⭐PRESCHOOL LEARNING ROBOT HAP-P-KID Robotic Teacher Little Learner 💚 (English Spanish) Review 👈

hi today we have this Hap-P-Kid
robotic teacher that we just got of course my son did already have to open
the box so let’s just take a look real quick that looks like it has a bunch of
cool features here learning buttons on the arms and lights let’s see what kind
and it has a try mode in a play mode and it does English and Spanish alright he’s
actually just about to get up from his nap so he’s going to enjoy playing with
this some more well let’s take a look at the back of the box here it shows what
the different buttons learning buttons are shapes music and numbers and letters
and you want to have it looks like in the try me mode but also he swivels back
and forth and does like a little dance in his eyes blank so he’s a pretty cool
little robot and there’s the the button there to change it from English to
Spanish so let’s give him a try okay let’s see oh so it’s got Billy dancing
to music Oh learning shapes okay so you can press
the different shapes on here let’s see this must be this is 1/2 so the numbers come up on
here you can see here displayed on the screen friend of yourself yeah yes it’s
a very cute toy I like the fact that has Spanish also because we’re trying to
teach him some Spanish yes and so you can do things just Danish alekhya that has the display here and
talks and the blinking eyes it’s really a cute little robot whoa can’t pretend
cords yeah I see whoa what is this yeah why yeah yes that one that way yes
try some Spanish Oh I love this robot this is all fun which
one you want to next real real talk shapes the music no letters or numbers
shape where is this square hmm you don’t hear it is here CD reach your
eyes and he does he blinks that’s awesome I know right check the description section below for
more information oh thanks for watching fun bye fun fun you

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