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what's up guys crypto savvy here today we're gonna do a little tutorial on RSI and how to find divergence both hidden and regular divergence and what it leads to and you know what it does so it's gonna be a real quick tutorial real basic guys all you got to do is learn the basics and then you know build on it yourself you'll get better as you practice don't get ripped off paying for these guys that charge you to teach you basics when you can find it free all over the Internet guys everything they're making you pay for you can find for free if they're that good at trading they wouldn't need to be selling courses so don't pay for their lavish lifestyles drug habits gambling habits all that learn on your own guys you're not gonna watch someone's video and become a pro it comes with experience and actually doing it so I just want to get that out there I hate seeing people get ripped off so if you're new here you have an hour a definitely don't forget to subscribe to the channel you can tick the subscription button on the lower right hand side of the screen take notification bell to get you notified when I post videos as I do post videos every day I usually post updates every day on bitcoin and litecoin but I won't be doing that for the next few days but these tutorials a little short series of them will be posting one a day so uh and also I want to remind you guys we have a free discord group awesome community guys lots of people in there from all over the world all different skill levels helping each other out it's great community guys if you love crypto you like just talking about crypto or want to learn to trade crypto learning to chart definitely think about joining there's a link to that in the description below the video there's also some other links down there affiliate links that really help the channel out if you guys use them check them out there's some exchange links browser links yeah just check them out if you can use them awesome if you can't no big deal but yeah let's get into the video and check out some divergence alright guys on the screen you see I have a cheat sheet it's a divergence cheat sheet it's just a pretty much a generic one not a whole lot of detail enough to get us started and like I said I just want to give you guys the basics and then you got to do the footwork on your own to get better at it and will like I said each day will be doing another tutorial on something different just the basics so let's uh let's well first we're gonna look for the bearish don't forget to give this a thumbs up guys if it helps and leave your comment let me know what you think of the video and if it helped you out so the first one we're gonna look for we're gonna look for each one of these um I did not pre go through the charts and mark it off so I'm gonna look for it while you guys are watching so first one we're gonna look for is bearish divergence and an embarrassed divergence should get higher highs in the price action lower highs in the RSI so we're gonna open up a better chart and look for divergents and we got some right here so if we look right here we're getting higher highs in the prey section and getting lower lows in the RSI higher highs in a price lower highs and RSI bearish divergence and we had a correction after that that was from 90 100 down to 70 about 7400 so definitely got a nice correction there bearish divergence guys obviously see what happens when verse bearish divergence forms expect a drop down now the next one is bullish divergence which is lower lows in the price action higher lows and an RSI see if we can find one of those in there and again this is bearish divergence we're looking for and I think I think I may have found some yes right here it is remember it's lower lows and a price higher lows in the RSI it's real confusing that's why I suggest you definitely get one of these and leave it on your your phone or your whatever you're using your laptop your desktop whatever but definitely keep one around because it can get confusing at times but there we go with the lower lows and the price and higher lows in the RSI and then you can see what happened that's why it's bullish divergence so let's see what the next one is man I found those quick I hope I find the rest of them that quick hidden divergence lower lows and or lower highs in the price and higher highs in the this is hidden bearish divergence lower highs in the price higher highs an RSI lower highs in the price higher highs in RSI that is hidden bearish um see if I can find an example here not really finding anything yet yep right here believe so lower highs in the price nope this one might be a little more difficult to find and it should be before a dip if we are able to find it lower highs and the price it I have not seen any it's going to the one hour might be easier to find in the one hour chart maybe sorry guys maybe I should have looked for this before I thought it'd be a little bit easier to find but some of them aren't quite as easy obviously and they're almost not quite I don't like that one here we go lower highs now let's start it either you huh this one's gonna be kind of tough see well we could probably go all the way over to the bear market that might help this almost was not quite though you four defined but I do definitely want to find one maybe I should have looked for this stuff beforehand there we go now whoops too much going on I should have looked for this before I suppose um hidden that's one I never really looked for so maybe my eyes just aren't trained for it uh yeah I'm not seeing the lower highs not seeing no hidden bearish divergence here yeah just not seeing it anywhere at all go took a while sorry guys but there is lower lows or lower highs in the price action and higher highs in the RSI I'm actually we could go all the way from this beat here down to here lower lows in the price action or lower highs in the price action higher highs an RSI and that's hidden bearish divergence so look at it and you see what happened after that it had a really big drop after that from I'm from 4600 down to 30 3450 so yeah there is the hidden bearish divergence now next is hidden bullish divergence this is one of my favorites this is probably for me it's the easiest one to find I think and it's one of the most powerful if you ask me so looking for hidden bullish divergence it's probably all over in the bull market let's see hidden bullish divergence where's some it should be quite a bit of it in here um I'll tell you what I'm gonna go back to the four hour and see it right here is it yeah right there we see some going from and we're looking for hidden bullish divergence which is higher lows and or hidden bullish divergence I'm sorry and it's usually in a downtrend that's not right sorry about that let's I believe we're forming some today actually if I'm correct probably better to find this in the bigger timeframe but you can find this in all timeframes guys like right here some a definite hidden bullish divergence here oops so this is the hidden bullish divergence right there lower lows and the RSI higher lows in the price and you can see what happened after that and that was one hell of a move yeah that way all the way from shoot 8900 all the way to our 13:8 so yeah that's hidden bullish divergence like I said that's one of my favorite to find it's it's just awesome at telling you when it moves coming it's a pretty damn good indicator trying to look for some more real quick but I'm not not really seeing a this gets really confusing when especially when you're looking for it all like that but yeah that's a pretty good example right there guys that's hidden bullish divergence getting higher highs in the price and lower highs and I another knot I usually call this week the RSI resetting because as the price is not going down like the RSI the RSI is going down to reset for another push up because it can't just keep pushing up without resetting and coming down so when the RSI is coming down and resetting and the price is either just staying sideways or you know slightly going up but the RSI is going down that's resetting the RSI for another push up so keep that in mind when you're you're looking for these and again guys it gets real confusing make sure you got a cheat sheet now this is something I don't really look for that much I guess I guess I need to start looking for it and just kind of see but we'll look for these in a chart this is exaggerated divergences and this is the exaggerated bearish divergence as you can see it's like a double top in the price and then a lower so you get you know the same same high on the price but you get a lower high on the RSI let's see if we can find one of those let's look for like a double top somewhere this one almost not quite this one a little bit I don't know if those would really count like I said I don't really look for these ones much I guess sir I don't know if they're not as common but this ones this one here is pretty close I guess that could be considered exaggerated that's pretty much straight across there and then if we look at the RSI it's getting lower highs are sighs getting lower highs and both of these Peaks are the same and then obviously you see what happened that was a from 8400 all the way down to 65 so that was a definite bearish indicator I'll definitely have to start looking for that one I guess you could still consider that hidden bearish divergence aim thing pretty much gets same effect you're obviously getting a lower high in the RSI telling you that it was most likely gonna crack down so now we have the hidden or the exaggerated bullish divergence which is just the opposite it's to equal lows in the price and a higher low in the RSI so let's look first to equal lows there's one right there a small one and what was it yeah higher higher low in the RSI so this probably yeah right here this would work so right there we have straight across Lowe's and then if we look at the RSI we're getting higher highs so that would be exaggerated bullish divergence and as you can see after that we got a huge move up so yeah that's anyway that's a little bit on the RSI guys I hope that helps you out like I said I'm just gonna keep it real basic and simple if you don't do your own footwork and learn hands-on it's not gonna stick as well but that it gets you started something to look at and you know practice with start looking for divergence and I will be releasing another tutorial video tomorrow so definitely look out for that and yeah if you liked the content definitely give it a thumbs up leave your comments down below let me know what you think click the crypto savvy logo above my head to get you subscribe to the channel take notification bell to get you notified when I post new videos smash likes guys and I will see you in the next one take it easy

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  1. hey @Crypto Savy can I ask what Indicators-Layouts are using _ I'm struggling to find the two in the video (blue line below and the one above) .. sorry I'm new here

  2. Alts season has started. I know the conservative estimate of the LTC spike is $274, but i have estimates that it can wick to $500. Does anybody have info or an indicator that calls the real top of a spike?

  3. Thx for doing tutorials to upload while you are gone. A good example of exaggerated bullish divergence occurred in LTC this morning on the hourly chart. There were three near equal lows in price in the $76 to $77 range; there were higher lows in the RSI. After the third higher low in the RSI, LTC rocketed up to $95.

  4. Just a thought, but isn't another way to explain this is . . . always in bullish divergence, draw the lines along the lows . . . and always in bearish divergence, draw the lines along the highs ? It's kinda a flip in visual charting perspective, alerting us to a change in the price trend ?

  5. If you take advise you will lose. That's why savy doesn't whore your ass out. Just don't take his advise, learn from him tho. He's a good guy.

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