💥MABAOHA TOY ROBOT – Idol Interactive Educational (Play & Learn) Robot 👈

I am Idol lovely Idol l let’s play I love
you thank you would you like to play with me
yes where are you from Idol and the Asian Chinas l are you how about
you sweetheart I have been waiting for you for a long time here yeah you don’t
want to play do you like him sing a song for us okay please sit with me together
bingo oh I ng ng oh hi NGO and bingo was his name-o I know Tony story okay firstly the second mouse and the country
mouse there was a country mouse and a fairness there big mouse riveted the
country mouse and asked why are you live in annoying the food come to me
way it hit later on I was living happily in my it is nothing that it’s not every
night my monster puts a collar around my neck and chase me up you listening yeah
yesterday I can’t believe this robot is so cool
do you want to use a app to feed him and play different songs yeah I want to
do that okay so I’m gonna put it to the phone app base eco use the phone to
study so you can learn your ABCs and I want to okay alright so with the Idol
app you have two options you have the option for interaction or studying with
interaction you have the ability to feed Idol by feeding them a sandwich various
snacks or other food on the other side you can he can have you you can have an
image he can imitate pets toys or musical instruments now with the study
Darwin with the study part of the app you can learn your ABCs math logic or
cognition what are you making make games we think
the cookie will be good a cookie double boom hold it right up to his belly yeah Oh chips chip chip chip chip who’s doing
desserts desserts I’m gonna feed him something then they stick this dessert
change oh yeah why don’t you go learn your ABCs
one more dessert what is that it oh it’s a snow globe
yeah and they make music a whistle yep what’s up ABCD oh no everything lit up
hey we should be at hey why don’t we do some numbers now yes
drag the five to the basket what is five plus three count one
two three not mine what’s five six seven eight all right look how old I am three years old I can help my Mom mop the floor can you happy
birthday thank you could you sing a birthday song for me yes happy birthday
to you thank you my darling where is my cake? Oh goodness! do you like Idol yeah I brought my robot
out to bring to get some fresh air all right it’s time to put him away now No I
love him too much look I got the app on my ipad now that’s
great and you like the app you like it yep I’m
gonna make a dessert so I’m gonna feed him a lot get eaten I like using the ipad with idol now time to eat baby Let’s get eating! look what it looks like on my ipad now I got him a dessert now time to eat baby He loves it! options you’ll find the right answer look at animals look at toys musical instruments oh you are so clever congratulations the rate you plus 2 can
you find the correct answer Wow – correct answer you

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