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welcome back the whole business of buying and carving Jade is often described as a gamble in the first place a roll store may promise much but there's no telling what it may be like inside once it's cut open then there's the matter of carving the stone here the risk can be reduced by turning to an acknowledged master cover this piece of jadeite accessory in the shape of Rui s shaped ornamental object was auctioned at the price of 33 mini way in August 2005 which created a record in the domestic jadeite auction market it is from the youngmee village located in the city of Jian in southern China's Guangdong province though a small village young a village enjoys a reputation as the jade capped off Asia the date masters here have hens which can make miracles they have the skills make beautiful jade wears out of ordinary looking jade stones to test the expertise of the date carving masters a piece of jade stone with some defects was chosen and given to well for the Masters the price of the material cost 3801 and the purpose is to find out how much it would value after being polished by the jade master the jade master chosen is named to Lin Chao mean a renowned jade carving muster in the area is said that once he spent four thousand yuan bought a piece of stone and made it into a pot decorated with the pattern of winter blossoms in the end the pot was purchased by a collector at the price of 80 thousand one take a single little jewels yeah so to look awesome and silly a you how how she have no one Simon yes he's in you do you want come on three genic silly you didn't fight them so the cheated Joe sold out sorry Ryder Queen come on father whadya to the campaign oh yeah he even chose a particular if help on another incident coming highway Shanghai you wanted sauce ratio ha how the other you handle it is known that jade carving is a long process involving a number of complicated procedures such as cutting having polishing etc used to take at least a week to finish such a small ornament object however nowadays many electronic devices are applied in today's modern jet coming which greatly shortens the processing time after two days of hard work the object was completed to eat so handsome gentlemen say goodbye dinner eating yet yeah dila till then buddy yeah yeah the relation Yashida consideration today she mopping dog meter unit rudy hartano continental video Kwong Wah new boobies see I don't see caboose and oh hello Joe Hondo ta-da da-da-da-da-da-da a koala yummy you can Oh Mahalo Tara 30 Johto league mei-hua shooter to me what an impossible hey color the answer that in Jade coming masters hands imperfect jade stone can be made into a valuable piece of art the design of the ornament object is finished and now it comes to the last procedure polishing at the young mae village many people have experienced Jade gambali a piece of jade can make one get wealthy almost overnight but sometimes need a family to losing everything Lyn charming is no exception make way passes your mail – yeah see that one part of the book was a cow cousin come tonight I'm ami James India Kyle and Ranjana module young Yoshi let's all do butter Kaoru New Zealand changes her name charming still gambling now but in a different way now he can boast with his wisdom and expertise 2005 mama Jade fair a fist-sized three coloured jadeite grabbed his attention Yes Mother ha yet another so tell us well now as he was abou Gironda the owner of the stone realized that ninja mean loved his stone so he charged him 160,000 to n lynch army had to resort to his friend missed its high and persuaded him to purchase it upon your tools yet what what's who now so calm but a healthy that's all Tommy are yummy why Okinawa that's awesome or what so that's also an insult yet he took as long as one months for master lien to think about how to design a three color jade stone they he felt that he was ready to do something to it he also invited master Lee when she from her name province to offer him a hand he made a special request to master Lee he saw Tom sooner so dr. Kato matado audio Java salsa sauce layer pieces apart you in Shaanxi a measure to toe like Holly and Tony I'm Jen tanah whole energy Georgia College Liam Quenya I paired up your mission which is Oh cinder and your tooth non-fan ye are asana Zelda John Gurda don't a girl technically it was not easy to divide the stone into three parts for carving while still keeping the original three parts of the stone together Master Lee try dividing the stone with two iron wires don't you see reduction yo nigga so she'll cancel June yoni rompió Trenton on Iran sofa three-ply cancel name cover negligence attitude laughs the one sauce spent three days applying the traditional method to divide the Jade Lynch Ameen became uneasy he was worried that the wire might be broken also he had no idea whether the internal part of the Jade has some other colors which directly decides the value of the day title that's yeah what is our nuts here hi and there yeah leave it up or her don't use in any city chair dude we are the Renee Lian dependent on your door no party which Hamilton's here another one son whatever was on you know live not Obama to the other way Oh Department wanna in a federal video wishing the jade stone is about the size of a fist usually it would only take half an hour to cut two stone off this size when that night he took lien charming a total of two hours we'd always cut open mean Tommy was shocked he made oh yes at home be Olga who's here Tony adobe house Iijima be no Milan Arriola Austin as I say Zach indeed walking out of his expectations once the Jay died was cut all the three parts will treat colored red green and white very rare combination he thought out a lucky name for this stone called foolish Oh meaning three girls of happiness wealth and longevity in Chinese culture so the unions and anemia so total unionization father quarter silver gate holla consumer sir you're quite yet Hwang sung-hee also equal to either some eight also changes at the end it is a modified sitamma the guardian eatos the song Sadie's chicken sauce rather tone Serbian Serbian alienated Tong Tong Saudis say this ensalada the J diet was completed as hoped and it was worth more than a million missed his hiding investor liked it very much and a collected ate himself this piece is very cleverly designed the green part is copped into lotus leaves and the yellow part becomes the chrysanthemum different colors match different contents of the craft it is know among the JT investors that the risk of investing such ornament object is very high due to his high budget college a great at all dojin ha sheer Santo pension he thought in my tiny other pension yet houses jaeyoon fortune don't cancel my knee hope I jumped in pattern a little punch and hiya top function a beauty aide carving master must be an expert he implying different colors of the Jade on the one hand he must demonstrate the distinction of the colors clearly on the other hand since the changes of the colors of the Jade is curvature he must be familiar with the changing tendency of the Jade and then brave and original enough to experiment something creative you should be good bonza out 2-shot dodger fan Kylie higher JSON pop Jesus is your total fight order so theater is so much ocean bottom July times that are talking and I thought salami panel so tell Santa the natural Jade stories usually curved with an eroded layer the good Jade carving mustn knows how to make fool years of his original color of the layer and come up with a piece of art polishing is the last procedure it is like putting on a dress for the Jade where it makes the Jade look more smooth and shining when his polished wax will be applied to the object because ona sister EDD has a powwow powwow know how he has it with Boyd in their housing oh you're singing a zillion the 3800 you and Jade has been carved as well it was taken to the young age eight market for an estimate of his price how much on earth would it be worse after the carving while they estimate went on an aged man seemed to show interest in object he said that his son was also a jade master if the object could be altered by him a bit the price would get even higher the name of the song is shower um he was found up panting his childhood his talent for painting helped him become a jade carving master his particularly good at combining the elegant beauty of jadeite was freshens his designs are featured for his boldness and originality a significant breakthrough in China's jade carving history take alyoshina Yoshio johonna g venus only I'm gainin kid had Carl Jung soo-jung mouth vjj idiot Sean mal – Adama take a ton college or pinch it had a booyah yeah Angela let's wander channel today trangender get Zootopia once an idiot – in linear fashion doses a spider has and songa Toland – ha Silla pl8 all of that fascinating insight into the art of jade carving brings us to the end of this edition number on China I hope you enjoyed it do join me again tomorrow for our next edition in the meantime feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions and do visit his own the Internet at English dot CCTV calm I'm their home until tomorrow goodbye

41 thoughts on “【Culture Express HQ】 Grand Jade Masters of China”

  1. Nice looking BUT I cannot wear them. It seems every time I wear one, I end up having car accidents. It is true.

  2. omg that three piece with chain is so incredible…. how long does it take to produce something like that, even with power tools? Makes me wonder how people did this stuff before power tools.

  3. This is truly amazing art and skill. Bravo and well done to this jade carver. Jade is one of the most essential stones within Chinese history and culture. It has been enjoyed and praised for centuries. It is quite moving and inspiring to see this art continue into the present. This place in
    Guangzhou should be a must-see spot to visit. Jade is remarkable and beautiful.

  4. beautiful pieces, maybe to expensive for me 😶
    but much respect to the skill of the jade master carvers 😮

  5. super nice video not shy to show the use of various drill bits involved to shaping design and details in a jade

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