✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Kitchen

HOW TO MAKE A KITCHEN Hello you! Today i’ll show you how to make an interactive modern kitchen! It’ll have all kinds of cool features! First, we dig out a hole for the floor. I’ll be skipping most of the boring parts. Now that we have the hole, we make the floor! I’ll give you an overview of the shape in a minute.. Now for the walls.. 5 blocks tall. Leave a hole for the entrance! Don’t worry, we’ll get into the fun details very soon! This is going to be the kitchen countertop… This is going to be like a little bar-area. First details, a working stove and a sink! Just in case you forgot, this video features a like button. Also, I read your comments and would love if you subscribed!

100 thoughts on “✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Kitchen”

  1. Cough. ThIs iSnT a HoUsE!!! WhErEs dA rOom?!!? But besides dat its great :p but my kitchen is a four furnce's and chests and a crafting table.

  2. Классно что ты делаешь озвучку для русских челов (спасибо😊)

  3. Ok I'm sorry but I cant build it if I dont know the length and width of the shape I'm not saying make another video for it all I'm saying is maybe you can tell us or at least me how many blocks you used for each side counting corner blocks, no rush do it whenever you can

  4. Me: *sees magma using the fridge and a lot of items were dropped*
    Also me: /kill @e
    Stuff: poof
    His pet dog: Doggo was killed by high technology commands
    Magma: oop-
    Me whispering in the background: skskskskskskskskskskskksks

  5. please help me how can i connect the dropper with furnance in mcpe? i cant put it on furnance because when i click on furnance, it opens furnance :c

  6. I am view number 6,502,233! I know I'm kinda late -_- I imagine he has his own magical kingdom somewhere and he's just showing his little experiment section 😛

  7. Музыка бесит 7:58, и ПЖ не используй вообще музыку, я кайфую когда слышу что блок ломается 🤤🤤🤤🤤

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