🐎NEW! English Horse Riding Lessons!🐎 FIRST DAY TV

[Applause] hey guys while you're from first day TV and today I am having a lesson and I really hope I'm riding the chakra tip or Rosie I just don't want to ride stupid because he's super I ride loopy it sounded like you said stupid anyone write stupid way back I don't want to write soupy and then my brothers of us cuz you want to see the point is yeah one ain't your brother yeah Isabel got such a cute little bike yeah drawstring bag we found on Amazon lead rope last night nice swing it and it hit my helmet what you did that yeah Isabel don't swing around your lead rope [Applause] [Applause] thank guys so much for watching this video my favorite part of today's lesson was I got to trot like when I was leading my horse when we were cooling I got to trot him a little bit so that was pretty fun and what is cooling like when you know I can like smell it it helps I'm like stop sweating so after you UNTAC then you walk the horses around yeah if they're sweaty stuff you like this video please like subscribe and comment down below what was your favorite part bye guys

31 thoughts on “🐎NEW! English Horse Riding Lessons!🐎 FIRST DAY TV”

  1. Hey love your vids, I’ve been riding since I was a baby and, here is a quick tip while your holding your reins your pinkie should bee out this can give you a better grip

  2. YAY xD great video
    I can't wait til I can ride horses it will probably be a million years until I can ;^;

  3. Tip: when you are dismounting, you need to have your reins in your left hand, or what ever side you are dismounting on. For example, if I was dismounting on the left side, then I would have my reins in my left hand. If I was dismounting on the right side, then I would have my reins in my right hand. Just a tip!

  4. I love the horse!! ❤️❤️❤️who thinks first day tv is the best channel on YouTube?! Me!!! Isabelle keep doing such a good work!! At horse back riding!! ❤️🐎🐎🐎

  5. I love your videos a tip is whenever you rise up in your trot you use your reins to balance so try not to do that as that puts pressure on the horse that is not needed i learnt that because I was nervous in my last lesson and I was doing that so I realized my mistake. Love you so much!!

  6. Im early for the first time ever! Haha only 70 views. Ive been really wanting to go horse riding but i havent found any places yet

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