【Telling Video】Nintendo DS Education game Brain Age

Hello everyone. I’m ExcultureJapan owner Takashi Ina. Today’s video is I talk about Nintendo DS
education game. Nintendo DS was released by Nintendo in 2005. At the same time,Brain Age was released from
Nintendo in Japan. Rumors spread about this game,and about 4
million games were sold in Japan. Not only young people,old people and adults
also got crazy for it. It was matched well that brain training through
playing game for people. And this game became Nintendo DS big sales
game. All Nintendo DS was sold at all Japanese game
shops. It became a social phenomenon in Japan. Furthermore,English study game and dynamic
vision training game were released. These also sold very well. Nintendo DS was treated not only as a game
console,treated as an educational tool too. Nintendo DS was adopted even in elementary
school classes. But now it stopped to use,because kids play
Nintendo DS in the break time. Brain Age was also released in the United
States in 2006. Total sales about 19 million all over the
world. This game has changed the usage of the game
console. I and my family also played this game. Education games weren’t going to be released
very much now,but I would like education game released on Nintendo Switch Lite.

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