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Please find “setting” icon to open Closed Captions Episode 08 Empress Dowager is here Son Glad to see you, mother My son, stand up Yes Look at you, so much sweat You care about me Silly son, if I don’t Who’ll do? Yes When you were young you liked to play this game You always messed up this yard with your eunuchs Do you remember? Yes One time I did it too much I got a lesson from you How did I teach you? You beat my palm with a ferule Which palm? Was it hurt? You did it for me I knew that That’s right My heart hurts when I beat you You could have an experience after the pain couldn’t you? You’re right What were you thinking about when you practiced the word? I was thinking how to deal with my enemy Is there just one enemy in your heart? Pardon me, mother A sword of an Emperor is needed to deal with the country and the people for thousands of years If you just want to deal with one person It is not a job for you Thank you, mother Get up As the successor of Aisin Gioro Family I should inherit all this great nation created by my holy ancestor I should have an ambitious aspiration so that I can make a full use of my sword Mother You helped me with casting this sword I would never forget Good Good Empress, what are you up to? Emperor looks thinner than before You should pay more attention, shouldn’t you? Yes, Empress Dowager I must do as you said Son I’m tired and I need to take a break See you next time Your Majesty, where are you going? I am going to deal with the papers You go back first Please enjoy Good wine, nice food Waiter Bring me two pig tails and some good wine Yes, sir What an ugly man! Why should we help him? Ask yourself I saw they were robbed How could know it was their belonging? Master Stop blaming me I just showed some sublime heroism What you did, in a better description, was reckless in a worse one was inequitable Miss Young Master, it’s going to rain We go no further and have a rest here Ok That’s great, I can … What? Madam asked you to see her General Can’t you see I am staying with my master? Do you know how to respect your master? Yes Go ahead Ok, I’ll tell madam Master Enjoy some wine, it keeps you warm Yuan Zhi When do know to respect your master? Master At the first time I saw you I knew that, didn’t I? I know you You just don’t want to stay inside the room My guests Do you want food or room? One high-class room and send us some food Ok, this way please Please Brother Yan There are one man and one woman upstairs Look like the people Sir Bai Zhen wanted What are the appearances and weapons? A beautiful woman takes with a knife The man takes nothing but looks like wounded Sir Zhang is coming You’d better have a check in their room I hope you can find something Easy Brother Fourth, how do you feel? I’m fine I’ve been here tens of times and I never live in a low-class room Who lives here, make a room for me? Sir, sir Who are you? I’m Tong A bodyguard from Zhenyuan Escort I pass by here and there is no high-class room Please make a room for me What? Make a room for me What if I refuse? Refuse? It’s ok Is she your wife or your girlfriend? Beautiful Get out Don’t worry We three can share this bed together I’ll watch out your wound Gentleman We never meet before I am afraid it is inconvenient if you want to sleep here It’s convenient I feel good Brother Fourth, what say you? Let me see you clearly why you have such an arrogant tone You’re more arrogant Look at me Am I matching this lady? Come closer So what? Take a look Brother Fourth Brother Fourth I can’t move You, come to save me You should be carefully Master, what’s wrong with him? He must be acupointed by someone Tong They are on Mr. Bai’s wanted list Luo Bing and Wen Tailai It is a big business for us We needn’t catch them by force Since he is wounded we just delay them Mr. Zhang will deal with it himself and he won’t ignore our efforts But I, I… You got hurt You always boast you’re not afraid of anyone It is just a little pain Don’t touch me Master, when will you teach me to acupoint? It is a handsome show of kung fu If she is a successor of Luo Family I can’t leave her alone Luo Family Who’s that, Master? Luo Yuantong was a famous man in kung fu and also a friend of mine The woman’s movements are belonged to his style I am wondering if she isn’t his daughter she is his student How couldn’t I see through? Maybe I’ve stayed in the border for too long I’m unfamiliar with the world It is not late for you, Master Since they’re related to your old friend We can’t leave them alone, can we? You’re right Those people said a sir called Zhang is coming here Who is this person? Brother Yan, when will Mr. Zhang arrive? He has arrived Why didn’t you tell us? Let’s take them down as soon as possible Don’t worry People from western tribes who robbed the treaty are gathering for something Mr. Zhang is investigating He will catch them when he comes back The first priority of us is to protect this It looks like an ordinary book why the superiors want it? What we need to do is to obey the order and never ask why Take it, let’s go Search for him Yes, sir Damn, it’s a trick Go back What’s happened? Where is the treaty? A female ghost came here after your leave Horrible Green face with long teeth Her tongue was like this long Where is the fucking treaty? I don’t know It may be taken by her Why did a ghost need it? Little girl Is your master named Ma or Lu? Ma How do you know? You tell me Why don’t you kneel and kowtow to your uncle? Are you my Uncle Zhang San? Your master mentioned me to you? Among we three brothers He was the most talented but well, forget it You are well-known How couldn’t I know? How do I be well-known? Uncle, let her go She is my friend She is your friend? Then do you know who I am? You’re my 3rd Uncle Did Ma Zhen tell you these all? He also told me You’re roaming around the country It’s my honor to meet you here Roaming around? Ma Zhen is good at talking after becoming the leader Didn’t he tell you I was a traitor of Wu Dang? Girl Do you know among we three brothers My Kung Fu is better than him 2nd Brother is more honest than him It was him who became the leader at last My Master told me of the three of them you were the most talented If 2nd Brother said this I believe If it was said by him… It is my greatest honor today to to have a lesson from you The sky is getting dark Uncle, how about you go back to have a rest early? Next time I’d like to hear the story of yours See you next time Master It is still rainy It seems we can’t set off today Yuan Zhi Tell me again what happened last night The man let you ask him Uncle How did he remind your Leader Uncle? He thought he was my master and then he asked about him What did he ask? He asked what Leader Uncle said when he was mentioned I praised him a lot on behalf of Leader Uncle but he didn’t trust me He said he was a traitor of Wu Dang And…and… And what? He said Leader Uncle’s Kung Fu is less than him and less honest than you while he became the leader It’s him He must be your Uncle Zhang Zhaochong Master From what he said trifles in Wu Dang are really complicated When I was abcent I didn’t know what happened clearly Was my brother serving the government? My guest Do you want food or room? Some food please This way Master I knew you must be here Let’s have a look first Please sit Please Move! Out! Move away All of you Move! Waiter Coming My guests Some food and wine Okay The spies of Red Flower Gang haven’t left yet We must watch out Master Will they come upstairs? Should we take action? Stay calm Follow my order Understand? He’s playing Tian Jingsha Who’s that? Take a look Fellow, we’re sent here by the government Get out of my way Don’t disturb us I haven’t finished yet You mysterious man What are you playing? It is a song called Tian Jingsha It’s a pity if you miss it Get him I’d rather use my tongue than my fists I beg your pardon Why are you kneeling to me? He is the spy Move, hurry They’re fighting Look You fool, fighting You’re not the waste You’re Golden Flute Man Yes, it’s me Yuan Zhi 4th Sister-in-law 14th Brother, are you ok? I’m ok Where is 4th brother? Follow me Sir Zhang What happened? The spies got some help We… How many? One You were beaten by one person It was him who robbed my package last night Yuan Zhi You lead him away The further the better If I am not here when you come back You can set off I’ll catch up with you Master Don’t fight with him Just lead him away Hey, yo How could you be a member of Wu Dang? You couldn’t even keep a little package My Uncle? You naughty Who’s here? Are you Luo Yuantong? A friend of 5th Luo? I have something to tell May I know your name? I’m Lu Feiqing Are you a student of my brother Ma Zhen? I’m really a student from Wu Dang May I ask how you prove your words? I will Nice to meet you, Uncle Unnecessary, my nephew I’ve got something to do Mr. Thank you for your help It’s not the right place Let’s talk somewhere else I’m Yu Tong, glad to see you, 2nd Uncle Me too I’m Luo Bing, thank you for your help What’s the relationship between you and 5th Luo? He’s my father Yuan Tong My best friend how could you pass away before me? Mr., he is my husband, Wen Tailai Sir, I’m sorry I can’t stand up You’re welcome We’re friends My nephew You’re a student of my brother How is he recently? Thank you He’s in good health and he missed you very much It has been more than 10 years he didn’t know where you were and he worried about you I miss your master too Nephew Your another uncle is also here Zhang Zhaochong He betrayed our master and served the government He is a traitor I can’t imagine he chooses this way If our Master knew this He must be sorrowful Zhang Zhaochong came to Bei Jing far away from here He must have backups We can’t stay here You’re right It is the reason I come here You know Mr. Chou Which one? Chou Zhongying Is Mr. Chou of Irongut Manor here? He lives in Irongut Manor Irongut Manor is about 20 to 30 miles away from here I’ve never seen him before but I heard about him He is generous and a tough man Nephew I hope you can go there to take a shelter At the same time we can send a message to your friends and tell them your location Whats your opinion just tell us Your suggestion is the best one To be honest I am wanted by the government I am a dangerous man Senior Chou is the leader of northwest place If the government knows this he will be involved How could I incriminate the others? Nephew You don’t want to do that means you’re an aboveboard man but I feel it is a pity Of what? You don’t want to go to the manor How could we three leave you behind? You’re wounded and can’t fight If any of the government killer comes I don’t want to lie and to be honest If my 3rd Brother comes None of us can win I beg your pardon I know Friendship is more important than life If we lose We can’t abandon you My life is not that cherish but how about theirs Just because of your impulsivity they would like to lose their lives? 4th Brother You’re right I was impulsive Thank you for reminding me Take that letter well Where do you want to send the message? When will your backups be here? 14 branch leaders except we three will gather at An Xi This time we follow the order of Chief Leader Yu to invite Young Leader Chen Jialuo to handle everything An Xi is not far from here and Kungfu masters are standing by If we ask them to go to Irongut Manor We will not afraid although there are two Zhang Zhaochongs Exactly Sure That’s it You three take a shelter at Irongut Manor Sending message to An Xi is my responsibility I would never forget your generosity Don’t be like this Don’t waste time You’d better set off Senior When you arrive at An Xi Please stick this on your coat My brothers will contact with you Master Yuan Zhi I have something emergency to do You go with your mother slowly After I finish it I’ll catch up with you and go to the South together Master You won’t take me with you? It’s good if I go with you You should stay to protect your mother She has general Zeng Well you don’t listen to me? Yuan Zhi This time I may have some dangers Remember what I taught you Don’t be impulsive Think and observe more before you do it You can’t deal with everything randomly You’re smart but… Master I got it Master, don’t you really take me with you? No Well, I have to go Master You really leave me behind, don’t you? Master Well-done You’ve practiced this Baihua Fists well There is no more fan to teach you I’ve taught you what I have You can go and I won’t catch you back No matter where you go I can find you If you don’t catch me why should I run away? I decide not to run Bad boy You always disobey me Whatever You… Young Leader Brother Wei, how could you be here? Nice to meet you, senior Yuan Am I old, you called me senior? I’m a little older than you guys Look at you Yes Senior He is… Young Leader Senior He is 12th branch leader Shi Shuangying Brother Shi Glad to meet you, Chief Leader What? Chief Leader? Who are you calling? The old Chief Leader has a will All Leaders of the Red Flower Society are coming to pick you up to the South to inherit the Chief Leader of RFS A will? What will? What happened to my adoptive father? Brother Wei Your adoptive father was killed by the government What? It’s impossible How could it be? It’s impossible Jia Luo, there is another thing You must be strong Your mother What? What happened to her? She caught a heavy sick and passed away Brother Wei You’re kidding Tell me you were kidding Tell me Please restrain your grief, Chief What Chief ! I don’t understand you I don’t want to be the Chief Chief The last will of the old Chief Yu was to handle the Red Flower Society over to you or he wouldn’t be satisfied Chief Every brother is waiting for you to go back and avenge the old Chief Please consider about this carefully Mother Adoptive father Jia Luo Go with them To sweep the tombs of your mother and adoptive father If you want to be the Chief Leader or not Let’s discuss it later Just go Your Majesty, Bai Zhen is waiting outside Bring him in Yes Your Majesty is good at playing chess I lose it We haven’t finished it yet Why did you give up? I must gain the shame if I continue playing According to the situation Your Majesty will win in 5 steps You’re good You can see through 5 steps 5 steps are my best but Your Majesty can see through the whole world He Shen From your head to your feet Your mouth is my favorite Tell me what reward do you want? How can I ask for a reward as I lose it It’s easy to win a game but it’s difficult to be happy Moreover I know you Each time when you say something nice you must want something good from me Tell me, I’m happy today I must afford you I beg your pardon I hope to take a look at the Plum Blossom Chess Manual You really want my treasure Listen I can show you the chess manual but I can’t give it to you Thank you Your Majesty, he is here Glad to meet you, Your Majesty Stand up Thank you Take Mr. He to Shang Shufang and show him my Plum Blossom Chess Manual Don’t forget the IOU Yes Thank you, Your Majesty Go This way What news? Your Majesty From our deep investigation Yu was dead already Really? How about Wen Tailai? I’m sorry He is in pursuit and I have prepared well Don’t miss him Don’t disturb the others Understand? Yes, Your Majesty Bai Zhen Yes, Your Majesty Do you know Chen Shiguan in Hai Ning from the south? I know a little Who is left in his family? It seems there is a young man but we don’t have his address Search him Report to me if you have any information Keep it in us Yes Chen Family from Hai Ning? My good student Kid, no one can beat you except me in the world You’re awesome Don’t you happy as you’re the second master? Tell me What’s your decision to be the Chief Leader? I don’t know I’m vexed I can’t come up with anything I must avenge my adoptive father It doesn’t matter if I accept to be the Chief Leader or not Silly I tell you another lesson today You can’t control everything Something can’t go along the way you thought to be ♪ After meeting you ♪ at that day ♪ I couldn’t stop missing you ♪ You made me feel the sweet of love in this world ♪ I want to give you all my love ♪ Never to be separated in whole life ♪ Love changed ♪ It can’t go back ♪ No one to decide ♪ I choose to leave, as I’m not selfish enough ♪ You made me so lonely ♪ You made me hurt without strength ♪ Even I was hurt ♪ I let you go ♪ Please don’t come back when you left ♪ Loose your hands ♪ This feeling of love is most painful ♪ Who will be responsible for our problems ♪ Who will balance it ♪ I feel helpless and heartbroken ♪ I let you go ♪ Please don’t come back when you left ♪ Loose your hands ♪ This feeling of love is most painful ♪ Who will be responsible for our problems ♪ Who will balance it ♪ I feel helpless and heartbroken ♪ I let you go ♪ It’s hard to speak out the word of Break-up ♪ Loose your hands ♪ It’s me who give you the final warmth ♪ There is no excuses ♪ Something can’t be retained

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