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Yummy Vegetables with Bo the Bear! Mmmm… yummy! Hello! Hello Bo, what are you wearing today? You’ve got some buttons… white overalls, a big white hat and a red neck tie I’m a chef. Yay! Chef Bo I’m hungry.I can hear your rumbling tummy?Let’s make dinner! What have you got there? Of course, it’s our shopping bag. We went to the market today. Wow, look at all of those vegetables What vegetables can you see? We’ll return back to the market at the end of the video. Thanks for bringing in the bag, Bo. You’re welcome. Let’s see what’s inside. I see lots of colorful toy vegetables. What are vegetables? Vegetables are parts of plants that we can eat. Can we eat a tree in the park? No! But can we eat a broccoli? Yes! Vegetables are really good for you. Yummy! They make your eyes sparkle, they keep your teeth healthy and they give you lots of energy to run around and have fun! Let’s look at the vegetables we have. Can you say… broccoli? Broccoli! Potato. Potato! Tomato. Tomato! Cucumber. Cucumber! Sweet pepper or bell pepper. Sweet pepper or bell pepper! Sweet corn. Sweet corn! Lettuce. Lettuce! Aubergine or eggplant. Aubergine or eggplant! Onion. Onion! Carrot. Carrot! What are you going to cook? Hmm… a salad! This one! Have you remembered to wash your hands, Bo? Yes. Some lettuce. Lettuce! Can you say “chop, chop, chop”? Chop, chop, chop! And we’ve chopped it into lettuce leaves. Into the bowl, they go. Delicious! Next is a sweet pepper. Chop, chop, chop! Sweet pepper slices. Let’s add that to the lettuce leaves. Peekaboo!Oh, you’re upside down! You’ve chosen a red tomato. Tomato! Chop, chop, chop! Tomato slices, let’s add that to the salad. Juicy! What’s next? Which one.. ..hmm. A cucumber. Cucumber! Chop, chop, chop! Cucumber slices, add it to the bowl. Last one! It’s going to be a carrot! Carrot! Chop, chop, chop! Crunchy carrots! Let’s add that to the salad. In you go! Give it a good stir. Mix, mix, mix! What a colourful salad you’ve made for us! Mmm… yummy! We have two small bowls, one… two. One for me and one for you. Red tomatoes. Ooh… tricky! Got it!Orange carrots. Ooh…difficult. I did it! Whoops Where’s it gone? Sorry! That’s okay Bo, we’ll pick it up later. There you go. Green lettuce leave. Last one. Thank You, Bo. Here you go. They look so yummy! Time for dinner! I’m hungry.Crunch, crunch, crunch! Yum, yum, yum! Munch, munch, munch! Crunch, crunch, crunch! Yum, yum, yum! Burp! Pardon me. I’m full up! Look, my bowl is empty. Well done, Bo. Time to eat! A juicy tomato, a crunchy sweet pepper, a lovely carrot, a crispy lettuce, and a yummy cucumber! That’s was a lovely dinner, thank you Bo. Let’s go back to the market and name all the vegetables that we know. Carrot! Onion! Sweet pepper or bell pepper! Lettuce! Tomato! Potato! Cucumber. Broccoli. Are there some others that you know? Well done! Safe and Happy Learning with Bo the Bear. For new episodes, please click on the heart to subscribe. For more Bo the Bear, click on the next video.

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  1. * What are your kids’ most and least favourite vegetables? Let’s see if there’s a common theme regardless of where in the world you live! Suggestions for future videos are always welcome too 🙂 *

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