there are false teachers in the world today and we must stay on guard guard your environment don't take everything in Christ is all that you need make a decision today to make Christ your choice and when you make your choice you shut down all other options and doing that you dig your heels in build on your foundation which is your most holy faith and hold tight to the things that please God that's all I have for you this week you know what I ask you for first of all if you've enjoyed this lesson be sure to give the thumbs up like so that we know we're doing a good job please share the lesson with someone and lastly if there is anything because this was a lot in this lesson that I've left out and you have it in your notes you want me to add it to my notes leave me the bullets down below so that I can add them in on Sunday we'll all have bomb notes that's all I have for you this week everybody have a fantastic rest of the week I will see you in Sunday school bye everybody

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  1. Love the t shirt. The lesson was amazing. It seems that my dreams get crazy as I dig deeper in to the word. Should I be concerned about dreams of my past?

  2. As always, another great lesson. Thank you for your faithfulness in helping us increase our wisdom and knowledge as we teach God’s Word each week in our Sunday school classes. Be BLESSED my sister in Christ. 🙏🏾😇❤️💋

  3. Thank you. Maybe expounding on the subtleties, naming some of the false teachings and demonstrating or articulating more specifically the things of our time and culture would be even more beneficial to your students. For example, what are some of the specific subtleties or false teachings or principles of our day that we should be watching out for and how do they not align with Christ's teachings? Thanks again. Great lesson and teaching! God bless you! 😊

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